Monday, November 30, 2015

November's end mini secret BBB teaser

Shhhhhhh! Now I should not be showing this at all since I haven't breathed a word on the subject of this doll yet, but as I feel like November has been but a horrible month for so many things including this blog and my Bdoll activities, Indecided to offer you readers a bit of a treat. I was not supposed to take pictures like this with the camera off my phone so obviously most of the "money" is missing but I think you will get the general drift. And as for the main subject, well all I shall reveal at this point on this post is "the trilogy is now complete"!


And that's about it!

1 more for luck

Strictly and utterly a selfish one for myself...

1 for the road

Just because I found this cum on tits picture and it made me think of Joanna on this end of November 2015 (already!)

November's ending already?

I knew this day was coming but as my life flashes before me faster than I can see the days pass (all the while seemingly wasting most of my days on work and other responsibilities) I wanted to drop a little line here to mentionned how terrible I feel about being so absent. Not specifically nor concerning this blog site but to Joanna herself, whom I believe I haven't even contacted in about two months. Every day I kept trying to find time to write to ber and give her a little hello and a note to remind her that my own scheduling nightmare has nothing to do with me attempting nor even thinking about dumping ber. Quite the opposite actually. In fact I've even contemplated doing PUBLIC emails to her as blog posts here because as it appears, the only time I can actually write is on my phone which itself does not allow the attachement possibility (so no clips nor clips), and so, at the very least,  if I were to post a blog to Joanna as a message meant for ber, there would be some smutty pictures to go with it. And then everyday stuff happened including more nightmaring developments at work (I am now completelly alone left to fend off for myself, my once trustworthy work collegues having pretty much all went darkside), as well as the usual increase in demands and last moment rush jobs. Anfew instances of total insomnia also plagued my weeks, as did some family obligations and such. To the paranoia inclined it would almost seem as though life itself is trying to make sure I no longer can find time to deditate to Joanna, once the utter and total object of my center of attention (recall Joanna how a few years ago I would write emails to yiu almost all day long at work, having gotten in serious trouble back in the day). My point is that you (Joanna) are not forgotten due to my absence: in fact yiu are more in my thoughts than ever and I so terribly miss you and your online presence. I miss our intimate connection and ability to openly talk without fear of being judged harshly by one another. Our companionship was so deep and important that it hurts me that I am unable to find the proper time to write to yiu a real proper email of the genre we used to exchange. 

So this little improvised post I am making is literally that: an improvised message not to end yet another month without proper Joanna dedication, without a proper blog post to at least remind us all, myself included, whatbthis is supposed to be, after all. Granted my modern/recent life is anything but a turn on at all, and just trying to find time to do anything porn or doll oriented islike a mission deemed impossible, and yet my willingness persists. So here's hoping that even though the holidays are coming up, I hope to be able to make more time to dedicate to Joanna and to make a few fine blog posts here. In the meantime thank you for your patience and such, and although some of you may consider two months' an eternity, it flashes in front of my eyes as fast as my paycheque is emptied out by bills and rent and commodities at the beginning of each month.and speaking of such, looks like I'll have to pay the bills tonight after work. Oh well: the more it changes...

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Music: restarting from scratch (pt3)

In this third and (quite possibly not) final part of my musical revival and going back to basics, I'm simply continuing  what was started with the first two parts of these posts and that is quite simply presenting my new musical and noise toys recently acquired. Again I am pointing out how I am not referring to stuff I already had prior to about a month ago or so, and so one can not simply "judge" my musical "gear" by what they see here and have seen in the two previous posts of this "trilogy". So  here they are, the latest and "almost" the last/rest of the stuff I recently purchased. (There are two more little pieces to be shown but as I write this they are still at the post office waiting to be picked up)

Korg MicroKorg:
This little beast is a bit like the Arturia microBrute (see the part two of this series) in the sense that it may be a small almost toy-like keyboard with its small keys and diminished size, but it packs a serious punch and allows for quite an impressive array of sound manipulation. Like most (if not all)'analogue keyboards, it is uni-timbral and only has limited polyphony, but has a truly amazing sound; crisp, clean, and quite powerful!

