Monday, July 24, 2017

Goodbye January Seraph...

All images taken from her Facebook stream... I own zero, absolutely no rights to any of these photographs.

Today, monday the 24th of July was a sad day. Upon opening my own Facebook I discovered that January Seraph had passed away. So far there are no details surrounding her passing but the general mood around the media sites seem to be self-inflicted. This is absolutely tragic news, and has obviously left me in shock, is dissamay, in disbelief.

I will not pretend that I was her friend because, well I was not. I knew of January, and spoke to her via text messaging online on a number of occasions, always trying to be respectful of her and her presence, always trying to offer my own support in her art and craft. I will not pretend to have shared anything remotely special, as fleeting comings and goings of online exchanges are of questionable value, one always in constant flux and greatly depending on who recounts the story in which way. I will not pretend I was not quite smitten by her and very appreciative of what little exchanges she did grant with/of me, for the little exchanges we did have seemed to be real, and not strictly based on frivolous online pseudo fan-based flirtacious sentiment.

The only thing I can say is that my heartfelt sentiments go to all those she touched in her life, all those she has shared her love and pain, her feelings, her inner being, her light and her darkness. To everyone who were lucky to have shared a brief glimpse of existance with her, I send you nothing but my deepest condolences, as well as positive feelings in light of this absolutely tragic event. I can not help but be reminded of a few other people I have known here and there who have alas succumb to the cruelty and pain of being alive. I can not but help thinking of Jezebel Yum, whom I had always wished I could have been there to help her in her own trying times. Now I feel a similar impotence with January, wondering if there was anything I could have done to help her in her trying times, if my presence would have brought a little bit of a push towards the happier side of the spectrum. Alas, in my own insecurities, I never allowed myself to communicate more regularly with her, what by being just another fanboy and such, and yet I somehow feel the great loss now even if it is but from an online contact. I am at a loss for words and there is nothing I can say or write right now until there are more details surrounding this event. To quote the character of Tuvok from Star Trek Voyager, to the character played by actor Brad Dourrif: "I offer you a Vulcan prayer, Mr. Suder. May your death bring you the peace you never found in life. "

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Go VOTE for the 3 latest Bdolls' names!

Hello again dear readers! I noticed no one votes for the three latest BBBdoll beauties in my harem, and I just wanted to ask why not? Could it be you don't like the Bdolls? Could it be you don't like the pornstars chosen as namesakes? I mean it isn't really all that difficult, and it makes a real difference (even though you may not readily see it! So follow the links below and vote for each of the 3 BBBeauties' names in the comments section of their appropriate post!

Just to help entice you to go on and vote for the Bdoll names, here's a never-before teaser preview which will not appear elsewhere, of the Bdoll Monika Unco (who was named by one of these voting posts!) in a 3-angled couch HJ trial.

Oh what the heck, right? While I'm at it, might as well also do another for you guys (no go vote!) - This one is a mega session involving a lot of tease, a mega cumshot, lots of Giga, and a bonus popshot on the Brooklyn B-doll! You can only imagine how mammoth the whole scene can be! Enjoy the BBBlog Xclusive preview and now GO VOTE!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Can anyone ID anything about these clips?

Hey folks; usually I am the one who IDs stuff stuff online in reference to porn. Granted I already have an extensive knowledge of a certain era of porn to begin with, and the added bonus of having helped build one of the greatest online porn archives ever (not this blog, mind you: that would take ages even if I worked on it full-time!). However once in a while I stumble upon some porn material online which is obviously culled from DVD or VHS (or just plain old pre-interweb material) which I am unable to identify. In this case (and more to come, quite surely), I am left baffled and ignorant in the face of cum.

So I ask you, the reader, and anyone who would stumble upon this post, to offer any hint whatsoever as to the origins of these clips, be it the performers involved, or from which film/video these are from. The sources from which I found these online are obvioulsy of no real help at all, so again, any help you can give me will be trully appreciated! Don
Above: This one comes from a german release, so little chance of finding a region 1 DVD of this release unless it was redistributed for north america. I mean come on, just look at the cumshot!

