Sunday, September 27, 2015

Anatomy of a huge in-mouth popshot!

Although I am not necessarly a fan of in-the-mouth cumshots (seeing as how I really, REALLY prefer external cumshots, facials and such, and how the modern porn of today seems to be more geared-geered towards mouth shots calling them facials nonetheless!) I was recently exposed to the following clip (original one is in high-def so excellent quality!) which showcases a pristine and almost perfect spunk load delivered on the tongue of a willing lady, shot in in slow-motion, and cptured on three different angles. The result is something quite mezmerizing and worth a few viewings, hence the multiple camera repeats... Watch it and see why I posted this in-mouth popshot instead of my prefered facials!

As a bonus (because I always try to do bonuses!) here is another similar clip, not as potent nor as masterfully shot as the above one, but hot dawg man, it is STILL a hot in-mouth shot, one of the better ones I have seen!Unfortunately I have to cut this post short; wife on my ass & arranging another film shoot later. Details to foolow. Enjoy the cum!!!

(due to time constraints and numerous censorship issues, this blogsite remains under construction; thank you for your patience!)

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Like an update but more to explain

Ok so here's one of them quickie updates on my status to explain my more "recent"-ish online absence, written in between work-induced madness and other daily responsibilities which are obviously there are reminders of the impossibility to have any time whatsoever left for any of my personal endeavors, save for those instances when I am lucky enough to be in demand and appreciated for some of my earthbound "talents" which can be recognized in the light of a world seemingly increasingly bent on crushing the little life and spirit I have left. Not that I am in desperate need to be reminded of my so-called "importance" as being alive, mind you, but strictly speaking, my daily struggle against the evils and terrors around me continually as well as my inner fears and demons also plaguing me. So here goes, and keep in mind I am most probably forgetting to mention a good third of it all (lost & forgotten in my continually over-running brain).

01: Work; prior to the 2-weeks vacation:
The main thing to understand about the job I have is that there is no help nor relief when someone goes on vacation on on sick leave. Heck those greedy hypocrites can't even keep their own employees as they leave at the first chance they are offered the same job elsewhere for more money! Anyway, when one goes on vacation, no one does their work while they're gone so it's up to the "one" in question to take care of their workload prior to leaving. So I worked harder than usual for the two weeks BEFORE my vacation to make sure there was nothing pending when I left.

02: Work; after my return from the 2-weeks vacation:
As described in the previous paragraph, since there is no relief, work piles up while gone for two weeks' worth of vacation. Add to that how "new" work arrives hourly as it is, and it usually takes a good two weeks' worth of work to catch up on the two weeks you were gone on vacation. In my case since the workload never lets up, I am now (as i write this, anyway) on my third week back from vacation and I am still not caught up with everything from my two weeks' worth of vacation. The moral here is perhaps never to go on vacation for you may never recover from the amount of work left for you!

03: the "GW" full length film:
After I returned from vacation we had to shoot a few scenes here and there for that infamous full length film I am playing a small role in. The real kicker was when there was only one scene left to shoot and the only time they could get all actors involved before november was on a Sunday evening. So it's stuff like that which eats away any any recuperation time, but I am not complaining as I actually do love to contribute to film work in any way I can. Being quite legit it gives me a sense of purpose in my life which, in general cases, just feels like a never ending perpetually repeating nightmare of social and economic slavery. I mean it just feels good to actually feel needed and appreciated, and being able to contribute to someone else's creative vision. 

04: scheduling & shooting new film project "WWTO":
I was approached along with a few other key players from the film "FN" a while back to participate in another film, a short one this time around. Shooting is scheduled to being an intense two weekends (7am to 8pm on Saturdays and Sundays) coming up sooner than you'd think in one of the most dangerous areas of the 514 metropolis, but the producers of the project are bribing the locals with free beer and food for the duration of the shoot. Latest news as shooting approaches on this one is that I will actually be playing four roles in that film, since 3 of those 4 won't showcase my face. Anyway, I am excited about this one since I get to work on set for other people, and although it is not a science-fiction tale, it is one of a cautionary nature set in a post-societal-fall. So I guess this is like my first "Mad Max"-ian feature! Details to follow.

