Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Happy birthday JOANNA!

Yes, today (July 29th, 2015) is perhaps the most important birthday of this blog (well, perhaps aside from my own, but today isn't about me!), and for those of you who have been regular readers of my previous three incarnations of my blog(s) will clearly recall that today is in fact the birthday of non-other than Joanna herself, the once UK porn film performer (from days long gone) and one of the most lovely and cum-eager and hungry ladies ever to grace the face of the earth! It is true my fellow readers, I kid you not; in all my (long!) years of sexual experiences and porn "ins and outs" (pun highly tongue in cheek!) I have never met any woman ever to have such an appetite for male spunk! Now maybe to many folks that would make her nothing more than a slut, but in comparisson when you look at males constantly racking up notches on their bed posts, "collecting" (if you will) an amount, or a number of sexual "conquests", the term slut applies just as well! But anyway, today is all about Joanna, and this is her birthday post, and I hope you folks will enjoy this little blurb I have just made up almost at the last moment (due to time constraints and blah blah blah; no need to repeat the old song and dance, right?).

Now the most important thing to mention about today's birthday is how I had a very special private birthday clip for Joanna. I had shot it a little while ago (although not long ago considering how far behind I am in my BBB editing|!) to make sure I had timne to edit it and send it off to her via email on time. Trouble is that in my ever-expanding archives of BBB and Joanna footage, I seem to have misplaced the entire folder containing the very clip! This is a bit of a personnal disaster for me because, and I haven't told Joanna about this yet, but surely she will read all about it on this very blog, but this "missing" clip in question also happened to feature one of my biggest and most explosive loads captured in 2014 (and perhaps even 2013!). In fact, as far as memory serves me right, it would easily be one of the five largest loads I have ever shot in my 11 years of self-shooting (pun unintentional!) porn! And that my dear readers, is saying something! So since I seem to have temporarly misplaced that particular clip, I actually went out (or rather, stayed in!) and shot another little clip especially for Joanna's birthday, just to make sure I have something new and fresh for her to wake up to on her birthday morning!

Of course I could not simply leave it at that, because I would have felt as though I made a cheap cop-out, so as an added extra bonus, I also edited TWO more private sessions I have in my archives for Joanna! One of these is simply a bonus Giga improvisation session(s) I shot a while back in-between Giga-rags. I know Joanna would be sad to think my pee would simply go to waste down the drain, but as mentionned to her, these clips are like a "bonus" of sorts, and so shouldn't be thought as a waste but as an added thrill! And to complete the package, I also stumbled upon an even older session which I thought was long edited and sent out to Joanna, but all points lead to believe that it fell through the proverbial cracks and hasn't been unearthed until "now", just in time for Joanna's birthday today! So that's three times the fun, and twice the cum for the UK's absolute premiere cumslut for her special sticky day!

So have yourself a wonderful birthday Joanna! I know you have something special planned tonight with your boyfriend and maybe some of his lucky guy friends as well, so gom on ahead and enjoy your birthday as best you can! In the meantime, for the rest of our readers here, these are pictures and excerpts of those three sessions I described above in the previous paragraphs, images which can be posted publicly all the while protecting Joanna's online anonymity, of course! I also included a couple pictures of my MiniJoanna Bdoll for added flavor, because she is in fact the Bdoll version of the real Joanna! So guys, if you can, please pull your trousers down and drop a nice gooey load in honor of Joanna out there; I am certain she will appreciate and love the extra spunk you give her for her special day! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

(below: the cumshots and some pee from the three aforementionned Joanna private clips, edited and censored (re-framed & such) to protect her anonymity!)

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The day I met Eve (C0m!cC0n pt3)

On Friday July 3rd 2015 I went to the Montreal C0m1cCon as my "numerous" previous posts mentioned, principally to present my brother's short film from 2014 as part of the HorrorFest, and of course to meet Welsh actress Eve Myles during her first ever, and possibly only Quebec area visit. Details on this are in my previous and related posts, so for now, let's just enjoy these pictures my wife took as I was engaging Ms Myles in a little conversation. 
Above: here she is reacting to something I was talking about.

Above: here is is signing a DVD I brought in which she played an important role.

Above: and here she is after I mentioned I was married (just kidding!)

