Friday, May 13, 2016

Before my "subversive" posts are posted...

... Yes I haven't been blogging much for the past months. Over work and exhaustion (+ depression, responsibilities & médicine scheduling) are mostly to blame for my lack of presence. However I am working on some posts as I write this, but they are more in the vein of dissidence and subversion towards the capitalist/oligarchy of today`s "Not-Anymore" democratic world and the globalization effect of "first world countries". Before those posts are released/revealed and may proove a shock to people who imagined me a porn-obsessed simpleton, here are two short(ish) blurbs I wrote during the week of May 09 2016 posted on other forums/venues, re-printed here for you to sink your teeth into before my similar-themed posts...

The generational gap has shown its seems to such an effect that those who haven't yet converted and sold out completely to all the latest applicational tweet update downloads are not even realizing that their now ancient and archaic old models are but leftovers of a non-recyclable decaying past. Worst yet with the constant bombardment of the overly unsubtle volume-enhanced McDonalds Lady Kanye culture industry complex, we are numbed to the increasing compression and unable to realize that we have allowed ourselves to accept the conformaty of the now-norms which once was (not all that long ago if anyone remembers a time before cell-phone screens ruled our routines) considered an unacceptable and innexcusable paranoid dictatorship.

Alas so overwhelmed in the industrial complex working us to the brink of over-exhaustion, insomnia and selfish gainful preoccupation that we can not even manage to disconnect from the overexposure of the senseless meaningless fluff-o-rama which has become popular "culture" in the post Y2K age. We refuse to see the signs of our ogliarch overlords and continue to slave for their continued profit under illusionary pretenses of promised semi-implied compensation, not realizing that this very model is a thing of a distant past, held on by our communal disinformation and miseducation. We continue to allow the military culture industry to dictate our choices and preferences based on their corporate-sanctioned promotional tyranny in the form of vapid shallow products which fuel our own lack of attention spans, reduced to us seeping deeper and more firmly into an apathy when the noise gets too loud, until we find ourselves changing the channel, trading in last month's model for tomorrow's promise that the latest gadget trend will being us happiness, fulfilment and a sense of community never before seen in human history, now available in 60K downloadable streaming without interuptions during upgade.

This has become so fused in our modern culture that we are not even left alone long enough nor allowed any time to adapt and assimilate the changes that more are thrust upon us at greater speed and expense, leaving some of us in such a constate state of never-ending directing our attention and energy to what we are faced with. There is no time left to understand and comprehend what is happening, there is no time left for listening and appreciating anything which may or not contain any value. There isn't any time to even mention any of this for the latest trivial entertainment tools crafted by the media and the elite keep us busy trying to consume more disposeable products which are bombastically and systematically thrusted in the collective social medias and increasing LED screens now at every corner, in every subway train, in every bus and every public restroom.

For so long has the infiltration been allowed while the masses (hey, that`s us, unless you are one of the illuminati, right?) kept at bay by being starved by over-feeding that it has become completely acceptable by everyone to succumb to their pre-digested norms while we believe we are acting of our own volition, never being allowed to think for ourselves nor try to find try alternative forms of livelyhood. Our enslavement is complete since we don't see the bars nor the cages, in the forms of popular media and endless entertainment trivialled by its increased obsoleteness and recyclability into flashier more air-brushed rap-fueled clothing lines. We are their cattle, bred since the birth of our ancestors, kept in the constant darkness by their tools designed for our immediate pleasure sensory overload. "Disobey - It's the law".

"They have taken the hearts and minds of our leaders. They have recruted the rich and the powerful - and they have blinded us to the truth. Our human spirit is corrupted. Why do we worship greed? Because outside the limit of our sight, feeding off us, perched on top of us, from birth to death: OUR OWNERS! Our owners! They have us, they control us! They are our masters! Wake up! They're all about you, all around you!"