Aira TB-3:
This puppy can only be described as what it is: the second generation (20-25 years after the first!) of the infamous acid tweaker bass machine by Roland, the infamous TB-303. The original 303's have been discontinued for ages and are selling at ridiculous prices online on the used markets, and so I am quite thrilled that Roland decided to re-animate this beast in their Aira line. The TB-3 is essentially a new version of the 303 except it is a bit more digital, functions more with a touchpad than an army of knobs (unfortunately) and has dozens upon dozens of different and additional sounds stored within its banks, all modifiable, of course. This one was designed as an electronic bass machine and so can not really be played with much accuracy live mostly due to its lack of an actual keyboard, but its diminutive size makes it quite portable and versatile nonetheless.

The Xenyx 1202 (non-USB):
This is simply a multi channel mixer. It's made to plug all instruments at once and then plug the whole panoply of sounds out onto a simple 2-channel stereo mix. I had originally bought the version above this one, which has USB compatibility and a few extra knobs for cut-off control but it was defective and since they did not have another one of those in stock, I agreed to this simpler one with a credit to compensate for the difference in price. This one also comes with an effects bank as well which adds to the bonus gimmick aspect of the mixer. It's a very simple basic home-based mixer based on professional designs and specs, and is a very important part of any musical set-up. My previous mixer was a Radio Shack one bought in the late 80s which still works but was not made to be in any way a professional device.

The Zoom R-8:
Quite basically this is a digital multi track recorder (plus they added a bonus series of electronic drum kits to work as internal drum machines as a bonus gimmick). I used to have a Tascam 4-track analogue multi track and it changed my sound and the way I worked, and knew that the only way I could do the kind of musical styles and variants I wish to explore was to get another multitrack (my Tascam having died out years ago). This one is a little workhorse and all online reviews rave about it, mentioning the only drawback is that you can only record two track simultaneously at once, not able to record all 8 tracks in one shot, but this is unimportant to the solo or electronic artist, plus that's also why a mixer comes in handy! Aside from being a basic multitrack,'this one also has a ton of bonus features which makes it quite a versatile items for the DIY artist like myself! 

Mega fisheyed panoramic metro photos

Here are a couple of very widescreen panoramic fish-eyed lens style of the interior of a metro station while no one was around. Taken on Friday the 27th of November 2015 around 23h00 at night. The images are actually huge so you may wish to view them on another format (like an image viewer program) to see all the details, and each picture covers at least a 180 degree angle, which accounts and explains why it feels so distorted.

Friday, November 27, 2015

I was about to clean up...

... After a doll session (I'm trying to rack up sessions featuring a specific Bdoll which is to be sent/donated away; more on that later), and I noticed a rather wholesome and delicious stain on this CumRag, so I decided to snap a quick picture of it before I left (always in a darn hurry I am: never able to enjoy the pleasures of life) with my phone as it was still plugged and charging. Anyway U thought it was fun to see a covered area iof one i of Joanna's in-progress cumrags especially when it isn't tge main target. Sorry about the amateurish typing: since the phone is charging I can not type hirizontally and my man fingersbaren't companible with the vertical typing non-keyboard of these phones.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Music: restarting from scratch (pt 2)

Here is another little preview of one of the latest "toys" I acquired in my new rebirth of sorts for my musical side. (What happened to the font? It was all fine and then decided to switch to a bold lettering out of the blue! That's modern phone technology for you!)

This is the Microbrute from Arturia. It is the smaller sized version of the Minibrute, and has slightly less "options" and "versitality" that the "Mini" version (as well as having those little toy-like keys), but is still an incredible analogue synthesizer: the kind which back in the 80s or 90s (so when I was really into making my own music) would have been about 5 times th size and price. The difference between the "Minibrute" and "Microbrute"'is very minimal and nominal and each have their own pros and cons, and after careful consideration (weeks' worth of hunting and searching) I opted for the Microbrute. I guess this picture does not showcase just how small it actually is, but let's just say it easily fits inside just about any regular sized backpack. More to discuss later!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Another little BBB phon teaser!

