Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Wish they made these in Bdoll size

It's no secret that ome of the things I have always wanted to "exist" in reality was lingerie, sexy outfits and costumes, and fetish wear in Bdoll sizes. 

Although once in a while you get lucky (although increasingly less as time keeps moving forward unless you shop online, and even then) and can find some dolls with some accesories or clothig which are reminicent of sexy clothes, the manufacturer does not really catter to the mature adult fan base, and even less so for the fetishists ( obviously ). After all, the doll is principally a child's toy and secondary a collectible for adults,  who rarely wish to customize and take their prized possesions out of the original box, less so change their outfits. But thanks to the internet and the more widespread growing doll appreciation, one can find some adult collectors trying to dress up their favorite dolls in different outfits. Sometimes you even find some folks actually crafting custom outfits for their dolls, giving them a whe different allure altogether. In fact some of you may recall how in 2005 I had actually made a series for my BBB called "Katt and Kaylie's Klub" where, inspired by the latex and PVC fashions seen in earlier Private porn DVD movies (especially their Pirate line of films) I actually attempted some makeshift fetish-looking "gear" for my Bdolls. Back then I used pieces of cloth found in discount stores and shiny duct tape like materials which weren't supposed to be glued to dolls, and in fact were quite difficult to remove, which is why I never re-attempt the experience, especially with some of my newer, more impossible to find and replace expensive dolls.

Over the years I have always tried to keep an eye opened for both dolls and seperate clothing packs which would feature items and elements that would be somehow "fetish" or "sexy" to be used in my BBB activities. I would fond some dolls which would come with underwear and stockings and such, or accessories like sexy shows and boots and stuff. However these days, these types of dolls and outfits seem to be getting more difficult to find on the open market (retail stores) in the same vein as more interesting/collectible level dolls. It was not until I started "shopping" on Ebay that Inwas able to find vendors who actually manufactured more lingerie style clothings to the Bdoll size, however these were already extremelly fragile to manipulate, such as puttig on, taking off, and putting on other dolls. 

However true fetish wear for Bdolls is absolutely rare: only the rare few vendors on ebay actually make and sell such items, usually either poorly done or never quite representative of the true hardcore fetish gear. I am actually thinkig of contacting local Montreal fetish clothes and gear designer and manufacturer "Polymorphe" to see how much it would cost to make some of their designs to the Bdoll size. Anyway, I must dash off as we are on a tight schedule today, so I am leaving you with these images of the types of latex/PVC fetish gear and outfits that I wish they would make for the Bdoll size. Can you imagine if one company actually made this as a line of doll clothings you could buy at a reasonable price at the local store? One can always dream, right?

Creampies for Joanna

Time being what it is and opportunities appearing to grow rarer and dimmer, I wanted to remind Joanna P in the UK, the premiere cumslut of the country and the lady who has the biggest, most insatiably real and genuine thirst for cum that I have ever known in real life (easilly beating both Montreal's Carol Coxx and the US' Mona Little Mariposa) that I do not ignore her by choice, and that I actually think about her daily. It is with that spirit that I am sharing here on this blog post a few found creampie and cum on the cunt pictures for her. I hopeshe  likes and that she appreciates these as much as I had fun picking them out for sharing here.

These pictures are, like my previous post, found using my Tumblr profile, which was originay intended to be the replacement blog once this one was censored. Since this blog lives on, then there is no need to work on the other one (as thought I actually had time to do so in the first place!) and so I thought I'd use my Tumblr profile to find these types of pictures and share the love, so to speak. Enjoy, Joanna! I hope some of these will inspire your own continued hunger for man sauce!

I came here for the cum

Good morning everyone, I trust everyone is doing well! So as explained in my previous post, I don't have much time these days to actually work on my blog, even less so using a common computer or laptop, leaving me with only a handful of options to improvised these lite quickies on my phone using material that is usually not necessarily mine. 

In the spirit of attempting to deliver some material for you fine followers to sink your own proverbial porn teeth into, I thought I would share with you these cum pictures I found online recently, more specifically via my Tumblr account. Yes, I have a Tumblr, since I was supposed to switch blogsites yet again, remember? Anyway the censorship is over and I can stay here meaning I don't need to move to Tumblr anymore.

But since I still have my account open over there , I thought I'd use it to "follow" other users I enjoy, and share some of their own findings right here on my blog to spread the wealth, so to speak. And so I am sharing with you great readers a few of these cum pictures I found recently on my Tumblr, a mix of amateur and pro porn alike. Hope you'll enjoy and will stay tuned for more to come! Cheers!