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Ending 2014 BACK in the 514

As part of our various "travels" during the holiday season of 2014, we are now on our way to Ottawa (the country's capital) for a few days with friends. Last week we travelled to The Beauce area, to a small town called St-Hilaire-de-Dorcet. This is, theoretically speaking, about a 3 & 1/2 hour drive from the 514 but due to traffic and some insanely serious road work and detours, it's more like a good five hour drive, then another 5 hours back. So road tripping wasn't the most appealing of options even if Ottawa is only 2 & 1/2 hours away. But in this case it's more about enjoying time with friends than having to endure unilingual white trash smoking family membrane. Today we are scheduled to return defective merchandise that our Ottawa friends have got for Xmas, shopping for some booze (cheaper & better selection in this province than back home) and maybe a little something something later on tonight. We'll see. Right now it's just the toilet break pit stop and snacks, and then we should have about another hour or so before we reach the capital. I'd better stop writing now as my wife is probably wondering what the heck is taking so long in the john's! So until later, folks!  N
Day 3: on our way back. The only time I get the opportunity to write on this phone is in Alexandria's pit stop where we take a bathroom break between MTL & Ottawa. Anyway day one had food, a few drinks, some slight shopping-oriented experiences and then a way-too-late of an "event" evening which had me stay up  on stimulants until about 3 in the morning. These allowed me to suffer from an irregular sleep pattern which essentially had me properly up and running the "next day" (or for all actuality later that day) at noon. Oh I could have got up around 7:30am but at that time my mind & body were requiring dream-cycle sleep and so I was sleeping and awake alternatively until I decided to get up, taKe a a shower & brush my teeth. Just past noon I was up & at them! Then the day was spent in a weird way as my wife went back to nap (she did not sleep all so well at all) while I spent time with my friend nursing his own post sickness injuries while his daughter & friend played games and my friend's GF (mother of one of the girls) slowly got drunk all day without me noticing. By around 17:00 my friend and i went out for supplies (cheese, juice, throat lozenges, basic stuff), and he spoke to me of his girlfriend's alcoholism and how it was beginning to truly hurt the relationship. What I found surprising was how I never even noticed this but then again, I too am an alcoholic, just not a daytime one. Anyway the point is when we returned to his home, I then noticed she was not entirely sober (ahem), and we fixed ourselves a quick supper with leftovers which was great! Afterwards we remained sober amongst ourselves while playing games (video console & then a board game) and pretty much went to bed early considering the time we all went to bed the night before.
This morning again I got up late. It must be that "vacation" away from home thing which allows me to go back to sleep after I do wake up a few times. So after about a half dozen times of waking up, saying "no" to getting up, rolling over, sleeping, dreaming and waking up again, I decided to really get up. The place was quiet. Some seemed to be nursing hangovers, while the others were enjoying breakfast and getting ready to head back home. So that's it. We packed up out stuff, loaded the little car, and left as soon as we could (my wife wanted to be on the road as soon as humanely possible). Getting out of that city was a nightmare, it reminded me of the whole 514 situation where simply navigating through or around/across the metropolis is a time consuming and patience testing experience. Anyway, we are on our way back now, and our "3" days away from joke really passed buy quickly. I am not in any hurry to get back home although being in my own "stuff" is always more pleasant than being at someone else's place. There's lots I could be expanded upon about m experience in Ottawa is time around but I think the best thing to say at this time is how I realize how much of an alcoholic i also am and how it does affect those around me. Perhaps it was a good idea not to drink at all that second night and leaving all temptation (the booze bought in that province, a different selection) in the trunk of the car. Hell, it was so cold I doubt my own alcoholism would have pushed me to go out in that freezing cold just to get a drink! 
Alright gotta go; my wife's probably waiting for me near the car to get back on the highway! What a way to end the year, right? i keep forgetting that in less than 10 hours, it'll be 2015. Here's to blindingly wishing for a better one while not knowing what the future actually holds!

Sex 4 Rooms (Media Partners)

 above: the official trailer for the movie

One of my personal "Holy Grails" or "unicorn" movies on DVD from the earlier Y2K era is one of the reasons why I stopped purchasing DVDs over the counter in stores (yes, even those so-called cheapie bins) and started shopping around online instead. One fine day, or evening, or I do not recall exactly when this was, I stumbled across a website which showcased european films, some of which were translated and re-edited for North American release, others which were left to be forever forgotten in the ether of porn excessiveness. While some films enjoyed being re-birthed under the international COlmax distribution line, some films simply never made it across the proverbial pond. One of these films is "Rooms For Sex" (or "Sex For Rooms", or other variants of the namesake), a spanish production starring none other than Silvia Lancome as a sexy cute bellhop who stumbles upon various sexings happening in the hotel, participating in a healthy couple of those as well! Also with Salma De Nora, Jessica Fiorentino, and Carmen Vera, this film pretty much automatically jumped at the top of my own personal wishlist within moments. That is when I started hunting online for a copy of this film, and that is when I discovered that it did not exist outside of its non-region-1 european version, rendering any copies (if available of course) unplayable in any traditional machine in north america. That is how I stumbled upon one particular webside, re-distributor of porn DVD retailers, and how I discovered that even with shipping and exchange rates, most flicks were darn cheaper to purchase online than in any local store. Yes, this opens up a whole can of worms in terms of supporting local independant companies but when a flick is 10 to 20 times cheaper online than in a store, well the mathematics are not that complex!