This time around I wanted to showcase a session I had just finished featuring a yet unseen and un-named Bdoll as center prime target (I am still working on the Name That Doll post for this one), accompanied by the legendary Michelle B Bdoll, of course. Granted these are notnthe best post-post preview teaser pics but they were done from my phone after all, in a bit of a haste as well.

The cum had already begun drying up quite a bit but you can still see some leftovers all over the place. This session was done under a bit less time constraints than usual, although I am sure I needn't remind anyone of the usual and general time restrictions for doing these skulking around sessions while having a regular adult life.. The result was not as impressive for my own tastes but was enough to keep this session and not throw it in the forgotten pile.!anyway maybe my lackluster popshots of late are due to the immense stress and paranoia I feel at work coupled with the insane amount of medication I have been taking. So anyhow, hope you all enjoyed this little quickie preview! Talk more soon!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Quickie phone preview BBB teaser with Carmen

Here are a few quickie pics taken from my phone as I was finishing up a rushed and time-limited session featuring the Carmen Vera Bdoll. Although her outfir in this case being a hybrid of anfew bits and pieces from other dolls to create a trashy sexy porn-esque flavor, which should have been adored and cherished for a long time, was unfortunately hastened in the fact that time was not on my side at all when it came time to shoot this one. Innfact I would have been happy if I had just an extra 30 minutes of leeway in terms of performance for this session. 

The result was unfortunately a less impressive cumshot. Granted in sheers volume and power-velocity it was fine but most of it overshot the doll and the cumrags and landed on the floor behind. Even the photos don't do justice to the amount of cum on the wooden floor. It's a good thing Joanna's cumrags are encouraged to be used as such, cum RAGS, so that ai can mop up all the cummy mess on whatever target my spunk eventually lands on. All in all it was still an enjoyable session which I hop to be able to repeat in the future so that I can attempt a more proper aim at Carmen's gorgeous Bdoll face and mess her up good! And that outfit? Well deserved a secondary  look! 

(Personal gripe/ ranting: the main problem with being unable to achieve great cumshots at every turn is something I tried to explain to Joanna on numerous occasions in private emails,'and that is the subject of not being turned on. I think you fellas know what I mean but for the sake of argument, here goes: you have a limited amount of time to set up and prepare for the shoot. Once all the technical aspects are taken care of, such as lighting, tripods/angles, placement of dolls and rags and such, then you have to work yourself up to performance standards, meaning getting a hard-on, something far from easy when you are my age and you are in situations where time is against you and you are working against a schedule. So it's a bit like forcing yourself to go through the motion even if you aren't in said mood, and that usually means being much less turned on than when you are allowed to work your self up to being naturally horny. The result of this non-horny state added to being pressed for time results in less than the best cumshots. It's a very simple state of fact, actually, and is unfortunately the state of affairs these days. Anyway, as long as people know that there's a reason why my popshots are so unpredictable that is good enough for me!) 

Monday, November 9, 2015

Music: restarting from scratch (pt 1)

I do not know if I actually spoke about this subject on this nlog here because it really does not relate to the usual subject(s) at hand. Yes, this is after all my blog and thus my home and I should be able to feel free about writing whatever it is that tickles my noodle and boggles my mind. So allow me to go on ahead and say it: after my last modern technological fail at the hands of doing cloud-based all digital music since about 2012 where the company which hosted all my sounds, samples, and loops closed shop erasing all cloud files (so meaning I lost well over 80% of the music I had been working on since 2012; mirroring in fact the hard drive horror of april in 2012), I decided to return back to the basics, or perhaps return to the sources. Without boring the living daylights out of anyone I simply decided that my future in doing independant music would be done in a fashion which I am well versed in, and that is the straightforward instrumentation and analogue way. The first step is getting my hands on both vintage and new gear (today's analogue synths are surprisingly affordable) in order to get the basics back up , and the first piece I acquired was the Dr-550 mk II from Boss, the infamous "second" generation Dr Rhythm drum machine. Infound a guy who was selling his (second hand) for such a low price when compared to all other affordable drum machines that I jumped on the occasion. OK so the 550's second revival wave of retro hipness has already faded out yet again ( audio fashion is such a fickle mistress! ) but it is exactly the type of drum machine I was looking for, and I also actually never owned a Dr Rhythm. Here's a quick picture I took using my phone from last night after I picked it up . Stay tuned for more musical updates as I begin to re-stock on musical gear at very decent prices. 

