Monday, March 25, 2013

PPPurgatory is hell in waiting

It's a health drink and a salty snack! Low in carbs, high in protein, just what the body needs!

Careful not to attempt to shake your creamy mix with your own fingers or you may lose valueable nutritional value!

Monday the 18th of march 2013. Lots of things since the investigation. Recall about 2 weeks ago by your count I was busted at work on Fridays with my contact in the parking lot and an investigation went ahead. Things escalated of course because at that place (on Fridays), security is a serious issue. Last Friday I met with sort-of head of security who took down my statement and told me of the report/complaint made about me. This was directed to my supervisor at the Friday location. I turn this was also sent to my supervisor at the usual location. I did not sleep all weekend long, except on Saturday to Sunday morning. Let's just say that this time, I really fucked up like never before, this being my most impressive failure ever. I don't think I can go into details due to my extreme exhaustion, but suffice it to say that I am quite screwed. Medium dark screwed at best. So before I pass out in the bathroom or something, here's a low down of the weekend. After work on Friday I got home, packed a few things and left for the storage locker area where I lost at least 45 minutes in public transit and then another 30 minutes just trying to find the locker area itself! Quite a maze. But once I found it and opened up the door, a few dozens of boxes piled up one upon the other, my heart started racing for a good reason. Immediately I started going through them at a rapid space, focussing strictly on the magic key words and what is referred to as the creme de la creme, because if it was up to me, at least a third of the product in those boxes would have come back home with me! Some boxes were quicker to sort through than others, for example the german pissing and fisting stuff pretty much stayed there without much time wasted on figuring out who's who in the film. Other boxes took more time, for example the french translated and Dorcel re-packaged for re-distribution euro films of italian or other origins were much less easy to figure out. Most of the time if a title wasn't familiar at all but featured a few stars I knew I loved (in the euro case, Michelle Wild, Julia Taylor, Olivia Del Rio, etc.) I would search for it online using my phone. Sometime while the phone would load the pages and information, I would continue rummaging through the boxes to save time. Most boxes were in thematics, usually categorized by stars (for example a Jenna Jameson box, a Kaitlyn Ashley box, an Asian Carrera box, and so one), sometimes by their packaging and appearance (such as the french translated USA films now re-distributed under the Valentine moniker). Throughout too many boxes to count, I would find Peter North 90s stuff (hence, the magic period), so I'd be using the old phone to scope out online which films had him perform in more than one scene. I even found a few quite impossible to resist classics such as "Pink Pussycat" and "Total Reball". The latter is an early 90s William Black feature which was often shot down by being labelled as a poor man's Andrew Black trial. It's a mixture between story-oriented porn and an ethereal feel to the sexual scenes. The whole raison-d'etre for this one to be picked up without a moment's hesitation is the infamous Peter North and Madison coupling, ending in a mega mammothian facial on the sunglasses-wearing Madison; most of which is actually overshot NEAR her face but lands offscreen somewhere, but the effect is quite incredible and is as memorable today as it was over 20 years ago! As for the "Pink Pussycat", well it's just quite possibly the best Peter North cumshot ever. Of course Northian purists would argue and debate until the cybernetic cows returned to the mothership, but for this guy here (myself) who's been carefully analyzing the Peter pecker produce since the 80s, and with my own special and peculiar interests being what they are, there has always been quite a few mega monster ones worthy of being forever remembered in the archives of the stud's spermic donations. But for myself, from the moment I witnessed it off of a cumpilation Z and I rented oh such a long time ago (and yet this particular one must have been during our tail-end of those years as it was rented during the last dubbing days of our time well wasted watching such smut). As everyone surely knows by now, the title of best Peter facial delivery has always been on Francesca Le in the 1992 flick "Bare Market". Well chances are that if I place that one side by side with the Ashlyn Gere mega mug mess-up of "Pink Pussycat", I may have a serious problem figuring out which is more "timeless" in its exquisite delivery. Ashlyn who has always been mentioned as one of those late 80s early 90s "dodgers" of sorts who pretended to enjoy the facials but more often than not found a way to get the genetic juices spurted elsewhere. Well on a couple of occasions Peter managed to properly paste her face, and it seems that fans almost do unanimously agree that "Pink Pussycat" may be the beat facial Ashlyn ever took, even when compared to the bullseye damage wrecked on more than one occasion by italian legend Rocco Sifredi. In any case, point being of course that "Pink Pussycat" has been on my wish-list strictly for this plastering and I quite literally skipped a heart beat when I saw the VHS cover inside one of those boxes. All the while through I kept hoping to see that Sarah Louise Young box I recall seeing many weeks ago when we did the actual moving itself