Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Creamed Cunt Of The Week!

Well it is THAT time of the week again, albeit perhaps a slightly less on time than last week's "donation", but as they say, you know... In any case, suffering from a tad of insomnia these past days/weeks, making it almost impossible to work on anything concrete due to exhaustion (concentration is something which is difficult at best when suffering from insomnia, by the way), I figured I might as well start the slow and life-long on-going process of enjoying the finer things in life, and seeing as how I am trying out this new tradition, just in time for the new year, here is MY weekly creamed cunt (or croupe cremee, in french!) from the delightfully creamy herself Joanna (the UK's premiere cum slut!). This particular picture was unearthed last night (but right now as I write this!) when I discovered all my previous years' worth of Joanna clip and picture donations, stashed away safely in a box which I hadn't unpacked yet! So without further "ado", here is a picture of the very first time I creamed Joanna's cuntie in a tribute, almost four years ago!
I do realize there doesn't seem like much on this picture itself but that is principally due to the fact that Joanna's cunt was not the intended target! In fact, this being the very first real "donation" I had done to Joanna, the main target of the Cum Cannon (as it was once called!) was Joanna's very first official Cum Rag, mark 1! So not to leave you folks feeling left out in terms of spunk, here is a picture of some of the damage wrecked upon the mini skirt!
And while I am at it, why not share a VERY LOW bad quality previous of the cumshot clip itself, right here and now for your viewing pleasure!
Well folks I hope you enjoyed this little trip back in time, dedicated to Joanna of course whom I am sure this will bring back some fond memories! And speaking of Joanna, I decided to add a picture of my own cock from this very session, pre-ejaculation of course, justto showcase the "tool" which let out such a healthy dose of spunky goodness! See you all next time for another creamed cunt of the week showcase!

Remember the BBB promo image?

Wow; well I do not wish to go into too many details as to what has made me re-discover this little "blasts" from the past (I would not want to ruin the surprise now would I?) but when I re-discovered these little moderately well-known promotional images for the BBB (which I used as "avatars" for my Twitter and Xtube channel page, amongst others) I could not help but re-post and share them (although I am certain they are on the "WHat Is BBB" permanent page). I will be needing to either start a new one completelly if I plan on coming out of retirement because the URL address on these images is not valid anymore!

The top one is the hardcore bukkake version, and features a myriad of various extra-gooey and specifically hand-picked images from the BBB archives from 2004 up until 2008 or so, meant of course to glorify and truly attract the eye for the Bdoll and cum fetishists. THe second lower one is the "PG" (or at least PG-13) rated one and features just a few Bdolls from my harem in "mugshot" ID (identification) pictures. Some of these dolls have now long since been "retired" (i.e. donated), such as Punk, Rio and Flex (upper level, middle three dolls), Terri, Brittney Skye and Star (middle section, left, center, and right), Kaylie, Kimi, Sunny, and Streak (most of the lowest row). Looking back at these little icon images, I still surprise myself that as of this day, I have done almost ten years' worth of doll creaming on an official capacity (remember that the BBB prior to 2004 and the digital camera did exist, but was not official). I do wonder if anyone who was following my "work" back in 2004 has managed to follow me through to all the ups and downs throughout the past decade and still follows me here, on this blog...

preview: Crystal Rae giga for a day!

Here's a mini little preview teaser trailer I edited a while back (like around the 2010 or so era, maybe even 2009!) of a Crystal Ray full day of Giga toiletries, or as I like to call it, the daily toilet tart! I am certain this preview has already been made available long ago on my BBB Xtube channel and that the full length session was also posted, but I thought it would be fun to share another moment of pure BBB, in the form of the giga treatment on one of my now-rare remaining blonde dolls! Enjoy!

