Monday, March 31, 2014

Pearl's Marquis Not What It Used To Be!

Pearl's Marquis ain't what it used to be!

You'll recall how about a year ago, following the whole AC location indiscretion, which was in turn involved with myself getting first dibs on a monstrous VHS porn collection from one serious ass collector who was basically "donating" his stuff, I started making a few quickies "Look back at VHS" nostalgia posts. Now if you have also paid moderate attention, then you will remember how I mentioned and reviewed a version of the infamous Rosa and Rocco "Marquis De Sade" flick, which also had a pre-americanized and boob-jobbed Vicca in the flick. Now here comes the point (I tend to get all FZ on the phone whenever I open my own yapper concerning porn, but I don't necessarily  prevent the other parties from hanging up!) . You will recall how the VHS version I acquired was from this unknown to me french-euro company, and how it turned out to being the full and uncut version of the film, including the infamous pissing sequences from one of the earlier scenes. Well not long ago, as I was shopping directly off of one porn distributor's website (I started to do so when the distributor invited me to save on shipping and take advantage of their 2 day only St-Patrick's sale by shopping directly through their own site instead of via the AdultDVDFleaMarket site), I saw that the porn distributor Pearl Productions, whom I already owned at least a half dozen other titles, mainly european stuff generally unavailable via traditional north american markets, actually had the rights to distribute the "Marquis De Sade" Rocco and Rosa flick on DVD! Plus, as this particular wholesaler  is known for offering rare euro stuff like Marc Dorcel for a fraction of the cost, I decided to add the title to my virtual shopping cart , since this would mean the fact that I could get rid of the VHS tape which does take up more space than a DVD. Now when I got the DVD I was thrilled because when I popped it in my player, and jumped to the chapters menu, discovered that, in the chapters' thumbnails, the peeing scene was still there! Thrilled, but consciously suspicious as usual, personal paranoia notwithstanding of course, I decided to scan the scene in question. At first, everything is fine: Rosa looks from afar, hidden from sight, watching Rocco as the Marquis tease a lady and then placing coins on the floor at a distance, in order for her to pee upon them. The first coin is close, the second one further, and the third even farther still, and the lady just keeps on peeing! Now comes the actual sex scene as Rocco pulls out his cock and starts slapping her face and cheeks with it. Cut to Rosa's facial reaction, and then a quick cut back to the lady blowing Rocco, but she's all wet all over the face and chest. Cut back to Rosa looking shocked, then we cut back to Rocco and the girl, now engaging in a traditional sex scene where she looks wetter than when it began. Yes folks, you guessed it; they cut out the peeing part! It is painfully and horribly obvious for anyone with an attention span beyond that of videogame facebooking that the whole pre-sex scene peeing on the lady was edited out! What a horrible rip-off feeling ! After all, how come they left the bit where the lady pees on the floor intact, but cut out the bit where Rocco pees on her? Aren't we passed this ridiculous form of censorship, and haven't we passed it ages ago? Why is her peeing OK while Rocco's isn't ? And it today's age of unrated DVD releases versus rated theatrical runs, shouldn't this older version of the "Marquis De Sade" be left intact? What gives? Seriously, what's the point or reason? Could it be that Pearl Productions do NOT have the actual rights to distribute this film in its entirety? Or do they make it a habit of censoring the films they distribute? Are my other Pearl DVDs also edited for content? Is there anyone I can "complain" to about this? Anyway, you get the picture. Granted, it is hopeful that anyone who buys this disc will do so for being a fan of either Rocco and / or Rosa or other performers and performances within this flick, as it was, for the era, quite a magnificent european flick (which also shares location, costumes, and some same actors/actresses as some other similarly themed period pieces , some featuring Sarah Louise Young by the way). I recall how this film simply was never made available in Canada and back in the day, a fellow porn renter and myself were pretty darn pissed off at how we lacked certain titles, not knowing how the censor board seriously amputated many porn flicks crossing the borders before being "allowed" to sit on rent shelves in video stores,  such as some more extreme Anabolic tapes of the time, and all the max Hardcore stuff which, as you can imagine, was seriously chopped and hacked until only a fraction was left. Point at hand, please be careful if you wish to purchase or acquire the "Marquis De Sade" DVD from Pearl Productions: it isn't complete! I have yet to watch and compare the whole film with the VHS tape I already have properly mapped out, but I should go through the DVD version soon enough to see if they didn't censor other bits or entire scenes out as well! So be weary my faithful porn lovers; sometimes you do not get what you expected! Oh and don't get me started on Arrow Productions! Two fails out of two purchases? Must avoid Arrow at all costs! OK, must dash out-I think I have rambled on for quite enough as is!