and never saw it until last Friday evening, and it also happened to being one of the LAST boxes I checked. There weren't as many SLY (Sarah Louise Young) Dorcel french translations and re-edits as I had originally thought but a few were there, and I ended up putting a few in a carefully labelled "ButterBox" and brought home with me "La Chose De L'Apollon Noir" which features all sorts of scenes from various "Private Fantasies" volumes, re-edited together in a slightly different form. Also put aside more Julia Taylor and Olivia Del Rio, mostly euro stuff which I have never heard of under those titles. Bummers included a grand lack of Tiffany Mynx material, as well as two more defective tapes: "Booty Guard" with Rebecca Bardoux and Mr North, and "Hot Tight Asses 10 which was erased and dubbed with a truly horrible quality copy of the 80s Erica Boyer vehicle, "Backside to the Future". Well I could tLk alot more but my metro stop is coming up, my eyes burn for not really sleeping all weekend thanks to the stress of possibly losing my job over this whole porn tapes in my supplier's car story. So far until the report is transmitted to the bosses it is business as usual but whatever happens when the report is transmitted is completely unpredictable. So remember when I said this could all end soon? Well this just my be it. Didn't sleep las night at all, left for work at 5h30 got there at 6am and locked myself in my boss'' office a little past 7 after he came in. Now dead tired and burning eyes so I'll shut this down until next time, after a decent night's sleep (I hope!).!

Oh sure, the IDEA of a facial finish after a gangbang may seem fun for most, but...
... when the chips are down, some just can't keep up with what their own fantasies may have conjured up!
Tuesday the 19th of March 2013: Tensions are high here at work, as you can imagine. I don't want to go into details about this at the moment but let's say the air is so thick that I doubt a samurai sword would do much change. So as described earlier, insomnia reigned supreme over the weekend. After my trip at the locker/storage where I picked up a few tapes to bring back home immediately and managed to make a "butter box" before placing everything back in their piles, I was still wide awake (probably adrenaline), and after my wife went to bed, I decided to start transferring some stuff from the tapes onto DVDr, and after 3 hours, actually filled out a disc! Usually I transfer 2 to 4 scenes per "session", but I guess in my state of being, I simply could not sleep. The stress of the situation was quite a major and prominent theme in my consciousness. I tried to get some sleep but I just kept getting back up, like a somnambulist, then trying alternating between the couch and the bed, etc... I must have actually slept one or two hours at most. By the time I "woke up" my wife was getting ready to leave for her bridal half day which gave me a few hours of alone time, which in normal circumstances I would have used for the type of activities which are described within this blog, but seeing as how the mood was most definately not appropriate, I decided instead to do some more VHS to DVD converting, in this case concentrating on Sarah Louise Young material such as the 2-part "Sexy Killer-Nikyta" films and "The Castle Of Lucretia part 2". Editing for Butter-only viewing is quite difficult especially with european movies which already are not as easy to follow and redit (re-edit) and even more difficult with Sarah Louise Young material seeing as how she basically looks incredible in almost every shot and angle! So the final edit of some of her scenes may actually run up to about 10 or so minutes (the Butter-friendly edits of course), whereas some of the more traditional VHS to DVD scenes often run no more than 3 to 5 minutes, with the record for shortest Butter-redit scene being the Jenna Jameson-Peter North-TTBoy scene from the film "Paradise", with a total redit clocking at just under 2 minutes! Longest Butter Redit so far is actually the Peter North/Flame scene from the film "Graduation From FU" which actually clocks at 14 minutes, meaning that most of the scene must have been left intact! I'll probably discuss the reasons why this scene seems to work more (or better) than most other scenes so far, but we'll get back to that later on because I'm once again changing the subject! So the SLY (Sarah Louise Young) redits took longer than anticipated, also suffering from a good 30 minute interruption when my wife returned un-announced between 2 RVs due to nature calling. In the end, when she left for her other RV and I returned to transferring the tapes, I did not even finish a whole SLY disc, with well over two scenes yet to be transferred from the "Sexy Killers" tapes. Once everything was "closed" and my wife returned we simply ate supper, enjoyed our time together and got drunk early on in the evening so that by the time it was just a bit passed 22h30, we both were exhausted and went to bed, where I actually passed out until about 6am on Sunday morning. Felt good to finally get some sleep. The day continued with errands and stuff, and I needn't remind you all that my state of being wasn't feeling much better due to what was awaiting me the next day: confrontation with my supervisor (one of my bosses) about what had happened over at the AC location the past few weeks, the security report, the complaint... Anyway, seeing as how the previous night getting drunk seemed to have numbed my brain a bit and allowed me to pass out, I tried to repeat the experience on Sunday night. After my wife went to bed, I started dubbing more VHS to DVD this time concentrating on