Tuesday, May 27, 2014

BBB R&R (rest & retirement?)

Thursday May 15 2014:
By the time this "update" gets posted, things may have changed quite a bit. In my own headached-hazed due to our first night of summer humidity (the air conditioners haven't been installed yet: 9 more days until that happens!) preventing me from having a decent night's sleep, I am feeling somewhat overwhelmed with how much things i would need to talk about versus how little actual news sometimes our conscious reality offers our daily routine. Let me make a short list:
- BBB trade with Miss98
- Sofia Valentine's second facial
- Sarah Twain's second facial
- NYC just around the corner
- Ottawa and "that" Comic-Con
Alright so sometime around 2 weeks ago (by my count) a (much too) young (for my own "preferences") lady contacted me wanting to trade some Bdolls. I decided to name this lite USA female lover of Bdolls "Miss98", to protect her own online personae, and to make sure that name would only actually have meaning to myself and her (if she ever actually read my written blog portions!). Essentially this is a "girl" who's been a Bdoll fetishist herself when BBB was in its 3rd year of official existence. She only discovered my BBB activities recently, which is a shame since just a few years ago I could have done tons of requests for her, but in those days, it was illegal for her to view my kind of website, if you know what I mean. My May 12 or 13 2014 weekly update devotes a paragraph to Miss98 and our initial contact concerning the trading of Bdolls. My concern is that she wants some of my all time favorites. Well not quite, but preferred ones none the less. She wants Katjsa, the orange haired fairie doll (from the Fairytopia line a few years ago), which I always was quite attached to until 2010 and the HLD incident. You remember the HLD situation, don't you? It all happened way back during my first W0rdpr355 blog days and ended in very early 2010 after I did the cowardly thing and just stopped communications altogether because I felt ad though she had played me like a bad cello. Anyway, since then, I haven't been able to "enjoy" Katjsa properly since the doll just reminded me too much of HLD, as that was her preferred doll which she had chosen herself to being the bdoll to represent her. So I could get rid of Katjsa, een though I still like that doll quite a bit, and it'll also give me the opportunity to donate Kaida, her sister (also a fairie doll), since the two dolls come as a "package deal" of sorts. I am by no means as attached to Kaida as I am to Katjsa so I really don't mind donating or trading her. I was keeping Kaida in my harem strictly because of Katjsa. Anyway, Miss98 also would like Sue Storm, the invisible woman doll, who is one of the rare blonde dolls I decided to keep. Now as much as I loved Sue for a long while, I admit I have sort-of slightly "out-grew" her because of how she is a blonde and also since she isn't the prettiest of them all. Granted I was fascinated by her for the longest time, but I am also a very very picky and difficult to please doll enthusiast, especially when it comes to blonde dolls. So after some reflection, Sue Storm can indeed be traded off without too many tears on my part! Next up on the to-trade list for Miss98 is Crystal Rae. Ouch is the word that came to mind. If you'll remember the Crystal Rae situation back in the Y4h00 group(s) days, I had bought three of the doll - one to donate to TtheO, one to give away as partmof a "contest, and the last one, the one with the more "slanted"-like eyes would remain mine. And since the beginning, over the years, Crystal Rae has become one of my preferred blonde doll. I am definitely uncertain about giving this one away for trade for I fear I may miss her and feel it was a mistake to let her go. It will take quite an amount of "sweetening the pot" convincing for me to let go of this beauty. Next up for Miss98 is one step further from "ouch", as it resembles that more of a "gasp" and a skipped heart beat. Miss98 would like to trade for Angela Crystal. Yes, Angela Crystal, perhaps my own preferred blonde doll in my harem (it's a tie between Angela and Black Canary, I guess!). The Angela Crystal doll is one of those all too rare blonde dolls which has retained her desirability throughout all the years I have had her in my harem. She remains to this day my number 2 prime choice when I wish to shoot a blonde doll session (number one is always Black Canary because of her absolutely incredible fetish outfit which makes her tits just pop out, aching for a glazing!). So on that note, the Angela note, I am very torn indeed, for in order for me to let her go, even to a real Bdoll fetishist like Miss98, will take a serious moment of thought, and some serious major league dolls for trade. Now I don't want to speak horseshit through my yapper, but by experience, most folks out there who want to trade bdolls with me usually don't have a very appealing collection or selection to offer. I recall on more than one occasion how some folks wished to trade some of my all too rare grade A ebony beauties for some rather ho-hum typical run of the mill blonde dolls. But one can never really tell in advance: I will find out later (hopefully tonight, ifI have time because I have a ton of shit to do for NY) as she is supposed to have sent me some pictures of the dolls she is ready to trade. She has warned me in advance that they are mostly blondes, which isn't a good sign but one never knows; some blondes are indeed quite intoxicatingly fabulous! You will forgive me please if my written "speech" pattern seems off and limited today: I have a headache due to the heat and humidity , the first real humid day of the 514 so far this summer, and I just came out of a boring as nails fuck meeting concerning more mergers and more movings and all that quite boring daily work crap, which ended up being nothing more than corporate management self masturbation to appear as though they really care about their employees and the continual re-structuration of departments and the assimilation of different companies into the monster we are now. No offense as I am without a doubt completely understanding of how these high paid business tycoons believe their own spiels, but to the lowest common denominator of the bunch, it all just sounds like they're stroking themselves off and we are there to watch as if the spectacle meant anything and that their intentions are as pure and transparent as they claim. Ginger, please: I can smell your corporate horseshit long before I stepped on the first floor of your building! Maybe that savvy office speak works on most of these office drones without a speck of imagination or originality, but I can see right through all that mabelline. Anyway, the good thing about this (and we should always try to see the good points!) is that it's now time for me to leave and head on home where a dirty cat liter needs attending, luggage for NYC needs to be prepared, some mild vacuuming is required as well, and maybe if I can work on my blog to give some smut over the weekend!

