Saturday, June 24, 2017

My final THANK YOU preview BBB post for the moment (part 3)

As the title says, here is my third and final BBB teaser preview THANK YOU for your patience post, to celebrate and commemorate the fact I hadn't had access to my laptop in what seems to be ages! So as the previous two (not linear ones, but I am certain you can work it out!) here's a little preview BBB clip featuring another yet un-named Bdoll (which you will be able to help name in an upcoming Name That Doll post!)-only the 3-angled cumshot is shown, with a slo-motion repeat of 1 angle at the end.

Don't forget to subscribe to my P0rnhub page where pretty much all the new stuff will be posted from now on. As you all know by now (hopefully), one of the "latest" upgrades by Xtube prevents me from uploading any new material to my long-standing channel, which is why I had to re-locate to P0rnhub. Enjoy!

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