Rebecca Bardoux versus Peter North scenes because I noticed I had actually acquiredq quite a number of those during the last few VHS transactions. One of the tapes featuring 2 North scenes, one with Rebecca, was defective and could not be played. Unlike the "Sextectives" situation, it did not ruin my VHS player! Rebecca is quite the sexual dynamo, seeming to enjoy the sex she partakes onscreen, and is by far not a bad actress either. After the Bardoux stuff I decided to continue and transferred a scene from "The Adventures Of Neutron Man", the first of two Peter North scene, in which as superhero Neutron Man he saves the damsel in distress (Sierra) by fucking the bad kitties (Kiss, and Brittany O'Connell) in a scene which I thought was half way between being poorly shot and quite well done at once. It looked it was a bit of a mess to frame the action, but it turned out OK in the end. Speaking of the end, Peter produced a mega load onto the two girls' frontal bodies, nicely covering both ladies in a way that it would take perhaps four regular studs with excellent aim to do so. A very effective cumshot even if it is not a facial (perhaps they didn't want to ruin those face masks, but at the same time, Peter could spray a girls face even in mish position back in those days!). I tried to go to sleep after that but woke back up on a few occasions even after drinking some valerian tisane & taking my sleeping aid pill. There's no substitute for stress and anxiety in order to make sure you suffer from insomnia. I must admit that I do not know if I got any sleep that night but I remember looking at the clock at 3am and wondering if I shouldn't just get up. By 4h30am I knew there was no point in kidding myself so I decided to get up, eat a bit of food, and grab the first metro to work around 5h30 or so. I got to work at 6h00 and started working. Around 7 my boss came in. I let him get "in", prepare his stuff, eat some food, and I guess around 7h30 or so, after sweating bullets and vibrating from the stress and anxiety, got the courage to go see him and talk. We must have talked under closed doors for close to an hour or so. He was visibly in a better mood than I had imagined, but he still was both saddened and angry through that cold and calculated professional exterior. He's a boss after all; he can't really be emotional. To make this long story shorter, it began with me saying the story as he checked notes probably sent to him by the supervisor at the AC location. He asked key and specific questions to which I answered swiftly, truthfully, and without "excuses", although I had offered my personal apologies on more than one occasion. I admit I had trouble containing my emotions which had me produce a few tears here and there, admitting my guilt and not trying to cower behind any fake ass excuses a lesser person, or even the me from the past, would. He was as straight and direct as possible, remained calm and offered his own opinions and views and suggestions, and the whole thing came down to this: until he gets the report from the security at the AC location, no decision can be made. I was not fired on the spot, but consequences will be in effect. If I am not fired after they get the report from security, then a temporary suspension without pay is the most basic and first of the consequences I will be facing. Like I said, I fucked up big time and I am now screwed. The title of this blogpost is now obvious; referring to the fact that I am going into work each day without ever knowing if it will be my last, knowing this nightmare is not over yet. Not knowing is indeed quite an awful feeling which both drains one's energy as well as prevents any form of relaxation. Trying to contain myself during the rest of the day was hard but I managed. Some ladies at work came in while I was behind closed doors with the boss, and oddly enough were particularly more nice to me than usual. When I got back home, it was once again "business as usual" but I started to feel the exhaustion catching up with me fast around 7pm. Before the clock hit 9pm I had to pull myself from the couch, and went to pass out in bed with my headphones playing Thomas Koner to try to help me relax. The phone rang a bit passed nine but all it did was wake me up for a few minutes and before too long I passed out... I REALLY passed out; I never realized when my wife came in bed, and slept on straight until my alarm clock went off early this morning which I never heard: it was my wife who elbowed me to shut it off! Started the day like "usual", went to work where I tried once again to play the straight face to my colleagues, once again living in the uncertainty of not knowing what the consequences of my actions would be. The president was here today, visibly pissed and agitated. I can understand and obviously wished I could turn it all around. Most of my life I dreamed I had a time machine, but this time, I don't think I have ever thought of a better reason to dream about it. All day; stress and anxiety. The only silver lining was around 16h30 when my boss came to my work area while most people were gone, and asked me, with a smile, if I was better than yesterday. A few moments later, the prez left and actually said "good evening" to me. Now I don't want to interpret any of this in any way but it brought tears to my eyes at work, while I could hear Freddie Mercury's voice passionately signing double entendres somewhere in my head. My metro's stop is nearing, and I have lots of snow shoveling to do, so I must sign off for now. Let's hope for a better day tomorrow. "The riptide is raging, the lifeguard is away. But the ocean doesn't want me today.".

