Saturday, April 26, 2014

ART speaketh (& interactive goodness)

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A cum fuck slut is and remains

Since time is an issue which I can not control, and seeing as how I have exactly 3 minutes before the weekend crunchtime officially begins (and another hectic out-of-office two days are planned indeed!) and since I did not have time to do a weekly creamed cunt post as I should be doing in honor of Joanna, the CCC, I decided to post a few randomly found pics throughout my "decades" of internet searching, with a humoristically and yet purely respectual and loving thought of my favorite CCC, the ever-lovely Joanna. And just so she never feels abandonned by the 514 gents across the pond, I wanted to say that's she's become quite a "heated" center of discussion with the guys at the CHRNX on Friday nights, last night's (april 25) being quite a revelation as to who enjoys what and who would do what to Joanna! I must dash off folks: being a cum slut isn't a bad thing-it's the celebration of the life giving elixir in all its possible ventures! Bottoms up!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Stowe(d) away (& back again)

 "I have not failed. I have just found 10,000 ways that won't work." - Thomas Edison

Friday april 11 2014:
I am always fascinated by the human condition. Usually and more often than not repulsed and disgusted by it, but also quite inspired at times, and not necessarily to have faith in humanity. For example, the small little spoiled heartless princess bitch at work is a major inspiration; an inspiration of how NOT to be, an inspiration to achieve a better way of life. Yes, I just quotes "The Beautiful Dead" by Killing Joke, but after re-listening to the album, I found that there was a reason why it rang true to me 25 years ago, and how it still holds merit today. But digressing notwithstanding, humanity has its fair share of the good and bad, often masquerading underneath a shallow well-kept  vapid aesthetic presenting beauty to hide the unfortunate ugliness of its true form.  But throughout a general impression of constant self-indulgent gluttony and selfishness sometimes offers moments of pure unaltered instinctual beauty. I am myself fascinated by a simple fact, how in 2014 people today, locked in their wireless devices surfing online at 17G speeds, they are still unable to see how different people see the world in different ways. The simple term POV which is well known to any porn hound also has a much broader and important aspect, one which essentially dictates how everyone continues to live the life they lead without trying to change nor to better themselves (or in some cases, quite the opposite!), and that's the simple point of view. Without recognition of other people's own views on the world as we live it through our own sensors (as in sensory sensitivity) , we are in fact being both arrogant and ignorant in imagining that our own selfish views are "standards" and shared by others. Granted, as generally socially dependent creatures, we tend to surround our close proximity of fellow human companions by those who seem to offer a resemblance to our ways of seeing the world, dogging and rejecting those who have a substantially different "take" on how they see "reality". Until people can come to grips and realize that reality just is not the same for everyone, there shall be misunderstandings to our basic cores and beliefs creating un-symbiotic relationships, discordance and such within our interactions. It is why I seem to always play that "Devil's Advocate" role wherever I go, as if my mission was to present to people the other side of the coin, in lieu of being able to showcase the numerous depths and levels of any given circumstance and situation, fact, object, concept, and theory. If most people can't understand there is "another" way of thinking, then how could they ever even fathom how "anything" can have multiple perspectives! So in this case, I find myself generally alienated by a world which seems prone to continue its xenophobic perspective on just about anything that escapes their grasp of understanding. Fear is quite a motivator, and is such a powerful and basic instinct that in most cases our reaction to it (fear) is to escape or counter-attack. It's all centered around our self-preservation instinct, and faced with the unknown, filling us with fear, we react to it in the most barbaric of simplistic ways, unable to approach it with any means of a neutral curiosity to understand what it is and why it has such a guttural effect on us. But this isn't meant as a redundant monologue of high school theology, and thus should be taken with a grain of salt. However there isn't much of me to report upon, nothing exceptionally exciting and orgasmic-inspiring to describe of late. My wife is now officially a diabetic and  I am the one who has to inject the needle in her every night. How romantic! This is of course added to the already self pin pricking numerous times a day to monitor her blood-sugar levels. The house where we rent the upstairs apartment has finally been sold, but we have no clue what kind of people have bought it nor if they plan on keeping us as paying tenants. In the meantime our ex-landlord ex-owner now officially and on paper just another tenant as well is being quite obnoxious. He's always been the loud sort, and it doesn't help matters when you are retired. Te