 SCENE 1: CARMEN VERA vs 2 slaves

Without a doubt the main reason why I urged and pleaded with myself against the online world as to why I absolutely needed to find this film. Carmen Vera. No other explanation is required. But wait, there is more! Carmen Vera in a fetish like suit. Now that is upping it up a few notched. Carmen Vera in a fetish suit playing a somewhat dominatrix role. Screw that, I am all in. Carmen Vera in a fetish suit playing a dominatrix in a scene with two guys. If I did not know any better, director Xavi made certain that this film would speak to me unlike anything else, making it a true torture for me not to be able to find a DVD for my own!


Silvia Lancome has also become a choice favorite of mine and having her in a film is almost a sure fire way to make certain I purchase it. In fact, if Sylvia Lancome appears in a film with anyone else I am moderately interested in, I usually buy it without asking too many questions. So of course, after the whole introductory Carmen Vera scenario, having a scene with Silvia Lancome only added this one into the "no brainer" wishlist. Oh did I mention I also have a scene in another flick which Sylvia and Carmen both play together alongside two lucky stiffs? But that's another story for another time.


This is an odd scene which is obviously from another set. The scene was shot independantly and simply re-inserted / re-edited into the film but it obvious from the quality of the lighting and the image itself that it comes from a different shooting set. But does it really matter? Let's think about it; most porn is a series of unconnected vignettes shot gonzo style to begin with, so why would anyone see this one here as a problem? Well maybe folks who are either not into Jessica Fiorentino or those who are purists wishing their films to be nothing short but the closest to a time-lime story-oriented schtick. But for my own tastes, it's all about Jessica Fiorentino, and much like Carmen Vera and Sylvia Lancome, is a darn favorite of mine and is amongst those whom I prefer and who influences my own purchases. Heck I bought the incredibly disapointing "La Libertine" from Marc Dorcel strictly because of Jessica playing a few scenes in there...


I may not have mentionned her often in the past but Salma is a fine, fine spanish lady. Yes, I do seem to have a thing for spanish ladies (like just about any other type of ladies around the world!) which may be attributed to my own spaniard roots. However, Salma De Nora is a very pretty girl who does not shy away from much of anything when it comes to sex (she participated in rather dubious pro-am european german-flavored dungeon gang bang bukkakes and piss-oriented flicks, just to set you on the right path), and whom is a delight to watch and enjoy. I do not have much of this little luscious cutey but I am sure this scene would be a welcome addition to my collection, should I be able to find a region-1 DVD!


The final scene of the film is yet another Silvia Lancome moment, and thus, if two scenes in a film feature one of my favorite stars, then you know it is a deffinite must. Like I said before, Ms Lancome quickly became a personnal favorite of mine and greatly influences my own personal choices in terms of DVDs to purchase. So it is only normal that this film was in fact a must have for me, a dream which unfortunately had to be shut off temporarly due to the fact that no north american version was ever made. Even if I was a psychotic collector who wanted a DVD which could not be played in my machines (read: some of those Sarah Louise Young pseudo-region-free DVDs are not-playable worldwide, but I did not know this until I bought them) I doubt I would buy a DVD of this sort if I could not enjoy it. Anyway, I am sure you all get the picture. It's one of those "dream a little dream" films which simply can not be, much like so many others from my "Holy Grails" list (which appeared on this blog on December 30th 2014 I believe).

Note: Each of the clips featured on this blogpost are quality reduced clips of each of the scenes from the movie. I was able to find a moderately watchable quality copy of the film online and attempted to seperate and reduce each scene to be able to post on this blog for your enjoyment as well. Hope you dig!

SEX FOR ROOMS (alternate title: Sex 4 Rooms)
released: 2004
Directed by Xavi Dominguez
Released by: Media Partners, Spain

(BELOW: just the cumshots from each of the scenes of the film, plus a little Carmen intro, of course)

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Don't forget to NAME THOSE DOLLS!

That is correct! I am still expecting more people to come in and vote/post a comment at each of the following pages/links/posts to name the latest two new BBBdolls to just the harem! Don't be shy; all the details are there on each of the pages, and there is MORE than a heaping hefty selection of suggestions to chose from! Plus it's free, it's easy, and doesn't cost you anything more than to look at pretty pictures and chose which pornstar name best suits the doll! Just follow the links and you're already half way there!
 Name that blue-eyed beauty: follow this link:
Name that hazel-eyed goddess: Follow the link:

Butter's Holy Grails of Porn

To those of you who have explicitly followed (read: actually read) my blog(s) since late 2009/early 2010, you know that my quest as a porn film collector unfortunately begun after my realization that porn was not eternal, and that if you did not purchase a film when you saw it in a store, chances are said film would be discontinued and disappear forever. It took me too many years and too many flicks to slip within my (sticky) fingers before I came to realize this fact and to this day, one of my remorse is never having been able to grasp some of my more porn-shaping flicks of my younger days (i.e. the 80s and 90s for the most part). So, as I am once again proving what a windbag I can be when I try to explain and express my enthusiasm on the subject of porn, here is a list (which originally began as a mere 2 or 3 titles) of some of those films which have slipped through my fingers, never to be re-found and still sought after my your truly, even if some of these are now long discontinued.

