Thursday, May 18, 2017

BONUS: one for the road (BBB teaser preview picture)

I could not help myself and decided to just give one last little BBB teaser preview picture... just one... Because I've already done quite a few for one day! Why the sudden re-activity? Insomnia brought upon by leg cramps, humidity in the air, and anxiety/stress from work, to which I must dash off to instantly!

A final BBB teaser preview for the day: Monika Unco faced!

Again, much like the previous couple of quickie post, here are a few images culled from the BBB backlogued archives of unedited sessions, this one from the "Monika Unco Faced" session.

And another BBB teaser preview: RePo titfuck facial

As with the previous post, here are a few pictures taken from the unedited "Renee Pornero Titfuck Facial" BBB session, from the ever-growing backlog of un-edited BBB sessions in the archives. Enjoy!

BBB teaser preview: Yasmine's loose hair (pt 1)

Here are a couple of picture from the yet unedited BBB session "Yasmine loose hair part 1", taken from the archves of backlogued material!

Quick! A little BBB teaser preview!

Before this blog loses all its supposed creativity and activity mostly due to an increse in stress and workload at the job (things never get better in huge corporations), here are a couple random BBB teaser pics culled from a few yet unedited sessions in the backlog. Enjoy!