What are "unicorn" Bdolls? (Explained)

After the "unicorn" post about the Athena Bdoll (check it out if you haven't already), I thought it would be a good idea to give other examples of other very "unicorn"-esque Bdolls which would also fit the bill in varying levels  of intensity. Much like a who's who of wishlists, seeing as how it is next to impossible to keep any type of actual online wishlist up to date, and also seeing as how it is always quite pleasant for Bdoll fetishists to share their love and appreciation for the objects of their desires with other similar- minded folks, here are a few examples of such Bdoll "unicorns" in no particular order, in Order to give you an idea of what objects of my lust look like! 

The Scarlet Macaw:
She appears to have the head mold of my Fiona Bdoll, with obviously more detailed and captivating makeup/paint, as well as a model muse body type which may not seem the best for Bdoll fetishists but offers a more realistically human body frame.

Not to be mistaken with the Dolls of the World Queen of the Nile nor the Elizabeth Taylor Cleopatra doll, this one ranks high up there in the "unicorn" wishlist due to its facemold, makeup/paintjob, and general physical characteristics!

Goldfinger Pussy Galore:
Although her eyes are not the usual preference I go for, the Pussy Galore Goldfinger Bdoll has a distinct feature found in only about a half dozen other Bdoll models, most of which are also collectible items, and that is of a slight variation in the muse body to feature slightly larger breasts! This may not seem apparent at first sight but apparently the tits are a bit bigger!

Ferrari (2005):
Unfortunately a very high-priced rare collectible, this beautiful brunette has many elements going for her to be another Butter wishlist. Designed with meticulous detail in subtle fashion sense (without many artifices nor "loud" gimmicks to attract attention) she's the simple yet highly effective beauty. Would have been a great addition to the earlier (2005-2006) era of the BBB!

The Goddess Of The Galaxy:
Part of a few other "cosmic"-flavored collectible dolls, each with its own distinct style and each being of delightfully sexy stature, the Goddess of the Galaxy is the closest to Butter perfection from this collection (although the Empress of the Aliens is quite fantastic as well!) not just with her perfect form and paint/makeup but also for her accessories/outfit and rare head/face mold not often used on many doll models.

The Corvette (in 3 outfit color variants) 2009
This beauty is something special for being a blonde, she actually does attract my attention. Her muse body coupled with her two straight arms make her a sexy doll, especially with that gorgeous face and paint job. She originally came in three outfit colors: red the most common, followed by yellow being less available, and finally pink being the rarest, did I mention the latex/vinyl sleek look of the outfit? A very delicious doll indeed!

The Brunette Reunion Tour 2010
I gasped with shock when I found out how much people were asking for this doll online. Apparently she is part of a very rare collection, one which I myself was not aware of until moderately recently. Her distinguishing features are the eyebrow mold giving her a stern dominatrix-like glare, coupled with a tattoo design surrounding her left eye, a very uncommon detail for non-fantastic (as in fantasy) doll model. She reminds me a bit of the DC Catwoman doll (the one in complete latex-vinyl outfit), another rare collectible doll worth mentioning.

The brunette Harley Davidson (part of a 2-pack) 2010
There has been many Harley Davidson dolls manufactured over the years (decades) and only a few grabbed my attention beyond that of their outfits (who doesn't like the biker chick look on a Bdoll?). While the blonde with pink chaps came dangerously close to making this list (and probably still could if some variants had less wide eyes), it is the raven-black-haired doll with a beige ensemble as an outfit (who comes as part of a two-pack with a Ken doll) which takes the prize. Not as pretty as the Sarah Twain or Simone Style types of doll, she still has that extra little something that most dolls miss. Too bad she did not come with the blonde's clothing/chaps and upper back biker tattoo!

Glinda the good witch Fantasy Glamour
As far as I can tell, she has yet to be released at this point, meaning of course that as I am writing this, she is still in the pre-ordering phase from the manufacturer. By not having seen a true version of this doll (only publicity prototypes) I may be jumping the gun/shark by putting her on this list but so far what I have seen seems quite Buttery pleasant. But why oh why don't they make these muse dolls with straight arms?

On Location: Milan
These beautiful high-priced collectible packages came in a few versions to represent specific world areas. One of these was available at a store (now long disappeared, both the store and the doll) ages ago but I never bought it since I thought the $50 asking price was too steep. This Milan variant is part of my wishlist because the skin tone of the doll is fantastic, her body is of the muse design and she has a "Lara" face mold with superb makeup. The result? A gorgeous Bdoll I wish I'd own!