La Libertine - a review (DVD)

La Libertine (Marc Dorcel)

Over the past few years I have become quite the Jessica Fiorentino fan, which isn't a small feat considering I was somewhat aware of her long before but never really bothered myself to pay any extra attention to her. Perhaps the first time I really did notice her was when I discovered she shared the same borthday as my wife, a fact I accidentally found when I was looking at the cover credits of the european flick "Les 24 Heures Du Gland", which I had purchased principally for Silvia Lancome's presence in the feature. It was from that point that I realized that I had a few odd bits and morcels of the Fiorentino lady in various compilations and cumshot DVDs I had amassed up until that point. Then I stumbled upon that "Mademoiselle De Paris" (Marc Dorcel) preview which exposed me to a mega messy facial from James Brossman she took, which eventually led me to special order the disc, and purchasing her Private "The Story Of Jessica Fiorentino" DVD. At that point my conversion was more than just well under way, I was for the lack of a more original term, hooked on the Jessica style. All natural, with a penchant for remaining unshaved (a  true rarity in porn these days of course), freckles, uneven eyes, thin lips, she isn't the prototypical form for what passes as a porn star. And yet perhaps it is this very fact which sets her appart. A magical smile which makes all attention in the room look at her no matter what other activities are happening, and an apparent ease to perform the nasties with relish, Jessica Fiorentino should have been much higher in the scale of hot european imports. Perhaps it is best that she remained more of a fan favorite, her followers appreciating her for much more than the commodity-flawed porn buisiness per usual. Basically, I have become quite the Jessica Fiorentino fan, almot named a doll I never kept after her (but the doll was by no means up to the real Fiorentino's charms!), and often end up purchasing DVDs strictly due to her presence in them.

Which is why I ended up with the Marc Dorcel production of "La Libertine" (or "The Adulterer" as re-distributed by Wicked in North America), directed by Jim Mol and Pascal Lucas, also featuring the lovely talents of Sophia Bella, Diana Doll, Laura Lion, and Nikki Sun to name but a few. "La Libertine" is obviously a Jessica Fiorentino vehicle, as she is the main protagonist throughout the film, acting as either voyeur, inspiration, or "main course" to basically all of the scenes, making any fan of her talents quite happy to have her around for a good 100 minutes' worth (much like TIffany Mynx was ever-present in the late 90s Extreme Associates' "Asswoman In Wonderland", a holy grail of mine which I still don't have). "La Libertine" is often boasted as featuring a good 8 sex scenes, if you include the fact that, say a lesbian scene happening 5 feet away from a girl making out with two guys (no fucking, no cumshots) counts as two scenes. The sex scenes are as follows, and I apologize for not giving a blow by blow (pun too easy not to make) of what each moment encapsulates. First, Jessica Fiorentino maturbates solo on a couch as she "images" Stephanie Lahay fucking a guy on another couch elsewhere, ending without a cumshot. This introductory set up counts as two sex scenes by the way. Next up (so scenes 3 and 4 if you follow the formulae so far) are the 3 girl lesbian tryst between Jessica Fiorentino, Diana Doll, and Sophia Bella, while a few feet away Stephanie Lahay makes out with two fully clothed men, jacking one guy off while the other kisses her neck and stuff. The scene ends when Jessica has an orgasm, but the two cocks aren't allowed to cum. So far, I am waiting to be impressed, even if the girls are exquisitelly gorgeous dressed in impecable fashions. But like I have always said, as a cum fetishist myself, cumshots are an essential element in porn, and a cumshot can easily make or break a scene. Anyhow, moving along here, Jessica and Nikki Sun end up in a bistro which basically goes into the bathroom where Nikki fucks and sucks a dude until we get the first cumshot of the feature, a mouth-oriented shot which is supposed to be a "facial" but if the cum barely reaches outside the lips territory, a facial is not in my dictionary! But at least, we did get a cumshot! Finally!

