Friday, February 24, 2017

DVD review: S.I.D.S. 1 (Extreme Associates)

Also Known As
Sexually Intrusive Dysfunctional Society (Extreme Associates)

(sorry I could not find any images from this film so I tried to find pictures of the performers, everything off my phone so limited quality)

Brief Background: back in the mid-late 90s just as I took a break from porn (and so did not follow the trends or happenings of the industry for a few years), I began to witness the early states of the then-newly formed Extreme Associates, from pioneers/visionaries/icons Tom Byron, Ashlyn Gere, Tiffany Mynx, Rob Black and Lizzy Borden to name a few. I know Tom and Tiff joined the Extreme crew after their stint with Elegant Angel left them cold, and Ashlyn was doing a comeback of sorts but quit entirely soon afterwards. It was hit and miss with those early Extreme titles, and unfortunately mostly miss for my tastes, principally due to questionable photography and choice of performers, as well as the increasing phase of mixing violence/horror/gore into hardcore porn. Rob and Lizzy did go to jail after a long legal battle and Extreme became Extreme 2.0 afterwards.

The Short And Skinny Of It: SIDS is a truly disturbing piece of porn, navigating the line between repulsion and stimulation, although the actual porn action itself may actually seem tame by today's standards. It is rather the segways, the settings, the costumes/makeup and general tone of the action which is not for the easily faint of heart, as there is nothing really tepid nor romantic in this collection of so-called "vile" and "disturbing" scenes. But to each their own, and only you can be the judge. 

The Windbag Detailing:
Rob Black plays a pregnant crack smoking & cocaine snorting crossdresser who only wants alleviate his current condition. He grosses us out in the introductory and final little sex-less bookends, which sandwitches 6 sex scenes of what can only be described as pure Extreme (v1) "entertainment":

Scene 1: Alana Evans with Brian "hit and run" Surewood and Jake Steed
Alana is wrapped in cello plastic wrap (as you would in a warehouse for shipping purposes, for example, as opposed to wrapping some cheese) and the guys unwrap her to put her through the paces before they DP her. In the end both dudes shoot their loads on her face, one after the other but with a quick cut as to not linger too long on Alana's cum-speckled face waiting for the second load (who would want that, right?). Brian shoots first a nice typical Surewood load, quickly followed by one of Jakes's above-average blasts which coats her a bit more. 

Scene 2: Iroc and J. J. Michaels
The rarely seen (for those like me who missed out on the late 90s Extreme era) Iroc is painted up as a clown, and so is JJ; those with a clown phobia should definately pass this one. They fuck in a shower stall and she does a bit of ass to mouth. It all ends as she is holding a balloon under her chin and JJ jacks his load onto the ball. I'm certain her was aiming for her face and mouth, but alas, not everyone can be PeterNorth from 1993.

Scene 3: Monique DeMoan and Jon Dough:
Just reading the two performers in this scene will probably reveal the reason why I purchased this DVD. A hood wearing Jon visits Monique DeMoan in a heavy smoke-machine fogged-up room and they do their marital bliss thing complete with anal. It ends as she is lying on her back and Jon side drops a larger than usual load across her mouth and mug (if he would have unloaded from the front he would have completely plastered her face). Not disappointing at all! 

Scene 4: Monique and Michael Stefano:
The always intense Monique opens up a large box with a painted warning on a sign "Die Die" and reveals Michael wearing diapers and sucking on an oversized baby bottle. She BJs him, sucks his balls and rims him before the fucking starts (yes, with more anal, obviously), before he drops a typical load on her mouth and chin. 

Scene 5: Donita Dunes and Earl Slate:
Donita, she of the monstrously huge fake breasts, is in a kids' pool with milk, a washing cloth, and the skinned heads of an animal (someone knew a butcher in the area, I suppose). As the fuck they also play with the dead animal meat and what may actually be a part of a dog's skin. Very Extreme v1. Anyway it's another one of those scenes and it ends with Earl jacking off onto Donita's mouth. 

Scene 6: Alana Evans, Lizzy Borden and an uncredited guy:
Here's a scene which will make most hetero homophobes finally switch this film off. Poor dude is a prisoner of war and Lizzy & Alana plan on punishing him. First they stick their gun in his mouth, then they suck on his cock, then they force him to suck on dildos, which are used to fuck him in his ass, then ass to mouth with the dildos. At one point both dildos are up his ass and such proceeding continue forth. Finally in the end, as both Lizzy and Alana play as though they are slightly disgusted by all of this, they hold up the dildos to his cock and he drops his load on both plastic toys. 