I could not have said it better myself:

"Even movements or styles that are considered marginal are, in fact, extensions of mainstream thinking (*). Mass medias produce their own rebels who definitely look the part but are still part of the establishment and do not question any of it. Artists, creations and ideas that do not fit the mainstream way of thinking are mercilessly rejected and forgotten by the conglomerates, which in turn makes them virtually disappear from society itself. However, ideas that are deemed to be valid and desirable to be accepted by society are skillfully marketed to the masses in order to make them become self-evident norm."

(*) The merger of media companies in the last decades generated a small oligarchy of media conglomerates. The TV shows we follow, the music we listen to, the movies we watch and the newspapers we read are all produced by FIVE corporations. By owning all of the possible outlets having the potential to reach the masses, these conglomerates have the power to create in the minds of the people a single and cohesive world view, engendering a "standardization of human thought".


Wednesday, May 4, 2016

New Orleans! (After the lifted veil)

I was told once that after the great hurricane, New Orleans never quite recovered. With this in mind this city of jazz and blues and local spiced seafood rich cuisine has a lot of cultural history to live up to, what with the hollywood glitz movies and TV having made it into a mecca of a city in Louisiana, perhaps in fact having to live up to seemingly impossible expectations. After my first day in NO I realized I myself had created too many expectations upon this city due to my eye opening and soul expanding experience last year (or was it the year before?) in Bermuda, where the people were simply intoxicatingly awesome and the view and food were equally distinct and unforgettable.

Perhaps that unforgettable experience provided an unforgivable view of what one would "expect" out of New Orleans. Perhaps on my somewhat "numerous" travels over the pas few years I have been spoiled by my wife's incredible and uncanny ability to have us stay at the best hotels and explore the best possible routes and venues to be able to soak in the sights without stumbling into the all too obvious and some not so much tourist traps. Our introduction to New Orleans was that of a 3 to 4 star raTed hotel   (from online reviews) actually looking more like a 2 to 3 stars. Granted the place is clean and well situated but it was far from renovated, unless you count renovations dating back decades. Two of the lamps had broken frames (or broken "structures": the lamps themselves worked), the automatic ice maker in the freezer box just did not work, and there was no DVD player in the room when the website boasted that all rooms were equipped with such. Also the staff just kept entering the room unannounced without knocking and there was no "do not disturb" sign at the door. When the DVD player was delivered while we were out, the RCA cables were defective and when my wife asked for a replacement set of cables, the poor, poor confused maintenance man (yes, they sent the maintenance guy) came back with another DVD player and cables (and remotes which did not fit the player), he had no clue how such technology worked. Not that I blame him since DVD technology is already a thing of the past, plus who vacations in New Orleans to stay in the hotel room to watch DVD? Anyway he just plugged any RCA cable into any port at random, "manhandled" my wife's disc without consideration, came back and forth a few times being somewhat pissed because nothing worked, being called on his CB continually by the front desk... Anyway it was a reminder to my wife and I that we should always bring her little portable DVD player whenever we go on vacation to avoid such things. But as I said, it wasn't the poor guy's fault (he's a repair man not an AV technician) and who goes to New Orleans to watch DVDs in their hotel room? 

Our first day in was already very well underway. We went to the french quarter district to visit the world renown record store which featured a whole lot of cajun and local music, much to my wife's enjoyment, though very little in terms of my tastes. Still that was to be expected as I myself can not really find my own preferred type of music anywhere anymore, what with it already being obscure beyond description to begin with, as well as most record shops having been closed over the past decades thanks to the whole world turning into streaming and itunes and such. After that we went to a few "joints" nearby where basically everywhere had a live band playing, and we stopped at one such venue where my wife fell in love with the band and bought their CD right then and there. We the. Retired back to the hotel after an exhaustive day. Plane travel in economy is far from comfortable and doesn't allow much in terms of creature comfort.