Kimberly here tries very very hard to live up to her namesake of cumslut...

But after a few hots to the kisser, little Kim starts to wonder if a bukkake trial was such a good idea!

At the very least she wears it well and doesn't squint too much... Go Kimberly!
Wednesday March 20, 2013: Before going into the what is going on and stuff, I just wanted to say that I haven't shot a session on camera since last week. I do believe my current situation explains enough why inspiration on the subject is at an all time low, and hopefully soon my more regular hunger and appetite will take over the frustrations and anxiety. In the meantime I wanted to say something; last night since our machinery was not recording anything I decided to continue dubbing tapes to DVDr, and the first of 3 scenes I redited was the Crystal Wilder and Tiffany Mynx 3-way from "Loopholes". I had forgotten that Tiffany's character was named Gwen and I chuckled a bit too myself. I also noticed that the tape itself was far from good quality but it featured exactly the same type of tape "hiss", glitches and minimal surface "noise" than the version I used to own all those years ago. Seeing as how my original copy from back then was erroneously re-recorded over, then there is no chance whatsoever that this could have been my original tape. But seeing as how it had the same type of tape "damage" than my own, I do believe that the tape problem was from the manufacturer, possibly from the tape masters, passed along to the cassettes place on sale. Moving along here you know that this is one of those rare true "holy grails" of porn releases for me, as it features one of the all-too rare (in my opinion) scenes between Mynx and North, ending in a decent facial. And "Loopholes"'s facial isn't as straightforward as in other sequences; Peter pulls out of mish position and manages to paste Mynx's mug & Crystal Wilder's mouth as well. Moving along I followed this transfer with another 2 chix on Peter scene, this next one being from "PickUp Lines #7", with Brooke "Fantasia" Ashley and latina Vanessa in her first ever scene. This one is a bit of a disappointment. Maybe I was expecting more out of the PUL series. The BJ seems much too short and uninspired (although Brooke/Fantasia does try harder!), the fucking also feels generally unheated, and the cumshot, although up to par with anything North delivered in the late 90s, could have had a messier ending if the chix would have positioned themselves in a more appropriate manner to receive his spunk. Finally I ended my transfer evening with a scene from "Writer's Block", featuring "Captain" Johnni Black and Maya Souls, a performer I find highly under-rated. Johnni's enthusiasm has always been well documented, and her numerous Peter pairings throughout the mid-late 90s are ample proof of her porn personnae. Maya is a different story and she is one of those rarely seen and enjoyed ladies who entered the biz and exited just as swiftly without much fanfare. The "Writer's" 3-way proves to be a bit of a let down except for Johnni's BJ, and even the final dual facial cumshot is far from being one of North's best (somewhat reminiscent of those half-hearted pops in the quite dismal "Oral Majority 10" reviewed elsewhere on this blog). But like I often say, we cannot have exquisite days all the time: somedays it is more of a job than pleasure. Listen, I have to cut this one short due to the fact that the metro is so packed that I can not even use both hands to type this: I am reduced to trying to write using but my thumb while holding the phone, my other hand holding on to dear life on a metal pole while a sea of people rock back and forth! Speak to you tomorrow, hopefully!