Above: The online thing I know about this release it that it comes from an Anarchy film. However neither the asian performer nor the cum slinger I can identify. Can anyone help?

Above: if you look closely, the guy getting doubled-HJed shoots up to his neck. I
Above: This one is literally driving me mad. I am unable to ID the early 90s actress (most probably a european performer) nor the dude who explodes one of the biggest loads ever! Any help, my friends?

Above: This one comes from a UK production (obviously), and alas I am drawing a total blank where it was taken from. Anyone care to try to ID this one?

Above: these two ladies are in for a treat as this lucky dude unloads a generous amount of jizz on them! Wish I knew a way to ID where this scene is from!

Above: Another one of those which I wish I could identify to hunt down, but alas, no dice!

Above: Another one which is escaping the depths of my legt porn knowledge. If any one can ID this, thanks in advance!

Above: This is most probably from the 70s, due to the image quality. If anyone has any idead as to its origins, please do not hesitate to share!

Above: Another vintage retro clip from a golden era: I really wish I could find from where this scene is originally from. Can anyone offer any type of information to help me out?

Above: Well I wish I could ID the female star in this clip but I am drawing a total blank here. If anyone can tell me who she (or the jizzer dude) is, I'd be very happy!

Above: a long time ago someone on a discussion board somewhere did ID from which film this was from but all that information is now lost in the sea of the interweb. Anyone care to ID this 70s scene?

Above: Now here is another retro classic from the 70s: I guess guys took better care of their health back then to come up with such spectacular loads! Can anyone help me ID the source or the performers?

Above: From the 80s. This one is very specific: I really would appreciate if anyone could tell me from which film it is originally from. Thanks!

Above: ages ago I traded VHS tapes with a guy in the USA (just before the Bukkake craze came through in north america) and on one of his CUMpilation tapes was this 35mm shot. I was never able to ID anything about this one but would love to find out where it comes from. Any help, my friends!

Above: Another 70s (probably) sequence worthy of being identified. Can anyone help me out here?

Above: Another one from the 70s, in this case I am more interested in figuring out who the male is...

Above: Like the one previous, I am curious in tracking down who the male talent was.

Above: Another classic from the golden age of porn: if anyone has any idea where this is originally from, please don
Above: and finally another 70s classic retro vintage cum clip which I can not ID. Any help from you fine folks would be greatly appreciated!

Cheers everyone, and don

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Finally I'm back (with cell data)

I'm back! Well sort of. After about a month's time offline the billing cycle has re-set and I can now use my phone to its more regular activities! To those of you who did not know, somewhere around late June I got a message from my phone's data usage carrier that I was about to bust my data limit for the month. This is due to me actually watching porn clips online while at work on my phone (while being hidden in the bathroom stalls) using the cell data instead of WiFi (which is reserved for the highbrows and upper ups). So the fact I busted my limit is entirely my own fault ("Nobody's fault but mine") and it made me discover that it really doesn't take much to bust your monthly quota. A half dozen clips and you're already on your way to bust it through the roof. Ages ago people did not believe me when I said that this cell phone online thing was another way of the culture indilustry and the corporate world to control us (addiction) and how to syphon us from our money for, let's face it, something which just isn't real! No wonder all these sites (porn sites included of course) are all posting and sharing high-resolution/deffinition clips and such: it is to make certain we waste as much cell data as possible!

Anyway for almost 5 weeks I would be on cell data OFF + airplane mode all day long and only use my home WiFi (when not at work nor running errands) for my phone's activities. I also worked on this blog here as well showcased with my latest 3 "Name That Doll" posts which I must remind you that if you did not vote yet for my three new dolls, what are you waiting for? Anyhow, I've been quite possibly as personna non grata as one can get in today's modern day and age of constant online connectivity due to me being offline for so long. 