That's the end of the sex scenes. We find Rob Black (or Roberta) waking up in the toilet and attempting a self-abortion using an old metal clothes hanger. Blood and what appears to be simulated fetus gore chunks fall on the floor as we hear screams and a baby crying. If the last sex scene did not disturb you, this last 5 minutes will surely remind you who was behind this whole project. 

Bonus Blowjob: Kristi Myst and a few cocks:
In that all-too-familiar boxing ring setting from those late 90s Extreme days, lovely cute blonde Kristi Myst does a mini blowbang on aboit frour guys for about 9 minutes until they all unload on her face and mostly her mouth, one by one. You would expect four loads to look messier on Kristi's face but maybe these guys were tired or on their second and third loads of the day, or maybe just your average typical Extreme v1 mopes.

There is also about 20 previews to some of Extreme's earlier entries from films now long discontinued and this side of impossible to find.

Final Thoughts from the Peanut Gallery: well what more can I say? I've been exposed to many Extreme 2.0 releases as well as some canadian censored versions from Valentine Video(*) of "classic" Extreme material (such as the heavily edited "Terrors From The Clit" amongst others) but some of the stuff in this film is borderline "twisted" to a point that I can now understand why there was such a long legal battle against Rob & Lizzy all those years ago. To most people, porn is offensive as is so when exposed to such material as "SIDS 1", it is no wonder the "moral majority" would stand up and scream vileness all around. Porn is porn so watching good looking women taking cock and facials or giving strap-ons to their co-stars is always a pleasure but the other elements make you wonder just how much of the gross-out factor can become more of a turn-off than what the porn is there to do. It's no secret why I bought this DVD (which has been long discontinued but I found a fairly decently-priced unit online) and for that reason alone it's a keeper. In most cases the porn I keep is basically for a fraction of what is in the "film"/"product", and in the case of SIDS1, that fraction is even lower than most since there is so much in this film which is outrightly total turn-off material, but that little percentage of what I wish to re-see is a strong little percentage, one which I think validates the keeping of the remainder of the "filth".

(*) for a long time, major Quebec (Canada) porn distributor Valentine Video has edited/censored/cut-out portions of DVDs, usually and principally for reasons of length (for a long time they could only manufacture 2-hour DVDs so all bonus material was cut, often scenes would be edited/shortened, and in at least one case I know of, entire scenes completely cut out of a feature) but also due to censorship, such as he aforementioned "Terrors From The Clit" where most of the gorier material was excised, and with the Max Hardcore material which, before they stopped entirely even attempting to distribute in Canada, was so heavily edited that scenes would become literally "trailers" or "teasers" of their original versions, being edited and censored up to a reported 80-90% of their original material. First, all that "golden watersports" was completely edited (and international Max Hardcore fans know just how much of those he had in his productions!), and then the more violent and graphic material, even the verbal abuse, was increasingly cut down. Not that I'm a Max Hardcore fan (far from it), but it goes to show just how much we Canadians endured a very limited exposure to legal porn produced south of our border. Nowadays, Valentine Video does stock more full-length/original features but we often don't have all the bonus material the US versions have, and Valentine does not carry/distribute "everything" the US manufacturers produce. In the end it's a roll of the dice to see if we Canadians will be getting any of the porn being legally manufactured and distributed in the USA.

DVD review: Hotel Hyde (Harmony)

Brief background: I have pretty much re-fallen in love with porn in the very recent past year(s) by discovering the all-too rare and limited releases by famed/notorious/infamous director Tanya Hyde, from the post Y2K era on Harmony. Rare and hard to find also perfectly describe the discontinued and limited nature of the DVD format which is why most Harmony films I own in two copies, and a few I actually have in three. The first/older Tanya directed Harmony titles are this side of impossible to find save for paying about $99 in USD for a legal/legit disc. One evening while surfing a DVD seller website I stumbled upon someone who was selling one of these impossible to find titles, "Hotel Hyde", without a cover (disc only) for a fairly reasonable price. Reason abandoned me as I swiftly placed an order right then and there without knowing much more about the film seeing as how credits are usually cryptic in such Hyde features.