Note that if you wish to please me like no one can, all you need to do is find a DVD version of these films for me, and that would make for a great X-mas gift, don't you think? Wink wink, hint hint, don't take me too seriously.

(PS: I had to hunt online using primitive and limited ressources to find the accompanying images. Normally I would have used a trustworthy database but it has been down for about a month now, leaving me very little choice as to where to find the required images! Apologies if the visual aspect of this post is so inferior!)

 ASSWOMAN IN WONDERLAND (Extreme Associates, 1998)
directed by Tiffany Mynx
One evening my half brother invited another friend of mine and myself to his half basement apartment for drinks, drugs, and porn. My good friend had rented specifically for the occasion three VHS tapes, which were to be dubbed by yours truly for keepsake posterity. However, seeing as how we were to consume massive amounts of booze, herbs, and chemicals, my friend told me not to worry about it and that he's copy the tapes for me another time. We started the evening with the Tiffany Mynx directed "Wonderland" flick, and I was blown away, even if each passing minute, my memory would become blurrier and blurrier. In fact I can not even recall what were the other two titles he brought along, not if we ended up watching any of them. My horror came when about a week later my friend told me he made copies of the OTHER flicks for himself but never did one of "Wonderland" for me, saying how, upon re-watching it more sober, he did not find it interesting much, and returned his rentals two days later. I recall "arguing" with him about how that film meant so much to me, and how if there was ever a film he should have copied for me was that one, and other related comments. Since that time I have never been able to find a copy of he film; hat week after the event we both (my friend and I) went back to the video rental store, but they had already taken it off its shelves. I hunted high and low for this film, with no one carrying it. Even when companies were beginning to re-release VHS onto DVDs, no one seemed to carry "Wonderland" (although a steady amount of other Extreme titles were easily obtainable). To this day, no other porn film in my personal history has ever been so desperately desired; the one porn film which got away: no copies made, no cumshot compilation bits, nothing. All that remains are bits and pieces of the film etched in my memory engrams. This film on DVD can be found online but for a price, and usually not in a new/scealed format. What made this film so special, aside from the obvious fact that Tiffany herself appears in every single scene even if it is just to assist in some cases, is that it was her directorial masterpiece, has sets and costumes and that nasty USA gonzo appeal that Extreme were so good at in the era, and that the whole Alice Through The Looking Glass thematic was well adapted to fit the late 90s Tiffany Mynx personnae.  I sometimes wonder if I would have found this film earlier in my porn hunting days, would my ludicrously collector behavior of porn releases have differed than what it has grown to become what it is now?
  • Scene 1. Chandler, Tiffany Mynx, Jake Steed
  • Scene 2. Alexandra Nice, Tiffany Mynx, Michael Stefano
  • Scene 3. Jessica Darlin, Cherry Mirage, Tiffany Mynx, Tom Byron
  • Scene 4. Iroc, Cherry Mirage, Tiffany Mynx, Michael Stefano, Van Damage
  • Scene 5. Nina Hartley, Tiffany Mynx, Michael Stefano, Van Damage

JUNGLE HEAT (aka Tarzan-X The Shame Of Jane, aka Tharzan - La vera storia del figlio della giungla) (Capital Film, 1994)
Directed by Joe D'Amato
This little gem has, like most of my titles on this list, quite a little history behind it. Originally rented on VHS by my 1/2 brother and I (back in the days when he was a huge Rocco fan), our Montreal version probably had one scene less than the official release, and was called "Jungle Heat". Years later we found out that the french translated version was baptized "Tarzan-La Honte De La Jungle". Anyway, back then neither of us were exposed to any porn shot by the late Joe D'Amato, and quite shamefully it took me a short while before discovering that prior to his making shot-on-film adult smutertainement, he used to do italian horror gore movies, and was well known for some zombie flicks. Who knew, right? From gore horror to porn; it is usually the other waY around. Anyhow this flick was my first exposure to Rocco's real life wife Rosa Caracciolo, and I was also impressed at how Rocco appeared in just about EVERY sex scene of the movie, proving he was the champion of the stallions of the era. And if that was not enough, Rocco and Rosa actually performed in four scenes together throughout the film. Not just two scenes spread out and intercut-re-edited, but four full on independent scenes, two of which feature outstanding facials on the gorgeous Rosa. It is for that reason (or rather those reasons) that this film is in my Holy Grails list. That and the fact that since the time we had rented it; I was never able to find either a VHS nor a DVD version of this film. Rocco (and sometimes Rosa as well) went on to star in other Joe D'Amato features (such as the two part "Outlaws" for example) but none ever matched the level of jungle heat (pun intended) of this Tarzan re-imagining. Note also the appearance of USSR native Nikita Gross in this film, adding a little extra bonus spice to the mix!
Scene 1. Nikita Gross, Tao
Scene 2. Rosa Caracciolo, Rocco Siffredi
Scene 3. Rosa Caracciolo, Rocco Siffredi
Scene 4. Rosa Caracciolo, Rocco Siffredi
Scene 5. Tunde, Zoltan Kabai
Scene 6. Lulu, Rocco Siffredi
Scene 7. Lana Jalta, Nikita Gross, Rocco Siffredi
Scene 8. Lulu, Tao
Scene 9. Tunde, Rocco Siffredi
Scene 10. Rosa Caracciolo, Rocco Siffredi