On Location: South Beach
Here is another one of the On Location collection, and yes, another highly expensive and quite rare doll as well. The main reason for my attraction is of course the face and paint/makeup job, which makes this Bdoll a very beautiful one and quite fetching. Other dolls exist with similar construct and face molds but again, in true words of the doll  fetishist, not exactly like this one!

On Location: Barcelona
Is it me or does this doll have a more european flair than the "South beach" one? Yet another in the On Location series, here is another blonde which oddly has quite the grasp on my attraction. Many other dolls have that face/head mold but most of these are differently painted resulting in less effective beauty (in the eye of this beholder) which is why this particular doll is so effective!

Moulin Rouge 2011
Don't ask me why nor to try to analyze the reasons behind this, but this doll just works. The outfit is obviously quite fetching in itself, even if the style as it is is nothing close to my personal real life preferences, although it must be the whole burlesque motif which is so effective. Come to think of it, I don't see why I put this particular doll in my "unicorn" list and frankly, maybe she does not belong here, but still one has to come to realize she is a very beautiful doll nonetheless! 

Blond Diamond 2012
She came to my attention mostly by accident and was amongst those "substitutes" back when I was trying to find an affordable "Michelle B" (or rather the Versace) doll. Another gorgeous blonde muse model with a great head mold and eyes/paint/makeup, she apparently comes in a few variants, which I was not aware of until recently.  

The Blonds
Here's another I had my eye on when I was looking into the Versace and the Versus dolls (so the Michelle B and the Savannah Bdolls!) when both of these were out of my reach. Last time I went to NY and to FAO Schwartz they actually had a The Blonds doll in store for sale at $250 or so (I forget). Although very similar to the Versace doll in terms of mold and model, she isn't quite as spectacular, but comes darn near close and that's why I added her to the list here. 

Greek Goddess: Wisdom
Well I do believe that according to the manufacturer's incarnation o the legend, Athena was the goddess of wisdom amongst many other things. Anyway, the americanization of greek mythology is always up for re-interpretation, and whatever way you look at it, the Goddess series featured gorgeous dolls in excellent paint/makeup and head molds, right up my preference's alley. If it weren't for the price, well you know the story by now, right? 

Greek Goddess: Beauty
Another one in the Greek mythology goddess series, this one should be the Aphridite doll to most, but again, she's but the goddess of beauty here and not love as Aphrodite. Again I must digress, and just like her counterpart in the Wisdom department, is another flawless gorgeous rendition of a doll. Rare and highly collectible, she ranks up there with the non-affordable lot!

Greek Goddess: Aphrodite
Not part of the other greek goddesses series, Aphrodite was released on her own, or at least part of the Medusa-Athena-Aphrodite (non)lot, and is like her semi-counterparts, a most exquisite beauty. Granted she is a blonde doll but has perfect makeup/paint as well as a gorgeous dress and head mold. I'm not sold on the hairdo but that isn't always the most important of details. Very rare, and therefore very expensive!

The Jazz Baby series
Well since I did put the Moulin Rouge doll in this list, I thought I should also mention the Jazz Baby series, or at least a few members of the series. A very uncommon series featuring dolls with wigs (yes, some are actually bald dolls meant to wear and exchange wigs!) and pre-posed body parts, the clothing and accessories as well as the detail put into the design of these dolls is quite impressive. Not quite "unicorn"-ish in the grander design of things but ranking high up there in the deliciously desired!

Limited Canadian-only release Inuit Spirit
Now here's one you can literally bank on not seeing on a regular basis. Even I, a canadian, was not aware of this Canadian market exclusive highly collectible and sought after doll. Although not a model muse body mold, her head-face-makeup paint job is astounding and incredibly amazing. Unfortunately this doll was destined to become a rarity and reserved strictly to folks into collecting expensive items, and that is why this doll stays in the "unicorn" category. I must point out though that she would have been quite perfect on a model muse body with the straight arms.

