Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween 2015: BONUS OUT-TAKE (blooper)

Here is a BONUS mini session which I decided to share for Halloween 2015 even if it is a MISSED POP OUT-TAKE. In fact I just finished uploading it to Xtube which is why the links provided at the top and bottom of this post are not of the clip directly, but rather of my video list page (1 of 18 or 19 so far!) as well as my main profile page on Xtube.

So the story is that I wanted to shoot the now infamous Ava Vincent as the Space Girl session, but as you can see, she made me pop my load prematurely while she ws handjobbing me on the couch. Of course I only had one camera rolling (at least one camera was on!) ; the other ones were in the other room for the main set. up. Oh well! That`s why I call these sessions a missed pop, and why this one falls under the bonus out-take category! Enjoy Halloween my friends and lovers of all things sexually pleasing and tempting! Stay tuned for more fun stuff and here`s looking forward to next year`s sessions!

Halloween 2015: Michelle B with Asian Ears

Halloween BBB 2015 continues once again this time bringing back the ever lovely Michelle B as main protagonist for this specific session! It is no secret that the Michelle B Bdoll is obviously one of my favorites, and before recently had severe limitations in terms of waredrobe, which is why there was only a few Halloween costumes which were possible to use with her. So this year, I decided to have fun using one of those classic Asian Envy long dresses some of you really old time followers may recall (from the very early on Asian Envy series!) with the added bonus of having these asian cosplay furry animal ears on top. In fact I sort of wanted a cosplay feel to this session, but due to the limitations of the costume, well you can imagine why the overall outfit turned out the way it did. But hey, it`s Halloween and there`s no discounting any costume, especially when it is worn by such a sexy Bdoll! Michelle begins to handjob me on the couch, then teasing me with her feet and legs, revealing ultra sexy red-colored fishnets which match perfectly with her Asian dress! Before long I could not hold off any more and moved her to the CumRag set-up where three tripod cameras were waiting for us. After some jacking and stroking I exploded a very lovely Butter load all over her, and mostly on one of Joanna`s cumrag (as the pictures showcase). All in all it was a total blast (pun heavily intentional) and you can see for yourself by following the free streaming session clip link included at the top and bottom of this very post! And yes, once again as with all these sessions, any over-shot spunk landing anywhere else was quickly wiped off using one of Joanna`s cumrags! Have a wonderful Halloween folks!