Monday, December 30, 2013

For when the spirit has come and gone

"You have not failed until you quit trying" - Gordon B. Hinckley

Monday December 23 2013:
I keep forgetting that the Holidays are upon us! My friend FZ told me how this year is quite anticlimactic in terms of the holiday spirit, even going so far as having written a text for his blog which he entitled "the spirit of nothing". In my case as I must have shared prior, the Xmas season has more often than not been a rather stressful occasion, becoming usually moodier during this time of the year than any other time. I do think this has been going on for ages and ages, and I would need psychotherapy to figure it out. I guess on a iceberg tip's level, Xmas season is a bit like a birthday in the sense that it is both a reminder of another year passing, and that which we never really get what we truly want. The Holidays are filled with stores telling us to buy and consume irrationally, thinking that giving loved ones material goods will fulfill a need within which will make everyone feel a whole lot better about themselves and sharing with others. I also realized that this blogpost update will be posted AFTER the holidays and that I won't be able to do real daily updatings due to me being both busy working as well as preparing for the few days I do have off. It's a busy time at home as well during the holidays, seeing as how we have to prepare for all sorts of obligations. I guess this time of the year which is meant to be a time of loving and sharing is a bit too much like the amerikanization of thanksgiving and other commercial excuses for people to pretend at bettering themselves. My point is quite simple: why wait for Xmas to be in a sharing mood? Shouldn't we feel the love and the desire to share with others all year round? Why be a bastard the rest of the time but then play at being nice for the holidays? Anyway, you get the picture; no need to repeat myself in so many words to get the point across. My wife bought me a tshirt a while back which says "all I want for Valentine's day is a blowjob", and that is pretty much my sentiment when it comes to the holidays, birthdays, and any other special occasions. Screw the gifts, who needs more crap which takes up space anyway? Heck, the best way to give a gift which will really resonate to me is a nice loving passionate blowjob which ends with eight simple one-syllable words: "I want you to cum on my face"! I mean unless I can have a proper discussion with the high mighty unseen force(s) which makes all things possible and finally get confirmation on deep rooted philosophical queries which have been the source of our eternal drive to explain our time-based existence, there isn't much which would make me much happier than the aforementioned blowjob. Well maybe a portable time machine would be a good thing. Or some comic-book type of inhuman super powers, like time stop, flying, teleportation, invulnerability, invisibility and such would also be nifty as an Xmas gift! My preferred superpower? The ability to affect, change, and modify any type and form of atom on a sub-molecular level. Now before you start saying that such a power is uncool because no Marvel super hero has such a power, and anyway a power which doesn't sound cool must be boring as fuck, but if you are reading this weekly blog update, then surely you have some curiosity which in turns makes you wonder what such a power actually is, unless you already know. It's very simple, actually: that super power would basically enable me to do anything. Being able to change matter (and anti-matter for that matter, pun intended!) at a sub-atomic level means you can pretty much change anything from physical objects and life forms, but unseen forces like wind patterns, temperature and weather, and such. Being able to do so would mean, on a purely selfish and vain level, being able to reshape one's body and looks into anything they wanted. Want to lose 40 pounds? Done! Want a dick which would put Mandigo to shame? Easy as wishing it so! You could even modify structures, and change some basic laws of physics by modifying stuff on a quantum level. I could therefore soundproof any living quarter and never be stressed about hearing anything at all from the neighbors. I could also change any matter into something else, for example transform all this snow we've been getting these past few days into monetary devices, such as cash or gold, and use that to pay off bills and purchase material goods. But these examples are of course the tip of the iceberg on a purely selfish level as well; think of the changes one could do for world hunger, disease, and even war and such. But of course this power is not just impossible but would also mean the destruction of the planet as such a super human power would surely be used eventually to disrupt the natural course of life itself and the careful balance of matter in nature. In essence, this power would be that of an omnipotent god (well almost) and this would be much too grand for a mere human to enjoy. So now that you have seen it on this level, tell me: does asking for a facial-ending loving blowjob as a gift seem too much now? Moving along here, you may have noticed that some of my pre ious weekly updates' daily entries finished rather abruptly without much easing into the ending of each paragraph. I have been wanting to explain this for a while now but haven't actually had the time to donso, his lack of time being of course my theme song for 2013 (just like betrayal, addiction and depression!). So the reason for my daily paragraphs being cut short is mostly due  to actually finding spots on the metro during my way back home to actually be able to sit, and thus taking full advantage of being able to do so, and snooze a wee bit in the process. So now that it has been explained, you will know if my daily contributions seem a bit "short", at least in the signing off department, it is for that reason. And now as I am about to reach home after work (I tried to finish eArlier today since there are no bosses to speak of), I am wondering if I will have time to shoot a quickie BBB when I get home; my wife has an RV at the ostheo about the same time I am arriving home and since it usually tAkes 60 to 90 minutes for her treatment, I am wondering if I will have time for a session or not. We shall indeed see-I am beating a record of sortsnow, in terms of  how many days I have gone without cumming! It is not going to get any better over the holidays due to my wife being on vacation and I working every day allowed by law. So once again the BBBing will be more anquestion of opportunity above actual desire to make it so as I will have to stay attentive to her (my wife's) various RVs and out if apartment dealings. I tell you, it isn't easy to BBB these days! So I will donwhat I can & try to keep you, the fine viewer and reader, properly posted. Even that shan't be easy, what with the holidays upon us as we speak and therefore  numerous more responsibilities to do. On this note, I shall actually sign off on this entry, my metro stop forthcoming and the bumpy ride making it hard to virtually type on this phone. Let's hope I get some time tomorrow before the parties start to make a few more updates for this week's blog! Until next time, stay horny my friends and beloved porn addicts and other cum freaks, myself mostly included!