other day I had to take a day off of work because I was on the. Rink of homicidal suicidal. I do believe I have  crossed thAt line of no return but am still able to function properly albeit not very socially inspirational at work. The workload is still massive, complete with a few stupid long archival tasks which I feel are a total waste of time but I must learn to let go and just do the job, regardless of how much of a waste of the limited resources we have. That day off I was able to shoot a couple of sessions, including a long one which can only be described as doing a special request for Joanna all the while having most of it being able to be shared publicly while the post post cumshot finale remains for her eyes only, as well as doing my first giga tests since we moved into the apartment about 7 or 8 months ago. I shan't go into details of why it took me so long to experiment with Giga at the "new" place but suffice it to say I have  very little privacy compared to what I used to back at the old place. That and less space to experiment, and let us not forget the interminable exhaustion which seems to plague my being. Get this: I go to bed at 21h00 on the weekdays, and maybe at 23h30 on weeknights, nap every morning when I go to work while taking the metro, nap during a 30 minute "lunch break", nap again if I have a seat in the metro going back home. So that's a lot of snoozing! I have also begun cutting down tremendously on coffee because it isn't just bad for me but also helps to contribute to depression and the fact my body seems to never really be able to relax. Like drugs, alcohol, fags (cigarettes), coffee has more bad side effects than good ones, and now that I am officially in my 40s (fastly approaching the closer to the halfway point mark)  I can not treat my body the way I used to even just a mere year ago. I also almost finished my ridiculously long "top cumshots from studs" post which has been about a month in the making, when originally it was supposed to be but a 2 or 3 day endeavor. My buddy FZ started a new job, a demotion if you will, after his job was abolished by the government ( as the government is well known to cut in all services to help fund more right-winged extremist elections) and is also exhausted and has cancelled tonight's CHRNX, leaving me with an open door to find something else to do on a Friday night to leave my wife alone in the apartment. Let's see what the evening brings us, shall we?

Monday april 14 2014:
Nature called much earlier than usual today so I decided to exile myself in a toilet stall and continue my blabbing about my daily existence which may or may not be considered obsolete by you fine readers out there. Chances are that if you actually are reading this, then you do find some kind of entertainment value in my words and aren't just here for the sleazy perverted pictures and clips! OK so before going into all sort of directions, let's recap the weekend shall we? Friday night I ended up staying a wee bit later at Foufounes Electriques with M even after J left. I was lucky to be alongside two of the prettiest ladies I work with, although none of these would even ever dar consider me anything more than a mere "friend" without benefits. First of all, J is too young (she isn't even in the 30s yet!) and is of a completely mind frame and philosophical (if any) perspective and I believe we have absolutely nothing in common save for work, a mutual respect for one another, and a love for laughs. She had to leave earlier because her boyfriend was acting childish and somewhat jealous,  and so she dis not want to aggravate the situation at home. I could go into details about how they may simply not be quite made for each other, and that this being the first time they are actually living together  is a serious strain on a relationship, but I'll leave that for another moment, another time. As for M, well we ended up in interesting discourse, and I realized we had similar views about society, recycling, procreation and the general fate of humanity, and yes, she too is way out of my league. Closer to my age than J (M is in her late-ish 30s), I discovered something about her which pretty much nailed the coffin shut once and for all as to where she stands in terms of "intimate partner" preferences. Now seeing as how I try not to be a tease at all times and that almost no one actually reads this blog, I shall reveal my findings but not before offering a warning that the following may be considered offensive to some, and although I am reporting it and maybe even using a language best left to be desired, this is by no means and in any way a thought or way if being which I promote, nor support. Thus being said, please proceed at your own risk! I realized thanks to the 2 ladies J and M that the spoiled little princess bitch is one of those girls who only dates a certain ethnicity.  