 THE LOADMAN CUMMITH (aka The North Pole) volume 1 (Devils Films, 1998)
directed by Tom Stone
Prior to old uncle Pete's massively successful line (still going on strong 15 years later!) on New Sensations/Digital Sin (before he branched out with his own Northstar Associates), the first three volumes of The North Pole series were actually released by Devil's Films. There have been discontinued on VHS and DVD for a long while now, making us older Northern collectors quite distraught. What made this particular volume so special, aside from being the first in the hugely successful series, was Peter pumping out mega loads all over gorgeous ladies, such as european Anita Blonde (with black hair) who never looked so absolutely spectacularly incredible, and Leilani Lei (or however weird variation on that namesake can be!) who not only gets Peter to unleash one of his most massive loads, but also continues to suck him off for at least a minute afterwards, his cock not even showing signs of softening down. I mean fucking wow, man! Peter also douses other chicks in this introductory volume, and even Sylvia Saint appears in a scene with a loser dud or a dude. If there ever was a North Pole volume which has been on my top of the top Grail list, this would be it. Now you know how you can make me happy!
  • Scene 1. Anita Blond, Peter North
  • Scene 2. Silvia Saint, Hakan
  • Scene 3. Leanni Lei, Richi Rich
  • Scene 4. Leanni Lei, Peter North
  • Scene 5. Emily Jewel, Peter North
  • Scene 6. Anita Dark, C. J., Peter North
  • Scene 7. Avalon, Toni James, Peter North

 THE LOADMAN CUMMITH (aka The North Pole) volume 2 (Devils Films, 1998)
no director credited
Like the first volume in this series, and the subsequent third, this was released on Devils Films prior to the North Pole line being picked up by New Sensations/Digital Sin starting with volume 4. This secondary volume, which I had actually found an official VHS tape way back when in a used record shop of all places, features more of what you came to expect after volume one: Peter continues to fuck and cum on pretty ladies, while his scenes are segwayed by other pretty ladies getting fucked by other dudes. Perhaps the highlights of this volumes are the Nikki Anderson and Peter pairing, or his own threeway with includes Petra (aka Kitty Monroe). Or even the first scene with Brooke. I admit it's been quite a while since I have seen this one (seeing as how I do not have a dubbed copy) and so recalling the exact bits (aside from Peter's pecker pumping semen on pretty girls!) which are standouts is a bit of a difficult task. Volume 2 is not as fantastic as the first one, but it is still a major landmark in the Northern collectibles, and yes I was absolutely and incredibly stupid all those years ago when I decided to actually sell my VHS tape, thinking I could easily re-find it on DVD. Oh how little did I know about the nature of the business! In case you are curious why volume 3 is not on my list, that is because I actually found a DVD version of it.
  • Scene 1. Brooke Lane, Peter North
  • Scene 2. Maria de Sanchez, Olivier Sanchez, Ramon Nomar
  • Scene 3. Petra, Teri Starr, Peter North
  • Scene 4. Jade De Luxor, Peter Gunn
  • Scene 5. Nikki Anderson, Peter North
  • Scene 6. Reyna, Sabrina Johnson, Peter North