Thursday the 21st of March 2013: well it is one more day in purgatory. I am keeping myself busy at work in order to.both show that I am still dedicated to my job, as well as trying to occupy my mind as much as possible to avoid allowing it to roam freely into the areas of crap in which I know I have thrusted myself due to this whole getting busted at the AC location. But you know the story by now. There will be more details to come. These last few days my bosses have been in closed doors quite often, which could mean anything, but usually does not necessarily forebode well. So to change the subject, I actually shot a BBB scene last night! According to my camera's calculations, I haven't recorded a BBB scene in 10 days! That is the longest I have ever gone without shooting a doll scene since I can remember! Also a freaky moment is when I looked at the actual time stamp between last night's angle #1 of the cumshot clip and the one from the session 10 days ago, and both were started/recorded at the exact same time, minute for minute! Now that is what can be described as a true odd phenomenon! So basically last night's set was just the simple Carmen doll's first official unboxed cum session! Hoping I could do a decent first facial I decided to start the session with a little bit of handjobbing tease. Most of the time I reserve such activities until at least after the first few introductory facial sessions (after all, Kanika must have had about 4 or so simple cum sessions and not a hint of handjob/jerk-off yet!) but for the Carmen doll, there was just something aching me to have her do a little manual tease. After that but before I was ready for the cumshot clip, I noticed precum kept appearing on the edge of my cock head. This was due to the fact that I hadn't ejaculated in 3 or 4 days, and usually the overflow of cum makes itself "known" in such a manner. So I decided to have Carmen lick the tip of my cock and also rub her soft plastic face on the underside of my cock to help me maintain my erection. Once all three cameras were placed and ready to roll for the cumshot angles, my cocknwas raging and pulsating like I haven't felt in a short while. When came time to finally erupt, I actually shot one of the biggest loads of 2013! It may not have been the strongest (in terms of velocity) nor the messiest (in terms of aiming at Carmen's face), but it was quite plentiful and I managed to cream her up quite nicely, outfit and golden head gear as well! It felt quite good and I remember how as I was cumming I felt so completelly content and orgasmic, all the while retaining just enough reality in my focus of vision to try to aim at her face, but my cum basically splattered all over and everywhere else! I took as many post aftermath pics as I could before the spunk started drying off too much and shot a post cum clip to showcase the damage. As I tried to start using Joanna's cumrags to hint as the cleanup proceedure, Carmen fell and that was my cue that perhaps it is best to keep the post cum cleanup for OFF camera purposes. After this I actually started feeling a bit tired so instead of going off to work some more on my blog, I decided to do a minimal cleanup of the set up (just enough so that things don't seem too suspicious) and went to bed. I slept for a good 5 hours nonstop, maybe even 6 before my back pains woke me up maybe about an hour or so before my alarm clock. I hope I'll be randy some more soon to give Carmen another facial because I realized that this plastic doll really turns me on! Now back to the nightmare... Well interestingly enough as I was getting ready to leave the office, my boss & the prez both started talking to me about films! Not porn mind you as that would be inappropriate... Before long, another one of the bosses came along and started joining in the discussion. This almost felt as though "nothing" had happened. What could it mean? Maybe no one else is aware of the problem yet, or maybe they are giving me "my last meal" before I am discarded like the traitor that I am. Maybe this is their way of easing me into the fact that things will work out in some way or another, although serious consequences are still in store. I hate not knowing; the waiting and the being kept in the dark is the worst feeling for me right now. But I am still scheduled for the AC location tomorrow, so as my boss told me earlier this week, things seem to be "business as usual" for the moment. Whatever can be done to salvage my job with as little damage as possible, I will take it. In the meantime I have to sign off as my metro stop is nearing closer with each word I am correcting on this virtual keyboard on my phone, so it's see y'all tomorrow for the moment, and in the immortal words of Christopher Lee "let's see what the damage is, shall we?".