Princess only dates latino guys. Now I have always thought it odd and weird that anyone would date "specifics" only, such as (for examples) guys who date only blonde girls or only asian girls and the like. To me, it's like closing the door on too many possibilities, and it is also restricting oneself to a very limited pool of interaction and growth. When one limits their dating choices to such "physical parameter" specifics, they are in fact pretty much saying that character and personality is secondary to looks and aesthetics in a relationship. Now of course it isn't my fault that I myself have only seriously dated white caucasian brunettes, but then again, to be quite honest, it isn't like I have had much choice nor opportunities to be selective. I have had intimate relations with All sorts of ladies from the wide and varied spectrum, but in terms of serious relationships (i.e those which last well over a year), I have unfortunately only been with brunettes. But that doesn't mean that I "would" limit myself strictly to caucasians for dating purposes. Heck, I would love to have been able to date asians, latinas, russians, cubans, east europeans, and of course green orion slave girls (that's the geek in me talking), but I must admit I do have trouble with black ladies simply because of the comparison to black guys. As long as I am being honest here, might as well go all the way and you have been warned, but I am already very complexed and self conscious about my "small" dick (we'll get to that one later) and I could not be with a black lady knowing that her black male partner were all much larger than I. One of my best friends very recently told me that, being caucasian, he had the other side of the stereotype played to him, when a black lady did not want to date him because she feared that being white, he'd have a small cock. Turns out when she gave in and she say his tool for the first time, she said something to the effect of "but you've got a black man's dick!". Yes, he was well gifted by the genes and DNA, and yes, he does have a porn film worthy cock. Anyhow that's why I would have difficulty feeling "adequate" with a black woman. This brings me to my point about M and how last Friday a Foufs I discovered she would never see me as anything but a "friend". Although I am not 100% certain, and speculation gets exaggerated when you happen to suffer from paranoia, but I do believe that M, with all her open mind and generous loving nature, is like the Spoiled Princess and only dates men of a certain ethnicity. Black men, that is. With what I have been able to piece together with all the discussions I have had with her concerning her present love life and her past lovers and other little quips and such, M seems to have a major preference for black men, which makes sense, since she is very much built and aesthetically pleasing for the "strong" and "well endowed" kind, if you will forgive my retarded ignorant stereotyping. And so now exposed to this truth, I realized that even if the opportunity ever came up to be able to get to M's vantage point, I simply could never be up to the "expectations" of someone who has, for all intents and purposes, has had more than their fair share of above-average cock sized! That being said, I can turn the page on that book of fantasies (or rather end the trilogy of chapters!) and move on! Hey, at least with my Bdolls, I can pretend my cock is more than adequate, right? Anyway, moving along here, Saturday was another errand-filled day with having the cats pampered as well, costing us a good $100 for both. After a much too short nap we ended the evening with a film and some booze and pathetically finished it all by passing out at 22h30 on a Saturday night! This meant that on Sunday morning my body woke up at 6am, and I attempted to re-sleep until about 8am but all I did was delay the inevitable. As soon as my wife got up we started cooking until about noon when I had to go into the recording studio of a sound guy out there in RDP (very far out west of the island of the 514) to do ADR post for my brother's film "First Night", which you will recall was shot OVER a year ago. Anyway it was fun to re-record my voice and stuff , which included my death scene in the bathroom, where I ruined my voice by re-enacting my character's painful and grueling death about three of four times. My throat is still sore this morning, by the way! When I returned home the ex-owners had taken down the "sold" sign in from of the house, and my wife was struggling over the income taxes. One of the planet's most popular and well known tax return companies changed their online tax forms making it incompatible with direct filling to the government, and their phone customer service rivals that of pimply-faced tech losers working at FutureShop. After hours and hours of frustration we finally had a quick supper, and then chilled for about an hour before we were both ready to pass out at 21h00, at which time the ex-landlord downstairs was still listing to his home theater system. I do hope he's on vacation and not fully retired yet because the past week and a half, he's been quite a serious fucking pain. Anyway, most males are loud and don't give a fuck about their surroundings anyway, so attempting to change such things is like beating a dead horse, if you will. Anyhow, that's the weekend in a nutshell, still no opportunities to shoot BBB or private clips for Joanna, but  may get 1 or 2 chances this very week! We'll see how it goes! This morning I lost close to a half hour at work due to security computer log in problems a d lack of co-operation from IT, adding another brick in the wall of how this huge fucking corporation is just another ridiculously horrid place to have humans waste their souls into. Anyway, I should run/dash back off to my desk now, as I have much work to do! Other little tidbits I wish to share is that the tooth thing I may or may not have mentioned a while back, where as I was eating