Friday, January 30, 2015

Havana Sin (the post)

When I first saw Havana Sin in the Harmony DVD "Dollz House" directed by Tanya Hyde. She was in the last scene of the flick, and as it is the case with many Tanya Hyde romps, the scenes don't always end in the predictable ways based on how they begin. For example, a Tanya Hyde scene may begin in a dungeon-themed modified indoor swimming pool with a couple, then cut and switch to same couple joined by other people, this time in a laboratory-medical observation setting. But I digress. My first exposure to Havana Sin left me perplexed because I found myself instantly attracted to her, while simultaneously trying to resist my urges since I did not want to add yet another delicious little "new" star to my "preferences" list which would in inevitably lead me to start hunting down some DVDs strictly because she appeared in them. Alas, I found myself drawn to watching her, and my newfound appreciation was confirmed after watching the BTS (Behind The Scenes) feature in which she was interviewed while getting made up and ready for her scene. There is no use in attempting to deny it, I thought Havana Sin was right up my alley, and I knew I could not resist if i stumbled upon other titles she appeared in.

Not so long afterwards I also acquired a couple more Harmony productions in which Ms Sin appeared.   First came "Ladies Who Lust", directed by Strangelove, where Havana once again appeared in the final scene (leading one to possibly insinuate that they keep the best for last?), a threeway with Jay Snakes and Valentina Cruz who's made up to look like a smutty criss between a post-schoolgirl and a blow-up doll, who gets caught masturbating with a vibrator in a club's bathroom toilets by Jay, and as she blows his cock, in walks Havana decked out in pure leather fetish-flavored get-up, who first watches them from a distance before joining in the fun. Another DVD I was accidentally exposed to Ms Sin was the Tanya Hyde directed "Twisted", again from the Harmony label. This time a four-way with Lexi Ward and two guys which has the couples enjoying one another, culminating with each girl getting a small-to-moderate load on her cunt and stomach. You know you are attracted to a lady in porn when even with a ho-hum cumshot, you still find yourself unable to resist watching a sex scene. It reminds me of a Carmen Vera scene from another DVD where she takes on a very below-average, almost non-existent pop  to her tongue, but her looks and energy far make up for the lack of generic gonad juices. But again I must digress as once again I have stumbled far beyond the path and into unrelated territories.

After very little searching I discovered that Havana Sin was born in the UK, and her official porn career began in 2008 and ended in 2013. Aside from this, not much is known about her.  She has numerous tattoos which make her look less like Joanna Angel and the Burning Angel stable of sluts (although Havana would indeed fit right in) and more reminiscent of the latter Presley Maddox, and Havana also sports a few piercings which she only wears periodically. The bulk of her porn career was appearing in internet content produced by the UK's Killergram website, a few of these scenes having been re-released in DVD format on various Killergram and Daring releases. But aside from this very basic information which was not hard to find (and pretty much anyone could find heaps more since most people can afford playing online for more than 10 minutes at a time!), very little is known about this little luscious lady.

Aside from the aforementioned tattoos, her very waif-like  body type and her far too young age, she is quite up my alley. She may be English but obviously has some middle eastern flavor to her, what with her black raven hair and her butterlicious nose. I often wonder how do such beautiful young ladies actually make it into porn. With such generously perfect looks, once would expect such body types to walk down runways with designer outfits, but perhaps the starving meat puppet work environment is just not what all the glitz and glamour make it out to be. Or maybe the road into porn is easier to get through and the rewards are more instantaneous if not as publicly gratifying. But who am I to judge? So the lovely beauty known as Havana Sin has managed to get onto my radar's scope, and perhaps now yours as you are being exposed to her charms (if you were not already familiar with her!), and I look forward to hunting down more material featuring her in the near future.