 I AM DESIRE (The True Story Of Julia Black) (Western Visuals, 1992)
directed by Robert McCallum
Here is another one of those old 90s flicks which was "stolen" from me in its full-length dubbed VHS format, leaving me only the cumshots on one of my oldest cumshot compilation tapes to offer reminders of this film which I should have kept in a safe. Subtitled "The True Story Of Julia Black", which is portrayed by a young Tiffany Mynx perhaps at the height of her career (right before superstardom hit), in which she not only tells her tale to the camera in between skits and sex scenes, but also partakes in three sexings herself. After watching TT Boy fuck one-eyed Alana (short lived performer of the era who almost always wore sunglasses or at least an eyepatch to hide the fact she was in fact missing an eye!), Julia (Tiffany) gets introduced to sex by Cal Jammer who, after fucking her doggy outdoors near the range, pulls out and heads his cock to the still doggied Mynx and cums next to her head. "What's that?"she asks as she licks the produce of his ejaculation. "Cum"'replies a post orgasmic still panting Cal. She licks a bit more and utters "doesn't taste too bad!". Oh man, Tiffany, Tiffany, Tiffany... Before heading out to the big city, Alana gets DPed by two guys and Tiffany fucks Julian St Jox. In the big city, TT Boy fucks the ever expanding Trinity Loren, but to be honest, those extra pounds just made her look more tempting! Poor Saki St.Jermaine has to fuck two guys, one of which is hedgehog Ron Jeremy who had himself become the almost parody of himself (if that makes any sense). The film ends when Tiffany "finally" gets to fuck Peter North and receives a "small" facial for the finale. Peter's load did not look like it was his first of the day, and that's because he shot another scene which was cut from the final feature, still unfindable. In the film's opening credits, when Alana is presented with her name in the cast, she is seen taking a Peter blast to the face and hair, obviously from the culled scene. This has left me to fantasize, ages later of course, that maybe, just maybe, the scene was added as a bonus feature on the DVD re-issue of the film. Sadly, I was never able to find a DVD version of "I Am Desire", nor have I ever found another VHS copy. Ever since I started collective DVDs, this film has ALWAYS been in my wish-list of re-issues, but either the company (Western Visuals) never re-released it, or it simply was never made available to Canada, much like most re-issues. Chalk another one lost in the ether of reality and the nature of modern porn business!
  • Scene 1. Alana, TT Boy
  • Scene 2. Tiffany Mynx, Cal Jammer
  • Scene 3. Alana, Austin Moore, Kris Newz
  • Scene 4. Tiffany Mynx, Julian St. Jox
  • Scene 5. Trinity Loren, TT Boy
  • Scene 6. Saki St. Jermaine, guy, Ron Jeremy
  • Scene 7. Tiffany Mynx, Peter North

 BACKFIELD IN MOTION  (Paradise Visuals, 1992)
directed by Jim Reynolds
Shot around the same time as "Rise Of The Roman Empress 2" and featuring a large part of the same cast, I always though this was the better of the two films. With only three studs this time around, each prick pulls anywhere between 2 and 3 scenes each with various combos. Cicciolina and Moana Pozzi are the star attractions of the show, and also appear in numerous scenes each in the film. This one also suffers from similar technical problems, such as some popshots not showing off as clearly as they could due to grainy film stock (although they all were shot using two cameras/two angles), and a Peter North popshot which could have been one of his all time greatest monsters was wasted (sort of, depending on your perspective and mood, of course) as in the spoon position, he pulls out, Cicciolina semi jacks him off ending the stroking a bit too early, so Peter's wad ended up mostly shot on the couch and the floor in front of them. I say wasted due to poor target of cum, and if Peter pumped his own pecker, he probably would have shot a stronger load. His other load shot in Aja's back after doggy was almost a classic as his cum shot up to her head, shoulders, and beyond, allowing her  to taste his spunk from the distance. But I digress. Like most other flicks of the time, my VHS dub was "stolen" and all I have left are the popshots on one of my oldest cumshot compilation tapes. 
  • Scene 1. Moana Pozzi, Greg Robinson
  • Scene 2. Cicciolina, Peter North
  • Scene 3. Moana Pozzi, Greg Robinson, Marc Wallice
  • Scene 4. Ebony Ayes, Greg Robinson
  • Scene 5. Cicciolina, Ebony Ayes, Moana Pozzi, Greg Robinson
  • Scene 6. Aja, Peter North
  • Scene 7. Cicciolina, Moana Pozzi, Greg Robinson, Peter North

 ROOMS FOR SEX (aka Sex For Rooms, aka Sex 4 Rooms) (Media Partners, 2004)
directed by Xavi Dominguez
Just when I had exhausted my interest in purchasing DVDs online from porn distributors, I stumbled upon a spanish-based website which offered a bit of information as well as free teaser previews of various earlier Y2K DVDs, some of which were never made available in north america. When hunting online for an outlet where I could find this title (featuring Carmen Vera, Salma De Nora, Jessica Fiorentino, and Sylvia Lancome performing in two scenes!) I discovered my favorite adult DVD market place. Unfortunately, by the time I signed up for an account, the DVD was de-listed and was never offered again. Quite a few porn releases out there suffering the similar fate of not having any north american promotion or distribution. Anyhow, a film featuring the aforementioned stars is more than enough to warrant a "holy grail" wish-list, especially since Carmen not only is decked out and plays a dominatrix-like part, but she also takes on two dudes simultaneously. Add Sylvia Lancome, another absolute delight in my books doing two scenes, plus Jessica Fiorentino and the added bonus of Salma De Nora, and you get what can only be described as a Butter no brainer! Too bad this DVD is all but sold out and can not be found at all for the north American market (I haven't even found a decent source for other markets!).