The sixth scene (if you follow the way the scwnes are supposed to play through) is actually one I had already seen in the bonus disc which came in the "Mademoiselle De Paris" 2-disc package. In a shoe/clothings store, Jessica Fiorentino watches as Laura Lion entertains a male in a somewhat dimly lit environment ending with the dude dropping a load on Laura's ample chestural bossom, followed by Jessica coming in the mix to provide some post cum play and attention. I did feel a wee bit cheated for I already have this scene on another disc, but in terms of the flow of "La Libertine", it works well and should appeal to those who are enjoying the ride so far. Next up, Jessica is scantily dressed in semi fetish-like gear  as she plays a bit over a mirror on the floor, eventually blindfolding herself and partaking in the advances of two dudes who come into the frame to provide some much needed two guys on a girl hardcore action. My DVD player had trouble reading the middle part of this disc, perhaps due to some kind of encoding problem, something which seems to happen on a few occasions on Dorcel DVDs, perhaps ue to the high-resolution and quality of these discs. Anyhow, as any fan of Fiorentino could expect, the scene eventually gets to a condom-clad DP, and ends as both guys jack their meatsticks on her mug. A double mostly mouth-oriented pseudo-facial which leaves her looking quite yummy nonetheless. She takes off the blindfold as both guys dissapear, and looks at her cum-filled mug on the cum-droplet soiled mirror on the floor and contemplates her sexy self. So far the best scene of the film, and a bit long in the coming after all the previous attempts. Don't get me wrong, it's a hot one! However by this point I must admit I wish James Brossman was part of the cast and came in to cake Jessica's face proper!

The eight and final scene is a lengthy orgy in the middle of a couch-ladden club, featuring pretty much all the guys in the cast plus a few others who probably showed up to get their dicks wet in pussy juices, Jessica Fiorentino is the main dish, Diana Doll and Sophia Bella also lending their talents to the game, and a few un-credited females just there to provide additional support. Everyone wears "masquerade ball"-like masks and the action takes a while to start, is very chaotic and very tame considering the amount of people involved. In fact, one never gets the impression there is ever more than 5 people having sex at once during this "orgy", most folks seemingly just lurking around and gropping each other. Jessica is obviously the star of this mega scene, giving a lot of her enthusiasm and energy to help keep her 3 guys hard, and the other girls aren't too bad either. There is a serious lack of anal and DP for such a set up, and like the rest of the film, every guy wears a rubber throughout the fuckingstpeople I know prefer gangbangs to orgies, which is why it is hard to sell  good orgy scene, especially one like thi which essentially only has one cumshot. Yes, you heard me folks, over a dozen guys in total in this orgy, and only one single fucking cumshot! OK, so maybe I am a spunk snob who prefers 90s Japanese bukkakes to the americanization of the mouth as cum receptacle fetish, but seriously? Only one fucking cumshot, and it happens right smack in the middle of the orgy? Quite dissapointing to say the least! So how does this orgy end, you ask? Well slowly the action becomes more and more centered around Jessica and her boys, other participants seemingly dissipating into the backgorund/darkness, and finally, one masked guy helps Jessica squirt, and that's it, folks. I shan't continue rambling about how impossibly cheated I felt after watching an orgy scene which lasts forever, and having only one fucking cumshot. But suffice to say that it is far from a very effective way to end a film.