The Short And Skinny Of It: Avoid Tanya Hyde films if you don't enjoy dark and odd lighting and settings, long dis-jointed scenes which often cut into other action and sometimes don't follow through or get resolved, avoid if you can't stand music and over-dubbing in your porn, and if you don't enjoy fetish S&M themes/clothing/contraptions. There is rarely any middle ground in Tanya Hyde films, so usually you either love it frantically or don't enjoy all the artsy-farsty stuff.

The Windbag Detailing: on one of those canadian versions of the Gazzman "Fuck Me" series (Fuck Me Katja Kassin, Fuck Me Arianna Jollee, or Fuck Me Lauren Phoenix), has a bonus scene which was the first scene of "Hotel Hyde", which helped me get a sense of the overall theme and texture of the film. Even at that time I was not fully convinced of just how Tanya Hyde films work on my psyche. Now re-watching this scene as the first part of a bigger whole which increases in stimulae and pornocicism, I can appreciate it much more even if it still is a generally dark and almost sepia-black & white washed scene:

Scene 1: "The Bitches Room":
Danielle Kelson (as a brunette) and April share three then two (one just disappears during the proceedings) males in the highly fetish scene which begins as one lady enters the Hotel Hyde and goes into a large dungeon-esque room and starts off on masked and caged men before they are let out of said cages and the scene moves on for a good half hour, before April takes a decent facial and Danielle gets her tushy patch loaded by a thick white load in missionary position. 

Scene 2: "The Rubber Room"
Sandra De Marco approaches a guy in a gynecologist-flavored contraption with his legs spread appart and wearing a rubber dress and high-heels (I am not making this up) before she teases and sucks him. The action shifts to Lucy Law who is face-sitting Ian Tate stuck inside a rubber restrainment outfit, in the middle of a bar-less cage-like contraption. She opens a small pocket to reveal his hard cock which she sucks in 69 position as he continues to sample her cunt orally. Cut back to Lucy now in Sandra's place getting fucked by a dildo-machine operated by the first guy using a bicycle-like crack. Then Ian appears and both guys are using toys and fingers on her before they start fucking her. Scene shift again as Sandra now takes on both dudes (one is wearing a pitch black rubber fornsome reason) and eventually they DP her. One guy then drops a load on her tits (not bad a cumshot) and then Ian fucks her up the ass before blasting one of his patented water-gun loads into her gaped asshole. 

Scene 3: "The Wedding Suite"
Taylor J. Morgan in full bridal dress is being married to a gent in another fetish-like area, and proceed to start consummating their marriage. Luissa DeMarco (no relation to Sandra) joins in and the scene turns into a lesbian romp (the guy having disappeared), but returns a short while back as Luissannow is equipped with a dildo strap-on which eventually lead to a DP on Taylor J. Eventually the guy pops his nut on Taylor J.'s mug and mouth.

Scene cuts to Luissa going to a confessional to admit ber sins to priest Steve Hooper (who is drinking and smoking in the next stall). Soon enough Steve puts his cock through a gloryhole in the small wall separating them and Luissa blows the lucky guy. The scene cuts/shifts to the couple now in the same room where they are now fucking, leading to a very nice anal. Eventually Steve unloads on Luissa's cunt in slow-motion. 

Scene 4: "Gang Bang Boudoir"
Luissa De Marco returns all decked out in superb leathery fetish attire and frolicks around in a room with a bed and photographs/paintings on the walls. Suddently three cocks pop through three paintings on the wall (gloryhole style) and Luissa is all too obligeant to suck them off. Then two of the three cocks leave the paintings and appear as masked/hooded men to bring the cocks closer to Luissa, before the third guy joins them. After some more spirited cocksmoking the fucking begins, all the while Luissa gets the extra cocks hard with her hands and mouth, which leads to an anal or two and soon enough some DP action in a few positions. After a while, one dude cums on Luissa's cunt as she is lying on the bed. Cut to Luissa on all fours as another guy unloads on her butt and cunt (a faily decent cumshot). Cut yet again to Ian blasting what must be one of his largest loads captured on camera all over Luissa's face (she grimaces and flinches slightly, but she's a trooper!) before the scene fades to black way too quickly to enjoy this last amazing cumshot. 

(Note: many Tanya Hyde scenes tend to end way too quickly after the cumshot instead of lingering on for a few moments to enjoy the aftermath).