Friday May 16 2014;
I just realized that the bathroom stalls for the "handicapped" people (forgive my lack of proper political correctness) is bigger than my work desk area! No wonder I prefer to lock myself in here instead of being at my desk next to the spoiled little princess bitch! So where was I? Well Miss 98's doll pictures have yet to come through but I think it's only normal for technical problems to arise when you use a phone to send "cloud" data to an actual email address. Yes, the constant and never ending "developments" of modern technology are a marvel to behold, as more incompatibilities and technical issues multiply with each new gadget and application which is promoted and promises a faster, more reliable service. What happened to food old fashioned pics as attachments from email to email? Is that too obsolete dinosaur era already, what with all these performance lacking incompatible "cloud" data streams? Anyway, I think that kids today (hardee har har I can actually afford to say that!) have grown a step above impatience and won't bother themselves with sending emails anymore: it has to be "faster" data streaming transferring. So moving along here as I may not be able to continue until after I have returned from NYC in a few days, according to my short list we are now up to Sofia Valentine's second official facial session which I was able to shoot this past Monday the 12th. It began with a very simple and  basic couch tease with hands, lips, and legs, until I couldn't take it anymore and we moved on to the "set up" area where I just continued jacking off pointing to Sofia's face while KLS was watching nearby and MiniJoanna was snuggly atop the cumrags. The little problem (or problematic as corporate managers would say: I think it gives them the impression of being more important, what with using more complicated versions of words which just end up meaning the exact same thing) was that I hadn't cum in about 4 or 5 days and I was quite ready to pop, and as soon as the third angle camera started shooting, a big thick glob of precum started oozing out of my cock. I had a choice to make, and I have to make the decision as quickly as possible because it such situations, the window of opportunity is very narrow. So I decided to jack myself furiously and ended up exploding a decent popshot all over Sofia and the CumRags! Usually, a pre-cummed ejaculation only means a diminished cumshot but in this case, the fact that I hadn't ejaculated in a couple of days played in my favor and lite Sofia got her proper facial cumshot! So that makes two official facials for her, and thus she is now properly baptised! Her dark black hair and very pale complexion means that cum really doesn't showcase all that well on her (she suffers from the Kayla and RePo syndrome)  but I managed to snap away a hefty amount of post cum pics in the hopes that it'll showcase at least a part of  her gooey goodness! Two days later so Wednesday the 14, I shot another session this time I pointed my cock in front of Sarah Twain and Simone Style , not knowing who would get the blast from my cock. Until I paned up the camera to my little TV which plays my home made cumshot compilations which I have running as I jack off on dolls in front of the cameras, and the image revealed that it was Sarah Twain having some fun on TV, and this made the choice clear: I put Simone a bit more on the side and positioned Sarah right smack in front of my cock's line of fire and proceeded to continue jacking off for a few moments until the time came for me to pop, giving the lovely Twain Bdoll a most beautiful facial! It wasn't the best and gooey-est facial pop ever on a bdoll, but it was a rather sizable load in general and some of the thicker earlier strands hit her perfectly across the face, leaving her a most fantastic sticky facial which I tried to take post photos of as quickly as possible before all the thick cum started dissipating! And yes, it was a very gorgeous facial on an absolutely gorgeous doll! So now, Sarah Twain also has two official facials to her count, making her officially baptized into the BBB! Now I have to change the subject a bit: while I was down at the 13th floor, some of the girls in my department decorated my office space desk for my birthday tomorrow! I am so pleased and touched; sometimes I feel so left out a d forgotten (usually  by my own misanthropy and frustration against the work place), and this little gesture warmed my "cockles", so to speak! Oh how I would have also accepted a birthday blowjob, or a birthday facial target, or even a birthday lap dance or strip tease, but I'll take what I can! It's just a pleasant reminder than growing old can have some perks. Some small, very insignificant perks, but it's OK. I am just happy they care enough to have thought of me, even  though I tried (in vain obviously) to keep it a secret! Oh and today at the building where I work, it is as if the whole of the city is in the lobby for this weird festivity of sorts. No use in even trying to nap down there, and just navigating Between elevators is madness.

