Saturday, December 24, 2016

Happy Holidays!

I just wanted to sneak a little post while doing the laundry and cleaning up (while nursing a hangover but that is another story!) for my brother is coming over for an X-mas feast along with my wife later on, and I realized I hadn't made an Xmas post for this year... Not surprising considering how busy I have been, what with doing 1-to-2 hours of overtime per day at work with no breaks (no lunch break either) and no compensation whatsoever. Anyway, just wanted to wish you a merry holiday season, hoping you will enjoy whatever life has brought to you and sending out positive vibes during this magical season! Have a great one! Oh and don't forget that the BBB Xtube page can no longer be updated due to new upgrades and continual changes to their operational systems and whatnot. Check out my little update informing you of this and the link to my PornHub page which will be my videos hosting site for the moment!