Tuesday December 24 2013:
Xmas eve, and I am returning FROM work, on my way home for a nap before the inevitable family gathering tonight being held at white trash central 450 . Later for that schtick, as for now I just want to mention my crazed home-based lunacy from last night. I got back home alright and rushed straight into the set up and then the BBB session. Seeing as though this was amongst one of those hyper quickies which could have been easily busted by my wife , I opted for simplicity and did not even bother re-dressing up some dolls for the Cum receptacle oriented session, featuring AZ, CW(2), RePo, Fiona, and MiniJoanna of course. Now I hadn't cum in 4 or 5 days due to scheduling conflicts with reality and exhaustion, and you all know how disastrous some of these "waited too long to cum" sessions can end up. Most of the time, a load after 4 days will be smaller than that of a 2 or 3 days load . So for yesterday's session, I decided "no pussyfooting" and went straight into it. The result was a decent load; I only re-watched that of one of the three angles, the poorer quality of the 3 and it was 't all bad at all . I have had some which were much worse in the past months. It was a quick one, ended on an improvised note (I had miniJoanna take a taste of the cum in the receptacle), and then concentrated on cleaning up, de-setting up, and then finish the laundry and prepare supper. When my wife texted me to go help her out to shovel yet another parking spot on the street, I had all but finished everything without raising any suspicion I hoped! This would have been our 3rd or 4rth parking spot shoveled. You see, the city snow removal does our street's snowbanks last, so there are no parking spots on the streets. Add to that the home owners who basically have their private snow remover Contractors dump the snow on the streets instead of on their own land, and you get folks like us constantly having to dig up for 45+ minute each time a parking spot. That's because I do such an amazing job at snow removal and parking spots that those become prime spots and everyone else steals them at every turn. Other folks on the street don't do a fraction of what I do, as they end uo parking next to the snow banks, making the space for traffic on the street tighter and tighter. The intense snow storms and heavy snow accumulation has turned the snow into heavy blocks of frozen snow and ice, making it incredibly difficult to shovel and move around. First I have to chop the snow into smaller bits and then shovel it and bring it somewhere else. After a half hour my wife who could barely even hold the shovel, said we were crazy to try to dig ourselves Another parking spot so she said we'll just dig as deep as we can into the snowbank and park next to it, in the "hole". This just meAns that unlike the others on the street, we take up much less space in the street itself than they do. I was warned by the doctors that I should reduce my shoveling to a minimum due to my high blood pressure, but the past 5 days, I have shoveled more than all last wintertime (I think: at least it feels like it!) . There's an asshole idiot in the metro who sat and put his boots on the seat in front of him. The result is that seat is now dirty, filled with salt-encrusted slush. People are so unbelievably selfish. I felt like telling him this but he looks like the kind of modern pothead who just wouldn't give a fuck except if his own balls were set on fire. Alright, here's my stop; have yourselves a grand merry old Xmas and I will try to return soon to continue and complete this blog update! Holiday cheers All around, and remember to stay safe: wear a rubber if you're gonna fuck a stranger!

December 25! Happy Xmas everyone! Last night at the "family" 's was kinda of fun in that unilingual 450 Longueuil sort if way, and of course ended later than expected. We returned home with my brother who slept here with us, but not "with" us. By 1am I was dead tired and passed out, my wife joining me about a half hour later, and apparently my brother stayed up until 3am, enjoying a bottle of blue malt alcohol I gave him. This morning we were trying to find a restaurant which was open and found one in Laval, that's the other side of Longueuil (the north to the south shore of the city). I tried to nap in the afternoon today after we stopped for last minute items at a rare opened store, but the landlords downstairs were doing something quite monumentally loud: either they were entertaining guests, or watching a very loud movie! Either way, I am pumping myself full of coffee today (tonight as I write this) so that I don't pass out at 8 or 9pm!  I am at the metro station waiting for my wife's friend to arrive, obviously adding a few updates to my daily blogging! I have been thinking of a way to shoot a porn session in the next few days, but it looks like I shan't be able until after the weekend. My wife being on vacation and all! So porn wise, at least my own DIY stuff, remains principally on the slow gear during the holiday season. It's well known; back when I did not blog and actually still raN my BBB group on Yahoo,