 LOOPHOLES (Total Video, 1993)
directed by Jim Enright
Here is another film which I was very lucky to have stumbled upon when a while back (older readers will recall the AC indiscretion incident in relation to this) I got first dibs on a private collector's decades' worth of VHS tapes. Prior to this VHS acquisition, I had purchased an original of this tape ages ago but due to my then short sightedness, I got rid of it. Here's a typical mid 90s romp featuring an all star cast and even a story line, but the main reason for this being in my wish list is Peter North and Tiffany Mynx. Not only does uncle Peter produce two scenes in this flick (one being an anal with the glorious Rebecca Bardoux), but he also does a scene with Tiffany Mynx (and Crystal Wilder for those who remember!) which ends in a full frontal body dual facial, mostly on Tiff's tightly shut eyed face! Any questions now? I rest my case! Now only if I could find this one on DVD!
  • Scene 1. Gayle Michelle, Jonathan Morgan
  • Scene 2. Debi Diamond, Terry Thomas
  • Scene 3. Crystal Wilder, Tiffany Mynx, Peter North
  • Scene 4. Debi Diamond, Rebecca Bardoux
  • Scene 5. Gayle Michelle, Joey Silvera
  • Scene 6. Rebecca Bardoux, Peter North

 RISE OF THE ROMAN EMPRESS 2  (Paradise Visuals, 1990)
directed by Nicholas Moore
Although released a solid three years after the original one, this volume was also one of the rare, and perhaps last, VHS tapes found in rental stores which was kept on the shelves for a few years after its release. With a cast including Ebony Ayres, Rachel Ryan, Peter North (who I amusingly mentioned back in the day was the only way to follow up John Holmes' final performance in the first one), pre-dick of death Marc "buttplug" Wallice, Moana Pozzi and Cicciolina obviously returning, this was a top notch shot on film release. The film obviously had a more american feel to it than its predecessor except when Moana was involved, but it was not a bad thing. Almost everyone gets to play in at least two scene, and the only "low points" in my opinion were Rachel Ryan only taking a butt cumshot, Peter North only appearing in 2 scenes (that I can remember, at least!), Don Fernando doing a couple of scenes, and how the grainy film stick made the cumshots look a bit too washed out. Again as it was the case with most of my holy grails at the time, my VHS full length dub was "borrowed" by someone at the time who disappeared into the ether of reality. All I have left are the cumshots to the film, dubbed on one of my cumshot VHS compilations of the era. Apparently there were golden shower moments in this film, which were obviously cut out of the american versions since pee was a strong no-no at the time. Anyway, a film with Cicciolina and Peter North is something which I can not believe I did not hold onto for dear life! Well, live and learn, right?
  • Scene 1. Moana Pozzi, Tom Byron
  • Scene 2. Cicciolina, Don Fernando, Gregor Samsa
  • Scene 3. Ebony Ayes, Rachel Ryan
  • Scene 4. Moana Pozzi, Johnny Ace
  • Scene 5. Cicciolina, Moana Pozzi, Marc Wallice, Peter North
  • Scene 6. Rachel Ryan, Ray Victory
  • Scene 7. Ebony Ayes, Marc Wallice
  • Scene 8. Cicciolina, Moana Pozzi, Don Fernando
Golden Shower scene my be cut from some versions.

 RISE OF THE ROMAN EMPRESS 1  (Paradise Visuals, 1987)
directed by Riccardo Schicchi
(note: John Holmes' last movie)
This was amongst the very first VHS tapes "we" had rented back in the very early 90s with the explicit intention of making copies. I had brought with me two tapes: one for the full feature and one strictly for the cumshots, that tape being of course already moderately begun with some  morsels culled from either older purchased titles or other rentals from another friend. Back in those days (this must have been 1991 or so) rental stores, especially those with a huge adult section, wouldn't take off the racks a title which was a couple years old; if they made money out of it, they kept it. And Cicciolina was a big thing in those days, her north american releases being as rare as 70s flicks re-issued on VHS (back then). Anyway, this was also John Holmes' last movie before his passing, and he knew quite well he had contracted AIDS at the time, which means he put everyone of his co-stars in that film at risk (luckily for us, none of them were infected). Shot on film and with a half euro and half american cast, this film holds a special place because it was my first exposure to Cicciolina as well as having suffered the fate of disappearing due to lending the film on tape to a "friend" who ran off into the unknown. Lesson learned! 
  • Scene 1. Cicciolina, Christoph Clark
  • Scene 2. Cicciolina, John Holmes
  • Scene 3. Amber Lynn, Cicciolina, John Holmes
  • Scene 4. Tracey Adams, Erminio Bianchi, John Holmes
  • Scene 5. Cicciolina, Jacky del Rio, 2 guys, Jean-Pierre Armand
  • Scene 6. Cicciolina, Marianna, Marisa Costa, Christoph Clark, John Holmes
  • Scene 7. Amber Lynn, Cicciolina, Jacky del Rio, Marianna, Tracey Adams, Christoph Clark, Erminio Bianchi, Jean-Pierre Armand, John Holmes