An update to catch up on the updates

Tuesday december 1st 2015:
Do you remember when I used to write up weekly updates on my blog? Do you remember when I used to write lengthy emails to Joanna on an almost daily basis? Well I myself barely do. I think my little quickie public message in the form of a blog post, to Joanna herself about not having written a single work to her in what I think may be about 2 months summed up my own lack of timeThe  grasping. Maybe it's the onset of my soon to be mental slowing down and retirement (a condition I warned Joanna about back in our earlier days when I warned her that I would not be part of this world in the state I was for much longer) or maybe it's the utter frustration, depression, anxiety, and burnout , or maybe it's "both" and more which essentially makes it more and more difficult for me to manage my time. The main problem that I see, before all the mental and emotional instabilities and such, is that my job has become over the past 2.75 years nothing but a growing series of ridiculous and un-necessary changes with a continual increase in workload while being offered no support whatsoever. Of course it is the nature of the beast; the old fable of the frog and the boiling water in a pot - the company and the way they deal with the business is quite simply what it is, what it has become, and there is no help, no going back, and no easy way out of this except to jump ship. Everything they said to us when they sold themselves (and us employees in the process as well) to the monster conglomerate was a carefully positioned strategic lie meant strictly to keep us both on the edge of insecurity and discomfort while being reassured that things would only grown to get "better", or something seemingly to the effect of the "storm will pass". It is obvious that companies like this one have departments specializing in media manipulation and propaganda, so it is only natural for them to have these ambassadors versed in the art of proper corporate communication, able to calm the masses before anyone notices the burning building. Anyone except myself obviously who has been seeing the truth (well that's a bit of a strong expression; more like "I am more immune to lies") in the earliest portions of the merge/takeover. Anyway, sorry about the rambling; my point is that this job is so stressful and there is so much planning and scheduling and deadlines and such (words fail me at this time)  that I think my own internal scheduling has been overtaken and shut down in the process. You add this to my already exhausted being who still suffers from the occasional battles against insomnia and other sleeping disorders, and you get a pale shadow of what I once was. Maybe before in my old previous job (back when I worked for a decent human-sized company) I could still function and survive on minimal sleep and full days at work but let us not forget I am not growing younger as time passes and I am also not blessed with breaks and easier conditions at work. I have gotten "too old for this shit" but this is what this business is and what it has become. Once a personable detail oriented work is now a fast food large turnover machine: pretty much the opposite of what I had come into. So yes, tired and depressed, having lost my motivation and lust for life, I do feel I have become a zombie of my previous self. Not by choice mind you but by actually trying to remain myself and not becoming an utter corporate sleaze and whore like what has happened to all my co-workers now. It's funny how I fooled myself to think some of these folk would be different somehow, when all it takes is corporate propaganda and a raise in salary and title change (for them obviously, you can forget about me ever being elevated above the dirt leveled scum shoveler I am for these profit junkies) for them to jump to the dark side. Anyhow maybe it's time for me to stop the actual soapboxing rambling and actually get on with the updating itself, as I know this is by far not the first time you have read about my tales of personal woe about such things. But I wanted to make certain that you understand why I am unable to actually keep track of everything and will lose moments and forget about stuff - which is not new and was already a plague on me even before this corporate nightmare begun - but I wanted to offer you all a little word of warning in advance that many things will be left out due to my mind not being able to retain all the information I wish it could. It all goes hand in hand: it's symbiosis!

