Friday, November 28, 2014

Miss Electric on UToob (a link)

Check it out: brilliant hypnotic minimalism - no typical boring "house" techno here; only the real deal!

Thank you Brittany's Sexy Fantasies

In the grand old and ever evolving world of porn, the concept of out with the old and in with the new is almost as equal as that of modern fashion and entertainment. Thus being said, while older porn superstars and those who operate on a much smaller scale (i.e. the amateurs, the pro-ams, etc) do unfortunately have to eventually "fade away" to make way for the new breeds and up-n-cummers, the fact remains that the continuation of the porn legacy lives on as the proverbial torch is passed along between generations, even when the participants have never even met nor heard of each other. This is almost, in comparative terms, like macro-history in the sense that thematically speaking, what came afterwards continues the traditions of prior donators, even without the knowledge of those involved.

With the revolution of porn online which, let's face it, is not only the ONLY porn that most of today's perverts and curiosity seekers are aware of, but is also the only logical, and commercially viable (as well as, in its own way, corporate-free) way to continue doing porn, since the days if magazines, VHS tapes, Super 8 loops, and even DVDs and blu-rays, are pretty much (for all intents and purposes) dead or dying. Now I am still a grand supporter of "legal" porn in the sense that I'd rather pay for a top notch quality DVD rather than download a watermarked rip with digital spasms here and there due to coding errors and compatibility issues, but for a vast area of porn, the DVD and home-based external device format is not possible. Thanks to the interweb the once watchers have become the subjects of their own porn products, and the now indivisible world of amateur porn online is almost as easily and readily available for mass appreciation as is/was that of big production studios porn.

I will leave the details of my own preferences and continual searches for what can not be found on DVD in the amateur sector for another time, as to concentrate and allow my own personal opinions to focus specifically on only one particular amateur amongst thousands upon thousands of others, some of which do pretty much exactly what she does bit with their own unique flavors, preferences and target audiences.  If you want it and desire it, you can find it as someone out there is doing it and posting it online. So in this instance I wish to discuss a most recent discovery of mine (such a recent and fresh discovery that I have only come across her material on November 26 2014!) which I stumbled upon accidentally (which is usually how one finds these online gems, actually), Brittany, or rather Sexual Fantasies by Brittany.

Far from being my own personal preferences in terms of aesthetics and form, Brittany does offer something quite unique in terms of her own brand upon the formulae. Ok so first of all, Brittany is a young blonde west coaster thin american, the stuff most american porn dreams are about. She's all natural, pretty as a button, sexually devoted and unafraid to be quite expressive in her demeanor, eloquent and charismatic, and absolutely breathtakingly photogenic. Next, she does DIY hoke-based (for the most part) gonzo porn which at first glance pretty much all amateurs do. But Brittany brings something to the table which many do not, and that is the element of a premise, or an "excuse" if you will, for the following sexual scenario which develops in each one of her skits. In essence, she offers us a premise for the sexual fantasy she's about to explore and expose herself to with her hubby or boyfriend as male meat puppet to assist in the completion of (most) of her roles. Although I use the term "role", Brittany is no thespian; she is not a slouch either as she does indeed have fun pretending to be "people" or even social "stereotypes" in some of her clips, which is obviously the first step in role playing, a very important part for her "Fantasy" skits.

I do think I have rambled enough, so let me simply end this little homage page by saying that even though I wouldn't actively hunt down porn material she produces (as hunting for specific porn to any unique liking is hard enough as is!) I was impossibly glad to be exposed to her stuff, and am now quite thankful I stopped long enough to investigate. In my opinion it is obvious she enjoys herself and her material quite immensely, and her enthusiasm shines onscreen in a way that jaded and faded Valley pornstars of Vivid and Digital Playground could only have once dreamed of. Her all natural looks make her something to gawk at and wish she was in our league (I am sorry to say boys, but no amount of Martinis or Tequila will ever make most of us in her league!)  , her sexual appetite is aphrodisiac in itself, her ease in front of the camera is second only to the enthusiasm she clearly has for these exhibitionist tales, and she eagerly takes a facial whenever called upon without flinching or jumping away. How can all these elements possibly be topped you may ask? How about the fact that most of her material is free? Now seriously, I doubt anyone could compete with that! So to close this off, I ask (nay urge, nay implore!) you to visit her pornhub page and shower her with love and support for this is the fuel she asks in return for showing off her skills on camera for pervs like you and I to enjoy. Plus it never hurts to drop a line of support to those who take the time and effort to produce anything without any proper backing or budget. Brittany's Sexual Fantasies are indeed also our own! Porn from the people, for the people!

Facials... gotta have them!

Randomness, waiting to pass out (let's hope the meds kick in soon!)

Today's X-ladies' Bdays!

Oh yes my readers, here we go again! You know the drill; just follow the links provided for each of today's pornstars celebrating a birthday and go check out more of their stuff on the original birthday posts! It's that simple! And enjoy the extra material shared here! Have a great Friday everyone!

Cody Lane

Anna Nikova

Kristina Blonde

Suzie Carina

Victoria Allure

Naudia Nyce

Lexington Steele

Jayna Woods

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Bit more pornstar Bdays!

And these ones are perhaps closer to what you would have come to expect from the likes of me! After having shared a few pictures of younger, fresher pornstars for your enjoyment, here are a couple from my own blog, with links to their own respective Bday posts! Hope you enjoy, and I do think that by now, you know how it works!






Happy BDay to the NEW breed!

Today is the birthday of numerous pornstar throughout the history of adult skinema, but I thought that for a change I'd post a few of the "newer" little ladies who haven't been portrayed on my blog, simply because they've just haven't been around for long enough! So for anyone who'se silently complained against the fact that I only "commemorate" and "celebrate" pornstars which are usually already retired, here's a little something something to tide you over! So here are a few of today's latest additions to the porn world, these little young ladies, fresh meat for lack of a better expression, are celebrating Bdays today!

Addison Grey
Melissa Martinez
Misha Cross
Kendra Kay
Gemma Hiles

And yes folks, to be honest, I admit I literally have no clue who any of these newbies actually are!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Today's pornstar birthdays!

Today's pornstar birthday celebrates two very different generations and two very different stars in their own right! Well you get what I mean (I hope!) So you know how it all works; follow the links to their own respective birthdays posts and enjoy the material I uploaded posted here which is NOT on their respective pages! See? Who said I never gave back to the community!


 Aurora Snow has always been a paradox for me, as she is pretty much everything I usually don't look for in pornstars, but ever since I first saw her all those years ago (yes, she's now considered almost a veteran!) I knew she was something special, and she has now grown up to be a most spectacular youthful looking woman with still the lovely on-screen charisma she's always had!


 I recall this italian lady making a ruckuss in the 80s for preaching free love and open sex, simultaneously appearing naked in public functions, playing in porn flicks, and being member of the italian parliement! I saw her once when she did a strip show in Montreal, when I was quite young (I must have been 18 or 19 at the time!) and used to own quite a hefty amount of her films on VHS. Sadly, "friends" in my early 20s ran off with my VHS tapes never to be seen again, and most of my precious Cicciolina material is now lost forever. Anyway, she's always had a special place in my heart! Check out her birthday post linked belong for a special golden shower clip, as well as a scat one, for those of you feeling more adventurous!