December 27 (friday) 2013:
Sorry about the cut-off: it's the nature of the game when you blog on your phone in-between other responsibilities. So after picking up my wife's friend we ate, cooked, played a few board games, discussed fascism in the Quebec government, and eventually I had intense heartburn and ready to pass out. The friend is the kind of woman who goes to bed at 3 or 4am (she obviously does not have a standard day to day office job!) and I am the kind who gets up at 6 or 7am on every day of the week even without alarm clock! And thanks to the landlord downstairs who decided to install a 7-speaker mega home theater super bass whoofer sound system, and his very loud junior son on visit, I did not get any chance to nap in the last few days. So when the 26th (yesterday) came on to be, I was up at 6am, landlord and junior were up by 7am already doing massive construction work and throwing heavy furniture around the place, slamming doors and whatnot. It's incredible how my wife can sleep through all of this. Again, periodically throughout the day, the floors and walls would vibrate from the loudness of their new system, which prevented me from being able to nap. So instead of doing the capitalistic consumer thing and go out to purchase stuff we don't need during boxing day, we stayed in and did some little minor work on the apartment, such as installing an overhead lamp in my room and in the living room, amongst other things. We watched a 3 hour film in late afternoon and post-supper evening, and I was ready to pass out by 9pm. This of course meant that I was sort of awake by 3am this morning, but I think I managed to re-sleep for a few minutes because I was able to do a horrible nightmare which required my wife to wake me up, about 4 minutes before my alarm clock! And so yes, I am at work right now, but not for long as I will be leaving early to get ready for an unprepared CHRNX evening with FZ and Zefram as well, first time in town for the past few months! I have tons of porn for him, mainly VHS from the late February 2013 "indiscretion" transaction which you  all remember. It's mostly Kaitlyn Ashley and Zara Whites stuff, but a few I will be keeping due to the appearance of other stars in the flicks. Speaking of porn, remind me to talk about the latest "scandal" or "problem" I experienced on the Adult DVD Flea Market website. I will begin but will need to continue in my next weekly update in a while. Probably will have forgotten all about it by then. Well, let me see what I can jot down and prepare as a basis for future reference, shall we? One seller had quite a few moderately more expensive discs in his collection which I was interested in, principally that very first scene with Hungarian Julia Taylor (yes, one of the "holy trinity"!) which I ever saw ages ago on VHS but could never find. Well this guy had the DVD in question, as well as other titles which I was interested in (late 90s Evil Empire stuff never seen before, mid-late 90s rare Peter North just before he went on his own with his North Pole series, other similar stuff) . Prepared a nice order on my cart but when I revisited a few days later, close to half the order was already sold out so my cart had to be modified and by that point, seeing the amount of stuff "missing", there was no point in placing the order. So I re-started from scratch, now doing 2 separate orders to fill the original titles, with some slight modifications to make the orders worthwhile. I don't know what happened but ever since I started blogging about this site being lik  a "holy grail" for porn DVD collectors, lots of stuff has been flying out! Anyway, I placed an order yesterday and got a message they had already shipped it out this morning. This order, the first of two (more details on the 2nd one later), had two sort-of expensive Evil Angel titles on it, one being that title with Julia Taylor I mentioned, and the other being a rare Evil Empire Rocco flick with Carmen in it. The rest of the order was filled with "used" titles (so we will see the state of the discs when the order is received) with Jon Dough, Peter North, CaRmen, and Sophia Ferrari. Titles which have been discontinue for a long time, actually. Anyway, due to the two Evil Empire titles at full price (still under $20 each), there isn't much on this order, compared to previous orders where I stocked up on $1.50 discs like crazy! Next order, the one which I plan on placing tonight, is for the rest of the titles I had in my original shopping cart, plus a few additions as well. More details to follow of course but for now I really should be heading back to my work station so that it at least looks like I worked before bolting out early! Cheers everyone; hope you had a great Xmas season and all the best to you all for 2014, as we kiss the crummy 2013 goodbye once and for all!Afterthoughts: the problem with the holy grail website is that there is so much to sort through if you plan on trying to get the best deal out of any given order and  save on shipping cOsts. In metro now: bumpy ride so I'm gonna sign off; will try to write some more later!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Happy holidays!