05: upcoming other independent film project: 
I was also recently contacted by an old high school mate who's produced quite a few films and projects over the years, even helping my own brother on a few of his own projects, to play yet another part in his upcoming project, as well as contributing the soundtrack to that one. No other details yet about this particular project aside from the fact that the role I would be playing would be that of a character naMed "the voice". As for the soundtrack, read the following paragraph for another perspective which had plagued my recent weeks....

06: loss of 85%(&+) of music for upcoming releases:
Turns out that most of the musical pieces and tracks I had been working on for a few of my ongoing musical projects are now erased. I won't go into details because it could prove fruitless to explain how I use programs in and unconventional way to produce my music but essentially, everytime I do a cloud back-up of my data, all the sound files are erased and need to be re-downloaded from the cloud. Well I made a back-up just as I returned from vacation, then when  I was setting up to transfer my music into proper audio format went to download the sound banks yet again only to discover the company who created these musical programs decided to shut down erasing all data on their clouds and leaving no back-up nor resources. Essentially, a large chunk (the majority in fact) of all the songs I created over the past 2-3 years are now erased with no possibility of being fetched. This mirrors the great april 2012 external hard drive horror, and I admit that for a few hours when I discovered all my music had disappeared there was a sense of panic, despair, distraught, and depression but oddly enough it almost subsided. I am not "over" this incident as it has made a serious and un-deniable impact on my creative outlet, but it almost seems as though it is but a bad dream. Plus the fact that no one seems to care that I won't be releasing any new material for some time goes to show just how "important" my impact on the underground independent community actually is, which of course also showcases how anything which had any value before the internet is meaningless and obsolete in today's world. Oh well; I guess this is a good time to say "back to square one"! 

07: trying to work on doll-related posts on blog:
It's incredible how working on a blog takes a serious amount of time, time which may seems flowing for most but is such a valued rarity for me. And doing bdoll oriented posts are quite worse since they require the numerous steps needed to create original material. I mean before I can actually introduce a bdoll or even make a name that doll post, I have to find the time to take adequate and semi-acceptable pictures of my dolls. Then comes the downloading of these pictures, then the re-positioning of them (as they rotate in any direction without logic nor instruction), and then, well, just the picking and choosing of which pics to use! In the case of the Name That Doll posts, there's also the hunting and sorting and uploading of all those pornstar pictures and clips to the post. In the end, the result seems a bit of a let-down  when looking at the actual effort put in, but then again, it's what the nature of the online beast is: no one said it would be easy nor that I'd be recognized for my efforts,  especially since my real life interferes with my virtual passions to a point where I am unable to do a fraction of what i would love to do! Anyway, there you have it, and maybe there's a bucket more reasons but I can't think of any right now. Thanks for reading this nonetheless!

Images that made me think of Joanna

2 pics which made me think of Joanna!

Whenever I find myself away from my home computer and there is a WiFi connection, I try to scope out porn on other sources (mainly through my obsolete phone!) and do blog posts using the Bl0gg3r application, one of the last remaining applications which still functions on this "old" phone. Recently I managed to find a few choice images which "spoke" to me, and surely you are well aware of these since I have made quite a few of these "quickie" free-for-all drive-by posts from my phone over the past year(s). During my WiFi porn image hunting, I found two pictures which made me think of Joanna. Why, you may be asking yourself metaphorically? Simple: even though she (Joanna) unfortunately retired as team mascot (which I do not think she explained to me why she would give up such a prestigious position, and the reason may be the new "management" regime), she is still and shall always remain a multi-cock gang-oriented lady who thrives on groupings of hard pricks and hard-ons surrounding her, fucking her in every which way one after the other, only to have them donate their seeds in her cunt, on her cumrags, or on her tits. So, here are two pictures which I have found and made me think of her: the first is obviously a girl on her back getting quite a few loads donated to her tits and chest, something which obviously is VERY Joanna, and the other image depicts a semi-cum-glazed girl in the midst of a group gang fuck-a-thon, another quite Joanna-esque scenario. Hope you will enjoy Joanna and that this serves as a reminder that I have not forgotten about you even if my writing to you has disappeared for the past month or so. I haven't had many occasions to do so, since I have been away on vacation and prior to that I had to prepare my work load at my job for his vacation hiatus, and things have been hectic since. So this little blog is just a little reminder that I am not completely out of the picture, just mostly offline! Enjoy the pics and stay tuned for more fun and cum! 