Tuesday May 20th 2014:
I turned 43 a couple days ago while in NYC: at this moment I tried to post a couple of travel logs from my phone each day I was in the big apple but wifi was rare and incredibly unreliable at best. It also tAkes "forever" to post a blog post with pictures tAken from a phone, which accounts as to why only one log was uploaded the one time I had a decent wifi connection. Let's I find the time to post the other ones before I get to share this update right here right now! The trip in the plane back was OK save for the two little pseudo hipsters younger couple behind us who were a wee bit inconsiderate similarly to when someone seats in back of hou at a movie theAter. Now I know I am a misanthrope and that most everyone rubs me the wrong way, but for a plane flight, the least you can do is not to mke a nuisance of yourself. Anyway with my text lass purchased prior to leaving, I was able to text miss98 periodically throughout my NYC voyage, (cut off due to time constraints: see the NYC blog logs for more details, posted last week!)

Wednesday May 21 2014:
Where was I? Well the NYC travel logs for May 17 to 20 are now all up and running (posted on the 21st from my phone) so you can read that (those) to get a better picture of my little trip to NYC. Concerning miss98,    as I was saying, I had this package bought in order to be able to text throughout my vacation, so we tried to keep in touch. I was just saddened by how I wasn't able to shop for bdolls the way I would have wanted to. Also, due to my wife's incredible pneumonia-flavored bronchitis, we did not do half of the things we had originally set out to do. But that's alright because it was supposed to be a small vacation, so we didn't want to over-exert ourselves. Like I said in my logs, I was disappointed in some of the shopping we've done since stores like Forbidden Planet and Academy Records had a reputation and these left me quite "wanting". I guess NY is a jazz and classical city, as they didn't have any of the "basics" of the underground which I was looking for. In fact, the dudes at Academy had no clue who Killing Joke or The Young Gods were! That's sad because those are very well known outfits in the underground scene. Anyhow, read all about it all in the NYC travel logs; they're written in drive-by style due to incredibly limited time opportunities to do so, which goes well with the 100s of pictures I took with a digital camera throughout the trip (NOT the pics on the log posts: those were taken with my phone-different quality!) . Since we were pretty much "running" all over the place, avoiding the tourist traps and trying to blend in, I did the guerrilla type of street shooting: point the camera and just snap away;  no time for well framed beautiful pictures. It's a testament to how "drive by" the vacation was, how little we got to do or so since we had so little time to do it all! But now that the NY buzz is over (at least by the time this is posted), it's time to move on to other things. I will admit I found the return to the daily grind of reality quite difficult this morning. My body aches since the 514's summer humidity and heat is coming on permanently now, and we still don't have our AC installed (that's going to be over the weekend when a friend of ours visits with his tools!), so we are sleeping with windows opened at night plus a fan/ventilator as a combo to try to get the fresh air circulating. Inalso was more tired than usual upon getting up, and the return to work was also somewhat slower to get back into. But now as about a third of the day is done, I think  I am slowly getting back into the so-called action. I can't wait for my lunch break in order to go take a power nap (if the floor level isn't occupied by the entire fucking city!). Now in terms of BBB we will see if I get a chance to shoot something tomorrow after work; it may be my only opportunity this week before next week to shoot anything in front of the camera. So I'd better make it count as they say! Like I have been saying for so long, and what I was saying to Miss98 over my NY trip, a while back I could shoot every other day or every day even, but now due to incredible limitations