Monday, June 29, 2015

Just for you (us) geekers (nerdgasm)

Just for you "nerds" and "geek" types (because there is still a lot of that left in me regardless. Heck I'm going to the C0m1cC0n at the end of the week to meet Eve Myles!). Here's a lovely shot (a great angle as well, might I add!) of UK pornstar Paige Turnah wearing an R2D2 one-piece. More on this lovely adult performer later!

Not quite a preview (I'm just a tease)

I recently got an email from Brian G (the only reader of this blog who actually votes for names whenever I ask you folks to help me chose a pornstar name for my new Bdolls) which got me thinking that I still have a few new things coming up soonish, but as you know the old song and dance, time and constrictions, blah blah! So let me cut to the chase. One of my yet unrevealed new Bdoll acquisitions shan't require a pornstar name because I actually bought that doll specifically because she reminded me so much of this pornstar shown here. And to make matters even more obscure, I won't even say her name here and now, although surely you can deduce who she is. Stay tuned for the official unveiling of the new Bdoll coming up soon, as well as a true, proper blog post about this pornstar!

a SATIVA ROSE CUMpilation!

Just discovered this draft of a post which was supposed to be released months ago, but due to technical problems unforeseen and uncomprehended, it seems the site never published this little post. So here goes; a little Sativa Rose cumshot compilation found online, share with you all for fun! Enjoy!

 |Below: the infamous Winston Burbank mega facial on Sativa Rose; one of the best of all time!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Kind of like an update

Friday July 10 2015:
Loads of things keep happening nonstop and there is just nay enough time to catalog it all, let alone just reporting on it. By now all the C0m1cC0n hooplah has been at least mentioned and by today's standards, already considered old news, and even that was in order for me to provide y'all with at least some sense of entertainment. But what else has been happening? With my own failing memory and a serious lack of time (which has increased due to increasing amounts of MD RVs & more sleep disorders/fragmentation resulting in obvious exhaustion) it is difficult for me to be able to offer some kind of narrative, let alone one which makes linear congruity! But I am certain everyone is well awake of the "sabotage" to our preferred forms of expression and communication, and that further redundant explications are not necessary!

Well today I leave the office at 14h00 but if I play my cards right, I will have actually done my whole work day by sheer amount of work hours performed! Indeed, coming in the office at 06h30 and skipping all lunch and naps, means that by 14h00 the required 7 & 1/2 work hours registered on the electronic time keeping table program will be achieved! I have yet another MD RV today (and another tomorrow on Saturday in a private facility) this time my bi-annual follow-up of blood work and such, where my doctor enjoys telling me I eat too much and am too fat, thinking that by age 44 with not enough sleep nor time for pleasant activities that I can lose weight at the drop of a hat. Thing is he's also getting extra data requested by the sleep clinic's specialist concerning both the thyroid gland and the possibility that I am also a rare form of narcoleptic, and not simply suffering from sleep apnea. As for tomorrow I have again a busy day starting with a 4-hour (or so) MD RV at a private facility concerning the purchase and fitting of a sleep apnea machine. Last time (over the past months) it was a rental I had, but now it's the official fitting and purchase of the machine which is supposed to last me for the rest of my life! Oh and guess what! The clinic is having a two for one special on apnea masks! That's right folks; buy one sleep apnea mask at regular price and get a second one of equal or lesser value absolutely free! It's no joke, actually, and even I thought it quite ridiculously exaggerated when I read about it. After this fitting and stuff my wife is to drop me off on the west island part of the 514 where I am to continue filming for that full length feature film I am playing in, which started months ago. I have to say I can not wait for this to be over because I haven't shaved my beard in two weeks and I seriously need to shave and trim it! When I look at myself in the mirror and i see just how scruffy I look, I am reminded of the modern hipster neo bear look which is so in right now and makes me quite uncomfortable. Well first of all it was only time until the bear look became trendy as society hasn't any ideas left as to how to sell and market new hip looks for the kids of today. Secondly I never was one to have a full beard for long even though my skin is so sensitive that shaving is painful. But it'll be a good pain tomorrow evening after the shoot when I shave off 60% of this beard. I don't know if there's more of me required for the film, but if memory serves right, there is still another scene to be shot. 