Name That Doll: HardRockCafe

Well dear readers of this BBB ongoing manifesto, 2015 may not have been the most publicly showcased year of new BBB material to share and showcase but one thing is for certain and that it has been a year ripe and plentiful with brand new additions to the BBB harem! With this in mind, I am sure that no one needs to be introduced to the concept of this particular post, seeing as how such of the genre have been pretty much some of the only somewhat regular BBB exposes and outings on this blog for the past while! However in the spirit of alway inviting the contributions of newer readers, the concept is quite simple:
1) I post pictures of the new still nameless Bdoll in question;
2) I post pics (& clips when permitting) of pornstars which I find do emulate what the doll looks like;
3) You look at all the pics and then you choose which pornstars you think look most like the Bdoll;
4) You post your choice(s) of said pornstars in the comments section at the bottom of this post;
5) Voilà! The name(s) you chose could be the name retained for the Bdoll, hence you've helped in choosing the doll's name!
Isn't that just ultimate simplicity in its grandiose beauty?

But first, a little background on the doll itself. True collectors will obviously recognize this lovely doll as one of the 2004 limited edition "Hard Rock Cafe" dolls, one of a long series of collectibles from the franchise. This particular model, although not the most expensive nor sought after of all the "Hard Rocks", isn't the most common one either, and has been known to fetch in the $100 prices on various collectible market sites, pretty much the only way anyone can get their paws on such a doll which had a limited production run and has been discontinued for about a decade. Her somewhat sterner look mixed with her piercing blue eyes and auburn-textured dirty blonde hair sets her apart from most other "Hard Rock" dolls, as well as most of any other Bdolls manufactured. In fact one could say she falls under the category of pretty darn unique and without many other dolls sharing many similarities with her. Again she may quite obviously not be for everyone's tastes, perhaps not even for most doll fetischists out there,  but she does have a quality to her which makes her seem and feel more like an adult's toy doll than that of a child's toy. 

I have been seeing this doll pop up here and there in many of my online searches over the years, but she never really caught my attention principally due to her price. After all, she did not quite "conform" to my everyday usual  preferences in terms of "higher"-end dolls, and coupled with the usual asking price, acquiring and adding her to my BBB harem was always out of the question since so many other Bdolls out there going for the usual asking price seem to be more of priorities at the time. However one fine day in late may 2015 I was searching for other dolls in a similar collection and quite accidentally  stumbled upon this doll from a seller who was asking a mere quarter (1/4) or the usual pricing asked. In fact, this particular seller had a half dozen dolls for sale, each a collectible of a certain level, and each having an opening/starting bid at quite a low price (except for the pale-skinned almost vampire-looking "Hard Rock" doll which was closer to the usual asking price)!

When I stumbled upon her the bid was already nearing its closing and placed my bid, thinking that I would be outbit when the auction would be in its final moments. I contacted the seller about combined shipping and possible combined pricing for multiple dolls (that pale goth one I wanted as well, plus there was a Harley Davidson one which also caught my eye but upon closer inspection, that one's eye makeup was a bit too on the of side), but by the time the seller got back to me to answer my query, the auction had already ended and to my surprise, I was the only one who ended up bidding! So that is pretty much how this beautiful although somewhat slightly uncommon Bdoll came to become yet the latest in the BBB harem! Notice how her original outfit and accessories include fishnets for both her legs (and very wide fishnets at that!) and upper arms, and how she even has knee-high fuck-me boots! So in this case, she is in fact a good two for one since she isn' only a pretty doll of the muse variant with somewhat unique traits, but also come equipped with clothes and accessories of the fetish-like vibe, something I have been looking for a while these last few months! Now that you know the little backstory, you can move on and do what you, the reader, can do to help me in this instance and that is to vote by posting your own choices in the comments section situated below this post! It's that simple! So don't hesitate! You can even offer up your own suggestions if the offered choices just aren't all that inspiring for you!