What really tickles my fancy (sarcastica) is how come it took so long for my monthly billing cycle to re-set? Does this mean that in less that 3 days I busted my monthly alloted data usage? If that is the case (as it was), well then this does mean that online entertainment (porn) is really designed to eat up your data use. High deffinition may look great on camera (anyone else get the not-so-clever way I am not even attempting to disguise the non-subtlety in the language use here?) but it sure ends up being costly. So in order to avoid myself going completely whacko during those 4 & 3/4 weeks without data, i found a phone application which enables you to download on your phone directly almost all clips you can watch online (YouTube not included, no surprise there). So over the weeks I would surf these porn clip websites and download using my application some porn clips for me to watch when in the toilet at work instead of using my data limits. 

This resulted in a good thing as I decided to do a few tests of my own on the BBB front of things (all yet un-downloaded from my digital cameras) after watching a few clips of other amateurs doing really close closeups and slow-motion. There's one guy (or I should specify, a couple) on PornHub who shoots (pun intended) these cum clips where he cums in the mouth of his girldriend/wife. Now everyone knows how I am not a fan of "internal" cumshots but a few rare ones manage to pick my interest. The gimmick in this case is quite simple as he shoots really close to the tip of his cockhead and the mouth of his girlfriend, and in some of his clips, he shoots in extreme slow-motion. The result is highly enjoyable and effective, and (coupled with other amateurs who have done similar styles as well) inspired me to try to shoot some extreme close-up BBB material. One fan of my work did mention a while back that most of my stuff is extremelly repetitive and ends up looking the same, which as I explained a while ago is due to funtionality and a lack of proper time and space to work on set-ups with more variety, so I do hope that these latest closeup slow-motion tests will prove an interesting diversion and alternative to my usual format. So far I've only done three of these slo-mo closeup clips but each has a 3-angled popshot and will hopefully be somewhat pleasing to both fans of the Bdoll fetish and those who enjoy watching my cumshots. And so to close things down, I hope to be aboe to get back in touch with a few of you soon enough now that I have access to some cell phone data!

Don't forget to vote in those "NameThatDoll" posts from earlier this month!

An unrelated geo-political opinion post

Leave it to me to use my personnal porn blog to start rambling about non-popular subjects way out of the general paths of such an area-precise platform. I mean who would actually visit a half-assed porn blog for insights on a madman's conspiracy theories and other such highly questionable viewpoints? It's hard to justify but after so many years of doing so (not counting the years prior to this blog, i.e. the two previously censored blogs and the years before a proper blogsite, as well as a lifetime prior to the internet-oh how our world has changed when folks like myself remember days before selfies and "likes" and the systematic dumbing down of the post 80s generations by the mass marketing propaganda offered by portable online phones and tablets and such!), but then again I do like to believe that I do not need to do additional justification, perhaps due to the fact that I somehow feel I have justified and explained myself on the subject quite elaborately (if not simply numerously). Nonetheless, a porn blog shouldn't be a proverbial soap box for pseudo-intellectual and barely socio-political ramblings. Yet here I am, and here is another!

Over the past couple of days I have felt a series of interesting and conflicting emotions, between my personal life as the workplace environment. On one hand I feel quite content and relaxed at my home life of the recent past based on how I can do a few little and random bits of fulfilling activities such as, but not limited to, gardening, eradicating wasps and other pest nuisances, and both watching/absorbing porn and shooting a handful of clips. And yet on the workplace environment I feel as though I am being choked and forced into submission by a lack of influence and co-operation. That being said I have also absorbed a fair share of other conspiracists' and propaganda debunkers' own material and this was refueled by my knowledge of the system, it's grasp on the lower/worker class, and how no affect we have on how the world goes about feeding the masses mind-control media to perpetuate the illusion onto us. How close to the Orwellian dystopia we have become, how the masses continue to refuse to either see or wake up from the awakened collective slumber, and of course, how the system of control and oppression is a model for which every business functions. After all, we can only run things the way we have been taught to run them, using the models which have been in place for us to conform to.