Spirit Of The Earth
They manufactured about three native "spirit" dolls for this series and then of course added the Inuit limited edition one (as discussed above). Other spirits include "water" and "air", and although they are all equally gorgeous and precise in their details, it is the "earth" doll which grabbed my interest strictly on the look of the doll itself. I have on a couple of occasions mentioned how this very expensive collector's item would be my Jenaveve Jolie Bdoll even if Ms Jolie is of southern american heritage while the doll is meant to emulate the northern "amerindien" natives, but the general feel of the doll is very Jenaveve-esque. Also this one would have benefitted to be built on a muse body mold, in my opinion! 

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The unicorn Bdoll has been found (finally!)

In a late 90s/early Y2K remake of a film from the 70s, a car thief refers to the one type of car, a specific make and model and year of production, as his "unicorn"; the one car he was never able to steal. It is with this in mind that I too use the "unicorn" expression, not as a descriptive to the fantastic creature of fables but as the penultimate dream, or rather the ultimate wish in the wishlist and such. Think of, say, "Asswoman In Wonderland" for my "unicorn" Tiffany Mynx film, or "Loadman Cometh" volumes 1 & 2 for Peter North films, or even "I Am Desire: The True Story Of Julia Black" for both North and Mynx together (these are made but as examples!). In the bdoll world, "unicorns" are somewhat many but rather consistent and long-running. This reminds me of the Byron Lars Charmaine King Bdoll bought months ago, a "unicorn" in the dark skin toned ebony dolls which simply had no equal: all others simply were unequal substitutes, and in the end, no one other doll could actually come close to that particular one's unique color and design. So now to focus on the Bdoll at hand, let's take a look at the Athena Bdoll; a very unusual doll to begin with, obviously designed for the adult collector and deffinitely not for kids due to its design and detailed work. Released in a very limited run, quickly selling out and never  seen offered by online collectors under $400, this doll falls under that category of unrealistic dolls, with the palest possible skin tone ever designed by the manufacturer, giving it the effect of an out-worldly creature not of this earth nor human in origin. Very few dolls have inherited this skin tone, as it is too "alien" like to appeal to anyone looking for something more realistic in their dolls. Now as you can imagine, I fell in love with this doll a long way back but obviously could never afford it due to its absolutely ridiculous asking price: collectors knew  that the scarce availability of this model would mean that true collectors would be ready to pay ridiculous amounts of money for it, and so it always remained off limits to me. The closest I ever came was a Hard Rock Cafe doll meant to emulate the gothic variant of musicians, as one particular doll of that series had that paler-than pink skin tone color, the same as the Athena doll. For months I would humor myself on and off again about purchasing this Hard Rock doll as a "consolation" prize for my Athena "unicorn". But I always resisted the urge to purchase her because the whole "Charmaine King" situation was still ringing in my consciousness and if I were to purchase the Hard Rock Cafe doll as consolation, the need and craving, the desire to one day get my paws onto that Athena doll would still be strong. Please allow me to skip to the point. While some past Bdolls like the Princess of the Nyle (which I baptized as Kanika for those of you who may not recall!) have their values increase now (trending at $150 as of July 7th as opposed to the $40 or so that I paid for mine), others seem to have their initial monetary asking prices fall lower than anticipated. Athena as it were now started falling more towards the $350 and even the $300 range. A few days ago I spotted one going for $250 and asked why the price was lower than most, only to be answered by the seller that he had removed his doll from the box to display it, but the doll and box and accessories were all in excellent condition. This made me start to consider purchasing Athena since I wouldn't keep her in a box anyhow. But then, by sheer dumb luck, yesterday I spotted one Athena from another seller, still sealed and everything , going for $185USD. At first I contacted the seller to ask what was wrong with the doll and it turned out nothing but some minor damage to the original box. The same seller was also selling for the same price the even rarer Cleopatra doll, however that one had watchers and a bit already upon it, whereas Athena was, up until that point as we say, scott free. I waited until about 20-30 seconds before he end of the auction and placed my minimal bid, and watched as the longest final 20-30 seconds of an auction began ticking away. When the timer stopped, and the page reloaded, a message appeared on the screen: "You won this auction"...! Oh my friggin' Holiest of Holy! Can you believe it? Athena for less than $200! (The Cleopatra one which I entertained the idea of purchasing as well was sold for $199, after a short 3 bid war at the last moments). Of course, shipping and import charges will push the final cost of this doll over $185 but still; compared to the usual $300+ asking price for this beauty, it's quite a good price! As I am writing this, the auction ended but a mere 4 hours ago, and I haven't paid for the doll nor has it been shipped to me yet (obviously!) but I guess I was just too excited to keep my enthusiasm contained! Athena, pretty much my "ultimate" unicorn of modern "muse" model Bdolls of the "unrealistic" frames, will soon join the BBB! I mean even though you may not like the doll, or even if you don't understand the fuss about specific dolls over others, surely you can appreciate the seemingly impossible or rather highly improbability of this situation, right? Anyway I have rambled on enough. The photo is a stock image found online and not the actual doll I will end up having, and I am actually contemplating having Athena be cum-free like the Azkadelia Bdoll. But whatever happens, stay tuned as more details evolve! Sorry I just could not contain my enthusiasm here! Athena! By Zeus I think I've got it!