yogurt, a chunk of tooth broke off and it turned out that the tooth in question had lost most of its structural integrity since it had more fillings than actual tooth left, and so the actual strength of it was weakened like crazy. The dentist patched me up a bit but said I may need some form of surgery to fix that slightly less stable area. Trouble is that the sucky cheap shit fucking medical insurance won't pay the repairs since they think it to being more cosmetic in nature than actual functionality. Now I have to recontact the dentist and ask him to contact them to let them know that surgery on that tooth at this point is far from a vanity option but rather a necessity. Aside from that, that crazy shit assed archiving job I was telling you about a short time ago, the once where I had to sort, catalogue, and re-do 44 boxes with hundreds upon hundreds of closed files may be over now. I don't know if its bad luck to talk about it or if i will jynx it by doing so, but I do think I have just finished it now, at about 15h35 today... I don't want to go back running to the 39th floor (that would surely give me heart attack since I am at the 13th!)  and start gloating over the fact that I have catalogued, identified, and re-packed (ready to ship) all of them blasted 44 boxes, but if my mind is working right, which I doubt it does since it seems to be a bit on a high coupled with mental exhaustion, so premature ecstatic celebration may be in order. I will wait until tomorrow, and look back at it through fresh eyes (well, fresher!) and determine if the "nightmare" is over or if there are still some things left to do. Can't wait to put those fucking boxes behind and have them shipped out of the now cramped archives section on the 13th floor! If I am done and over with this, do you think a celebratory wank would be in order? nothing too flamboyant mind you, just an ejaculation in a shot glass, near a couple of my latest BBB dolls, captured on three camera angles, and then donating the semen in the shot glass into one of Joanna's pockets of her Cum (& Giga) rags? You know the story right? We'll see how it goes. I still haven't any news from my wife aNd her medical/physio/other appointments so I can not start to mentally prepare for the chores at setting up for such shoots. Heck in the mood I'm in, I would do the Azkadelia Box Cum, even if her box was already unfortunately soiled in the last session involving the filling up of a condom and puncturing it to make the spunk ooze out on a section of a Joanna cut-out picture. You know I almost "conned" my wife into leaving me her freebie hotel staff of the year. Long story short; one of the only real benefits of my wife's job (aside from the better medical insurance) is that she gets points towards free overnight hotel stays. One particular hotel in downtown 514 actually gives her a complimentary stay every year, in a deluxe suite, free of charge. Now seeing as how we are quite busy this year, and we both are going nuts through cabin fever of never having enough alone time, I suggested she either give me the hotel night so she could stay home and enjoy the place to herself, or to go alone at the hotel and I'd stay home alone. Either way, it's alone time for both of us, and would have allowed me to enjoy some alone BBB fun time to catch up on my jacking and cumming! But alas, she turned my idea down and says she still enjoys our "date night" at the hotel. Anyhow, now I really must dash off and return to the 39th!

Tuesday april 15 2014: 
Today, by my count, was the official release of my now somewhat infamous "top cumshots from top studs" post which has been well over a month in the making. I guess I was so caught  up in the magic of it all that I even forgot how long it takes for me to actually make a blog post, especially one which requires such precise attention to detail. Still, as I mentioned and as it is its own raison-d'être, this point is to serve as my own testament to the "best" popshots from my "favorite" cum shooters in porn. Of course I could have expanded this to other areas, and have included Tom Byron and the then Marc Wallice (prior to becoming the dick of death) or even Jake Steed and Lexington Steele for that matter, but the post would have taken forever, quite literally speaking, especially considering how many, or most (if not all) of my own preferred and favorite pops from Mr Byron and Mr Steed are not in my collection; they come from ages of yore long time before the digitalization of porn. Some I still have in horrible quality VHS copies, but some are now long gone and the tapes having been lost or erased since then. Anyhow, the point being that now if anyone wants to know which are my favorite popshots from, say, James Brossman or Winston Burbank, the post makes it all clear and is accompanied in glorious detail with pics and clips which i did myself by filming the TV screen using the DVDs in my own collection. It was quite an endeavor to accomplish but I do think it will work for what it is supposed to be / do! And I was also happy to be able to share a few very rare popshots, not easy to come by (pun intended) , such as some of those Jon Dough spunkings from those SLY releases which are hard to come by to begin with! Good news, I may be able to shoot a BBB quicky tonight as my wife has an appt with a medical specialist, which should leave me just enough time to do a little quicky session before