Friday the 2? of march 2013: it's at the AC location since 7:33 precisely which means I can clock out at 15h33 this afternoon if I forgo the lunch break which would be OK seeing as how there is nowhere to go and nothing to do here. I can do my work while eating at the same time no problem. Once I had a huge dossier file to copy in less than 4 hours and ate lunch as I was lending my talents as paper clone artist simultaneously. The atmosphere is dark and thick today as well as the AC location. One worker lady is missing due to complications with a health issue, and the supervisor is indeed being cold and distant, for obvious reasons. Being in this purgatory state only means I have to remain calculated within myself and continue to do my job. Although I slept well enough last night (even managed to do some weirdo dreams before my alarm went off) I still feel exhausted this morning. I wouldn't mind napping for a while but unfortunately, areas for a quick snooze are rare, and my "freedom" is limited as I do believe I am being watched by the "Big Brother" of the place here, wherever their cameras may be hidden! Last night I has a few minutes left on a Disc I was transfering VHS scenes so I decided to fill it up with a makeshift Peter North mini cumpilation from some of the VHS tapes I have been trying to slowly go through of late. Don't know if I mentioned this (apologies if I am repeating myself) but one of the tapes I picked up recently was a 1994 Marc Dorcel re-edited for re-distribution 1992 Sarah Louise Young (or SLY for short) tape which was re-baptized as "Sarah: La Chose De L'Apollon Noir" which is, of course, one of those impossible to find SLY releases which were never really officially released in North America. I found a website which sold DVD versions of these scenes re-edited and re-compiled digitally as "The Goddess Of Love" series and the "Sarah Young: Private Fantasies" series. Anyway, this latest VHS tape with SLY and some american co-stars features the infamous Peter North and Sean Michaels 3-way with a DP and a killer mega classic facial finish which is quite well known in Northian cumlovers circles. Well this tape actually also features another Peter North scene, this one featuring the lovely and oh so rarely seen (even in the early 90s) Mona Lisa. Peter and Mona have shared their share of scenes together and this one is another beauty to behold. The point here is that it ends in a post mish body drop cumshot, far from being the most impressive in terms of thematic, but upon re-watching it, I did notice it was indeed one of the better and more plentiful Peter North popshots of the time(s). I guess being a facial fanatic has a bit ruined other types of body oriented cumshots so I don't notice them as much but seeing as how the majority of these VHS tapes I have acquired do date back to the early to late 90s, and at the time the facial finish was not yet fully established as a much have ending for all the scenes, I sort of had to get re-used to non-facial oriented spunkings, and that has brought me back to those days when we'd wish for a facial delivered by old Peter (not so old back then) but rarely got the opportunity. I have seen a few Mona Lisa and Peter North scenes (3 others to be exact) and I always enjoyed that type of synergy they seemed to share on-screen. So this one here for the SLY release was another one which I found myself enjoying, even though it was intercut with a Jonathan Morgan/SLY/other chick 3-way which wasn't as hot as the North-Lisa pairing, but as I said before, Sarah Young just looks impossibly incredible and amazing in any angle and position, so she's always a delight to watch! So this mini cumpilation I used to finish off my DVDr before finalizing it also had pops featuring Beatrice Valle, Alexis Devell, Barbara Doll, Kylie Ireland, Britt Morgan, and Kaitlyn Ashley (to name a few). In fact the Kaitlyn pop was taken from her Peter pairing from the Erotic Newcummers release which is a rare one and hard to find info about, which originally I wanted to redit the scene in under 8 minutes to fill out my disc, but turns out the scene just had too many good shots and was just too good (better than most of the era, but it's North & Kaitlyn after all!). Seeing as how I would have cut it too darn close with the redit, being limited by time constraints, I decided I would redit & transfer the scene on another (new) disc instead, and just finish off this disc with a cumpilation. Once again I added both the Madison sunglasses mega cream from "Total Reball" as well as the Ashlyn Gere facial classic from "Pink Pussycat" because those two are definitely amongst the classiest of Northian classics of the genre. What can I say? The early 90s was indeed Peter North's greatest era for cumshots! Now if only I could have had "Bare Market" 's Francesca Le facial, perhaps the whole situation would have been "cumplete"! But I digress. I still have a box full of stuff just waiting for me somewhere since last Friday night. Recall I went to the storage/locker area last Friday, picked up a few more tapes and filled out a box of all sorts of VHS, such as more Peter North stuff, a few more SLY tapes, and some european flavored releases featuring amongst others Julia Taylor, Olivia Del Rio, and Jessica Fiorentino to name but a few. As I may (or may not) have mentioned already, there are also 5 missing tapes which I had put aside in my contact's car a few weeks ago when I got busted by the rent-a-cop security: 2 tapes featuring Peter North in european releases, and 3 other tapes of european origin, featuring Julia Taylor. Interestingly enough, there was not real interesting Tiffany Mynx material worthwhile of being picked up. "Legend #4" was there, but Mynx's scene in that one is not one of the most memorable. "The Boss" has Tiffany performing the introductory scene with Mike Horner, ending in a pop to her butt after doggy. "The Party" has her scene ending in a similar fashion except it is with Joey Silvera. "Interview With A Vamp" has her lesbian scene turning into an2 girl on 1 guy threeway which isn't stimulating either. The collection even had "The DJ", which is Tiffany's very first adult release from 1992, but once again, it is but a girl on girl sequence. I was surprised that this guy's collection which had quite an impressive line-up of a who's who in terms of 90s starlets (as well as some good 80s stuff as well) did not have much in terms of Tiffany Mynx. When you consider that such stars as Serenity Wilde, Jill Kelly, Jeanna Fine, and Sunset Thomas (amongst others) all had at the very least a half box's worth of their major releases, and that Jenna Jameson herself had 2 full boxes, one wonders why the Mynx was so limited. Maybe it is because he dis not fancy her? Maybe it is because he thought her material was too gonzoesque and not story oriented enough for his own tastes? Who knows? One also wonders how come there was but only one "PickUp Lines" volume, as well as a complete lack of the "North Pole" series. Again, maybe they were considered much too gonzo for his particular tastes... Vignette-oriented release are still somewhat considered story-oriented in my book, even if there is no unifying storyline linking all this little segments together. Ok maybe that doesn't make much sense, but it is still more story-oriented than the non-stop gonzo features which barely offer any excuse nor pretense for the scenes to develop! I was so hoping to find those first 3 volumes of the North Pole series, back when they were distributed by Devils Films and actually called "The Loadman Cometh". Anyway, lots of questions as to why some titles were in the collection and others missing. Some Extreme Associates titles were there, such as Lizzy Borden feature as well as Ashlyn Gere's final movie, but "Asswoman In Wonderland", one of the greatest regrets I have ever had not to have purchased, was not in the bunch, and if there ever was a strong hardcore story-oriented piece of whacked out ideas, that Alice Down The Rabbit Hole re-interpretation perhaps took the cake. Maybe all those girls in flower outfits and midgets in rabbit suits proved to be too weird for the guy. Regardless, the point being a lot of material was there, a lot was not, and if this collection would have come to my attention back in the early Y2K, my own porn collecting would have gone in a whole different direction! Instead of completely starting from scratch and re-beginning from a whole new era, I would have simply began grabbing well over a third of all this stuff for my own personal collection. And there I went again, talking about porn stuff instead of what the few of you reading this actually want to hear about. Well tonight I am going to a sort of wrap party for the end of my brother's film 2 weeks ago, but I don't plan on partying too hard since I have another very busy and stressful weekend in the works which begins rather early tomorrow morning. More details to follow but it involves my wife's numerous contacts concerning lodging facilities. Also, and I may have already mentioned this earlier, but even though my brother's film is yet unfinished and unedited, I already have a good 45 minutes' worth of soundtrack material ready to be donated. Not too shabby! Aside from that, if all goes well tonight and I return home at a decent hour, I may begin working on more of those VHS to DVD transfers and redits. And now on my way out the AC location just a few moments after my official 8 hour shift has ended, the transit out of this place takes forever. Waiting for the elevator out of here is taking longer than a trip to the cantina! Once in the elevator, it stops at every single floor! Now nearing the exit I find myself wondering if I should wait a few moments before passing the card, just so's it looks like I have made a bit more than an 8 hour shift, but seriously will 3 or 4 minutes make a real difference now, especially considering the shit I am in? And won't the security cameras wonder why their public enemy number 1 is just standing there, in front of the automatic door exit? Like I said, I am already in deep and serious trouble as is, not knowing how many more days of this waiting and uncertainty I may have left, and obviously feeling the strain of anxiety and such playing a major role in my existence. Yes, I got stupid, lacked vision and judgement, and ended up fucking up big time. Is this what it is all about now? And am I being paranoid by constantly seeing the rent-a-cops security van always passing by everytime I am here waiting for the bus? I often wonder how do people do it: how do they shut off the stress and are able to move onwards with their lives? I guess people are more capable than compartmentalizing their lives than I am. Maybe it's just this multi-lives I have been juggling for so long now, and maybe I have become too old and careless and comfortable in my lack of awareness to see that all of this was destined to happen? Who can tell at this point; the uncertainty of it all is maddening. Coupled with everything else which is happening in 2013, this is turning out to being one of the worst years for yours truly. Let's see what the weekend brings, and how next week will present itself. Be careful my dear readers; people aren't as blind or unaware as they seem: they just like to play the part with the hypocritical ways modern society functions.

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