OK so maybe these are the signs of an addict going through withdrawal. For the past, what, three weeks now I am running on "airplane" mode/data off of my phone since I busted my monthly allowance of data (as per my plan), and am Not using my phone for anything outside my household's WiFi connection. So in essence, I only use my phone about 10% of the time I usually do, unable to go online, to update my blog, to text/phone or communicate with anyone at all during business hours. You get the drift, I hope. Anyway, point is that as soon as the provider's bill came in I paid it in full, since it was the end of the month. But it has been a week now since the moth began, and the bill was paid, and still I am at the hilt of my data usage, as if my monthly program did not reset. Maybe the monthly cycle starts somewhere at random during the month, or maybe the app/program I use on my phone to calculate my monthly usage hasn't re-set, this I do not know. All I know is that it does get pretty "boring" or even "lonely" without any communication with anyone during most of the waking hours. And with this last statement I showcase how truly addictive these online devices are, and how easy it is to become enslaved by them; the lure of exhibitionism is strong, the idea of having a possible audience to our daily meal photographs and selfies is compelling, and with this we are subdued and submitted to the system itself, to the machine which makes us selfish and individualistic while promising a world of connectivity, of community, of fulfillment. Anyway if you have read this so far and are still reading, then here you know why I haven't answered or texted you of late. If my only "online" time is when I am at home, and when I am at home I am principally required to take care of what is at home (such as my wife, my cats, my plants, food and utilities, etc.), then surely you understand my recent absence. All of this is my fault: if I hadn't decided to watch stupid online porn videos at work on my phone using data and gotten addicted to "Saar" 's own DIY porn (more on that later), I probably would not be in this situation right now.

So now the point is how unfulfilling life has become. Not because of this lack of online connectivity, but rather because of the conscious realization that my life simply does not belong to me, at least not in the way that we generally think it does. I don't really need to start repeating myself at this point on the subject of why the worker class is hypnotized cattle for the 1%/illuminati and all that jazz I have written about in numerous prior posts and blogs. No, what is of relevance now is how much of myself is being rented out to the system on a daily basis . Although it isn't just giving a good 80% to 95% of my all-too-rare and seriously depleting energy to this thankless job, it does make it a major point to mention. Maybe most people don't work as hard as I do. Maybe most people have more energy to begin with, than I do. Maybe most people have jobs which compliments them or rewards them or fulfills them. But let's ask ourselves what is the percentage of humans living in an industrialized society with a job are actually content and feel like their work is an extension of themselves, how it actually adds to the quality of their own lives. I suspect that the percentage in question may not be as high as imagined. Or maybe so people think they are content but are in fact still lying to themselves or living in a fog of disinformation about the true nature of their work. I'm not talking about the people who have a net worth of a million dollars or even those who are closer to the 1%, but the common folk, the working class. I wonder how many people of the bottom level 99% of the working class are actually happy about their job, their working conditions, their employers and such. Well I should point out that this "machine", this "system" which apparently enslaves us all without our knowledge actually does not really exist per se, but is given ultimate power by us giving it it's power over us. Since elected officials are there to reflect the corporate interests of those who have been elected to such power or those who have the means to lay claim to it, the power they do have is how we allow them to have said power over us, by fear, submission, mass-produced hysteria and entertainment, scare tactics, coercion, manipulation and disinformation. Although I am not saying we should all rally up and allow the organized armed forces bring harm to us by means of "peace control" against public manifests, I am saying that we have the capacity of self government if enlightened, as opposed to the brutal evil nature of the selfishness taught and promoted on us by the system which perpetuates itself by disinformating us on how anarchy and chaotic violence would emerge if such a system were to be brought down. Our politicians, presidents and governments, at the core, would not have any power over the individuals if this power was not given to them and brutally enforced by those who do have access to the resources. OK so maybe that was a wee bit too proto-hippy speak for what I am trying to say. It is simple. Don't watch TV. Don't believe everything unconditionally. Question everything including your own self and try to start to know your self. Never take anything at face value. All (mis)information made available is carefully manipulated to entice a reaction and opinion on your part, coupled with corporate interests feeding you the need to own something, to buy products. 