in time and opportunity coupled with exhaustion, I can only shoot twice a week at most! This is perhaps why I am in semi-retirement: the fact that I simply  can not shoot as much as I used to or want to. Just remember that one, folks. Oh and I do not remember if I mentioned that my DVD contact in the 514 brought me a bunch of "new" Darkko DVDs with Winston Burbank in them. Well a bunch: it's only six but a couple of them are double discs since the "films" last over 3 or 4 hours each! Well the first thing I needed to say is that the "Load Sharing #2" DVD is slightly defective, which is a bummer but at least it only fucks up on the end of the second scene and the beginning of the third scene, which doesn't include any Burbank. The sad thing is thAt the 3rd scene features Sativa Rose, and it's a shame to have part of be performance so lost in the DVD scratch momentum. That's one of the problems of purchasing DVDs. You never really know in what actuAl physical state a disc could be. I suspect it's a re-seal as we used to call them: a disc which was previously opened and the nRe-packed to make it look like new. Anyway, that's one of the things which I am always a bit peeved when purchasing DVDs. In that particular film, Winston only pops in three scenes, which isn't the best bang for your buck, but as I often say, most of his pops are worth ten of just about any other stud out there. I do say most because now that I bave accumulated quite a substantial amount of Burbank DVDs and have seen numerous of his scenes (if not most of them), I can say the man has had his share of missed pops as well. Hey it happens to the best of us, right? Anyway, in another flick (called "Wet Food #3" I believe) he only does one scene becAuse that series is mostly based as a gang suck-a-thon theme and Winston only does one-on-one ( or 2 girls on him, or sometimes alongside buddy Jonni Darkko) scenes, never gang-oriented ones. So for this one, he only appears as an "appetizer" for one girl, Sea J Raw, before she goes on to suck, drool, gag, and all that heavy duty oral stuff we've come to expect from a gang oral flick distributed by Evil Empire. Yes, it's a bit of a weird concept to buy a DVD for only one scene (in this case, a pre-scene) but let's recall how many times I have done the same for Carmen, Tiffany Mynx, Peter North, and such? Plus it can't be as bad as when I bought "Pound Pussy#2": Burbank's contribution to that one was just jacking off for 30 seconds at the end of the 1st scene because the girl said she wanted "more cum" than what her 1 on 1 scene she had just finished had left her with. Burbank's pathetic load delivered os a reminder of just how much it is important to take one's time when jacking off, and not try to finish it like a race or something. Anyway, Winston's had his share or poorer pops, and let's hope that the rest of the DVDs I have in that latest "batch" feature some darn good yarns! I did scope out half (so one disc) of the "Asian Fuck Faces #3" DVD which only had one Burbank pop (the other Winston cumshot is on the other disc) but I have to give kudos to Mr Darkko himself who's no lame shooter: only when girls jack his tool off does it seem quite diminished in size and quantity, but for my "money", Jonni caN give a mighty fine facial to pretty girls! In another Evil Empire Darkko double disc, "Asian Fucking Nation #4", Burbank shows up a couple times mainly on the second disc, where it's all "bonus" footage including extra scenes featuring the ladies from the feature. I still have "Asian Fuck Faces #1" to go through (that one is the out out of the series which I have been waiting to have; maybe the better one of the batch due to its stars and a bit more Burbank than the following volumes), and "Cum Crossfire" which's gimmick is pretty simple: after a hearty oral scene, each girl is flanked on either side by Darkko and Winston, and both pop on her face, crossfire style (or as I had been calling it since the 90s, EuroStyle). This is something the two dudes experimented with in two scenes from the "Suck It Dry #10" flick, if anyone else is as crazed OCD about such things as I am! Hey, I never pretended I was not a cumshot fetishist!