Scene 5 & 6: "Chamber Of The Undead"
With a dark vampiric feel/vibe to this scene, Sasha Paris and April (from scene 1) begin with a lesbian scene which quite frankly, everyone knows I am just not into and tend to either skip or fast forward through. Before long, the scene cuts to Lucy Law finding her way to a coffin which she opens to reveal a dormant vampire. She opens a little flat in his pants to suck the lucky bloodsucker for a while before he wakes up in time to have his face sat upon where he can taste Lucy's nethers. They then proceed to obligatory fucking in a handful of positions before he dumps his load on her face (another decent cumshot) which brings our film to a close.

Bonus Feature: BTS Tour:
Running at just over 30 minutes, this is a great BTS look at just how much effort is put into Tanya Hyde productions. We are far from the LA-based couch and rug sets of typical US gonzo porn, as many of the set in Hyde productions are actually built or modified, including the dildo machine from scene 2. We get a good sense of the camaraderie and atmosphere before, during and after the scenes are shot, and this includes a little bit of bonus footage as we watch from the third degree (a camera watching a camera shooting the action) some of the sequences from the film. The best bit comes towards the end of the BTS as a second camera captures Ian's mega pop onto Luissa's face from scene 4, with a little bit more before and after footage which showcases just how poor Luissa was a mega trooper from getting such a hefty blast at point blank range. We even glimpse a bit at her post-facial run to the toilet for a clean-up.

Final Thoughts From The Peanut Gallery:
As stated earlier, you either love or hate Tanya Hyde films from the Harmony era with very little grey area in between. This early Harmony era of Hyde productions do retain a bit of the dark and grainy elements of Private era (from the late 90s) of Tanya Hyde flicks, and isn't as crisp and clean as the later Harmony Hyde productions, even if many similarities continue (such as the unfortunate lack of post cumshot footage, grumble...). "Hotel Hyde" is slightly shorter than other Hyde flicks, clocking at a few minutes over the 2 hour mark (it is not uncommon to see 3-hour long Tanya Hyde films for Harmony) but still features the elements and style of Hyde, from the kinky attires and gadgets/contraptions to the non-typical settings and photography elements. The high "artsy-farts factor here will probably turn off the gonzo raincoaters, and the lack of any story or linking elements between vignettes will not be pleasant for those looking for porn with plot, but Tanya Hyde is more about exercises in style and imagery over sheer buckets full of slap-happy flesh fests. This isn't quite bondage nor S&M material but the themes do surf quite closely, making Hyde flicks very stroke-worthy for anyone willing to give them a chance. But like concept albums over hit singles, these demand a time and effort to seep into the enjoyment instead of the immediate gratification wham-bam thank you ma'am motif. 

As I said, I've become quite the Tanya Hyde fan for the past year(s?) and stumbling on this extremely rare "artifact" was like a godsend to me, especially for that Ian Tate blasting Luissa De Marco's face moment (complete with the bonus/boner BTS shot) which I can not erase from my mind even as I try to work my day job. 

Friday, February 3, 2017

It's official, we're going to Germany

We are not moving to Germany (at least not at this junction!) but it is now official: my wife and I are going to Germany around May 2017. In the city of Dresden to be exact. Maybe I mentionned this in the past or maybe this is all just brand spanking new (I forget what I write down and what I talk out loud to cohorts and fellow fiends of late), but since my wife accumulates loads of travel points through her work (at least one of us has perks at their job!), and we enjoy thrusting ourselves into different cultures and countries, we/she decided this year we'd add Germany to the list of places we have visited.

Now why Dresden and not, say, Berlin or Hamburgh for example? Well dear reader, it is fairly simple. First of all it isn't a worldwide well known tourist attraction like other places (not that Germany is a popular tourist attraction to begin with, but that I do not understand), so there won't be too many of those typical over-priced tourist trapsthat larger cities and popular destination often have. Secundo, the architechture is to die for. My wife knows someone who knows their way around the Deutch lands and she strongly suggested we go there: most people speak english and aren't frustrated at their city being over-run by tourists.

Finally, it's near eastern europe, and that's a bit closer to my own personal "preferences" in terms of musical culture than most other places we visited. New York was mostly a rock, classical and jazz place where the record shops offered little to no underground electronic music whatsoever, and our Louisianna stop in New Orleans also prooved to be more generalized old-scool big-band flavored jazz, cajun and blues (none of that modern improv jazz, mind you). Anyway point is that when we go places I try to see what the underground electronic music scene is all about, and in most cases, if it isn't unexistant, it is sure as heck very well hidden. So Dresden being not too far from the Czech republic and Prague, will probably have some more decent Butterliciously-flavored sounds to explore. More details on this as it develops... Or as I remember talking about it!