If you have a 2 & 3/4 hour chunk of time, I strongly suggest to bring your open and freshly rested mind over to an online documentary called something along the lines of "hypernornalization" of America. It is a rather long and apparently detailed, although in actuality it is very condensed, observation on how the concept of living in a dream-like/alternate reality after a careful series of media and other manipulations after the real power of the world was transfered from politics to "globalisation" began in 1975. Like all morcel of so-called information, one must always err with caution and take things with a heave dose of the proverbial salt, but it does showcase how it is not just highly plausible but highly likely that the world we, the everyday people, the working class, those who were bred and taught to work for the "system" without ever questioning the larger picture (or the truth for that matter), believe we live in a world which is but a construct of how those in power and in control of the media and information. Orwell's "1984" 's NewSpeak exists today with the now publicly accepted politically correct terminology and expressions which "neutrify" what they are meant to describe. The Watchowski's "The Matrix" exists today albeit in a "paper format" where the reality of our system is but an illusion created by those in power and kept alive by our refusal to see it for what it is. Instead of keeping ourselves informed and seeking out the truth, we unfortunately continue to support a media system which glorifies soap opera gimmicks and the cult of celebrity, instead of even remotely attempting to report on real issues. We are too busy on our social media sites absorbing what the algorithms are reflecting back at us, which again is a way of preventing the real news from seeping through. It doesn't take long before we get bombarded by their media junk specifically taylor made for each of us individually, in turn continuing to feed their bots and algorithms to continue sending us what we think is what we need and what we are, all the while we are slumbering in this catatonic state preventing us from even knowing that there may be an alternative, something different out there, or even the possibility of change. The cynic in me believes it is all too late for change and that we are in fact already living in the post-apocalyptic world our science-fiction writers have imagined, only this time it is not a barren wasteland or a zombie apocalypse but a world-wide epidemic where we aren't just uninterested in attempting to change how the system works but we have grown unable to even want to see it for what it truly is. 

So where does this leave you or me for that matter? Well I can not speak speak for you, but I can still speak for myself (as long as they haven't turned a bill into a law which would make the expression of oneself a criminal act), and is why I do things in my own circle of being which doesn't support the system and prevents me from feeling like a hypocrite. Yes I am powerless in this world but that does not mean I should succumb to it and allow it to overtake me with my consent. I bring back my perishables from work everyday to put in the compost at hime because there is no composting system at work. I recycle everything I can even if it means it takes a few extra minutes everytime I do so. I try to eat and buy organic foods and local farm products, as well as try to grow my own vegetables in pots (since I can't have a garden seeing as how I live in an apartment). I don't support the culture industry and instead continue to buy everything I truly care for from independent and DIY artists, for example I buy my music directly from the bands whenever possible, and don't buy nor purchase items of mass productions such as the commercial media designed to be disposable and a marketing ploy for more propaganda and commercial product placement. How come big popstars which international exposure never sell themselves to advertise products like fruits, milk, or vegetables? How come they always sell out for the corporate brands filled with chemicals and carcinogens? How come one of the first words out of a baby's mouth is "McDonalds"? Even just right now, this very week as it were, I decided not to buy anything at ComicCon. Oh, I apologize, it seems I did not give any reference to that last bit of a statement. Well if you read my ramblings thus far, then allow me to explain it to you as swiftly as possible.