Thursday May 22 2014:
It's Satine Phoenix's Bday today! I love this lady; an ex-pornstar who doesn't throw shit at the industry since she quit. She's become the online sensation with her art and video role playing with other ex-sex stars and strippers who enjoy the modern AD&D and such. Maybe too new school for my tastes (I am a purist after all!) but still you have to give kudos to such a lady for continuing to be in the proverbial spotlight even after she's retired from porn. What a lovely lady too; very pretty and very porn friendly back when she used to have sex on camera! Anyway, I've always had a little soft spot for her (and a hard one as well!). Last night I did something I hadn't done in ages. After I learned around 7pm that my wife cancelled her physio appt after the MD appt tonight, and so she would be home at a more "decent/normal" hour, I knew I wouldn't have much opportunity to shoot a BBB session anytime soon so I decided to stay up later than usual and shoot a little improvised session late last night! Well I say late because after 9pm is considered late for me, and I actually started the set-up around 9h20 or so, as my wife was getting ready for bed. I do not know at exactly what time I started but I can tell you I went to bed near the 11h00pm mark which accounts for the fact that my head is ready to snooze and my eyes have a hard time trying to stay open! But the price I am paying was well worth the "sacrifice" of staying up a bit and doing Simone Peach's second official facial session for the BBB! It was a very simple and basic session, like a return to the basics of 2009 or 2010 or so, and when it came time to cum, I exploded a massive super-velocity series of spermy streaks mostly pasting Joanna's cum rags as well as the TV in the background! Simone obviously got some as well, although the majority was all over shot: as I was ejaculating , I remember I  simply  could not aim: I was transfixed, in a trance, just pumping cum straight up in front of me! Normally I would have had other dolls, or even had tried to aim a bit better or with more consideration for the mess I was making but in this case, for some yet unfathomable reason, I simply could not; I just stroked my cock and pumped out a seriously decent load mostly on the cumrags right in front of me! Camera 2 was a bit out of focus because it decided (through no control over my own attEmpts) to focus on Sophia Valentine who was on the sidelines, mostly invisible on 2 out of the 3 cameras, but just the back of her head was enough for Camera 2 to focus on it instead of my cock and the Simone doll! But that's OK; the sheer size and velocity of the load itself was enough to pardon or excuse any lapse in proper aiming or framing! It was a very satisfactory session, one which surprised me because my past few "night" sessions had left me very displeased with the "exhausted" little loads shooting at such hours had left me producing. Those semi-missed  night loads are the reason why I am toying with retirement aNd why I decided to try to shoot earlier in the day, when my wife is away at one of her appointments. But this one prooved that it doesn't always have to end in a pathetic load, and was in fact another one of my better ejaculations sonfar (even though most of the spunk overshot Simone's face!). So now, all the new 2014 Bdolls have had their 2-facial baptisms! Well all except Azkadelia of course who may be the only Bdoll to  never actually get a cumshot fired upon her, but we can't predict the future with certainty, now can we? Anyway, the bdoll fetish is a strange one, isn't it? How those rare few people who have it never really share their obsessions with anyone else in their real life entourage, as though it was a bad thing. Take the cumshot fetish for example: that's a very well known and highly accepted "fetish" since there are an incalculable amount of films dedicated to the form: cumshot compilations, features with an accentuation on the cumshot, even american variants on Bukkakes and whatnot. But the Bdoll fetish has yet to get any of that exposure; I haven't heard of a single feature out there dedicated to the Bdoll fetish at all. Sure, some internet and porn stars have done some scenes here and there for their own website content, or once in a blue moon (and that's on the incredibly rare side!) you get to see one in an actual porn film, but in terms of actually dedicating a whole feature on the fetish, that's pretty much unheard of. It's odd for me to try to wrap my self around why there is such a stigma around this, seeing as how no one actually gets hurt in the process. Why are the fetishists so "afraid" of sharing their secrets amongst each other? I mean the stupid football stud has no problem to reveal to his team mates that he's got a cheerleader fetish, right? How come whenever you mouth the word fetish  most people automatically conjure up images of BDSM "depravity"? It's like saying that porn in itself is populated by over-tanned fake boobed botoxed californian blondes: it's the general misconception stereotype! Unfortunately, there is nothing anyone can do about it. Take this Miss98 girl who is an obvious bona fide true Bdoll fetishist herself, and she still keeps it generally under wraps, a carefully hidden secret revealed to only four people in the world, as though no one could ever understand her and her preference for using the Bdoll as a sex toy. I guess I must be the anomaly in all of this: I did not discover my doll fetish at a young age as I was discovering my body. I did not steal my sister's dolls when I was a teenager to jack off in secret somewhere. I discovered the use of the Bdoll as a sex toy much later than most Bdoll fetishists I know, and it was through a sheer accident and a curiosity to try something different than what I had done before. But if you read my novel length "What Is BBB" page, then you know what I am referring to.  Anyhow, I was just so surprised how little this fetish is actually known even though, thanks to the internet, it is easier to share and connect with others who share similar viewpoints on the subject. And that would be awesome to have n actual real community and support groups for doll enthusiasts out there. Come to think of it, that's also part of the reason why I 've been shooting myself cumming on Bdolls: to actually make the porn which is simply not being made by the majors (production studios). That, and I like to share my love for cum and dolls of course!

