Sunday, August 28, 2016

Introduced a few new BBBdolls!

In case you may have noticed (or not), I have finally released a few blogsposts introducing officially some of the latter BBBdolls in the harem which weren't officially listed yet. These were added recently to the "CAST" section of the "What Is BBB" permanent page, and I am re-posting a few of their mugshots here, as well as their respective getting-to-know posts links, for your convenience. Enjoy! (more to come of course...)

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Take a lot at the CHOCOLATE MOCHA Bdoll at her post:

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Say hello to the KATHIA NOBILI Bdoll!

Ladies and gents, please be introduced to the one and only KATHIA NOBILI Bdoll!

The story is a well known one, one which may seem tired and used by those of you who have stuck around for a long, long time and have sat through all of these "introducing" Bdoll posts throughout the past couple of years. It is actually a story which does not make itself all that much more spectacular than any other origin story, save for the actual timely and fast situation. Essentially it goes something like this (if you will allow me to remember such details which, by my count, are actually almost two years old by now!). (read below, after the nice pictures!)

It was another boring but busy day at work when, during a then rather semi-somewhat regular venture on that dreaded money-stealing website Ebay (in the sense that there's just always something to find and spend money on that site!) had me stumble upon a "Hard Rock Cafe" Bdoll which I did not already own. Not that I am a fan of the series per se, but so far quite a few of the dolls they have released under that banner have been quite remarkable in comparisson to other series. Also, note that two other Bdolls already within the BBB harem at that point were part of the "Hard Rock Cafe" series, in this case in the guise of the AVA VINCENT Bdoll and the MONICA SWEETHEART Bdoll (already introduced properly, their own introductory posts probably somewhere in 2015!).

The attention-grabber in this particular incident was the price being asked. Many collectors will undoubtibly mention how most "Hard Rock Cafe" Bdolls do not come cheap at all (just remember what I ended up paying for my Ava Vincent doll back in the day!) so when one finds a particular model at such a low price, one must consider the possibility of acquiring it! Now this is obviously a very collector-oriented way of thinking, and I admit even I have much trouble containing my own collector-side, so I had to tread carefully here. Was this doll worth it; was she worth the costs (albeit quite a low one!) to be added to my harem? And most importantly, was she "Buttery"-licious enough to be a part of the harem or would she just be discarded after a few uses? I had to weigh in the possibility that the Bdoll would simply be forgotten after a few sessions and left in the BBBackpack alongside other dolls of the BBB past which are essentially in "storage" (and by the way, a good deal of these now infamous dolls from 2004 and onwards are up for grabs if any of you are interested in getting your own paws on true BBB history!).

The nature of EBay does not allow a buyer/user the luxury of taking their sweet time weighing the "should or shouldn't it" aspect of purchasing/bidding on an item, especially a somewhat "popular" doll, so before too long I descided to purchase the doll in question, winning the auction online, and thus, after not so much a long time, she was shipped to my doorstep in her pristine box, ready to be introduced in the BBB ways! An interesting note is that at the very same time, I was also debating purchasing another then-wanted Bdoll from the same seller, a "Harley Davidson" model, however upon closer inspection I realized the doll simply was not as attractive in reality as her production and promotional photographs led to believe. More often than not, promotional photos used to showcase upcoming dolls actually differ in slight details from the final product, and so many dolls end up not as attractive or beautiful as they may appear to be in the pictures. In the case of the "Harley Davidson" doll, already the pics suggested a "not certain" stature for Butter-oriented  beauty in a doll, and when I sought out actual user photographs of the model, my thoughts were confirmed. And so, the "Hard Rock Cafe" Bdoll which you see in the pictures on this post, who eneded up being baptized as Nathia Nobili thanks to another "Name That Doll" post/poll, was the one who was purchased! And the rest is, as you can imagine, the usual BBB history!

Kathia Nobili is a Czech pornstar who started her career in 2007 and continues to this day to be active thanks to her own content website. She has over 185 official DVD film credits to her name, and like most east european performers, has numerous aliases and namesakes, such as (for example) Katy Campbell, Caterina, Caty Cambez, and Kata Nobili. Her official webiste can be found here: