Friday, February 27, 2015

For Miss98 (for her eyes)

Because Miss 98 missed out on the latest BBB developments, here are a couple of pics of the custom Bdoll from a couple weeks ago...

So here are a couple of pics from my phone taken while drunk. More details to follow about everything. Later!

RIP Leonard Nimoy (27-02-2015)

RIP Leonard Nimoy (27-02-2015) his legendary legacy will still serve as a blueprint for philosophical discourse for generations to come


For a WEEKLY update

What you are seeing here is a draft which I began working on for a future "weekly update" post that will never be. I thought and expected that eventually I would return to my 2013-2014 formulae of offering a more personal update filled with various porn in my collections. I was fully expectant of doing such until the news of this blog's eventual demise, hence why I decided to take it out of the "draft" section and publish it, even if it doesn't have any relevance now except to share a bit of random porn material found online (and some from the archives as well).

What you see here is basically three portions glued as one post. The first part which was started a while back was strictly the clips and the animated GIF files. I wanted to upload those first since they are the ones taking up more time than simple pictures (although some huge monstrous pictures can be quite hefty on the memory size!). When the news of my upcoming censorship came, I decided to dig this post (and another one which I had started on the side, same principal) and add normal images to the post, which were quite interestingly enough pretty much chance and random pictures I found on friday Febuary 27 2015 at about 5:30am or so as I was getting ready for work!

This means that the static pictures of juicy cumshots, facials, mouthfulls, nekkid ladies and other explicit toons and such were found by chance, saved on my temporary drive, and uploaded right here throughout the post. Normally on weekly updates I would try to get some kind of a thematic going, as well as having some kind of "order" to the pics being posted, but this was more of a race against time, which I decided to do strictly because I did not want to release this unfinished post just with animated GiFs and clips.

Finally the text portion, which you are reading just about now, is being written on my phone while at work, during those all too rare moments of privacy as I lock myself in toilet stalls. Each paragraph gets copied & pasted onto the post itself using the Bl0gg3r application (which will be deleted when they delete my blog), and voila my friends, you have the makings of what a "real" blog post should look like. However, this one's true meaning has nothing to do with its original intentive purpose of being a personal update, nor does it contain the proper care usually given to such posts, but seeing as how soon enough all this will be erased into the ether of the censored online world, I thought maybe you guys should enjoy the porn while we still can!

Now you may have noticed a few links throughout this post about something or other pertaining to butterbbb at Tumblr or whatever. Well I wanted to do a more proper a d official announcement but I could not find the time to actually start working on something decent for the announcement, so here goes: I found my next blogsite! Contrary to Bl0gg3r here and W0rdpr355, Tumblr does allow porn and adult explicitness, so as long as it remains on the legal side, which is more than fine by me! Trouble is, as many of you will hopefully find out for yourselves, is that Blogger is FAR from the clean and concise format of usual blogs, and offers much less in terms of flexibility. Bit they'll be plenty of time to discuss the matter later, as for the moment I must return to work and prepare to leave the office soon. So until next time, stay horny my friends!

(above: I just love this beautiful lady taking the leak!)

The Devil In Miss Jones a new beginning

Oh boy does this take me back. So many memories and stories that I do not know where to begin. Perhaps the first best place to start is that back in the mid-late 80s, there was no internet nor cell phones not easily obtainable digital cameras nor technology. Vinyls and tapes were being taken off the market, replaced by CDs, then considered the ultimate in sound fidelity. Porn mags kept on saying how DMJ 3 (or The Devil In Miss Jones part 3) and its follow up part 4 (meant as a continuation since it was shot pretty much at the same time) was a great flick by the surviving members of the Dark Brothers although nowhere near the cult status of the original DMJ flicks which came about a decade earlier.

In those days I was just a little too young and shy to be able to rent porn myself, also not having my own place and my own VHS machine (or VCR for those who like myself remember the good old analogue days!). However I did manage to score one of those $20 cum-proof hardcore porn mags which was basically a re-count, scene by scene of DMJ 4. Back in those days, regular porn mags never showed actual penetration; they either obtained obscured shots, censored the juicy bits, or just showcased suggestive action and nudity. So if you didn't have access to VHS porn, then those $20 & up hardcore porn mags found exclusively in sex shops were pretty much the only way to see uncut hardcore penetration, blowjob, and yes, the cumshots. So I had bought the DMJ4 porn mag but never found the DMJ3 one, although I kept on looking for ages and ages.

DMJ3 is special to me because it is part of my earliest formative porn experiences. It also features Lois Ayers, one of my guilty favorites from the 80s, looking the best she ever did (during her 80s porn days that is), in a great performance. After what seemed like years a friend of mine allowed me to rent this film and watch it at his home while his parents were away. However he did not see the point in my dubbing it (i.e. making a VHS copy) so I was never able to get my own copy. The film was like a revelation to me because it was probably amongst the first 5 porn films I remember seeing (it could have been my second, actually!), it was the first time I saw a "dark" porn with people acting like beasts and devils and such, it was my first exposure to pubic hair shaving, and of course my first time actually seeing a DPP (Amber Lynn's unforgettable double pussy penetration in the boxing ring in the first few levels of hell). DMJ3 also has two scenes featuring Peter North, but we won't spend time on THAT subject as there are so many more things to talk about. Although the film only remained in my memory since my friend wouldn't allow me to copy it, it was the source of all too many masturbatory sessions of mine for years afterwards. I would bring the DMJ4 $20 magazine with me and actually fantasize about part 3 while jacking off, dreaming I was alongside Peter as he dumped a load on Lois' face, which followed by her saying to RIP Jack Baker (her escort through hell) "I don't know what came over me!". Oh baby, I know what did and I never got the image out of my head!

Afterwards I started dating what would decades later become my wife And she was more than willing (back then) to watch porn with me as we fucked around. I did not recall re-renting with her DMJ3 for us to watch together but about two years ago she reminded me we did, and even gave me a little story wrap-up which proved beyond doubt she had indeed seen it with me! But still, even on that second time around, I never made a copy of it, or if I did, I never got around to making a cumshot compilation from it, and the copy of the film I would have made has long disappeared in my mid-late 90s lending of my porn tapes to "friends" who simply disappeared, never to be heard from again.

Critically speaking DMJ3 4 are far from the ground breaking cult statuses of the first two ones. The original film culminates in what many believe to be the first officially filmed double penetration, which was one of many attributes which propelled it to cult status. Although the second film was received more tepidly by most, it still is considered equal if not superior to the original by some few porn hounds of yesteryears. By the time the 80s came around and cheap one day wonders shot on video became the norm, anything with a hint of budget and which was shot on film was regarded as a serious effort in porn productions. With a huge all star cast of the era, DMJ3 also culminated in another bang, a gangbang in hell featuring mega iconic legend Vanessa Del Rio in one of her final scenes. The film ends as Jack Baker and Lois Ayers playing Justine Jones, arriving at an impasse. But something's got to give if we are to have a fourth part of the series, right?

DMJ3 & 4 were both released onto one DVD by the VCA company, which includes very little in terms of bonus features except for text. The transfer to digital is quite spectacular considering how old the film was in context with the DVD release, and is a welcomed addition to anyone's collection, including my own. Granted this isn't the absolute best porn film ever made, but it does hold quite a bit of nostalgic value especially in terms of 80s starlets. Most of these girls (and guys) were the top of the cream of the crop in those days, coming pretty much just after the 1986 TLC FBI bust which left so many producers, directors, and performers fighting for their rights in court. The DMJ franchise continued later onwards in in the 90s when only one Dark Brother remained at the helm, and subsequently also had numerous resurrections in namesake and basic thematics.   But anyhow, I had been working on this post for a long time now, trying to hunt down various material to add to this post before releasing it, but since it'll soon be taken offline due to my eventual censoring off this site, I thought I'd write up a little text here to accompany the images I did manage to find here and there by accident over the years. Surely I have more in storage but I guess that's were it is destined to remain. So until next time, enjoy!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

To be censored a third time.

By this time everyone knows about my numerous censorship(s) online since 2010 or so. To keep it all short (as opposed to my long winded usual self) it appears that no free blog hosting site offers much support nor tolerance with any form of pornography. Apparently in all of their terms of service, they reserve the right to censor you without warning should you violate said terms of service, hence posting porno. This explains why W0rdpr355 and Bl0gg3r have cut me off of their sites and why it is so difficult for me to find a long-term online home. Prior to my blogging, I used to favor discussion boards and forums but they too found me too "unique" to host. When it wasn't the users who ganged up on me with their all too typical haring and flaming and whatnot, it was the administrators who thought my material to be too "sensitive". In essence, no place seems to be safe for the likes of yours truly, and after all these attempts at making a blog or another my online "home", it appears my legacy may be coming to a halt. 

