Monday, December 28, 2015

Don't believe the hype

I am sharing this image but I most certainly do not agree. Protection is everything....


an untitled post


A random BBB teaser preview

Yes, just to make sure we do not forget the nature and raison-d'etre of this blogsite, here are a few random little BBB quickie teaser pics of upcoming sessions yet unedited.


Couple little Annette Schwartz pee stuff

Here's an0ther freebie for you folks today; some more pee stuff featuring pornstar Annette Schwatrz, who is known to be quite the piss action enthusiast even if her mainstream porn material can not feature such stuff. Good thing she does her own material off of her website where she is able to express that side of her fetish without the stigma of the commercial markets. Note also she lends her talents to other websites who also tend and cater to that fetish. Just a little follow up to my previous post as I am awaiting for my tummy to digest my lunch...



Just some pee stuff I found accidentally

As the title of the blog said. I am waiting to digest (as my lunch is not agreeing with me for some reason, even if it was the healthiest one I have had in days) so I thought I would share some little freebies of pissing action for you to enjoy. Cheers!


Sunday, December 20, 2015

Found toon

Can you identify all superheroes in this image? Hint; they're all from the DC universe!

Reblog if this turns you on!

Yes; I found this (these) and decided to re-blog for good fun's sake!


Amateur lady MEGA SQUIRTS!

As the title says. I simply could not resist sharing this one because it is almost out of this world.



What you should know about CUM

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