So my final review of this film is mediocre. Granted, the girls are gorgeous, the makeup and "costumes" clothing is exquisite, and the photography is lush, unique, and very proffesional. It is very "Dorcel" all the way. I love Jessica Fiorentino, I don't mind watching oral-only scenes with her and don't mind when she doesn't go down the anal or DP route in her scenes. But the fact that this film, with all the talent and effort involved, features only four cumshots (5 if you count the 2 guys on Jessica's DP scene) is enough for me to unfortunately not be able to let it pass. Although I am very picky with my porn, I also let a lot of "bad" or "lesser" quality stuff through and accept it as a part of a bigger whole, but with "La Libertine", it is almost too dissapointing to bear, and I thank the heathens that I only paid $5 from LuckyStar DVD for this Dorcel flick. I can only imagine if I shelled out $50 or $60 in stores for such a product. Perhaps this is an attempt at crafting a more female-oriented DOrcel smut flick, since I know most ladies out there don't particularly enjoy how modern porn places too much emphasis on the male cumshot in their features (after all, most girls in real life are allergic to cumshots, right?). I am sure my own wife would love the masked orgy scene because it is far from being too "gimp"-y and fetish, and lacks the cumshot factor (yes, I married a woman who doesn't really care for cumshots at all!), and the rest of the film also has a flair of class which is usually lacking in most porn, so there is deffinate female-couples appeal to "La Libertine", but unfortunately, it also lacks serious gonzo sexual expliciteness, often feeling like it was shot for an easy cable re-edited version. My suggestion? Avoid unless you are a Jessica Fiorentino die-core fanatic and have exhausted all her gang-bang DP titles in her repertoire, or if you find this film at a ridiculously low price which won't make you feel like you were cheated out of spending too much. It's too bad because this had all the elements for a great Dorcel picture, but it unfortunatly failed due to the lack of proper semen appreciation. 

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Creampies for Joanna!

Since I haven't been able to offer much in terms of new posts in quite a while, based on my serious business issues (in the meaning being busy, not in terms of capitalization or gains) I stumbled upon just a few little creampie-oriented cumshot pics and decided to share them here to remind the lovely Joanna, the UK's premier super cum slut and amateur gangbang princess whenever she can (a true party girl worthy of every little drop of cum you can spare!) that it isn't because I "dissapear" into the "real" world that I forget about her. Quite the opposite in fact! But suffice it to say these past weeks have been madness both at work and at home, busier than usual, and so very little opportunities are left to actually report on all of the things which prevent me from staying in touch online! However I found myself with a 10 minute spot in between recipes and dishwashing duties over the weekend to post this little number, in honour of Joanna and her absolutely incredible and indescribable self. I miss you too, Joanna! I am working on a lengthy email for you!

And one bonus pic just because it involves tits and clothes and cum!

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Name That Doll: FINAL ROUND!

Our final round to name the 2013 dark redhead Bdoll added to the BBB harem begins now!
Oh no! She shouldn't be called Peppermint Panty! You can still choose the official pornstar name for the Peppermint Obsession Bdoll!
It has been quite a long absence since last we dwelved into the subject but of course, I am certain that by now you require no additional explanation as to the reasons why I have so very few opportunities and so little time to dedicate to my blog. Which is why EVERY MOMENT COUNTS! And so without any further delay, here is how it works:

1) You take a look at the following pornstar photos.
2) In the comments section underneath the blog, you post which name you "vote" the Peppermint Obsession Bdoll (pictured above) to be baptised with.
3) Sit back and relax! THe name will be revealed soon!

So far, only ONE name stood out, and is of course the lead choice for the BBBdoll to "bare" as her namesake:



So far the votes posted in the previous blogs weigh heavy for the Bdoll to sport the name of this Hungarian pornstar who performed from 2004 to 2007. Unless you readers can cast a more representative pornstar name, our Peppermint will sport the official name of Monika Unco! (and yes, there has been already a few recorded sessions with her yet to be revealed, but "you did not hear about it here", now did you?).

So don't delay! If you think the Bdoll deserves a more representative name, do not remain silent! This is your chance, anonymously of course, to vote from the following list BELOW if you wish the Bdoll to wear a different name than that which is the lead contender! Note: for those of you who have been following since the start, you will notice many other contenders have been "dropped out"; this is the third and final round! So don't delay: your chance to voice your opinion is now!

Brittany Blue

Brittany Blue
Nikita Denise

Nikita Denise          


Anita Gyongy

Anita Gyongy

And of course, my heart was set on the following two more obscure performers, to which only these photos could be found. You can still make a Butter happy and vote for either one of these two, if you wish!
Marcella Reaves

Giongy Fodor
So the choice lies in YOUR hands now, people! If no one votes for this round, our newest redheaded BBBdoll will be named Monika Unco! But if you think she deserves a more "appropriate" name (NOT that Monika is a bad name AT ALL!), now is th chance for you to voice your opinion and make this latest member of the BBB harem one to remember! Vote now: you have about a week left until it is all over!

(Voting: just post on the comments below the name of the pornstar)