Aside from that well there's always the numerous medical appointments which should prove to be quite boring to talk about (and I do believe I have talked about this enough as is), and of course the usual routine adult responsibility things which seems to dominate so much of one's time. It got me thinking about how can subs serve their masters 24/7 without holding down full time jobs? Unless of course being a sub means they are paid for it, and THAT is their day jobs! Or maybe food, lodging, rent, bills, and taxes are paid by the sub who in turn is fed, "clothed", and allowed a place to sleep and to protect themselves from the elements. If not, then one has to wonder where do these subs get their pay cheques from in order to be able to both spend full days and nights under the servitude of their masters as well as find time for work which pays the bills. I can not seem to be able to get a straight answer from doms as it were for most of them are only interested in perpetuating the image of their total control over their slaves as a full time occupation. Now you see, THAT I can understand because rich white haired or bald corporate managers and directors have the money to pay to be humiliated and dominated by the best and most expensive of them, given them their hard-earned paycheques. So being a dom is actually a job, and maybe even a career for some, but being a sub seems awfully odd to be able to just be at their master's whim at any given moment. Of course if I may segway elsewhere for a moment, if rich corporate backstabbing pigs have the money required to pay to be dominated by pros, what about the low-leveled employees who can barely pay for their medical insurance? Is there a discount sexual service available for those making a salary 10 titles less than that of the corporate bigwigs? And if not (let's be honest, discount sexual services are but a myth!) then maybe, just maybe, it offers up a bit inside the hidden and unconscious side of the psyche of sexual terrorists and rapists? Don't misread me; I'm totally against rape and non-concentual abuse, but could the fact that the lower-end low-income work force having no recourse to explore their own sexual  curiosities and fantasies be some kind of element involved in the whole sexual abuse as an actual method reasoning? Anyway, returning to the original point my friends, I am not actually paid for anything I enjoy in this life. In fact, what I enjoy is costly and can only be afforded by working a soul sucking and energy consuming job for most of my conscious time which also has as an added bonus (as opposed to a bonus of a monetary nature which hasn't happened since I've been kidnapped and sold to the Empire) to render me "lifeless" and tired, exhausted with little ability to concentrate anymore. It is frightening to see what two years stuck in the dead end job of the Empire (while their slogans and propaganda which you have most surely been exposed to at one time or another, proclaim the exact opposite) has an effect upon my being. Resistance is quite hard but there is no alternative, for there is nothing to which I can actually give into except spending more time at work (without monetary compensation) and spending more time outside of work with the work people. But in Terms of "giving into" the Empire, there is nothing, not even the empty promises of promotions or raises. When I mean a dead end job, I do mean the end of the proverbial line without possibility of parole, save of course for he ever corporate-friendly un-necessary changes in just about every area of this company, as well as more work being piled onto the daily charges. Friends, when you see or hear about some huge corporate company's welfare and good will and efforts and employee respect and programs, don't believe the beautifully packaged and presented media promises. These are to lure you in with charm and suaveness, only to eat at you slowly like the frog in a saucepan where the heat is slowly brought up to a boil!

Looks like my thyroid gland is still out of whack. So they upped my dosage but since I can only miss so many "days" from work due to medical reasons (don't believe their propaganda about the benefits for their employees) I'll still be using the old medication until I run out before getting the new prescription with the new dosage. Anyway I haven't gained any weight which is a good sign, even though I feel i am doing way too much exercise for the little benefits which I obviously can not see. I skipped my noon time nap today so I feel quite groggy and thus my thoughts are having some difficulty making their way into written form at this time. Apologies extended of course. Apparently Hydra (the Empire, the company I work for) have done some kind of entrapment on me a while back when Human Resources interviewed me about my un-happiness at work. Turns out, as i am sure I have mentioned sometime, somewhere on this blog, when they invited me to their offices with the promise of confidentiality (another false promise as I have discussed concerning how my mental and emotional issues were not kept in confidence) that they were actually building a dossier against me, something which I was not aware of until my return from Bermuda. Anyway, the point is that THAT is perhaps the only "proof" you require to have to showcase that the Empire is in fact Hydra; entrapment. Yes, yes I know you are tired of hearing these boring stories about corruption and hypocrisy and such, but instead of reading my thoughts as rants, think of them more as  of precautionary words of (out of time, to be continued)

