Tuesday, March 26, 2013

CBC (CumBlastCity) FAKE CUM

I was working on the Bday posts (rummaging through my hard drive as well as CDrs from my personal collection), and I was re-directed to the CBC (CumBlastCity) official website, which had a few free animated GIFs to inspire people to join up. Now everyone knows that the fine folks at CBC provide an excellent FAKE cum shot website, but the result in interesting nonetheless. Most of the girls are amateurs, some also ride that thin line between pro and am, and if you look closely, you will notice Francesca Le, a true bona fide no-nonesence pornstar, also collaborated on their site! There is TONS more material of theirs available but only a handful of free animated GIFs, so don't judge the website by these freebies; there are alot more material to enjoy which I will most definately try to share eventually!

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