Sunday, May 24, 2015

Name That Doll (the tanned blonde OOAK)

Ladies and gentlemen, those of you who have followed my blog for a while know exactly what this post is all about. It's time to cast your vote in helping me to choose the pornstar name for one of the latest Bdoll additions to the BBB roster! It's quite simple actually, and if you do not know how this works, then allow me to explain! Look at the pictures if the nameless Bdoll, then look at the pictures of the various pornstars and then "vote" for which one(s) you think resembles most our blonde tanned Bdoll  by posting a comment in the comments section at the bottom of the post! It's fast and free and easier than hunting down porn DVD re-releases from 1999!

C A R M E L   M O O R E :

 Carmel Moore is aSussex, England born pornstar who began her career in 2005 up until 2011. Her persian ancestry gives her that extra exotic look, and her darker complexion mixed with her blonde hair seems quite perfect for our un-named Bdoll. What do you think?

S A N D R A   P A R K E R :

Sandra Parker is a Budapest (Hungary, of course!) east european pornstar who, like Carmel Moore, was active between the years 2005 and 2011. Until I saw a a couple of her scenes and my new dark toned blonde Bdoll, I never p[articularly noticed her. However, as I am sure you agree, she seems to be quite befitting of the namesake of our new doll, don't you think?

L O R E N A   A Q U I N O  :

Lorena Aquino started her porn career in 2004 in her native Brazil principally opposite her real life boyfriend. She got the attention of a couple european-friendly directors and soon appeared in a handful of american-distributed scenes. Usually appearing as a brunette, she went as a blonde for a short while. Personally, I find her quite stunning (although these pics don't do her justice) and her latina appeal seems quite representative for our dark-toned Bdoll!

S A M A N T H A   J O L I E :

Here is an absolutely beautiful Slovakian pornstar who went mostly under the radar for the most part even though she's been active since 2009 annd is still going strong! Samantha Jolie has both that fresh look and that air of mystery mixed with her darker-blonde hair color, making her another great contender for our latest BBBdoll addition, don't you agree?

M E L I S S A   B L A C K :

 Czech pornostar Melissa Black has been in my porn stables for quite some time but I never noticed her until came the time to select pornstars for this post. Melissa is one of those unfortunate "B"-listers who more often than not pass under the radar while more common name stars get all the credit. In any case, I find Melissa quite lovely and well deserving of lending her name to our latest Bdoll!

F E R N A N D A   Z O C A L  :

For the first time ever, I am including contenders of Bdoll namesakes to be shemale performers. THe reason si simple, especially in the case of Fernanda Zocal here: a hot brazilian beauty with darker skin tones and dark blonde hair seems a perfect match for our latest Bdoll. At least I thought Fernanda Zocal would proove to be quite perfect for the Bdoll's namesake!

M I S T Y   M I L D :

 The only problem with Hungarian born Misty Mild is how she was blessed with eternal young looks, making her a more perfect teenish waif for today's porn consumers, but behind her girlish looks lied a young woman ripe for blossoming. Her slightly darker shades of blonde have made her a good contender in our race to name our latest BBBdoll!

C E L I A   B L A N C O :

Celia Blanco may not be a household name in north america but is quite the popular model and ex-pornstar in her native Madrid (Spain). Her slightly darker skin tone and blonde hair color seem to make her a perfect namesake for our latest blonde BBBdoll in need of a name, don't you think so?

L I L I A N E   T I G E R :

Here is a european lady which everyone who's followed my blog is well aware of, as czech born Liliane Tiger happens to be one of my prefered brown-eyed blonde performers. Although she may not quite fit the proverbial bill of our yet nameless Bdoll, I will constently try to drop her as a suggestion until we do find the perfect Liliane Tiger doll!

R E B E C C A   M O O R E :

Here is another pornstar which only recently came to my attention and whom I can only describe as a guilty secret pleasure of mine. Hailing from Heathrow in England, Rebecca Moore has become well known in porn circles as the "mother load", or the real deal in terms of more "mature-esque" (i.e. the whole MILF thing factor) performers. I myself just find her impossible to resist and even though she may not quite fit the bill, I had to include her nomination in this name nomination!

A little background on the doll in question, this long-blonde-haired tanned beauty is actually a custom doll! It was modified from various other Bdolls of the "muse" model format with the same skin tone(s) and then had her hair completely re-rooted using yet another doll! The result is effectively a one of a kind unique Bdoll, which I got off of a seller on ebay who seems to enjoy selling off his creations. Although most seemed to be too traditional for my tastes, this one seemed right up my alley and I simply could not resist! She came "naked" and so without a box nor clothes, and thus the outfits you see her posing in these pics are from my own collection!

J a i m i   L e n k o v a  (aka  A n g e l i k a  N e r i) :

There is no surprise here that I would nominate Czech Republic born Angelika Neri to this pageant (of sorts!) even if the pictures here seem to show her with shorter hair and a lighter skin complexion. Angelika/Jaimi is still quite befitting of the namesake of our Bdoll in need of a name and her somewhat less pale skin tone and darker/sandier blonde hair seem to fit the bill quite nicely!