V e r o n i c a   S i n c l a i r : 

This hungarian redhead with piercing blue eyes sometimes wore wigs to change her appearance, but her stare was undeniable. She appeared in just over 30 titles between 1999 and 2005, most of which were european releases, some never even seen by north american audience which is why she never became the household name she could have been. That cold blue-eyed stare is ample resemblance enough to have Veronica as a namesake to our latest Bdoll!

T u n d e   :

This hungarian born lady only appeared in two titles from the Private production company back in 1996, both of which featured her doing anal sex and taking a facial. She then mamanged to move on to a prolific nude moideling career, as well as fitness modeling With her very east european looks, she could have had a nice future in porn but decided otherwise and split from the high end world distribution of legit productions. However Tunde could live on as a BBBdoll since her blue eyes and red hair are a good match to our little plastic nameless lady, wouldn't you agree?

S z i l v i a   ( Doriane, Silvia, Sylvia, Kristina, Brigitte ):

Here is yet another too-short careered pretty lady out of Hungary who appeared in a dozen or so official productions between 2000 and 2003 before moving on to other venues of life. Her red-tinted dark blonde hair make her a wonderful contender for our latest Bdoll's namesake, even if her eyes aren't the piercing blue of our little plastic doll. Vote in the comments section if you so happen to think so!

S h e i l a  S t a n t o n  :

This early 2000-era performer out of Budapest managed to make part of her career in the the USA alongside some of the bigger names of the american industry, adding to her already quite respectable euro-only porn legacy. I think that her overall facial look is somewhat reminiscent of our unnamed doll, which is why I nominated this performer to possibly be our doll's namesake! Note a few of her LATER amateur-oriented pics, sporting lots of tattooes.

S a b r i n a   R o s e  :

This pornstar was the one I immediately thought of borrowing the name from for our new Bdoll the moment I saw her. In fact, the doll almost looks like it was molded from Sabrina's traits! Although not my all-time favorite pornstar, her resemblance to the doll in such an uncanny way makes her my own top choice and if no votes come in at all, chances are the Bdoll will be baptized Sabrina Rose!

E s z t e r   F r a n k   ( Yvette, Brigitte, Eszter, Evalina, Taylor, Rebeca White )  :

How can a performer who only appeared in a half dozen official porn productions have so many alter egos? Maybe her hungarian heritage has something to do with that! Retired in 2008 when she could easily have become a bigger star than she ended up being, her red hair and quite ice cold piercing blue eyes are a great match for our nameless and later Bdoll. Please vote as a comment at the bottom of this post if you so happen to agree!

E v a  F a l k   (Eva Rossini, Edith Heisky, Eva Frank, Eva Tyson Fever, Ewa Witt, Pody Mawell):

Appearing in just over 100 titles between 1995 and 2009, this quite statuesque hungarian played mostly in italian and european productions with only a handful of american-based (and distributed) films, which would account for her never becoming a more popular star than she did. However her features are quite undeniable, which is why I do believe she has what it takes to be our nameless Bdoll's namesake. Vote in the comments section if you so happen to agree!

D i a n a  S t e v e n s o n (Diana Stevens, Diana Fosse, Claudia, Diana Hungry, Diane Stevenson, Dianne Sleek, Diane de Morice, Diana, Jennifer Cartier):

Lovely Diana came to my attention too late in the game as she had already retired by the time I started collecting porn DVDs, most of her european appearances now disappearing the way of the VHS. Only a handful of her DVD performances remain (in increasingly harder to find numbers), and although she may not exactly fit the bill (principally the nose & hair color), her general stature is very reminiscent of our latest bdoll!