Friday May 23 2014:
On the internet, you can often find "funny" cards mentioning how the return to work after a vacation is often met by an increased workload resulting in negating the positive effects of said vacation. My own 3 days of work so  far have been quite busy with "co-workers" giving me quite the substantial amount of tasks due in a ridiculously short amount of time. Maybe it's my paranoia speaking or maybe it's just "happening that way" by a sheer fluke or stroke of "luck", but it seems like the week prior to my leaving for NY and now my return is met with an increased workload with tighter deadlines. Could it be that the co-workers have now become more lazy? Could it be that the spoiled princess bitch who spends an hour chatting on the phone while the boss has his door closed for a conference call can not get to her analysis(es) of dossiers in a more timely fashion and I am stuck with the last minute chores? Is it pure coincidence or is there a more insidious plan at work? Whatever it is, it only continues to feed the frustration of not having enough time to do anything: work is consumed by work, and after work has little time and even less energy to get anything done. I really should stop worrying so much about getting things done. It is simply impossible for my to keep burning the candle at both ends while nesting in a frying pan inside a broiling oven! There is only one of "I" and it is obvious i can not do everything which is required from me. If I had more time, perhaps I could get more done. If I was compensated in anyway, I'd probably be a tad more productive (if I was so motivated). If I had help from others then there is a good chance I could finish and do more for the demands on my being. However you know the story all too well; I have been singing this song for a few hears now, how time is the one luxury I could never afford! But there is no use in crying over it, or fighting against it. There is only "so much" I can do with the limitations imposed upon me by this reality, and thus the people will have to understand that I am  alone and not an assembly line! I wonder if there isn't a small part of me who knew, deep down inside, that one day all my secretive skulking online activities would end up overwhelming me. for a while, I had begun to realize the gimmick of the tribute phenomenon, on how people would contact you to do a tribute clip and then disappear forever, and that's a lesson I learned with some level of difficulty as I realized that most people into the tribute thig are just in it to "collect" tributes and really don't care much who does them and what implications such videos have. For a short while I allowed myself to be "in demand" in such a circuit, doing a half dozen tributes every other week, until of course I came to realize the horrible truth about online exchanges: those who give never get a fraction back from those who ask/take. If over 99% of people are leeches just asking about to get free stuff, how do you think the less than 1% feels about constantly "giving it" away without any compensation? And forget about payment; as I mentioned, most folks who get their tribute will simply disappear into the internet oblivion without a "thank you", never to be heard from again! Anyhow tonight's a long overdue Chronics at F's place and J from Ott will be joining us since he'll be spending a good part of the weekend with us, helping out with the installation of the air conditioning machines in our apartment, since summertime humidity is already beginning to slowly creep up on us! In order to avoid humidity, we've been closing all windows in the mornings when we leave for work and only open them up later in the evening after work, when the sun starts going down and the air gets slightly fresher. But I must admit I can not wait to have the air conditioners installed! Oh yeah, so what about that infamous Comic-Con in Ottawa I mentioned in my short list a while back? Craziest busy one ever (yet): an hour aNd a half to drive 0.6km, saw the Bruce Campell Q&A but had to skip waiting in a line a few KMs long for an authograph, my wife got to meet with Karl Urban to sign a DVD and he announced us that the TV show "Almost Human" was cancelled (of course: any good non-drama sci-fi gets cancelled),  I didn't buy anything over there but my wife bought a few doohickies, including a hand made leather mask perfect for a witch ball (and maybe some kinky sex play!), it was too crazy busy (so many people) that I could not take pictures or do clips. Nothing like Montreal ComicCons but it was an experience to witness (lots of scantily clad young ladies out there to bring out their in er slut usually reserved only for Halloween, if you know what I mean).