 SISTER SNATCH 1 (Snatch Productions, 1994)
directed by David Christopher
I was a big Leena fan from the get go back in the mid-90s. Maybe she was too "fake" for most; her on-camera ecstatic being somewhat a bit over the top in terms of acting out the carnal delights, coupled with her all-too-obvious fake rack, were good reasons not to be compelled to be a fan. But I was and tried to see and copy everything she appeared in back in those days. Volume one has the extra bonus of featuring Tiffany Mynx taking on a younger Steven St-Croix which ended in Tiff taking on a more than just half decent facial finish, as she begs for more, while Leena spies on the couple from the outside, peeking in a window. As a film, it isn't the most "terribly" exquisite of releases, but to a fan of both Leena and The Mynx, this was one title worth a rental. Since those days, I was never able to find either a VHS nor a DVD copy of this film, but I am still hoping.
  • Scene 1. Chante, Leena, Alex Sanders
  • Scene 2. Leena, Tiffany Mynx
  • Scene 3. Rebecca Wild, Nick East
  • Scene 4. Tiffany Mynx, Steven St. Croix
  • Scene 5. Leena, Alex Sanders

 SISTER SNATCH 2 (Snatch Productions, 1995)
directed by David Christopher
Sequels are rarely up to par with their originals, usually due to a tighter budget, and a lack of originality. Luckily for porn, numericals following a title are not a sign of the production crew running out of ideas. In fact, the second Snatch in this case may very well be far superior than the original. How so? I am glad you asked: first, Tiffany Mynx returns to this one again. Secondly, she does a scene with the late Jon Dough, ending with a semi decent pop to the mouth as she eyes and jerks him off on a couch (a particular popshot I jacked off more than my fair share to), while nearby Leena take Steven St-Croix on another couch and desperately tries to catch his unpredictable flying cum. It's a sight worth a dozen loads, I tell you folks! Thirdly, well it's got Jon Dough and he does two scenes, his second being the final scene of the flick with Leena who takes all his cum on her mug and in her mouth. A very decent Dough pop, and Leena's over the top theatrics are perfect for this ending. Long time readers will recall a while ago when I got access & first dibs on a private VHS porn collection, and this one was one of the VHS tapes I was lucky to have found. Still looking for the DVD though, in case any of you are interested! Hint hint!
  • Scene 1. Danyel Cheeks, TT Boy
  • Scene 2. Brooke Waters, Vanessa Chase, Alex Sanders
  • Scene 3. Tiffany Mynx, Jon Dough
  • Scene 4. Leena, Steven St. Croix
  • Scene 5. Danyel Cheeks, Lacy Rose, Leena
  • Scene 6. Leena, Jon Dough

WICKED AS SHE SEEMS (Wicked Pictures, 1994)
directed by Paul Norman
Perhaps the best way to describe this one is to specify that this mid-90s flick was approximately released around the time Tiffany Mynx was becoming the huge superstar she was to become soon afterwards with her Elegant Angel contract and subsequent co-formation of Extreme Associates, as well as being another Wicked pictures vehicle to cash in on Chasey Lain's incredible success. Add Kaitlyn Ashley into the mix to perform a DP and you get a half decent film, beginning with the aforementioned ms Lain taking on Peter North and Tom Byron in a non-anal nor DP scene, but ending when both studs unload atop of her (Peter carefully aiming his cum cannon to shoot OVER Chasey's face). Tiffany's tryst with then real life boyfriend Cody Lane (or Mr Wood Problems if you prefer, even though he shot a decent load!) in an interior tennis court ends in a poorly lit bullseye facial which glues her eyes shut and has help almost gag with the amount of cum, but being the true porn queen she is/was, barely flinched and continued sucking his cock afterwards. Kaitlyn Ashley's DP is only somewhat a letdown when the pair of studs, Nick East and then BF Jay Ashley, barely pop any cum on her mouth at all. No wonder she smiled the whole way through; no chance of ruining the hair or makeup with these poor cum droopers! Chasey gets another turn at the end when she is paired up with TT Boy who ends up dripping his one shot cumload on her tit. Granted far from the most extreme of porn releases, but strictly based on the Tiffany Mynx facial, and having a Peter North pop (regardless of actual  target missed) are enough for me to wish to find a DVD re-issue of this old VHS release. After all, I did purchase "The Quest" on DVD strictly for the fact that Tiffany takes a great Cody Lane face painting in that one! 
  • Scene 1. Chasey Lain, Peter North, Tom Byron
  • Scene 2. Tiffany Mynx, Cody Adams
  • Scene 3. Chasey Lain, Kaylan Nicole
  • Scene 4. Kaitlyn Ashley, Jay Ashley, Nick East
  • Scene 5. Chasey Lain, TT Boy