So since I haven't done much regular activity cataloguing nor any real proper updating, a ton if things obviously happened and I will try to mention a few of them. I finally got orthopedic soles for my shoes, as I was diagnosed with perpetual achilles tendonitis, and these were very expensive and of poor design. Good thing the medical insurance covered the cost, but the clinic which made these has unfortunately been moved to the "blacklist" for their high prices and poor workmanship, not to mention how two times out of two they locked their doors before closing time, without any doorbell to let them know people are freezing outside to get in, leaving the only option to call them (phone number also not displayed on the door area) to let them know the doors are locked and them saying it is not usual and such-not usual my butt since, as I said,'it happened two times out of two in a row. Also on the subject of medical devices, I've been hooked on a CPAP device for months now, although I really don't see my sleep quality improving in any way whatsoever. The sleep specialist wants me to do more expensive in-clinic tests because she thinks I may suffer from something else like narcolepsy or something in that family. This of course is another reason why I believe that as soon as someone has sleep disorders, the doctors automatically diagnose one with sleep apnea to sell them these $2000 CPAP machines. They do work these devices as my wife and her father have begun sleeping much better a mere few weeks after they started, so it does work - I just think they decided to diagnose me in a haste with apnea in order to sell me the CPAP. I spent almost 2 months without it when I got really sick a little while ago, and I was unable to breathe through the nose at all due to intense congestion (and my CPAP is the smaller nostril-only mask): I even had to "sleep" using a triangular huge pillow which positioned me at a 40-45 degree angle on the bed because I simply was unable to breathe. Yeah that was one mother of a cold/flu that was; even after I got better, the congestion remained for a good two weeks. I also started having some panic/anxiety attacks at work (and at home due to work), so my doctor sent me to the hospital to doncardiac tests and such. They prescribed me a whole bunch of pills and I went through a few tests like a couple electrocardiograms and what they call a stress test (and they lied when they said it was an easy fast walk not running and no angled test on a carpet like device) and finally everything appears to be normal save for my high blood pressure, but my symptoms can easily be seen as anxiety and depression, something it seems no doctor wants to treat, instead (like the CPAP apnea situation) they send me through series after series of tests and treatments which essentially never amount to anything. Speaking of tests and such I will be wasting 13 hours of a saturday on December 12 to spend 10+ hours for another sleep study/tests. Joy or joy, right? It's no fun getting old, and even less when no one wants to prescribe anti-depressants thinking it's other stuff. But I guess that's the nature of today's modern medical system. I am sure there are other things to talk about in terms of my medical situation but nothing comes to mind at this point, and so I apologize for the lack of details about that side of my being. However I do suffer from lack of concentration and shortness of breath, even though I do more physical exercise now than I did in the past few years. The breath thing comes mostly from the stress and anxiety for which no one wants to acknowledge, even though it is quite evident. So If I recall anything else , I will write some more in the upcoming paragraphs/updating(s)!