Monday May 26 2014:
Another crazy weekend passed. On Friday night J was up with us at the CHRNX where the only clip we did (yes, only one clip that night!) was opening up the birthday package that Joanna did for me for my birthday about a week and a half ago! I won't divulge in detail what it was but I will admit that Joanna truly goes above and beyond her call of duty, truly surpassing most people in terms of honoring one person's special day. Her present, although self-serving in the end due to the actual subject matter printed in the front, is a very comfortable fit and of a certain quality rarely seen for such custom items, and her home-made card just basically pushed the envelope once again, continually out doing herself in a way which surely must have taken her weeks to do! I can not be gleeful enough to express the amount of personal jubilee I have felt inside when I saw all that she did. She is a woman to bE cherished, so word to those who have the opportunity to interact with her in real physical form! After that J returned home with me to spend the night, the next day reserved for installing the air conditioners as well as curtain poles throughout a few room. After a short nap (mine was cut shorter since I was plagued with wanting to do some basic editing out of the way), we ended up "partying" for the rest of the day, enjoying some home made ribs (prepared earlier that day) as supper, and finally we all had a horrible night's unsleep, my own insomnia being the  worst I've experienced in a long time but I sort of half expected it. So around 4h30am I decided to start mapping out some of the Jonni Darkko DVDs I had recently acquired, since my laptop was in the room "presently" occupied by J. Around 6h00 my wife got up and we both agreed to snooze a bit for about 90 minutes after which we got up, said out goodbyes to J who left to go back home, as we embarked on a day of errands, groceries, plant purchases (tomato, pepper, strawberries, and a few herbs), followed by laundry, a nap (which was quite necessary as you can imagine) more laundry, cooking, and then a freak out of nowhere rain shower with a hail storm! We had to hurry to bring our drying clothes from outside but most of it was unfortunately wet-soaked. Once almost everything was finished, my wife watched a bit of a film on TV, because she had a hard time recovering from the previous day's 9+ hours of personal partying, while I finally downloaded all the material on my memory cards dating back to about mid-april, spent a good hour (at least) just labeling and properly identifying and cataloguing all that footage, as well as finalized and placed an order with that AdultDVDwarehouse website. I had started an order quite a few weeks ago (if not months) but never went through enough of the seller's selection (he has thousands upon thousands of DVDs) to finalize my order and place it . I also wanted to clear up a bit more of my bank account before doing so! I'll try to go through my order as quickly as possible as i have already spent more than enough time away from my work desk:

- Best of Anal Addicts 1 : a compilation of scenes from the Peter North series featuring scenes from long out of print volumes, including a Monica Sweetheart pairing with Peter, amongst other moments which I could not let pass! (this compilation also includes the Claudia Atkins/Miko Lee scene which is available in a truncated version on a few of those "illegal" Evil Mindz local compilations which include many hard-to-find early Y2K North scenes. Also includes the classic Nikita Denise scene, as well as an early Jenna Haze with Slim Shady scene from AA#6, amongst others)

- Anal Addicts #5 : a very early entry in the series with two Peter scenes (rather rare for the AA series) including one with Belladonna. It was also quite unexpensive! (finding earlier AA volumes is simply next to impossible, and not very appealing when Peter only does 1 scene in most of the series-none anymore in the more recent entries)

- Deep Throat This 1 : very rare, in fact I think it's long discontinued; the very first volume in the all-blowjob with mostly facial finishes from Peter North. He doesn't do all scenes, but it's one of his better series, especially the earlier volumes. This one was not cheap! (volume 1 has long been out of print which is why I decided to pay "full price" for it, which is still the cost of a bargain DVD is regular porn shops!)