Happy holidays from ALL us here at BBB (so basically that means just me!). Be safe, perhaps time to do the excess, but just remember: a condom is worth a thousand strokes! And yes, I had already done X-mas flavoured posts in the past last year, in case you feel the need for more Xmas cheer! Have a safe one! 2014 is just around the corner, and it's going to be a BLAST!


Yesterday (Dec 24) was Sophie Moone's Bday. She's the hottie on your left!

Monday, December 23, 2013

There's a lonesomeness on a Friday

Friday december 20 2013: today would have been Frank Zappa's birthday. Although I am not a fan of his "commercial" work, I always had tremendous respect for his uniqueness and talent. The man was a classical composer who recorded "prog-rock-ish" weirdness in the 70s to pay the bills: rock sells (or sold), but "classical" (or contemporary) does not. Not really. Anyhow, it's a bit what people used to say to me back in the late 80s and early 90s, about how I should produce commercial music to make some money and then work on the experimental underground stuff I actually love. I refused for numerous reasons, the first of which I simply did not want to be associated with a product or type of music which I had no respect for and resented, and in terms of composing music for a commercial end, I simply did not have the "right stuff". Even when I tried, for projects like "Matt And The Croutons" (I was "The Croutons") and "Sanitized For Your Protection", the results were mixed: too much of my then aggro-angst was incorporated in song writing which up until a certain point still could not go beyond that of basic post-industrial disco rhythms. Far be it for me to pretend at believing that I am an innovator and groundbreaker in any way (my lack of profit is proof enough), but many hears later, in so-called pop commercial music, cheap and completely un-subtle tricks made to barely masquerade a 3-note travesty into a pop tune were what the industry was going and aiming for, and commercial pop music has gone downhill since then. Thanks to stuff like AmeriKan Idol and The V0ice, pop music has been all about the showcase of one's studio processed vocal abilities to fake and go through the motions, mocking and imitating what once was soul and feelings in music and performance, and people (the public, the demographic market) eat it up and think that all that mechanical mastery is actual "feelings" conveyed. They call it show business for a reason: the business of show.  Like the art of acting, one learns how to lie efficiently and make it seem as real as possible. It is no secret that musically speaking I have always been a step beyond (I do not want to say a step ahead) since many of the "tricks of the trade" which I developed through the early 90s in my DIY (non)production facilities seem to have leaked through commercial media to the point where when Mad0nna's "Music" single was released a long while back, I recalled how when I myself used to do "that" kind of music, people laughed at me and called it "passé" already. Fast forward 10 years and that's what passes as a hit single these days. So anyhow, back to the point, my respect for Zappa is that he was a virtuoso on his various instruments, could rock a tune into a groovy form while retaining his integrity, and still managed to make money to finance his own personal love, classical composing. They seriously don't make them like they used to, but as we've come to realize, the industry has changed considerably since those days. So rest in peace Zappa, as your musical legacy is still a blueprint on which many still base their own musical views. Now that this Zappa-esque phase business has been explained and talked about, I ask rhetorically why do a one-day only post update? Quite simply the answer is as simple as the "why not?". I finished answering Joanna's emails , and yet still can not get my lazy arse to start writing the text(s) portion for my 100s of pornstar birthday posts. Seeing as how my now bi-weekly updates suffer from a lack of information, Infigured I might as well offer a quick little drive-by assessment of this week's (or this past week for when this is posted) highlights. Started walking daily now, walking up stairs instead of letting the auto lifts carry me, as well as walked a 2km path with work folks as part of a healthier initiative program. Also somewhat reluctantly shot 3 BBB sessions; the first a moderate success considering I hadn't cum in 4 or 5 days which, as it has been previously established, is a recipe for anfailed session but that one went well enough (complete with a decent popshot). The next day what was supposed to be a HJ couch set with AZ (Gaia Arizona) had her making me cum prematurely (0nly one camera was rolling) with her boots, so a true leg job session, and then the day after a basic couch HJ with ebony Nails which was so-so since I simply was not into it. The AZ session proved how much my time is so limited and calculated with phone text messages popping up prior to the cumshot, and then an alarm timer going off after the popshot. With all of these half-hearted BBB sessions happening more out of opportunity rather than actual desire or hornyness, no wonder I consider myself "retired"! On