Day two was supposed to begin with the aquarium visit but upon arrival we noticed it was the last of some kind of Star Wars day(s) which meant hordes of groups of kids.'we decided to change our schedule and do the artisan market and french quarter shopping and such instead which resulted in me finding a mask at a local mask shop (where 90% of the masks were unique and hand made by a local artist) which actually fits over my glasses, something which never happens, if you are also unfortunate enough to have to wear glasses being unable to wear contact lenses. I also ran back a few blocks to the record shop to buy a T-Shirt, a magnet and some pins to bring back home. Again we ate local food at a small shop (the night before we ate at a restaurant cAlled "Mother's" which was really delicious) and then visited the only real voodoo museum and voodoo accessories shop in the world. We continued visiting a few not-too-touristy areas including a nice park and a local church before evening came and we decided to try a local event where every wednesday in a park not too far from our hotel free music is performed and local food and other merchants sell their stuff for charity. We did not stay long, there was so many people and the music was not the best there was when considering how the smaller bands playing in the local pubs seemed to be more "soul"-ful and free-spirited. Anyway we called it a night after that since we were again quite exhausted (my wife and I both have severe foot problems and we basically walked all day long). 

On the third day we went to the aquarium and again there were hordes of kids which led to two distinct conclusions: no matter when we decide to go, there will always be groups of kids and pre-teens doing their school outing that day. The other is how we noticed that many people are there with their children along which made us wonder how come they don't go to school (the kids). Anyway it was still great since the aquarium actually hosts quite a few sharks in one of their larger tanks, as well as a good deal of other wildlife such as snakes, otters, rays, eels, piranhas, jellyfish and all sorts if other delights. But then again I am a sucker for aquariums so it is rather easy to get me going on such places. After that we hoped on other "street cars" (part of the public transport in New Orleans is still done using old electrical street cars) to bring us to the garden district where we visited the Lafayette #1 cemetery; we had to see those "over ground" cemeteries before we left. No, the rumors and reasons you heard as to why they bury their dead in small crypts over the ground are not true; they just do it for space reasons. I won't go into details much but think of it: it takes 366 days for a corpse to turn to dust and fully decompose when buried in one of those overground concrete "ovens" which is much less than when buried inside the ground. Also they need to fit about 40 000 corpses in any one of their small cemeteries. Anyway most "plots" actually contain about 10 people in the space where only one could be done if buried in the north american underground way. Try looking up the spaniard ways of burying their dead: I think it is a similar design. Anyway, after that fun activity (hey I don't know why but I like visiting cemeteries!) we ended up waiting quite a long time for another bus to bring us somewhat close to our hotel where we printed our plane boarding passes and hopped on another streetcar to head on up back to the record shop: my wife was jealous that I bought a T-Shirt of the shop and wanted one for herself, and I used the opportunity to purchase another T-Shirt, this time a reproduction of an old 50s exploitation film poster about the old voodoo scares (because voodoo is actually mostly positive: it is a spiritual mixture between catholic religion and other beliefs in non-traditional spirits. Most people think of voodoo as black magic but that is a false biased view spread by Hollywood and heresay). After that we enjoyed another show at a local bar where I drank a bourbon drink (not very good I must admit: I'm definitely not a bourbon person!) and my wife bought two discs off the band playing. You can say one thing about my wife, at least she supports local independent talent in person! She found more music in New Orleans in two-three days than I can find in a year anywhere in the world (so far). After that we returned to "Mother's" restaurant once more to try out different foods again and were once again impressed by their incredible cuisine. After that we returned to our hotel room, again somewhat exhausted but so satisfied with our last few days. My wife realizing this was it for our journey and said how she did not want to go back home. How I shared her sentiment.

As I write this we are on our way to the airport on our trip back home. Counting the waiting times and the layovers and all the usual interferences required by air travel, in 12 hours we will be home. So what am I bringing back from my short stay in Nee Orleans? What is it that we all do when we go on vacation? What do we look for or what to we seek, or wish to bring back with us after the magic has run its course? In my case it is always simply soaking in a different culture. Exposing myself to people, food, music, and experiences we can not actually have in our home towns and cities, no matter what any old frightened sedentary may tell you. As was the case with my more recent travels, it has become more a question of cultural exposure than anything else. Of course air travel is quite tedious especially when you are a poor person about 50% larger than what the economy seats allow, being stuck in a plane squeezed in a diagonal position for hours at a time is far from the best way to travel but in order to experience other cultures, sometimes one has to experience discomfort (cut due to responsibilities lurking everywhere)