Thursday, June 25, 2015

More wisdom from within toilet stalls

Bitching and bragging seem to be the natural course and state of being of humans living in the capitalistic cut throat business corporate north america. I seem to see people principally being vocal about these subjects, i.e. the complaining of any sort or the selfish expression of the over-valuation of one's rather typically standardized daily existence. It does have a flair of narcissism if you look closer as both matters are quite centered around the self of the person doing the oral (or written, or electronic) expression. I admit I am not immune to this at all as I too find myself struggling daily to resist both the drama of being unsatisfied with the state of being as well as imagining my own existence as worthwhile. While I tend to over brag about my prowesses as both a means to place value and to comfort myself as well as a form of not-so subtle blatant "bacon grease and thick fat juices" humor (a type which I find so extravagant that I can not imagine anyone taking it seriously, until I open Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and the ilk, and realize self importance and immediate gratification through the over exposure of the self and the psycho-emotional instabilities of the narcissism of selfies is today's standard), I also stumble into the ease of complaining about everything. I do realize that being negative and to bitch and whine is far easier than the other more positive alternatives, trying to keep one's chin high and vibrant with nature's original vitality is quite a challenge and often more difficult than it seems. This morning what dragged me down when i arrived at the office at 06h35 was when I discovered that someone else in the department I work for went ahead and said that a medical copy of a client's file would be ready by morning; this morning to be precise, when I myself clearly never attached any timeframe for this task when I accepted it yesterday at 16h00. Essentially a person decided that my cool and calm acceptance of this task would mean that I would be able to complete it under a more than record beating amount of time. Obviously I was on the verge of infuriating myself upon having read said email, but I simply repeated to myself that I work in "this" environment and the people here are simply not realistic, and that the Empire is a fascist regime which was able to brainwash most people with their propaganda. And that there was no point in replying to said email since they would either misinterpret it completely or (at best) not understand. I repeated to myself that things just are, that things are just the way they are and that is that, there is nothing I can do about anything, especially about peoples' views and perceptions, even more so from within the fascist innards of the Empire. It would be like asking a dog to stop barking when someone's at the door; the dog won't stop because it's in its nature and it was programmed in such a way, and also it really does not understand when you speak human to it! It's like trying to explain the basics of quantum physics to a high-school student: he'll just drop his head and play his video games while listening to today's rap pop music instead. It is important to try to let go of the evils and negativity of the world of today. This evil is everywhere, it is all consuming, does not discriminate, and is never satiated. It will engulf you the moment you allow it and will continue to try to get to you at every single step. It is therefore important to try to disassociate yourself with this aspect of modern north american culture, to fortify your resistance and to de-sensitize yourself as much as possible (although it is hard when sensibility is a medical condition). Maybe some of you reading this won't fully grasp what I am trying to convey as a message here, but even at that it is OK: just don't give in to the hate plaguing the people and the world, opt instead for love and inner peace, far more rewarding in the long run but more difficult on a minute by minute basis; spread the love and resist the evils of corporate fascism. It's not easy (believe me when I say that even I fell prey to their propaganda on more than a singular occasion!) but you have to realize that the other way involves your own sacrifice to the money-power-hunger machine of modern capital. They'll feed you their carefully constructed words which almost sound humane and smile and appeal  to your humanity and sensibilities but the moment you lend them your hand, they'll eat you up like the cattle fodder you are to them! Listen to me as I too appear to be preaching beautiful resistance and revolutionary words of caution and inspiration-this makes me as horrible as "them". Perhaps the difference lies strictly in the fact that I do not have the Empire's welfare as my main objective, but rather, the spawning of love and respect instead of power and profit. Still, Robin Hood I am not nor do I aspire to be! Allez, time for me to return to the game and put on my fake face and play pretend (as I can not keep hiding in these toilet stalls forever!). 

Wow: my "noon"-time nap today was so deep I actually had a small dream! Now that's a deep snooze, one which will hopefully make me feel more invigorated later when I attempt to stay up and have a few drinks with my wife! On a good note, there's a UK lady who's online presence has made some folks quiver with sexual arrousal and the inability to sit still, especially in the horror domain. She's totally a DIY person and has been trying to get together like minded folks able to come up and produce content on the amateur scale for the longest time, but as you can perhaps imagine, she's been shut down more often than you can recall how many times you yourself masturbated in your life! Anyway as it is often the case with the independent circuit, she got tired of the flakes, the wanna-bes, and the delays of waiting on others and decided to do her own thing. To make this already elongated story shorter (or at least to prevent it from dwelling into unjustifiable lengths) I accepted her offer to be a contributor of sorts, even if at this point nothing has been decided on any point nor has any role been assigned. However I have always been a grand supporter and fan of just about anything independent and subversive (bordering on the sociopathic and anarchic side even though I am a dedicated follower of the true origins and nature of laws and regulations as opposed to the continually evolving capitalistic corruption and fascist takeover of such) and am always interested in lending my own "talents" to the cause, knowing full well that often the efforts put into such heartfelt projects are never (or rarely) met with any rewards, monetary, emotionally, or otherwise. I had a friend who for the longest time kept on asking what was the point to being a part time "artist" if there is no compensation nor recognition for what it is we do? And I simply told him the created artform was the whole point and if one believes it should be showered by the monetary recognition of modern society then the meaning of the art is lost and rendered meaningless, not even taking into account the artist him/herself and what such frivolous goals say about their devotion to the medium. In other words, the art you create is its own reward and you must do it for yourself and not for public acceptance or otherwise. I do believe the message was understood as from that point on, he kept on doing his own DIY noise (not music) regardless of the fact he was not paid in any way for his years as an audio crafter. Using that as a reference, one could say the same about me, since I have been doing similarly (for a substantially longer amount of time no less!) and monetary compensation never came up in the Almost 30 years I have been writing and performing music, let alone actual recognition. Add to this today's world of instant gratification and non-attention spans being bombarded and only interested in what is trending this minute, and there is no way in reality that folks with true artistic integrity will ever be noticed nor appreciated at their just value. Fads come and go, kids guy Netflix Itunes MP3s of the latest hot pop rap song and then disposes of it 30 seconds later when something new is promoted via their limited media-machines. The underground is shrinking and shriveling, sinking deeper into the abyss of the discontinued dinosaur eras, becoming more obsolete by the minute as the hardcore supporters keep on refusing the modern technologies, thinking their 0.0001% boycott of the latest Samsung phone will actually make any difference, while those who buy new iPhones every week just keep on supporting the modern worldwide power-money-hungry conglomerates, making their stock holders richer by the moment while the artists are left to pay their rent working for peanuts at the local food market, wallowing in complete obscurity as the hundreds of drones they pass by everyday would never for a second imagine they actually possesses some kind of creative integrity. Wow, looks like I allowed my thought to run rampant yet again, ranting and raving hidden away in the only place I actually have any privacy in this workplace, the toilet stalls!