PARTY DOLL A GO-GO (parts 1 and 2) (VCA, 1991 - 1992)
directed by Rinse Dream
Rinse Dream was known in the 80s for crafting bizarre and semi twisted porn flicks which did not submit to the conformity. He was most remembered for his "classic" "Cafe Flesh", a film quite disturbing in its imagery and actual lack of sexual heat and chemistry between performers, making it seem more like a "circus side show" than an erotic film. Anyway, in the earliest of the 90s he  shot to video (as opposed to film stock) two "Party Doll A GoGo" films back to back with the same cast and settings, possibly wanting to make one long film but the pre-DVD home based cassette limitations did not allow for films to branch out much more than the usual 2 hour mark. Although I myself never actually saw nor found the second part, the first volume has always been a special one to me because it featured a couple of the era's most Butter-friendly stars (Madison Stone, Jeanna Fine, Patricia Kennedy, etc) and because it featured Peter North in two scenes, the first of which can be found in the compilation "Deep Inside Jeanna Fine" in which she deep throats the North tool like only she can, performs an RCG insert in one unedited take while looking directly at the camera, and just looks at Pete pumping himself all over his own stomach while edging him on. Peter returns in the last scene with Bionca who never really looked better than in this flick, and gives her a power facial blast pasting while she repeats ad infinitum "Gotta taste it, gotta taste it, gotta taste it...". This scene however was never found elsewhere. Like too many movies o that area, I lent my VHS tape to someone who disappeared into the unknown, the film being discontinued for the longest time, and DVD re-issues selling for about $100 online, making it an almost impossible disc to own.
  • Scene 1. Madison, Tianna, Tom Byron
  • Scene 2. Nikki Wilde, Raven
  • Scene 3. Patricia Kennedy, Randy Spears
  • Scene 4. Jeanna Fine, Peter North
  • Scene 5. Bionca, Peter North

HOUSE ARREST (Cal Vista/Metro, 1996)
directed by Frank Marino
The oddest thing about this film is that I have never actually seen it. At least not in its proper, official form. Ages ago a Montreal mail-order VHS company sold a compilation tape which featured two scene from this film, included the one which made this flick be in this very list. Essentially, this mid90s effort has two scene with Peter North and two scene with Tiffany Mynx. In itself this would be more than ample reason to get his film, but one of these is actually a scene with Peter and Tiffany together! Oh it can't get any better you say? Try having this scene end in the best full facial North delivered to Tiff's mug as an incentive! Sure, a few other Pete-Mynx facial sequences are awesome, but this one is as close to pure spermilicious heaven as I could find with the pair together. I have searched high and low for this film on both VHS and subsequently on DVD, but to no avail: it is as if this film simply was never destined to be appreciated by a Canadian audience. Still one never knows when a re-issue may pop up, so here's hoping! 
  • Scene 1. Kaylan Nicole
  • Scene 2. Tiffany Mynx, Peter North
  • Scene 3. Olivia, Tiffany Mynx, TT Boy
  • Scene 4. Kaylan Nicole, Misty Rain
  • Scene 5. Olivia, Peter North
  • Scene 6. Kaylan Nicole, Steven St. Croix

CUMBACK PUSSY 9 (Your Ass Is Mine) (Elegant Angel, 1997)
directed by Tom Byron
The marginally successful Tom Byron series which was quickly "stolen" from him when he severed his ties with Elegant Angel to form Extreme Associates was basically nothing short but pure gonzo magic in those early days. Most volumes are worthy of being collected, but the 9th installment has "the" scene with Peter North, Tiffany Mynx (and Tera Heart). The girls first deepthroat the half hard North pole while trying to guess the total length in inches. Peter looks at the camera (operated by Byron himself) and says all smiles "they're laughing at my dick!". The camera returns to the girls, and just as Tera pulls her mouth off, Tiffany utters to Peter "Oooh, does it get any bigger?" As she wolfs it down her throat. Hawt doggy indeed! The scene plays out in quite the anal fest with both girls properly sphincter penetrated and ends when Peter, lying flat on his back, asks Tera to lick his balls while he jerks off directly into Tiffany's mouth and face, covering and plastering her with all his Northern special sauce. It's another popshot I've jacked off to countless times, and is amongst my favorites from my favorite pair of performers. The DVD is somewhat still available but at a certain cost, which is why I haven't picked it up... yet!
  • Scene 1. Katie Gold, Marc Wallice
  • Scene 2. Shane Tyler, Tom Byron
  • Scene 3. Alice, Sean Michaels
  • Scene 4. J.R. Carrington, Star Light, Tom Byron
  • Scene 5. Tera Heart, Tiffany Mynx, Peter North

A TOE STORY (Pagan Pictures, 2000)
directed by Tiffany Mynx
The Tiffany Mynx directorial debut to her newly formed Pagan Pictures back in 2000 has her in top form, appearing in just about every single scene, each one with either a hint or a strong foot fetish flair.  Needless to say and without any actual requirement to specify why this particular title is on my wishlist, to those of you who have not been following through with my blog since anytime, the fact that The Mynx appears in all 8 sex scenes (ever though some are girl on girl only), should be enough to proove my point. And there is also a Monique DeMoan with then hubby Jon Dough (RIP) scene which is also with Tiffany, so the whole thing just seems to tie in together.
  • Scene 1. Tiffany Mynx, Van Damage
  • Scene 2. Tiffany Mynx, Alec Metro
  • Scene 3. Tiffany Mynx, Evan Stone
  • Scene 4. Jessica Drake, Tiffany Mynx
  • Scene 5. Tiffany Mynx, Van Damage
  • Scene 6. Tiffany Mynx, Van Damage
  • Scene 7. Jessica Drake, Tabitha Stevens, Tiffany Mynx
  • Scene 8. Monique DeMoan, Tiffany Mynx, Jon Dough