she comes back! I was thinking of doing something semi-internal such as a cum receptacle session since I haven't ejaculated in 8 days, and you know what that means, right? That the cumshot may not be as deliciously splatterful as others from 2 to 4 days only! I have discussed already the reasons why such long-term pops are no where near as spectacular as more "regular" scheduled ones so I won't go into the details yet again. But let's just say that the fact I haven't cum in 8 days is by no means a conscious nor willing choice on my part! So since I don't want to make a grand set up and take a chance that the pop be less than stellar, I figured I should play the safer route and do something Similar to last week's session and keep it simple. Last week was that condom cumshot measuring with the electronic scale session, followed by the pinpricking of the rubber to allow the cum drip onto a Joanna picture cut-out, which in turn "ruined" the Azkadeli doll by having the cum ooze onto the clear front panel of the inner box (ah our dear friend gravity!) and this was followed by the first giga peeing session I have attempted at the new place. Anyway, that one turned out amazing because the cumshot was "internal", inside the condom. So since I don't want to take a chance and "ruin" a possible box cum or facial in case my 8-day old load is more of a dribbler than a shooter, I thought I'd go for a cum receptacle session today (well later today, like in about 7 or 8 hours' time!). We'll see how the spirit moves me and how I will feel when I get home after work tonight. But I was thinking of doing a cumreceptacle session with the Sarah Twain Bdoll and then let the cum drip into a pocket of one of Joanna's cumrags. It's simple but it works! But who knows, I may end up trying to shoot the Azkadelia box instead so that I can free the green beauty once and for all and her begin her reign as the unique Bdoll she is (as well as the most expensive one!). I'll definitely write some more about it later on, once I have shot it! In other news, I am still working on the last "name that doll" post for the last Bdoll to be named. She is the second most expensive Bdoll ever (about $72) and is the same model as the Sarah Twain doll, but looks a bit different; the hair is not exactly the same and the eye makeup/paint differs slightly. So much like the Sofia Valentine and Monika Unco dolls, this one shall be named by the people who read my blog and wish to have their suggestions immortalized as the name of a BBB doll! As I am writing and working on that post, I myself am leaning towards Simone Peach (aka Simone Style, Mandy Saxo) as a pornstar name for her, simply because she is an exceptional beauty of a dark brunette east european, and the doll does have those qualities as well, to say the very least! So anyhow, that's about all the real news worthy of being mentioned for the moment, the rest is office and home stuff involving the lesser pleasant aspects of reality. But here's a little bit of disposable and generally useless information for you: although people have been freaking out over the very much increasing of the temperatures of "spring" These last few days, they seem to have forgotten that climatic ( and not just climactic!) changes are screwing up their expectations of what the pre-summer period is supposed to be. Yesterday the temperature went to a whooping 24 degrees above the freezing point, which is in itself about 10 degrees more than we've seen so far since the snow & ice has (almost completely) melted, and a fluke in terms of temperature shifts in "spring" weather. Of course this "heat" spike was followed by thunder showers which lead to the first real humidity period of the season, something not simply uncommon but unheard of in so-called "spring" time. Not to add more weirdness to the tales of temperature tantrums, they are forecasting a small snow storm over night tonight! It was about 13 degrees this morning, with temperatures dropping throughout the day, and falling below zero as the sun sets, followed by about 2 inches of snow overnight! Now that's what I call serious side effects of the climate changes thanks to humanity! From 24 degrees to a snowfall in mid-april during "spring" time should be ample proof enough for anyone who still thinks that there is nothing wrong with the ozone layers and the greenhouse effects and all that jazz. We're seen the changes happening throughout the years, the past 20-30 years becoming more unpredictable with winters being more icy due to humidity and pressure changes, while summers becoming increasingly humid, while autumn and spring becoming shorter and shorter, like shadows and echoes of their former seasons.  No wonder wildlife is having serious troubles adapting to the changes; there is barely enough time in-between seasons to adjust! So there you have it folks: a little glimpse in weather forecasting from the 514 for you! Now what else is new? Well it's almost quitting time for me and I can not wait to unload my sperm! I don't think I have been this "jived" to empty my balls since last time I had a ridiculously long amount of time between ejaculations! The way I feel at this point, I'd simply jack off all over Sarah Twain, the way I feel it! But we'll see what happens at home, shall we? Can' afford to waste this opportunity! Alright, speak to y'all later then! (shit it felt like a wednesday all day! Don't you just hate that?)