Monday, July 6, 2015

The C0m1cCon (514 in 2015)

The 2015 Montreal C0m1cC0n was the biggest one they had so far in terms of guests and celebrities (compared to previous years of the 514 edition for the event) and was yet another one I was not supposed to attend. When my wife started announcing guests, I was waiting to be impressed since my geekhood and nerdgasm has changed over the years. Recall that I went through all of that ages ago back when C0m1cCons were a few dozen comic book vendors stuck in a Holiday Inn conference room, and if you were lucky, one semi-obscure comic book artist would show up for sketches and autographs. So of course now that these fests have growth to a size at least equal and comparable to Ottawa and Toronto (forget about the size of the San Diego ones which are still the top of the tops), my own enthusiasm has somewhat shrank since I stopped following the geek culture years ago, at least in the sense of how much in tune I was as compared to what I am today. Granted there's still a side of me that enjoys some elements of the Star franchises (Trek and Wars), as well as quite a host of other lines of the genre, but nothing like the geeks of today, who are into the mixture and mash-up of asian cinema, manga and anime, videogames, and the various cable-only TV shows as well as the iconic legends of the fold, mixed in with some horror and fantasy from popular shows and such. In essence I am far from a true geek since I had to grow up and in doing so, had to make choices as to what I was able to afford, to give time and effort into mental and emotional involvement, and how I was to occupy what little of my dwindling free time I was able to donate. So compared to today's teens who grew up on the modern Y2K CGI superhero films, I'm not just like a grandpa, but also perhaps just a wannabe. But let's move along now that the proper introductions have been set!
Above: the "pretty much" all-access pass I had for the 3-day event!

Above: female mandalorian bounty hunters.

Above: a fully functional full-sized remote controlled K-9

Above: two cosplayers who ended up giving me their business cards!
Above: don't blink; one of the few weeping angels roaming the con over the weekend
Above: in real life this Mystique costume was impressive and effective!
Above: Spider-Man versus Doctor Octopus
My wife would tell me on a weekly basis for the past months who were the guests confirming for the C0m1cC0n this year. In my own humble (ahem) reactions I would be pleasantly surprised but not quite wow-ed due to the previous paragraph's explanations. It was not until she mentioned the appearance of actor Jeffrey Combs that I actually manifested some interest. But still, why spend, say, $50 for an entrance ticket and then spend $60 for an autograph just to spend 20 seconds alongside this actor whom I enjoyed loving and hating when I was growing up back in the late 80s and early 90s? Then my wife told me that Welsh actress Eve Myles would be there, and that pretty much changes everything. Yes, John Barrowman was also confirmed and he too was his first time in Montreal, as was other Dr Who related actors like Karen Gillian and Billie Piper. But again, it was Eve Myles which made me almost, and I do mean so close, to actually purchasing a ticket to go spend more money to get a chance to meet her in person. But as the fates would have it (or rather by the sheer unpredictable chaOtic nature of the universe we are aware of) my brother's short film was to be presented at the Con as part of the Montreal HorrorFest 2015 which screened horror shorts from around the world all day on Saturday July 4th. This allowed 4 people from the cast & crew (limited to actors, director and DOP) to get free "conference-er" all access passes for all three days at the C0m1cC0n. So there you have (had) it: no reason to NOT go and meet Eve Myles and Jeffrey Combs and whatever else, with of course the added bonus of being able to be there for another big screen showing of my brother's film. 
Above: a Joker interpretation with his very lovely companion (oh yes she was!)

