Saturday, August 29, 2015

It's about that time (waiting for sushi)

Well we are in Longueuil waiting for sushi because in about an hour I have that meeting with the folks for the next short film I have been "drafted" to play in. I am sure I mentionned this before in a prior post how some indie film makers are trying to get most of the people (as much as they can, actually) from the "FN" (my brother's 2013-2014 short film) film in their's, and now is the first meeting: an italian styke supper at the director and his GF/assistant's home in Longueuil (that's the 450 by the way). Starving because we haven't eaten much of anything since breakfast and we were in the sun all day in Candiac for a food festival where there were no real freebies to sample. What a jip, right? Anyway, just thought I'd drop a quick line as a sign of life before I go offline yet again!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Meet the PAIGE TURNAH Bdoll!

Meet the PAIGE TURNAH Bdoll!

Contrary to most of these posts surrounding the unveiling of new Bdoll additions to the BBB harem, this particular Bdoll doesn't require a voting input to choose her name. In fact the whole story about this doll stems from how her name immediately popped in my mind with not a single moment's hesitation. Now in my own timeline, the one where I have a half hundred half finished blog posts stuck in the draft purgatory of the internet ether, I have already discussed and shared my Paige Turnah pornstar post and she is moderately well known to the readers of this blog, but as I write this, I am increasingly certain that Paige's page has yet to surface. So with this in mind, I simply will dive right into the obligatory explanation!

English pornstar Paige Turnah came to my attention months ago and did not make much of an impact at first based solely on how her official IAFD mugshot just wasn't as impressive as she was. I had to actually sit down (figuratively speaking) and watch a few of the scenes I had on a few DVDs I had acquired mostly for other scenes and performers contained within, before Paige seemed to take a hold on my senses. A dark browned-haired english lass with an all natural yet quite curvaceous body, completed by a backside (read: lower back/butt/upper legs) which seem to defy her otherwise more "petite"-ish frame. Armed with a nose that seems designed for Butter loving, a most outstanding on-screen charismatic appeal, and a bulbous butt which makes a backside lover like myself need immediate relief, I started keeping an eye out for this otherwise not all that out of the ordinary and yet incendiary performer. Pretty quickly, similarly to the Havana Sin situation (if any of you recall my Havana appreciation post from months back), Paige Turnah became one of my modern favorites with only a handful of releases. Any more details on this fantastic performer will have to wait and be detailed in the official Paige pornstar page!

One day as I was doing  about 16 things at once at work (more on my ever-increasing workload at my job will eventually need to be explained) I also was enjoying myself (not in that way, unfortunately) by looking at a Bdoll wiki page which categorized "muse" model dolls by head-face mold and skin tone. Then I stumbled upon a rare, discontinued, and somehow forgotten (in my line of thought that is) special silver label collector's doll, better known to the real collectors as the 50th anniversary special Hershey's chocolate doll. Now the point is that this particular doll always was one of those "I wish they sold it in stores" types of Bdolls which, of course, never was (at least not in the 514 Qc area that is!), and the usual asking cost online off of bidding online websites was always in the lower $100 range (usually around $125 or so). When I stumbled upon a picture of this doll on the wiki page in question, I immediately saw the whole "Paige Turnah" look-a-like thing pop right into my mind: the skin tone, the facial mold, and of course, the hair style and color. For quite the unexplainable reason, perhaps the default wiring in my brain which seems always set to "porn", mixed with my obsession to find a doll for all pornstars out there (well maybe not ALL, but still), it seemed like it was a no-brainer: if this Hershey Bdoll were to become part of the BBB harem, then there would be no need to go through a lengthy choosing process; it was quite obvious that she would be baptized the  Paige Turnah Bdoll!