My wife decided to buy us two deluxe tickets to ComicCon this year  because one of her favorite actors will be there for the first time we have known of, in Canada. As with all ComicCons in the 514 over the years, it has become increasingly big and important with more and more star power of the genre(s) are appearing for autographs, photographs, and panel discussions. And like most people, I too was smitten by the list of guests this year, counting at least five people (not counting those my wife wanted to see) I would have liked to have met. However these people are extremely rarely available for just a meet and greet and one needs to pay for an autograph in order to meet them. And this year, autographs are in the range of $55 to $110 a pop. Yes, you read that right. Now of course at first the lure of the lights and glamour of it all seemed unimportant as I could actually meet and interact, for a very brief moment, with these semi-famous people which I have enjoyed their various performances. But then of course I took a deep breath and realized that none of these people were "that" important for me to spend a few hundred dollars just to meet for 30 or so seconds. A few years ago on other occasions I did meet a couple of people I was very happy to and were reasons why I would attend a ComicCon but I realized that this year, essentially "no one" was a "must meet" for me. It seems as though my lesser-materialistic self is still there (with self control as my nature is to be a materialistic hoarder) and did not take much convincing to resurface above all the glitz and glamour. And so I am attending all 2 & 1/2 days of ComicCon this year with a deluxe pass alongside my wife, but I am not there to meet anyone nor go get any autographs (at $55-$110 a pop: I felt like reminding you all of the numbers!), just to be there to be entertained and be there with my wife as she will be meeting two or three of her favorites. Again, why pay more for a memorabilia which in the end doesn't compare with just having an experience? Why pay more to continue to support the "system", this time in the form of overpricing merchandise items for fanatics? And so this year, I'm just a fly on the wall, so to speak. 

Fast forward almost a week and with calculations, entering the fourth week of being without data on my phone. I have hunted online to try to figure out when does one billing period end and another begins but to no avail: this crucial piece of information seems to elude the online web world and I am left checking daily my total usage, everyday seeing it right up there at the cusp, or hilt, of its maximum allowance. Logic would dictate that I should soon be near the end of the billing period since this is the fourth week. A month, the quantifiable unit of measure used to calculate a billing period, is but 4.3 weeks, so it shouldn't be too long now since it seems that I must have capped off my data maximum early in a billing period, seeing as how I have almost passed an entire month without data (or very little). I have managed to do the bare minimum, such as texting with my wife, for just about 4 weeks now, but have also limited my "online" phone activities to when at home with the presence of WiFi. Incredible when you consider how much of an anti-materialist I claim to be, and yet we become so addicted to these non-existing forms of entertainment and information. Speaking of attempting to be a non-materialist, this past weekend at ComicCon Montreal I am proud to say that the only money we spent was on independent artists. No over-inflated prices to get autographs and meet celebrities, no purchasing of licensed goods from stores or distributors, nothing of the sort, and I am quite proud of it. While my wife purchased a few goodies and prints from a few different artists, I myself only purchased a half dozen prints from one specific artist; prints which are in a way a continuation of the art we have already exposed at home. I did not expect to "not" be such a consumer as I ended up being, but things just turned out the way they did. I guess I have indeed reached a point where I no longer give into the manufactured "need" or "desire" to consume strictly based on irrational and strictly emotionally-based strategic propaganda, but in fact always look at all these beautiful and glittering things with the question of necessity in mind. Sure, some stuff is cute, other stuff is pretty, some look "cool", and others are highly rare and collectible, but the bottom line remains "do I really need it?" or "will it satisfy me in the long run and live up to its advertisement of making me feel complete and happy in my life?". I alas see the ComicCon as another big marketing ploy to sell useless junk to a target audience who, for some part, is made up of highly influenceable and somewhat lacking in self confidence people who still basically with to fit in or be appreciated or noticed. I won't go into the stores/distributors and vendors but even the artists over these only bring material to sell specifically for the target audience. I spoke with one artist about this and he too agreed that there is no point in bringing anything original or even "passe" to these events since the bulk and majority of the people out there to buy stuff want a brand name or character or something which they can immediately identify and label. Having something original does not sell and so it takes up space of other stuff which can sell better, faster, in larger quantities. In essence, and yes if you are reading this you can tell this is yet another rant of mine against consumerism and materialism, even the ComicCon is another big brand mega machine selling corporate brands to the "masses". Instead of Nike, you get Batman. Instead of Puma, you get the X-Men, only this year the "now" big corporate image happened to be Wonder Woman since the latest CGI big budget flick appears to be successful (don't ask me I haven't seen it yet). Even the geek culture seems impossible to separate themselves from every other niche, clique or general mass of the populace by consuming items which will in fact hopefully brand them as "cool" for wearing and showcasing it and have them accepted on some level to other of so-called similarly minded peers. No one is interested in being an original, and certainly not in wearing clothes or costumes that don't promote some kind of corporate product. 