C l a u d i a  J a c k s o n   (Ines, Claudia Janson, Claudia Ricci, Claudia, Claudia Singer, Zita Bernstein, Elen, Zita):

Claudia is quite well known to fans of early Y2K Pruvate releases (amongst others) as she was quite a popular contract star at the time. Her eyes and general look to fit the fold of what we are looking for in naming our new bdoll, and if you feel it as well, you can indeed nominate her for namesake of our unnamed doll! 

C. G.  S u m m e r   ( Janet Blond, CG.Summer, Jannet Love, Shally, Katie, Katy, Jenny Forte, Shelly Elson, Schelly Elson, Selly Elson, Katalin, Catia Belli, C.G. Summers, Shelly Elson, Judith Moore, Schelly Elson, CG Summer, CG Summers):

 (I never thought it would be this hard to find any material of this euro pornstar!)
Here's another east european performer who never really got the recognition she deserved, and not by a lack of trying. Having appeared in about 35 titles between 1999 and 2003, most of which were made available to north american markets, it is surprising she hasn't amassed more of a following during her too short of a career. Her general and overall looks are somewhat reminiscent to our yet unnamed Bdoll, so I invite you to vote for her in the comments section as a namesake contender!

A n g i e   H a r d   (Tiffany Love, Angie White, Reka, Angie, Barbi, Cassandra, Jina, Gina):

Not much is known about this lovely darker blonde blue-eyed hungarian who performers in about two dozen films between 2005 and 2006 before she disappeared from the scene. I am sure you will notice the similarities between our nameless doll and Angie the way I did, and if you feel so inclined to name our doll after her, don't hesitate to do so in the comments section below this post!

T i n a   W a g n e r  (Martina, Tina Time, Tina, Martina Filippi, Martina F., Martina Filipova, Martina Filipiova) :

Alternating between black and blonde hair, this Czech born pretty managed to grab many a fan's attentions even with barely over two dozen official porn appearances between 2002 and 2004. While actually appearing younger than her actual age, she still had a piercing look which inspired thoughts of a deeper well contained within the vessel. Her blonde hair and light colored eyes are my inspiration for nominating her as the namesake for our yet unnamed doll!

S a n d r a   D e M a r c o:

Always one which I considered a "B" lister in terms of european blonde performers due to the fact she always seemed to be eclipsed by other pornstars who shared similar looks and features, Sandra DeMarco des have, in this case, what it takes to lend her namesake to our yet unnamed Bdoll! If you think the resemblance is there, then please don't hesitate and vote for her in the comments!

L u c y   L o v e   (Lucy P., Lucka, Lucie Love, Lucie)

She's not to be confused with the other Lucy Love who is also known as Lucy Bell, and also not to be confused with the early-mid 90s Sasha Alexander ex-wife Sarah Louise Young. With well over 100 DVD appearance in an 8-year career, this Czech lady has the eyes and hair color worthy of lending her namesake to our unnamed plastic beauty. Post your vote in the comments section below if you so agree as well! 

L e a   M a r t i n i :

Another almost aristocratic looking pornstar from the late 90s and early Y2K period with most of her appearances now long discontinued, Lea always had that flair to her which set her apart from many of her contemporaries. It is with that in mind  that I offer her namesake as a strong contender for our newest BBBdoll, and if you happen to agree the resemblance is there, don't hesitate to name her as your choice!

K a t h i a  N o b i l i  (Katy Campell, Katy Gambel, Cathy Campel, Kathia Vell, Caty Cambell, Katya Nobili, Cathy Campbell, Caty Cambel, Caterina, Katy Cambel, Caty Combell, Cathy Cambell, Katia Nobili, Kathy Campbel, Katia Campbell, Caty Campbell, Katty Campbell, Katy Campbell, Kata Nobili, Kathy Campbell, Caty Cambez):

Another gorgeous Czech lady, she started in 2007 in the porn business and today after well over 160 DVD appearances is still going on strong! With enough of her own pseudonyms and alter egos to justify the european name plague (you long time readers know what I mean and am referring to), her facial features are quite reminiscent of our HArdRock Bdoll. Place your vote as a comment below this post!