Wednesday April 16 2014:
Well it snowed last night: as I was returning home between the metro station and the apartment, snowflakes were beginning to fall! By the time my wife came home, a good thin layer of white snow covered everything in sight. This morning, although some of the snow began to melt already, the temperatures were at -13 degrees below the freezing point, so some areas where a very thin layer of snow had accumulated had turned to ice patches. Snow and ice on April 16, as the season as Spring is supposed to be in full motion; it does make you appreciate the somewhat predictable weather patterns in your neck of the woods, doesn't it? Mind you, poor Joanna actually once had a freak storm which literally ripped the roof off of the place she was living at for a while and had an emergency moving to attend to! Now that's what I can the strength of mother nature reminding us that we aren't necessarily at the top of the food chain! OK well good news, or actually fucking great and awesome news, I did it: I shot a BBB session last night (well, in late afternoon, to be more precise!). Remember when shooting a session was a regular part of my weekly updates? Now it's gotten so rare that when I do get to shoot, it's a momentous occasion! So basically I went ahead with the original plan. I did not wish to deviate too far off a simple path so I simply arranged the chair set-up where the latest three unboxed dolls (those who were bought "naked" off of ebay, the Sarah Twain doll, the Sofia Valentine doll, and the yet un-named doll whom I will call the Simone Peach doll for now) in their lingerie undergarments stood, Sarah Twain in the middle with a shot glass measurer as cum receptacle. I made sure to try to have all three tripod shots focused principally on the shot glass because it is difficult enough to set up a 3-angled shot as is, and when you are aiming your cumshot into a small and tight container, the last thing you want is for the cameras to be obscured by a hand or another object in the way. Now seeing how it is already difficult to have a decent angle when shooting such little targets under such constrained set-up, I tried to place the tripods in a way that would showcase the shotglass, my cock, and at least the Sarah Twain doll, in all of the 3 angles' camera views. Doing such unfortunately left one of the lights unable to properly illuminate a part of the dolls and set-up, but I thought it would work out well nonetheless. So once everything was set up, I got my mojo working in under 10 minutes by watching a bit of Claudia Rossi euro porn before my cock was responding quite nicely. Hey, after a full week's worth of inactivity, it didn't take much convincing! SonI moved into the room and proceeded to shoot a little "foreplay" pre-cum clip, introducing the dolls, explaining that I was going off the usual patterns of official baptism for the dolls, as instead of an introductory facial, Sarah would instead just hold the shot glass for me to shoot cum into, and then for the sperm to be donated into one of the pockets of one of Joanna's Cum/Giga/Pocket Pie Rags. After the intro clip and a couple of pictures, I placed all three cameras at their respective spots, switched them on one by one, and continued to jack myself off while talking dirty to the dolls. Eventually, and I do think it was no more than 90 seconds, I felt my balls ready to explode and unable to resist the impending ejaculation so I took the shot glass off of Sarah, and aimed my cock directly into it. The first third or three quarters of the load went straight in but the last few spurts managed to shoot over the shot glass, onto the cum rags, and finally after two of those I recall saying something to the effect of "fuck it!" while moaning in pure ecstatic bliss and just continued to jack off without bothering with the shot glass, which resulted in at least a one and a half spurt(s) (after those 2 ones which didn't make in in the glass) just shooting on the set up, managing to hit Sarah's hair and lingerie and the side of her face in the process! I must admit that this orgasm felt absolutely mega giga superb and I am still very satisfied with the feeling of utter bliss and content it provided me! The usual followed, a bit of post showcase, and a bit of post pictures, and finally after showcasing everything I re-placed the set-up so that  Sarah could hold a CumRag pocket open whilst I would poor the cum from the shot glass measurer into it. By the way, the cum inside the shot glass was above one teaspoon, just slightly under one and a half. And this was not the entire load as you know. If rumors are correct, this is a little but more in terms of quantity than the so-called "norm". Anyway, cum dries up very fast under the lights, so I proceeded to pour the spunk into the pocket, capturing it on two angles since the lighting and set up were far from perfect. I do hope it comes out decent on camera! Afterwards the interior of the cum-filled pocket looked like a dark cavern with cum rivers going through/inside it. Now I have lost count of how many popshots have made it inside Joanna's cumrag pocket pies, but judging by the looks of it alone, it is quite a massive amount! Anyway by the time it was over and before I started to de-set-up the set-up, I noticed that it was already 18h00 and that my wife's appointment downtown was over and that she was on her way back home! Talk about near perfect timing! So anyway, point being it was a successful session, and the orgasm felt exquisite, and the cumshot looked great from all three angles it was recorded on. So nothing short but a complete success for this BBB session, a most uncommon baptism of sorts for Sarah Twain! In fact it is somewhat reminiscent of those two "cum on empty box" sessions with Renee Pornero and Angelina DiCarlo from 2010, where I simply had the