- Deep Throat This 5 : another rare earlier volume, found at a very decent low price, which I obviously could not resist. Features one of the only two scenes Peter did with european Vanda Vitus, amongst other goodies! (finding earlier DDT volumes at decent price is getting more difficult so I jumped on this one without hesitation!)

- Deep Throat This 10 : another one of the earlier discontinued volumes of the series, offered for a very low price, making it near impossible to resist! (some scenes already witnessed in the "Take That" compilations, plus the Lana Coxx scene from NP 39 is re-edited as a BJ only for this DDT volume)

- Deep Throat This 16 : dirt cheap, I ordered this one even if it's one of those "all swallowing edition" volumes, just before Peter started his "Swallow This" series. Has some superb stars in this one. (although many other DDT volumes still require acquisition, price is an issue, and #16 was very very low!)

- Deep Throat This 24 : Also dirt cheap, also an all-swallowing one, ordered (like #16) because I am starting to get all the earlier DDT volumes now. Anyway, it's still better than creampies! (some online reviews mention that not all of Peter's pops in this one are 100% in-mouth and some are considered facials)

- North Pole 45 : ordered this well known Peter North series because there are two North scenes in it as well as a scene with James Brossman. 'Nuff said, right? (James tag teams Janet Perron with That euro dude I forget his name, who delivers back-to-back popshots: you know that euro guy who is known to be able to deliver mutliple popshots per scene)

- North Pole 61 : very unexpensive, this one only has one Peter Scene but it's a scene I have been wanting to add to my collection for a while. I know, I'm bad! (Peter gives Karma Rosenberg a mega facial, in her later more americanized period with huge fake tits, but gorgeous jet black hair)

- North Pole 64 : not expensive at all, two Peter North scenes, one of which is with Jessica Fiorentino, so as I would say myself, it was a no brainer! (was not purchased earlier for pricing issues, my own lack of Jessica knowledge, and how Peter's loads gradually became more normal in the NP series as the numbers went up)

- Peter North's POV 2 : ordered because it was very low priced, and it also hard to find/discontinued. In this earlier volume, most are mouth/swallow pops from North but it's still worth it, in my opinion. (not as much of a collector's item as volume one, but it has a few key stars such as his then girlfriend Kelly Kline amongst others)

- Peter North's POV 6 : also very unexpensive, also discontinued, with a few classic full on facials, all from Peter North. Was in my wish list for a long time! (one of the last volumes featuring Peter in all scenes delivering decent facials)

- Peter North's POV 11 : a gamble because by this time, Peter was NOT appearing in all scenes anymore. Also, supposed to have a rare Jenaveve Jolie taking on Peter in this one, but I can not find confirmation anywhere! (starting around volume 8 or 9, Peter stopped being the main cock in all scenes, making the title obsolete)

- Superfuckers 11 : a Private DVD now long discontinued and bought at a low price, features two scenes with James Brossman, so it is well worth the price of admission! (Superfuckers was released both with Private and Hustler depending on volumes. Not all of them are easy to find!)

- Outlaws 2 (Sin City) : a late 90s 35mm flick from Joe D'Amato (RIP) featuring Rocco in a starring role, was unbelievable low priced (was it a mistake?) and features the gorgeous Maria Bellucci in one of her earliest roles! (back in the VHS rental days, Zef and I rented the 1st one, thinking it would be similar to D'Amato's "Jungle Heat", but Zef was highly disappointed so we never rented the 2nd one)

Special note to all readers: the next few weeks will be a bit difficult for me to post anything as I must completely re-do and re-record the soundtrack for my brother's film "First Night", so if my presence is minimal, negligible, or just plain invisible, then you know why!