Let's get into the actual meat of the matter, shall we? Last Friday the 3rd was the first day if the Con and I ducked out early from work to pick ip my badge at the fest, entering before everyone else (well before general admission) and go to the screening of my brother's film. I also roamed a bit throughout the merchants, saw a bit where the stars would be showing up for their autographs and the like. Of course I also took as many pictures as I could of the cosplayers (costume players) even if my camera's batteries kept dying (yes I brought a few spares!) and the flash would be incredibly unco-operative. I must say that with all my public blogging against the modern objectification of women in today's society through media and the like, I admit that looking at female costume players is quite stimulating. Some I applaud their audacity and tenacity at crafting their own costumes and the sheer guts it takes to wear them (although like Halloween, Com1cC0ns are one of the rare times where girls can dress up as sluts and harlots and not be socially judged in their everyday lives), while others I just find quite pleasing to the eyes. In any case, I tried to get pictures of as many of those who seemed approachable as I could ( you could tell some were snobs who wouldn't be disturbed by mister no one) but I also had to be able to do it quickly and move in and out without taking up too much time or space even if my camera refused to work properly (as it seems to always do in such situations).
Above: The Hawks (Hawkman & Hawkwoman) take a break from posing for the cameras
My wife joined us (my brother, the director, two other actors from the film and myself) a few hours later where we parted ways and then we (my wife and I) roamed a wee bit around until I got to meet Jeffrey Combs and get his autograph as well as speak to him a bit in a personal manner, which we then followed by going to his Q&A  where he answered in great detail all questions asked by his fans who showed up. After this my wife and I went back to the autographs place where I met Eve Myles. I actually was her very first north american fan she would meet that weekend, during her first trip to Montreal. I tried not to geek out too much because, well after all, she was the main reason why I agreed to show up at this Con in the first place! Anyway we talked a bit but I did not want to take up too much of her time and that of the other fans waiting behind me, and after that encounter, I was a wee bit jazzed because I actually got to talk to her and touch her and she shook my hand and such. OK so it wasn't Tiffany Mynx or Carmen Vera or Salma Hayek or something in the vein but as I said, Eve was the main reason why I wanted to actually to the C0m1cC0n geek thing.
The next day, independence day July 4, my wife and I returned to spend most of the afternoon watching other Q&A sets with other geekdom and film stars, such as Mark Pellegrino, Ron Perlman, Eve Myles (of course!) and we managed to get into the John Barrowman one which was the densest and most packed audience we've seen so far in one Q&A. Oh he is funny, more so than you can imagine a person of his stature and stardom can be, although Eve was quite something else herself I have to admit. Anyway, geekgasms aside we then roamed the artists and vendors and took more cosplayer pictures before we left home around suppertime (well a bit later actually). I ended up purchasing only a glass in the end seeing as how the only other things which i saw that I found tempting was not available in the sizes I wanted. One Tshirt was only available one size too small and the artwork I found lovely was not available in a huge sized format to properly showcase it's grandiose effect. My wife bought a few things like unique unique jewelry and some art, and even managed to get in touch with an artist who would make a custom sized print of one of her paintings for us. All in all it was quite a splendid time and very reasonable in terms of purchases since we managed to control ourselves quite a bit due to our monetary restrictions and evolving non-stereotypical personal tastes.  There was a time when we would have bought tons of shirts and toys and comics and other trinkets and goodies but since our sobering up a few years ago as well as our moving which had us downsizing our collectibles and comics to a point of geeky shameful minimalism, our "needs" for such has changed quite considerably. But anyway, it was quite fun nonetheless, and one if the better C0M!cC0n experiences we have had so far!
Above: a Jawa - simple but effective!

Above: a Catwoman and a Batman, another couple into cosplay

Above: unfortunately a victim of no flash working from the camera and not enough proper lighting, a very effective and sexy female Spawn costume player!

Above: bounty hunter Zuckuss, so I had to take a picture!

Above: I don't know who she is but this cosplay lady was tall!

Above: another weeping angel roaming the halls on July 4th

Above: two girls in the mexican day of the dead inspired costumes

Above: lady geek Dr Who lover, obviously!

Above: Harley Quinn, Catwoman, and a fairie. Sounds like a party to me!

Above: the only picture I could take of this Mad Max vehicle wihout hordes or people walking into the frame!