Sunday, February 28, 2016

Freebie previews of Ann Darcy

Found ever too quickly without proper means nor time. Had to share because she is my favorite online amateur these days. Gotta bolt: working in a permanent page for her on my blog.

Some of these are supposed to be animated image files but once saved onto the phone & re-uploaded, the animation is reduced to a single static image. Sorry about that!

Quickie facial from my Tumblr

Thursday, February 25, 2016

1st glimpse at the permanent Bdoll expo

I haven't napped all week save for when I came back home early on Monday after a whole insomnight (sunday to monday: zero sleep) and have been fighting my third cold-flu of the season. That is since 2016, not counting the one I caught back in October when filming that short film I told you about a while back. Incidentally a couple weeks ago the director of that short film sent me a message about how they  completely cut out one  of the roles I played in that film, and seriously edited my main scene as another character, the main action sequence, apparently trimming it down to a flashback or dream sequence or whatever. I have been seriously depressed since then and thought of completely shelving my so-called legit acting "career". But I digress: I again went off track so here we go.

(Above: hmmmm who is that?)

During lunch break today (or in my case, nap break) thursday febuary 25 2016 I decided to go see if that famed 514 permanent Bdoll expo was up and running and to my surprise it was. I wanted to tKe a few quick snaps with my phone as a sort of preview teaser of the real deal but as many of you can imagine, I was somewhat enthralled and hypnotized by the dazzling nature of such an exhibit, and ended up taking way too many photos. In perfect and other circumstances, I would have brought a proper digital camera and spent adequate time framing and taking decent pictures, but as you know the perpetual hit song, time and opportunity are luxuries unaffordable. So what I ended up was this....

I was impressed at the amount of dolls the exhibit had, but not as impressed at how many of those rare and high-quality-class dolls I myself actually have or once owned. I did not take pictures of all the dolls of the expo (that would take numerous visits; there are after all hundreds upon hundreds of dolls, if not thousands!) nor all those I once had (like the JLO Bdoll from one or two years ago: a truly ghastly creation I was glad to part with!) but I did attempt at taking pictures of all the Bdolls they had on display which I myself also own. You may recognize a few of those "dolls of the world" series including my AZ(Gaia Arizona) and Fiona (Scotland) dolls for example, as well as the Carmen Vera doll and that Russian Princess which I boxcummed a few years ago (it was a friend's doll) as part of that infamous weekend long Mini Joanna official baptism and mega Giga.

You will also see a few dolls which I took pictures of which are either dolls I would still want, or dolls I did want and now, after seeing a few of them up close, realize I may not want them after all. There is alot I could talk about at this point because it is after all both my fetish and the raison-d'etre for this very blog, but I am at work and thus very pressed for time (and without much privacy: even the new sanitary maintenance guy they hired over the last few weeks is a bit of an"tard"; talking to himself and talking to folks in the toilets.'the guy looks like Flea from the Chili Peppers, so you know what I mean!) as well as still fighting this cold flu, this THIRD one of 2016, and quite a brilliantly nasty one at that. The virus must be mutating quite violently to have made me vulnerable so much and often lately, as well as my advancing age which probably makes my immunity system more prone and open for bacterial infection. It's gross and I have trouble sleeping and have been popping pills like mad for days now. 

(Above: another beauty to keep my eyes on!)

So anyway please enjoy these quick pics I took on my phone ever so quickly without proper preparations and slightly rushed to get back to the office. Hey, they have the KLS, Savannah, Michelle B, Chocolate, Cleopatra, Azkadelia, and a tons Of other Bdolls. But they didn't have the Athena doll, unless I did not see it; I will have to return for further inspection I guess. So have fun checking out these inages if, like myself, you have any type of curiosity or fascination with the doll. And yes, for all my whining and gripping and bitching over the years about how we 514ers never get a Bdoll convention or expo, here is finally something to keep the likes of me satiated. And to pre-quote my half brother Z, "look they're all under glass; imagine to box-cum like sessions you could do without actually dirtying them."...!