Saturday, June 24, 2017

My final THANK YOU preview BBB post for the moment (part 3)

As the title says, here is my third and final BBB teaser preview THANK YOU for your patience post, to celebrate and commemorate the fact I hadn't had access to my laptop in what seems to be ages! So as the previous two (not linear ones, but I am certain you can work it out!) here's a little preview BBB clip featuring another yet un-named Bdoll (which you will be able to help name in an upcoming Name That Doll post!)-only the 3-angled cumshot is shown, with a slo-motion repeat of 1 angle at the end.

Don't forget to subscribe to my P0rnhub page where pretty much all the new stuff will be posted from now on. As you all know by now (hopefully), one of the "latest" upgrades by Xtube prevents me from uploading any new material to my long-standing channel, which is why I had to re-locate to P0rnhub. Enjoy!

Found great cumshot clips/cumpilations

I managed to find a few great cumshot clips and cumpilations online when I totally decided to satiate my lust for porn online when I got back on my laptop. Here are a few of these (some are cumpilations running up to 20 minutes). Enjoy!

ABOVE: reduced to fit on Bl0gger; this is a mighty impressive CUMpilation which starts off with Ian Tate blasting the face of Coco Charmelle in of of those later Tanya Hyde movies, and moves on to other gooey goodness!

The above CUMpilation lasts a bit over 8 minutes and is called A Cure For Blueballs; it features almost exclusively amateur content and does have a few quite impressive jizz loads launched on cutey ladies!

The above CUMpilation is almost 15 minutes long and starts off with that well known amateur who maye have been one of the first ladies to promote the facial "selfie"; you can buy her KIK account and she'll send you facial selfies she takes herself after taking loads on her face! The rest of the cumpilation is far from not being too shabby either!

The above clip is a cumpilation featuring 80s and 90s "vintage" cumshots, including such stars as Sarah Louise Young, and Selen to name but two. It also features one of Jon Dough's best facial popshots, a classic in my own records!

To finish this off for now (as I alas must return to my husbandry duties and be there for my wife for the remainder of the day), the above CUMpilation is of brazilian origin, featuring what can only be described as south of the border jizzers. Some of these girls obviously never expected such voluminous popshots!

As a goodby for the moment, here is a cumshot from Winston Burbank from one of the earlier Suck It Dry series. This is amongst one of the top 5 best Burbank ejaculations in my book. It may not look so incredible at first but re-watch it and count the sprays, keepin in mind that SHE is doing the jacking off, not him. Enjoy my fellow friends!

Found this series online (a guy cums in public near girls)

Here is one guy who has since retired his online accounts (so no means to get in touch with him) but who's repertoire speaks for itself. Granted the japanese came with a similAR CONCEPT AGES AGO (damn caps lock, sorry) where they would hide in bushes and then run up to ladies in public and cum on their faces. However this guy here had balls (so to speak) for basically flashing in public and managing to cum nearby ladies mostly without their knowledge, The footage is not the best in the world and I am no reposting his entire catalogue (quite the opposite; only a few chosen clips I am sharing here), but this should prove to being an interesting diversion for all of us. After all, this isn't something you see every day!

In the following clip (under this) he pays a girl 10 euros to cum on her face. Reaction is... well you'll see!

The following clip (underneath) he does something similar to cum on the boobs of a girl in a shopping mall:

In the following one (under this) he actually follows a girl and manages to cum a bit on her clothes...

The clip underneath is of a similar theme; he manages to cum a bit on her legs:

The following clip he brings a girl in his car and manages to tit fuck her and cum on her tits. Looks at how she tries to hide her face from the camera:

And finally, he cums on the dress of a girl while waiting at the bus stop. Seriously, this guy, man...

Here's another THANK YOU BBB preview post

As a follow-up to my previous post (I suggest you back track just underneath this one to get all the proper details), here is another quickie little thank you post with a bit of a BBB teaser clip featuring yet another un-named Bdoll which you will be able to help name by voting in an upcoming Name That Doll post. Here is a little teaser clip featuring the 3-angled cumshot + a slow-motion of one angle at the end. Enjoy!

Don't forget that you can subscribe to my now official P0rnhub channel (replacing the still open Xtube channel to which I am no longer able to upload new material) where I will be posting all the newer BBB material as I attempt to edit them!

Here's a little BBB preview to get going!

As you can tell by this blog post, this means I have re-gained access to my laptop and am now playing catch up! I say this because although there are many ways to enjoy the internet while on a phone, nothing trully compares to using a bonafide computer to craft anything of remotely original creativity. I mean look at 75% of your "friends" on social sites like Faceb00k for example: most use their phones to play with the interweb and then all they do is press "like" or "share". Hardly a unique or original way to express oneself let alone attempting to craft something with any originality. In fact the internet has rendered most people incapable of actually creating anything; just a world-wide nation of Like button pressers and the ilk. Anyway, personnal venting aside, in order to say THANK YOU for bearing with me in the past few weeks of not being able to go on the internet properly, here is a little preview of a yet UN-NAMED Bdoll which you will be able to vote for her name soon!

This is of course just a little teaser of the full length scene, but I hope it will indeed "whett" you appetite for what is in the back-catalogue of the BBB and other related material! Be sure to subscribe to my now official BBB channel on P0rnHub for all the latest BBB clips (the older ones are still on Xtube but I just can't upload anything new over there):

Friday, June 23, 2017

Backlog of non-BBB but online soon!

Alright so I may gain access to my laptop laterntonight as my brother is leaving to go to his place and one of my wife's girlfriends is coming over to watch a film with her so I should be able to attempt to go on mylaptop later tonight. Again, in the meantime, here are a few shots I scooped up from my phone and pasted here for your and my own perverted voyeuristic pleasures!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Ujhhhh! (Gonna be online soon!)

I have just noticed that in under 3 days I have used up over half of my allotted online data on my phone. This may be attributed to the fact that I do not have any other porn outlet whatsoever, seeing as how my wife has been at home 24/7 since her "light" surgery last week, and my  brother has been shacking up with us as well since he too had a recent surgery, albeit a major one. Apparently he will be having another one in about 6 weeks if this one's healing goes well and according to plan. So as I mentioned in a previous phone-made post, I haven't had any "alone" time in a while, which I do believe that in the case of someone like myself is enough to induce some sort of cabin fever (who knows?). I know this isn't permanent but it is showing just how incredibly selfish and solitaire I really am. I do believe it is what alcoholics or substance abusers would refer to as going through withdrawal, and I make no excuse at my having a very short fuse and a difficulty to concentrate, which is why the first thing I do when taking these toilet "breaks" at work is scope out porn online on my phone. Yes, I know, it is quite sad, but I do think it is important to be honest with myself. Hi, I'm Butter, and I am a porn addict. I'm also an alcoholic and suffer from depression, anxiety, sleep disorders (sleep paralysis seems to be a latest addition to the bunch), I am overweight and have high blood pressure. Recently it seems I have been suffering from some kind of dehydration of sorts as one of my lips has cracked open. This is a first for this one, as I find myself applying lip gloss and medicated gloss on my lip on a daily basis. Is this part of growing older? Is this part of the package when "they" say your body starts to give up on uou as you advance with age?


I luv cum OK?

... and I would even go so farn s to say that you do too, if you read and/or follow this blog! Hope you enjoy these little quickie online finds I gathered while waiting for fax confirmations to print!