dolls next to my cock and their original boxes (already cummed upon) and just came on the empty boxes as the doll(s) looked on! Hey, sometimes you have to go beyond the beaten path, right? I guess I could  have also gone the way of doing the Azkadelia box cum session but there was no way to know for certain how it would turn out. After a whole week's worth of non-cumming, a missed pop was a strong possibility, one which I knew could have happened if I actually had started last night's session with one of those couch HJ introductions. In fact I am pretty sure that I would have missed my pop entirely if I brought Monika or Yasmine on the couch with me and shot a quickie HJ intro to cum shot glass measurer rest of the session. It has happened before on more than my fair share of occasions, you know! So let's just leave it at the fact that I am very glad that the session turned out well! Now if only I had more opportunities to actually shoot and edit my own stuff, it could be swell! On a somewhat related front but a bit id a stretch, I started looking at ebay dolls and accessories again. At this juncture I am not looking for expensive dolls anymore; I think my credit card and recent adventures have proven to me that we have to be careful of our impulse buying! But I still am looking for more, because it's like porn DVDs: there always seem to be more must owns coming out. Granted in this case, I am not looking for black haired dolls anymore. Never thought I's say this but I think I have my share of those now (all but one of the latest 2014 Bgirls are ravened-haired!), so my attention is now focused on, get this, the blonde models! Of course, if you thought I was picky with the black haired and brunettes, then you can only imagine how I would be with the blonde dolls! There is a model  being sold now which is quite cheap (considering) and is discontinued from the manufacturer (obviously) which seems to be this side of blonde perfection, save for her arms. To those of you familiar with the Bdoll models, think of the Gw3n doll and both of her bent arms, making it a veritable pAin to do HJ sessions with, many of the "muse" dolls, so pretty much almost all the Bdolls I own since 2010, have a straight and a bend arm, which makes it very difficult to do a comfortable HJ session. So one of my peeves, if you will, is looking for dolls who have the "muse" mold (and exceptional beautiful face and eyes) while having straight arms, which is very difficult. AZ (Gaia Arizona) and Azkadellia are some of those very rare "Muse" models which have two straight arms, which is why AZ was so often used in HJ and jack off sessions, and why I was contemplating using Azkadelia as a strictly HJ-oriented Bdoll. Hey, at $150, you have to start thinking about keeping a doll as "fresh" and cum-free as possible, right? Anyhow, lingerie for dolls is also a difficult  situation because most of the time it's custom made by collectors who sew their own accessories, and they don't sell it cheap. In most cases it is much cheaper than an actual doll but you have to take under consideration how fragile lingerie for dolls actually is! So at this point, I am strictly "window shopping" of sorts, looking at what is available and what price people are asking for it. Finally, before I have to stop this little paragraph, I wanted to point out that today (by count of course) is the birthday of Olivia Del Rio, one of my 3 top "holy trinity" of pornstars,'alongside Tiffany Mynx and Julia Taylor. Those three are the top or the top, and therefore I wanted to make a lite mention of Oli's Bday today, who's been a favorite of mine for the longest time (at least since the mid-late 90s). Yesterday was Sarah Louise Young's Bday, another delight of mine, whom I discovered only too late as she was already retired by the time I was able to start finding some of her material, which is (was) very hard to stumble upon due to its european nature and lack of north american distribution. OK folks, time for me to sign off of this one, hopefully to return to this tomorrow before the long long easter weekend in the USA where I shan't be able to do any real online updating! Later folks!

Thursday april  17 2013
I just got back from a run with my porn contact in the 514, whom I hadn't seen since prior to the holidays. The long story short; beat to order Johnny Darkko Evil Empire DVDs through him than online because they are over half the price. Much like I made a contact online who sells Dorcel DVDs for $6 a pop instead of $50+ in stores, my guy whom I have been dealing with for over a decade now gets Evil Empire discs cheaper than anyone else. The downside is that he doesn't get everything. For example I gave him a short list of about 12 DVDs from Evil Empire and he was only able to get three. The good news is that two of those three I thought were part of those un-available in Montreal discs, which seems to plague a good few Evil Empire selections. He tells me that in mid-may he'll try for some more. That gives me a whole month to wait, but at least I got "Load Warriors #2" from Darkko, which should be a very decent cumshot compilation. Also in that pack is "F for Francesca" which I have been jonesing for the longest time, and "Throat Fucks #4" I think it is. All these have Winston Burbank in them so you know you won't get any of those Lee Stone types of poppers! I also picked up two discs from Diamond Dog aka Doughouse Productions, one featuring euro stars like Simone Peach (yummy!) and a cumshot compilation from those guys as well. This weekend I am going to the USA for a small little "time-out" sort-of vacation with my wife out there in "Stowe"'I think it's called. You know, those "ski resort" towns on the outskirts of NY or Vermont or whatever. Off season means less tourists so a better chance at a quiet stay in a hotel for some real relaxation! 