P E A R L   D I A M O N D :

I am nothing if not consistent and Pearl Diamond here, another east european hungarian beauty, comes as no surprise in being a contender for the namesake of our latest Bday. Her slightly darker skin tone and hair color sets her appart from the usual blonde pornstars, much like our latest BBBdoll in need of a name!

B A R B I E   B U C X X X  :

I am including Scottish borth Barbie Bucxxx in this contest even though she is mostly unknown to most and unfortunately did not last long in the business (which is why finding pics and clips of hers is next to impossible!) because she fits the bill quite nicely, with her brown eyes and darker skin tone. Vote for her if you agree!

V I V I   F E R N A N D E Z :

Here is another one of those ladies who passed under the radar for most north americans but who somewhat made a name for herself in her native Brasil. With her heritage, she was endowed with a darker skin tone which makes her another perfect contender for the namesake of our latest blonde Bdoll! Vote for her if you agree!

J A N E   W H I T E H O U S E :

From Lancashire in the UK, Jane Whitehouse began her long-running career in 1997 and became quite a well known performer in both the lesbian and fetish scenes. She more recently dyed her hair black but not all that long ago back when she was still a darker shade of blonde, she seemed to be quite fitting of our new nameless BBBdoll. What do you think?

M Y L E N A   B Y S M A R K :

It comes as no surprise that Brazilian born Mylena Bysmark would turn out to be one of the prettiest shemale pornstars of recent years, and thanks to her heritage ensuring her some of the requirements needed, also seems to be quite the contender for having her name our latest blonde Bdoll! Vote for her if you think so too!

K A T I E   K A L I A N A :

To most north americans, english born and bred Katie Kaliana was another forgettable flash in the pan but to the UK and european residents, she became a permanent pornstar fixture after her return to her native land. Enlarging her breasts surgically and sporting a bleached blonde look (when not dyed a darker shade of brown!), Katie not only looks the part of our latest Bdoll but also fits the older pattern (for those of you from back in the day!) of having her name start with a "K"!

N I C K Y   R E E D :

Prague born Nicky Reed may have started out looking like your ever so typical young post teenish european star but grew into a beautiful young woman. Her somehwta less pale complexion and more recent darker blonde hair tones make her a great possible namesake for our latest BBBdoll! Vote for her if you so happen to agree!

J E S S I C A  M A E :

 Another czech born beauty, Jessica May has been amongst my quiet favorites for some time now, often eclipsed by other name stars but never forgotten nor appreciated when revisited. Her darker blonde hair makes her a suitable candidate for our yet to be named Bdoll, and I invite you all to vote for her if you so happen to agree!

G i n n a   B r i g i t t a :

With only 15 adult film titles to her official legacy, hungary born Ginna Brigitta has that darker look, brown eyed beauty which not only fits the rquirements of our unamed Bdoll, but also happens to fit quite nicely in my own prefered pornstar tastes. Not a common household name, she still is quite the stunner and for that is a good contender to lend her name to our OOAK dark blonde Bdoll!

C o n y   F e r a r r a :

She is a bit of an outcast since she never was one of my personnal favorites; her numerous body tattoos and ever changing hair color (making finding her material to share as a blonde all that more difficult) but I am sure you will agree that this hungarian honey possesses the characteristics required to lend her name to our latest Bdoll!  Vote for her if you agree!

K L A R A   G.  :

The ultimate in terms of anomalous entries in this voting post is Czech pornstar, producer and director Klara G. For you see dear readers, Klara only performs in solo and in lesbian scenes! In essence, there is nothing Buitter-friendly about this lovely lady save for her physical requirements for our un-named Bdoll, as well as fitting the old-school (for those who were fans of the BBB back in 2004-2005-2006 and such!) concept of her first name starting with a "K"! In any case, if you believe our latest BBBdoll should bare her name, you know what to do!

F R A N C E S C A   F E L U C C I :

Francesca Felucci may not be my own prefered choice for our latest BBBdoll in need of a pornstar name but this Czech born lady with her latina-esque looking charms does fit the bill quite nicely with her slightly darker complexion and her "dirtier" looking blonde hair. Vote for her if you think she should lend her name to our latest Bdoll!

So there you have it folks! What do you think our latest custom tanned blonde Bdoll beauty should be called? Just post your choice(s) in the comments section below to help me chose this doll's name! And this time I would like EVERYONE who passes through and glimpses at this post to cast their vote! It's fast and easy and doesn't really take up more of your time, so please go on ahead! And this means you too Joanna in the UK and Miss98 in the USA! I know you ladies aren't much into the pornstars to begin with but that's even better since your suggestions won't be biased by a preconceived preference! Just look at the doll and compare her to the various pornstars pictured throughout this post, and then post your comment with your preferred choice(s)! Yes, it is THAT simple!