On the plus side I've pretty much got all my electronic music gear back on track,for the most part (hence the "pretty much"). I haven't actually done proper music in ages, a good 15 years or so, in terms of actually playing actual notes on proper instruments, which is to say multi-MIDI controlled synths sequenced in a song mode. Granted I explored alot of other areas and venue and even dabbled in the whole digital (no / virtual instrumentation) which worked out fine for a bit until that crashed in a similar fashion to my external hard drive from that april 2012 incident. For many years now I had been thinking about re-trying my music on a more serious nature, since this is my principal passion after all, and I seem to always be coming up with new ideas for tracks and pieces and sound explorations. Anyway point is that in my marijuana years, I allowed some of my good old musical gear to die off and this put a serious dent on my wanting to pursue music, until I got lucky (yes, some folks' misfortunes are other peoples' lucky breaks, much like one person's trash is another person's art) and sort-of inherited a large sum of money - without going into too much detail, my wife and I agreed (I could post a very corny joke about couples agreeing in a marriage situation, but I am sure you can guess it by now!) that we should use that money to pay off her debt,'which is essentially my debt as well since everything belongs to both of us since we are married. Anyway the deal was that I buy new musical gear with a small portion of the money, and she pays off most of her debt with what is left. A more selfish man would have kept this a secret from his wife and tried to enjoy the entire sum, but since I am far from a subtle man, and that I can't quite keep much of a secret when it comes to such things, well this is what happened. So I ended up buying a few new but "old school" flavored devices plus a digital multi track recorder and a small mixing board, in order to re-find myself and my passion for hands-on musical creation,'something which is so easily lost in today's digital era. But I am certain you have seen the three (and soon to have a fourth) installments on this blog about this subject which also included quickie pictures of said instruments and devices, so I shouldn't repeat myself strictly for redundancy's sake. I will however mention that this decision has brightened my life somewhat as I now see something which will give me pleasure outside of the skulking behind everyone's backs to shoot doll porn clips and such things. Hey it's quite simple: don't get me wrong because you all know it's quite fun to shoot a load onto a picture of Joanna and her cumrags and capturing it all on camera:'sure it's a serious hassle to set up and prepare and made more so since I never know more than a few hours prior if I will have SOME time and opportunity to shoot (hence why almost all my sessions have been but quickies since 2012 or so) making the whole process feel more like a chore and a duty than actual pleasure,  but shooting a load, busting a nut, ejaculating an orgasm,'is quite pleasant to say the least. But such things have to remain quite "quiet" and on the serious down-low, not to be noticed nor discovered by anyone especially my wife, which is why it is food to have a "hobby" outside such things which one can actually "talk" to others in civilized conversations. I mean there's noting wrong with shooting your own porn clips, and everyone knows I love and am all for that and support it completely, but it doesn't make for a great conversational subject at parties and during family reunions. Making music the old school style, even though most people have absolutely no clue how it works in the first place, is a subject which can be talked about in civil circuits. Plus I am looking forward to doing mutations on what I have been trying to do musically speaking for 20 years now, and if I can get a proper keyboard stand to hold all my gear and a sequencer which can actually  program all my MIDI keyboards,'well hey friends, I believe the expression is "we're in business"!