Saturday april 19 2014;
In Stowe (Vermont) where the place (room) is top notch (not a suite but a large "king" room with a safe and a mini fridge), the booze is about half price than in the 514 with at the very least 500% more selection. Our "favorite" wanted-to-try restaurants are all closed; either for the season or just out of business. You should have seen the selection of booze at the liquor store. About 7 different type of irish creams, and not just stupid fake Baileys and stuff; he real Irish stuff! Bottles were about $10 cheaper than the rip-off SAQ in Quebec. The vodka had more selection than you could ever imagine! And all sorts of liquors one cannot find in canada including strawberry ones, blood orange ones, you name it. It is incredible how much real selection in terms of booze you find in the USA. Makes me ashamed of being a canadian when I see the good stuff they have here, and the incredible prices. Just a little example: 1.14 liter bottle of mexican mudslide (12.5% alcohol) for $8. First of all there is no mudslide in canada, period. Second of all there aren't many 1.14 liter sizes in liquors in canada. And the price, well it goes without saying! Anyhow, I also managed to nap for at least a half hour earlier today when we got here while my wife was given the tour of the facilities. Huge deluxe hotel here, must be quite expensive and reserved for upper-scaled people. Anyway, last Thursday evening I also managed to shoot a superb BbB session. Now you will recall the previous one was a shot glass cum and pour into the pocket pie skirt for Joanna, so last Thursday's was the first official facial baptism of Sarah Twain. Flanked on either side by Sofia Valentine and the other yet un-named Bdoll, with MiniJoanna atop holding Sarah's head in place, I seemed to have been possessed by the demons of hornyness because I can not recall last time my cock was so engorged, vibrantly red, pulsating, and oozing precum with almost ever single stroke! I went for simplicity this time around as well, simply presenting my hard cock in front of the dolls, and just jacking and dirty talking. Once the three tripod camera shots were ready and rolling I kept the rhythm going and it felt good to be on the edge of cumming for a while, all the time speaking naught with the dolls. Obviously this could not last for too long as soon I knew I had to explode a load of hot creamy Buttercum, Which turned out to being both one of the most satisfactory orgasms I have had in a while (on camera), as well as one of the better loads for 2014 so far! Since I could not "spread the wealth" in terms of cReaming other Bdolls since the two on either side of Sarah haven't had their official  cast and mug shots done yet. So I had to try to limit my shots strictly on Ms Twain's frame in order to made sure the other plastic cuteys remained "fresh" for their photos! And what a major blast little Sarah took; a healthy think dose of ButtetNut creamed her up good and also managed to mess up the cumrags in the process, strangely enough missing miniJoanna almost completely in the process. It was quite difficult for me to resist the ultimate pleasures of the situation but I needed to grasp reality in order to continue the session and take post-pictures of the cumbath! Quickly quickly as I need to return to my "vacation" now, but dear Sarah's face was pasted in thick cum dripping from her checks and mouth to her neck down her chest, her red lingering also with some globs of cum all over it. One of her friends was grabbing one of her tits so her hand ended up cum coated and Sarah's chest glazed wet and sticky! Oddly enough and this could be seen as another fluke similar to MiniJoanna not having been spunked, Sarah's hair seemed to not have been sploodged at all even if most of everythinf else was! After some fine post pictures which I had to shoot in a hurry to say the least, I shot a post clip just to properly end the session and voilà: Sarah Twain's first facial session was done, an absolute success! It felt incredibly wonderful and indescribably fantastic and satisfying to have done such a great session which felt right and completelly good. It gives me some faith that all is not hopelessly lost in turns of shooting BBB 10 years after its official release upon the world, almost 15 years after I have started this long before the digital camera days. Anyhow I must dash off now: speak to you some more later!