J e n n i f e r   S t o n e :

In everyone of my "Name That Doll" posts there is always at least one semi anomaly in my suggestions. In this case,  beautiful Jennifer Stone is the one since her own facial features are much softer than our Bdoll. However her piercing blue eyes and darker, dirtier blonde hair also happen to be a match, which is why I opted to suggesting Jennifer in the first place! Do you think she's lend her name well to our unnamed doll?

J a n e   D a r l i n g :

Much like the suggestion of Jennifer Stone, Jane Darling is also somewhat of an anomaly in name suggestions, but also happens to share some similar features with our Bdoll which is why I decided to suggest her name in this poll. Plus who would not want a Jane Darling Bdoll in their own harem, right!

C h a r l o t t e   L e e:

With three dozen film appearances in her short career, a knack for more fetish oriented activities, and her natural red hair coupled with a gaze to stare you down, this lovely Czech lady can only be another nomination for our yet unnamed Bdoll. By this point you know what do so make your vote count ! 

B a r b a r a   S u m m e r :

Lovely and very kinky Barbara Summer was never my first choice of top pornstar but I always had an unexplained attraction towards her. Her obvious european charms and facial features do share some similarities with our unnamed Bdoll which is why I could help myself in adding her to the name pool. Vote for her if you agree!

S h e r i d a n   L e e  (Jessica Monroe, Sheridan Leigh, Sheridan):

A very beautiful blonde english lady who's very limited number of on-screen performances seem to be contradictory to the possible big time popularity she could have enjoyed thanks to her looks and charismatic appeal,  she only had 20 or so DVDs under her 2003 to 2008 career. But I have to admit that for a blonde lady she still manages to have her charms work on me, and that's why I am nominating her in this very post!

L i s s a   L o v e :

This quite recent addition to the UK porn pool only came to my attention in 2015, but her impact was such that I thought she had what it took to lend her namesake to our new Bdoll, with which I myself do believe both share similar facial features. If you agree as I do, then please don't hesitate to vote for her in the comments section below!

L a u r a   H e r m e n s o n   (Nora, Laura Renska, Laura Herman)

This stunning blue eyed english blonde had the looks to be a major player in international porn. Between 2001 and 2003 she only appeared in 10 DVD titles, these also being almost exclusively available in european markets, but migrated to her own website where she continued to cater to her fans via the interweb. Her facial features and hair color are the main reason why I decided to include this pretty lass as possible name contender for our Bdoll!

D a r l a   C r a n e :

Although many would possibly argue against my nominating of the real-life super smart funny aware and true geek Darla, her general facial features are very representative of our unnamed Bdoll,not to mention the hints of red hair! If you agree, nominate Darla as a namesake in the comments section!

A r i a   N o i r  (Marie Silva):

This american pornstar with european roots became an instant nominee upon me stumbling upon a picture of her's when searching for pornstars to chose for this post. I have been well aware of Aria's porn prowesses throughout the years having quite a few of her performances on DVD but was stunned at how much she actually resembled our Bdoll. Wouldn't you agree?

V i c k y   V e t t e :

This Canadian-Norwegian ex-pornstar went down in history as the first pornstar still nominated and gaining fans and popularity after quitting the official business and concentrating strictly on her own online army. Her Icelandic looks and piercing blue eyes are a great match to our budding unnamed Bdoll. Vote for Vicky if you think our doll deserves such a namesake!

V i c c a   (Victoria Queen):

This russian born beauty managed to make quite a name for herself in the late 90s/early Y2K thanks to a string of starring roles in american porn. Although she may not be a dead ringer for our Bdoll in need if a name, she does appear to share some features, enough for her to be nominated as namesake for our yet unnamed plastic little lady! What do you think?

A l e x a n d r a   K a t   (Aleksandra, Jordan Pryce):

Not too many people are aware of this lovely russian performer, but her take charge approach to sex scenes as well as her do-it-all attitude make her one pornstar never to be forgotten once sampled! Sharing a few similarities with our nameless Bdoll, she is a great contender to lend her nom de porn!

So there you have it my friends! Pick any of your prefered choices and just post them as a comment below! Whoever gets the most nominations (votes) will end up being our latest Bdoll's official new namesake!