I have been hunting for yet another free blog host website with much ardeur in the past few days, ever since Bl0gg3r warned me my blog would be taken offline from public view on March 23 2015. Now I know to read the fine print when attempting to create a new blog space and so far, most sites offering their blog space appear to also have their own set of strict user restrictions when it comes to posting graphic, obscene porn material. The major ones (hence the two I mentioned so far) may be reputable but are also anti-porn and thus pro-censorship, and have booted me out of their spaces, leaving me to look at smaller scaled sites which, surprisingly enough, for the most part, are also pro-censorship and anti-porno. Of course, those "too goodie good to be true" sites don't tell you this BEFORE you sign up for a free account. So far I actually have my eye on a few other hosts which are not accessible from all computers (read: those sites are blocked at work) so I'll have to dig deeper in their terms of service when at home (more on this in a bit) and of course, there is always that darn Tumblr option.

First off, I have to say I haven't actually been on my home computer in over a week. My own hectic real life seems hell bent on preventing me from accessing my own laptop due to severe time and opportunity restrictions. Yes, I am THAT busy, folks; it's not easy to lead a minimum of two incompatible full time lives in a one 24 hour 7 days a week limited frame. Now onto Tumblr. Perhaps the one which would allow me to blog without being censored in the Tumblr platform but alas, it offers next to ZERO functions when compared to others. At first glance (which indicates that I may need to look further into this) a "post" on tumblr is EITHER a written text OR a single picture OR a single video OR another file (audio or otherwise) OR a link to another site OR a "like" or "share" (re-post). In essence, here is little to no flexibility at all when comparing to the other majors and is obviously designed for the younger, attention deficient youth crowd of the Twitter nation. This would mean a DRASTIC change in my blogging since I would have to really simplify my content. Oh, and Tumblr does not allow comments on posts either, so interaction with you readers would be yet even more truncated!

However I have seen some Tumblrs (from the likes of Miss Hybrid, for example) which have had the ability to post some text as well as more than a single image which would be a grandiose step up from their first view limitations, even if it is a serious step down from all my previous blogging. Aside from a few lesser known blog sites which, as I mentioned, I would need to look deeper into at another time, it would seem that Tumblr would be my best bet in terms of posting and sharing porn online without the usual hassles encountered thus far with W0rdpr3ss and Bl0gg3r.

But my concern is not just content but time as well. I ask you think about all the time I donated to all my three blogs (present one obviously included), all the uploads and sharing and whatnot over the years. As I have mentioned on my posts since Febuary 24 2015 (when I received notice of my being shut down) I do jot feel as though I can pick up and start yet anew, start over or pick up where I left off; my legacy has been so simplified with each censorship that I kept on hoping that this blog here, the one I am about to be booted from, was to be the closest to my ideal of offering a "Pornomicon" streamline, sharing events and material as it happened. It seems I may quite simply not have it in me anymore to gather the strength and energy to re-start all over again. Cripes, I am in a nervous breakdown here, suffering exhaustion to a point when i can actually barely sleep I am so tired all the time. So the idea of allowing my legacy to "fade away" into the ether of nothingness online doesn't seem as bad as it once did. I mean I have made my "point", I have made more than most people do to begin with, and if people forget about everything I've done prior to the internet, after booted out of forums, and after being censored off blogs three times, then maybe it's a sign that I shouldn't really care so much about sharing my porn productions or collections online anymore. 

There is another option. Bl0gg3r did say that my blog would still remain, but rendered un-public, available only to those who are given private access to it. This would mean no more potential future audiences or "outsider" views from those just following a link or by analytic searches and re-directions. However, the "trends" of these big corporations, especially since Thursday February  26 2015 when US congress voted that the internet may simply not be a "user" based service anymore and may in fact not be fully corporate controlled (by cable companies, although actual freedom online has been debatable for ages), is that the companies can opt to cut off an account at a moments' notice using dubious reasons forwarded to them by profit-backing companies who lay claim on copyright laws upon un-copyrighted items. In essence, rich dude "G" decides to submit a copyright infringement on your blog's material, and "poof", the blog and the account gets deleted in the flashiest of flashes. So the option of remaining semi-online with a service-company which seems all too ready to censor my material  and account without much notice seems like asking to be let down eventually, and as an option seems to be quite ludicrous in terms of hoping the continuation of the BBB online legacy.

In closing, options are running quite thin, time is running out, and the future of yours truly as a blogging entity seems to be coming at a halt. I am still looking for a few spaces here and there, reading the fine print, and as I said earlier, there really aren't many spots online to do what it is I do without receiving retaliation from the online world. I do have less than a handful of options left to check out, and if all goes well, I should be able to offer some kind of minimal continuation of my online legacy, although once again it will be quite limited, minimized, and downsized. I urge any and all of you to be careful of your own online activities, and if you know of any space online which I can post freely (both in spirit and on the monetary level) please forward me the information. I will gladly accept any suggestions you may offer!