Wednesday I finally received my last order from LuckyStar, perhaps the best of the ADVDWH website vendors. This time around they even gave me as freebies true european DVDs as opposed to the usual generic 8-hour crap compilations most vendors do, and even though only 2 out of 6 freebies from LuckyStar ended up being worth it according to my standards, it proves that the vendor has his/their ears on the pulse of the consumer; my order was principally of european material, mostly dirt cheap Marc Dorcel flicks at $6 a pop (as opposed to $60 in stores). As for the order itself, everything in top notch quality, disc and covers alike, exceptionally packed for safe delivery. Only complain is the time it took USPS to actually deliver the package, which is hardly the fault of LuckyStar. Last night I decided to scope out ever so quickly (scanning) one of the rare non-european titles from this order, Rosebud's "Anal Plaything 2" by Rex Borski of course, ordered because Jon Dough does a scene ending in a facial, and Nicole Lace does Jake Steed in the final scene. The rest of the flick has TTboy and Kyle Stone as "studs", and Incan tell you right away that TT's popshots are really horrible, even if other stars include but are not limited to Anna Malle and Jill Kelly. Anyway, I decided strictly for kicks' sake to watch the Nicole an Jake scene from the beginning, no fast forward, and no alcohol (remember that I am going on a form of detox due to my high blood pressure) . Back in the VHS days, Zefram and I would watch Rosebud flicks which drinking beer, no fast forwarding either, almost as though it was a "sacred" experience. So there I was , on the couch, watching Jake sitting on a comfy chair as Nicole starts to tease him. Soon enough she takes his pants off and starts sucking on his hardening claw (he used to be called "the claw" due to his cock being massively bent on one side). At first the camera work isn't the best as it focussed more on Jake than Nicole but soon enough we see a prime angle of the pretty little lady sucking down as beat she can on the claw knob. I keep forgetting how cute she is/was! Soon enough she gets naked herself and climbs atop Mr Steed, but since she is so petite, actually keeps one of her hands on Jake's lower part of his large cock and fucks the rest in the pussy, CG style (Cow Girl, not Computer Graphics!). You can tell she is having trouble with his size, his girth, and his crocked cock ad she fucks him slowly at first, inserting barely more than an inch or two beyond his cock head. She's being careful and yet Jake's cock pops out once me in a while. Eventually, she starts fucking him a bit deeper as she removes her hand from his cock. This doesn't last as soon enough they move on to a couch where she lies down and he proceeds to insert his crocked self missionary style, also slowly and not all the way through. Poor Nicole, you'd think this was her first big cock! Anyway, after a while he pulls out and starts to smack his cock on her face, she making smiles and grimaces and giving him a few licks here and there. This is still strangely enough a turn on, even though you can almost feel that Jake's cock could hurt her face! But Nicole's a trooper and takes it with a smile and some mild dirty talking. Well I had to stop there. I was getting turned on but knew I couldn't do anything about it so I decided to "cut my loses" and continue this later on. I haven't gotten turned on by watching a sex scene without skippy through any of it in a while, and not only that, but it did not feature any of my "usual" favorite ingredients! Maybe that is what they call the real spirit of porn! Plus it is also original gonzo from the era which pretty much "invented" it! Anyhow, that order was also the one which I contacted the seller about 24 to 48 hours after placing it to add more items to it as I discovered they also carried a couple more of those spanish-euro titles with Carmen Vera, one of which directed by Narcis Bosch! "Toxxxic" seems to be a type of odd Alice in Wonderland type of weird journey the way Narcis is well know for. I guess I don't need to remind you how his unfamiliar "Zapping" was quite a revelation in terms of non-linear yet straightforward mixture of hot euro porn and off-the-wall unconventional settings and costumes as well as set-ups. The other added title is translated as "Wrestle with the Devil", which much like "Toxxxic", "Triple Hexxx" and other titles of the sort were on my Carmen wishlist for quite some time now. Anyhow, it's already 17h00 on this Friday evening, my wife is meeting me in a few moments to return home with me, and tonight we have a spa adventure waiting for us on Nun's Island. Look it up yourself for kicks: the Strom Spa in "Montreal" is known for its winter time outdoors experience. My wife got a promotional deal so we're off for some relaxation! Afterthoughts: Strom is not a spa: it is a night club for "Verdun" francophone white trash. Worst so-called spa experience ever. Highly unrecommended unless you are 22 years old and light to act like an idiot outdoors in warm water pools. I came out more stressed than I went in. Extremely dissapointing! I even posted a review on TripAdvisor letting everyone know of this travesty!