TEASER: Brooklyn's 1st FUKT baptism

Without wishing to toot my own horn too much (although many would argue that the reason anyone operates a self-fulfilling blog is strictly about narcism!) I wanted to share just a few teaser pics of a sessions which I shot tonight, Thursday febuary 2nd, which is not only Brooklyn's first ever session, but also is another FUKT episode! I pulled out almost all the stops for this one, seeing as how I had slightly more time "off" than usual, I decided to properly introduce the "BB" doll Brooklyn in a manner which would simply be unforgettable in terms of official 1st time Buttering. When you think about it, Brooklyn isn't "just" another BBB harem doll since she is not my property and shall be "returned" to "BB" 's home after a few more sessions, including private footage and some Giga action (which I haven't done in ages). Anyway, here are but a few little teaser pics of the Brooklyn FUKT baptism session, to be edited as soon as time permits! Enjoy!

Don't forget that I had to move the official BBB videos page/site from Xtube over at PornHub due to, ahem... "technical difficulties" brought upon yet more never-ending changes and upgrades and updates on Xtube\s part. Get all the details here if you haven't already:

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Call me uncle Butter (for the 4th time!)

I rarely talk about personal & revealing stuff due to the desire of mine not to intermix pleasurable online pornography and sexual fetishes with family-oriented real life "banalities" but I had to mention something. I get to be uncle for a fourth time today as my sister-in-law just gave birth to her first daughter! Now this is a fourth time for me because my wife's brother had three children with his ex-girlfriend (one of which is now a teenager and is my god-son: time sure does fly when you get to my age!). This is actually exciting because, not to speak too ill of my wife's brother and his ex-girlfriend, but it will be nice to have a sibling (by association) who speaks more than one language and doesn't grow up in a closed-minded prejudiced environment. OK so my views on procreation and spawning more humans on this earth are well known and not terribly popular (as I do believe most people would call my views on parenthood quite fascist, bordering on an almost dystopian/totalitarian POV), and that is why I always keep a good distance away from parents and spawners since I'm far from the touchy-feely oogling "aww so cute!" kind of guy, and in my advancing age, I feel it more and more difficult to keep my opinions about such subjects to myself. But as I said, I'm now uncle for the fourth time and this time this little girl will grow up to be massively intelligent due to her mother being one of the most brilliant "doctors" that I know. My wife is especially happy since she'll be able to have a niece with whom she will be able to share her love and not have her gifts magical dissapear never to be seen again after being given. So there! Uncle Butter, that's me! Now let's hope this little girl doesn't develop a taste for Bdolls or they'll be serious competition! (Note: a very good friend of mine had a daughter about 12-13 years ago or so and I remember seeing her Bdolls and then looking at my friend who knows all about my fetish but quite undestandably doesn't understand it, and telling him there is nothing to worry anout as my own tastes for dolls reaches far beyond thr usual retail store variants.).

BBB TEASER: sneak peek at new dolls!

I know I am not supposed to do this, but seeing as how it is taking me forever to work on the proper posts, I thought I would offer you these little sneak peek-a-boo pics of the three latest BBB harem additions to my collection of cutey Bdolls! Now do not take this as the official unveiling at all, but rather a little something to sink your peepers into for when I do come up for air with those "Name That Doll" posts... because you know you, the dear reader, will be called upon to help me choose the name of these lovelies! Don't forget that my PornHub page replaces the ages-old Xtube channel due to technical difficulties! (replaces the Xtube channel... alas, unfortunately!)

Another little quickie BBB teaser preview

Hello everyone; following yesterday's post showcasing a few random teaser pictures from the archives of unedited BBB material shot over the past... What 3-4 years already? Anyhow you all know the drill and how these things work (for the newbies just joining us, it is very simple: Since about 2013 or so my time has become increasingly more "restricted" and so I am unable to donate my time to editing and updating this blog (amongst numerous other pleasant activities) as much as I want, limiting my output online to mere teasers and previews; in this case, random pics culled from the ever-growing archives of unedited BBB material!). Remember that I had to move the BBB videos page from Xtube to PornHub here: same handle, but less hassle - Xtube upgraded and changed their operational systems again rendering my uploading of any material impossible. Yeah I know it sounds ludicrous; it is! Just enjoy what was there, and enjoy the new stuff at PornHub: replaces the BBB Xtube channel (as explained above and in previous posts!)