And so being the compulsive obsessive doll addict that I am, I began hunting for this Bdoll. For a short while, as it is to be expected, prices and availability was quite horrendous. Then one particular seller was willing to part with his doll for a mere $88 USD (that's about $100 in CDN currency, not counting the shipping and import charges). However something was a tad off, and I did not want to spend money on a doll which i would regret (recall the JLo and Princess of Ancient Mexico dolls?) so I asked the seller to take more closeup pictures of the doll's face, explaining to him how I had been "victimed" by such problems in the past. My efforts to ask were indeed well justified as the Hershey doll he was selling had a somewhat "cross eyed" paint job, something which is hard to notice in usual online bidding website pictures. I was glad I asked, but saddened that the lowest asking price seller was not an option anymore, and all other sellers offered their dolls at a higher price, sometimes with insane shipping and import charges. 

But eventually my patience was rewarded. One seller offered his doll at a slightly higher price, but acceptable shipping charges, and the eyes/face paint job was perfect. As it turned out, I ended up winning the bid, and the doll was now mine, provided I would be able to pay for her! Of course, you will all notice that this seems to be a pattern of mine, and I am not one to shy away from admitting my posh-snobbish tastes when it comes to bdolls. Again, as I must have explained hundreds of times before, even since about 2004 or so, newly manufactured Bdolls which were meant for the retail markets seem to have decreased in quality and beauty, leaving only to more collectible dolls to be somewhat "beautiful" enough to be lusted after. I mean when you think about it, some of the early 2010 BBB additions were quite stunning (think of Sylvia Laurent and Renee Pornero for example) but that was because they not only were part of a special collection but also happened to be the last remnants of decent collections offers in retail stores before they took all such models off the shelves to stock up on the cheaper lower-grade and much less tantalizing newer models. So of course this means that anyone with a taste for more "adult" and somewhat "sexy" looking dolls will be left to hunt for their delights via other markets. 

So there you have it folks: the Paige Turnah Bdoll, one of the many new Bdolls to join the BBB in 2015, is now officially introduced! Having been bought "new" also means she is to "suffer" the usual fate of most Bdolls in the form or at least one BoxCum session, followed then by a couple of facials in her original outfit. And from then on, who knows what we can expect out of this beautiful brunette Bdoll? One thing is for certain is that with her absolutely gorgeous design and details, she is a well appreciated addition to the BBB harem alongside other Bdolls of her stature! Welcome Paige Turnah, Bdoll version!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Another nostalgic update (of sorts)

One of the things I find quite revealing about working for a propaganda-fueled hypocrite company like Camp Hydra The Empire is how exclusive and selective they are in the proposed and alleged liberties of the individuals working within the physical confines of the company. To be quite blunt, the stereotypical francophone anti-anglophone employee can afford to loudly propagate their xenophobic tendencies through low-crass humor attempts which, in the north american world is still considered funny and relevant, but anyone with a hint of sharp wit or subtle obscure dark black humor will be swiftly ignored and shrugged underneath the proverbial carpet, seeing as how no one in this poor culture-lacking uni-lingual culture (which shares an incredible amount of similarities to that of "little america" pride) actually can imagine anything outside of what they know or can (barely) conceive.

I am simply reminded that it's quite a hypocritical world we live in when we allow the bigwigs freedom and space to spread their corporate evil but one can't be allowed to work on a porn blog. Taking me back of course to about 5 years ago when, stupid younger myself, actually worked on my then first blog while at work during business hours. Heck, I managed to churn out so many posts in those days,  Even bringing from my own collection on external media devices (CDrs and DVDrs mostly) to upload directly and immediately on my posts. Granted some of you will recall how that got me in a great big deal of trouble indeed, and how nothing really was the same from that point forth. I should have jumped shipped in those days, and maybe I would not be in the "professional" miserable place I am now (The Empire) but there was no way of knowing in advance that the small independent company I worked for would sell themselves out to the massive monster conglomerate evil. But this is not the point I want to make, especially since I have made this point countless times already; no, the point is a follow up to the Crystal Wilder/Britt Morgan post I did in the sense that I miss having some time to explore my creative side on the porn and sex department, in the online sharing format of course. Some say you never really forget how, and that like riding a bicycle, it all comes back after a few awkward moments of wobbling about. There is also the other school of thought about talent shriveling up and rotting away when not in use which represents the other extreme side of the spectrum. So it boils down to the grand old testament of what this blog has become: what can one do when time and opportunities seem to be in shorter supply, and how to fight against the fatigue and apathy brought upon a world bent on squashing the artistic endeavors of those who do not support the fascist regime?

The answer is not simple, as I tried to explain to friends and such that suffering from sleep disorders (apnea, narcolepsy/hypnolepsy, insomnia, etc) does not leave me with more time "awake" to be creative. I recently discovered that my "constant" state of "being awake" is comparable to most people's state of awareness after being sleep deprived for 24-48 hours. It's simple; imagine yourself no sleeping at all for one or two nights and see how you function and feel after that. Apparently, that is how my everyday existence is like, and why I am always ready and willing to nap almost everywhere I can find a spot and a moderate amount of peace and quiet. People don't understand how I can be sleepy at 9pm on nights when I take a nap every single day (at least one nap!), but I hope they can understand better with the new information surrounding the narcoleptic state. Again, here the point is that for all the "free" time I sometimes have when unable to sleep at night, nothing proper nor productive can be achieve in such moments due to a lack of constructive concentration. No offense intended when I say that even under such conditions I manage(d) to "create" a crap load more than most people do when they don't suffer from sleep disorders and don't feel exhausted from the moment they wake up in the mornings. So what is it that I do when I suffer from insomnia on some nights? Usually I just go to the bathroom, scope out a porn flick quickly (usually just do a run down of scenes and watch a few seconds here and there) and try to go back to sleep, because working on a computer actually awakes one even more (no wonder most people who claim to suffer from insomnia are glued to a computer screen!) . So the answer is simple, like the proverbial vicious cycle or the self fulfilling prophecy. 

So the point here today is that I miss being able to work on porn stuff the way I used to. If i would have the amount of daytime activity at home along with my archives and such, I would greatly adore to be able to edit porn videos for the Xtube channel and for private viewings only (for Joanna, of course!), and work on this blog doing proper and thematic-oriented posts. That would be an awesome way to spend most of one's day instead of running on empty inside a hamster wheel. I sort of miss the idea of going through my old computer CDrs of burnt material I collected online throughout the years and being able to identify pornstars and performers which I could not do back then. There's quite a tremendous amount of un-categorized material in those archives, and when i used to go through them in the past, I would be able to identify actual european pornstars in those "amateurs" sections I would create for easier classification(s) on my CDrs. Plus let us not necessarily forget how much less "corporate" free porn was back in those earlier Y2K days. In those days, there were still some folks attempting to delay the inevitable over-ruling of the internet, and video/DVD sales were beginning to fall off while pornstars and porn companies slowly began to take more seriously the power of online porn versus the older methods of smut consumption. So it was only normal that a lot of very good material was still freely available back then and stuff was not shot specifically for paysites (or at least, not as much). The "emprise" of the internet was beginning but did not have total and utter control. And of course, link sites did not mean automatic re-direction towards spam and garbage/unwanted sites either, nor did they feature more cross-linking and commercial ads than actual content. It is no wonder that today it is actually more difficult to find proper porn online since without the knowledge of knowing exactly where to actually find what you are looking for, you mostly end up running around in circles being teased and promised while left usually wanted. 

Anyway, so it goes; if wishes were horses, right? Still, I do believe that eventually some time will be made somewhat available to me and that I will be able to start doing things which I do enjoy doing again. I do so have a lot of porn to share and to post and to allow a second life (so to speak) which was part of this blog's intentions and raison d'être, aside from being a proper "safe" homestead for my BBB and other more fetish-oriented activities!

P.s. I don't know if I alreasy mentioned this (it's another day as I write this) but I was thinking of going to the Montreal Fetish Weekend this year because January Seraph is to be there and I would like to mee her in the flesh. Must dash (as always!)