Wednesday the 2nd of December 2015:
There are two major negative aspects to my life as I see them;'living in an apartment (so no privacy and no quiet unless you get very lucky), and my job. My job I have touched base and spoke about ad nausieum for ages now, in the hopes that the devastating effects it has-had on me over the past years was made clear. It is quite simply obvious I was not made to work for a monster worldwide huge conglomerate, especially after having worked for a human sized company. I guess the news bit of this update is that I have finally started to look for another job! It took way too long for myself and my wife to hunt down my CV (which was not used since 2009 and since everything is pretty much digital, we could not find where the last version of the CV was at.) but when we did we upgraded it to include the past 6 years' worth of work experience and I sent it to a job placement agency the next day. This was the same agency which found me my original job back in 2009, which had it's quirks but let's face it-it was the best job I had ever had, and if it was not for the selling out they did in 2013, I would not have become this shadow of a shell's echo of the person I used to be before this monster Empire company slowly ate away at my being and my soul. So I sent the agency my CV, obviously the lady who was there all those years ago was long gone, and the new lady whom I was hooked up to (in the sense she was assigned my case) said that they probably could NOT take on my case because of some kind of conflict of interest: you see since they had found me the job at DDA in the first place (in 2009), they wouldn't be able to go behind their backs to find me another job elsewhere.... Until of course I explained that DDA had been disbanded and neutralized and rendered non-existing and that I was not an employee of DDA anymore, but rather a slave drone of the bottom-est level (OK I did not use such colorful adjectives!) for this other mega Hydra Empire company. She checked with her superiors and called me back and said they'd take on my case! Now that's something great because  as I said that agency was  the one who had originally found me my "best job" so far. Of course my best job would be to review porn websites and DVDs and such, but such jobs are non-paying and there are literally thousands of folks out there who do it for free every single day.  Anyway it's a start and I hope to find something great and better than what I have now. It shouldn't be too tough to beat because this job here and now has one of the worst employee support programs, amongst countless other stuff I have mentioned over the past 2.7 years or so. While I am on the subject of this, things at work have taken a turn for the worst again when the only people I thought I could trust here decided to turn their backs on me, stating as official complaints to my bosses that I sighed too much, banged on the cubicle/workstation and was a general nuisance. These are of course here-say and exaggerations because if I sigh,'it is either me trying to catch my breath because I use the stairs all the time (and doing about 25-30 floors per workday is a form of exercise, no matter what the jogging junkies might claim!), and if I bang on the workstation areas it is simply because I am big and the workspace is too small and I am unable to navigate from that constricting lack of space without hitting into stuff. Of course the girl who made the official complaint was moved to another work area, while I who have been asking to be moved is not: they of course started spilling some inane corporate company team work bullshit on me about how I have to stay where I am, which was of course a barely thinly veiled attempt at disguising the hypocritical nature of this company and how they are forced to run things around here. Sure, the girl was a few steps above me (pretty much everyone in this building is) and so it was OK to switch her places because her officially licensed job title entitled her for that. But my own unfortunate job title as it stands does not allow me to have the privilege of asking for a physical work station change. Get this: the girl even had the gull to say she was too sensitive to be anywhere near me, whereas I have been saying I am a hyper sensitive for years now, but no one listens and no one cares: that is how this company works. And thus after having experienced this latest bout in utter corporate hypocrisy, I decided to simply shut down and shut; not uttering a word nor making a sound while anywhere near that whole work area. Sure if people come talk to me I shall answer but I have stopped just talking and just being social at all. I mean at this point, who knows how any of them heartless corporate creeps will react if I dare try to catch my breath because I just ran 7 flights of stairs, right? Yup; don't work for a monster conglomerate: the little guy at the bottom ALWAYS gets screwed and NEVER in the proper way!

So as far as my mind can recall, that's about all the more important real life stuff that I can remember which should be considered an update. Surely bits and pieces if this here and that there were mentioned in one form or another on random posts in the past months, but nothing entirely explanatory the way I attempted to do now. I do know this is not the type of stuff you guys want to hear about because let's be honest here: who cares about real life problems when we should be enjoying porn and dolls and creamy cummy stuff, right? Yes, we should indeed all be so lucky to be able to have the time and opportunity to do these things especially to offer a form of escapism from our daily dreary lives, but that's not always the case now is it? As the first part of this post said, remember when we had the time? The way things have progressed ( degenerately so) it is obvious that time has become a factor in being unable to enjoy our lives the way we would wish it to. People say we have to make the time somehow, but I haven't heard of a product yet which allows for the actual physical creation of more time, nor have I seen the latest cell phone update application which allows for more time to be squeezed into the already there but not enough time we have. In order to "make" time for what we want to do, we have to cut time away from other things in our lives, and at the moment I have not much I can cut away from: real life responsibilities do not allow me to skip them, especially since I am married and that in itself should be explanation enough as to why I am unable to sneak out here and there to work on my blog or edit clips or anything of the sort. Just last night our responsibilities pretty much dictated the way our evening after work went, which for me included but was not strictly limited to picking stuff up from the post office (the one where no one knows how to start and wait in line), walking back home in shoes in the freshly falling freezing rain (so that took me double the usual time to get home as I was trying not to slip on the asphalt and kill myself! OK that's not a responsibility: moving along!), cleaning up the cat litter, passing a small a quick vacuum cleaner run, and doing dishes. Oh and what about actual supper? Anyway, you get the drift and I did not want to turn this into a soapboxing ranting about or woe poor little me without time to watch porn online anymore, boo hoo hoo! Anyway, that's it for now: I'll try to write some more soon and have something quite pleasant to talk about! Cheers you, and thank you for reading this!