I again watched another great documentary ( which basically comes down to how the only way our crooked and corrupt systems are to ever change for the better (at the hands of the individuals instead of the bankers and corporations) is for every people (that's you and me folks) to be more mindful and careful on what we spend our hard earned dollar on. If we keep supporting these big wasteful corporations buy continuing to purchase their products, they'll just keep on making more, while those smaller and independent artists and companies will have no choice but to fold and disappear out of existence, in turn creating less variety, less environmentally and socially conscious products available which, as you guessed it, means less variety altogether until the money we make goes right back to them since all we do is consume big corporation products. I'm not saying go vegan and make your own clothes now, but if you want a burger, go to an independent restorant instead of McDonalds. Stop going to WalMart and buy your store from local merchants. Or if you really want to feel personally empowered (although simultaneously outcasted by everyone around you), try to consume less: do you really need another cell phone? Do you really need another pair of shoes? Do need more brand-branded clothes? Stop purchasing big corporations' MP3 on iTunes and buy it directly from the artists. I know it is far from easy since we all have been programmed from birth to worship the supermall gods and to be fooled into believing we will be better, happier and complete with the latest gimmick product, but you really don't need to succumb to their materialist-based indoctrination. All you need to do is stop believing in the advertisements and stop following those bot-algorithm links which in the end only give you more of what you continually click on. It's easy to say to think for yourself but when you realize our world was designed for us to continue to worship the cult of materialism, it is not as easy to do than said, although as I always have said my own self, if I can do it then anyone can. 

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

NAME THAT DOLL! Platinum Blond Bobcut

NAME THAT DOLL! Platinum Blond Bobcut

Dear readers, and fellow Bdoll enthusiasts,it is time to once again take part of the universe of the BBB (now celebrating well over 12 years of official activities!) by casting your vote in the form of an anonymous comment at the bottom of this post! Surely by now you are well versed in the mechanics and shenanigans of how this works but in case you are just tuning in or require a refresher crash course, it is actually very simple: you look at the new un-named Bdoll featured in this post, then compare her to all the mentioned and represented pornstars on this very post which were chosen as somewhat emulating the doll, and you choose which of these pornstar names you consider to be most representatives of the doll, and post your choice (cast your vote) in the comments section below the post! It is quite as simple as that! So without any further ado, let us begin!


Surely everyone does not need an introduction to this breathtaking beauty of porn's not too distant past! One of europe's most recognizable and saught-after performers of the early Y2K, Anita more often than not sported shorter hair than her peers, wearing that bobcut which she made famous after dying that platinum blonde hair to black! Nonetheless if you think our new doll should bare the Anita Blond name, voice your opinion in the comments below!


This is a very personal choice of mine as Vicca, also known as Victoria and Victoria Queen, rarely if ever actually sported her bobcut hairstyle while dyed as a blonde, more often keeping it a shade of red. Again this may be a bit of a stretch for you to consider her a namesake but I always thought this doll did feature some resemblance to Vicca, which is why I decided to nominate her nonetheless. If you think she has a chance to being the namesake, please vote as a comment in the section below!


Those familiar with a few of our past "name that doll" posts will surely recognize Angelika, who has had her fair share of being nominated for quite a few blonde dolls of the past! A tall, slender, statuesque european performer who alas disappeared always as quickly as she entered the business, her piercing blue eyes and blonde hair make her more than suitable to lend her name to our doll, especially when she sported her hair in a short style. What do you think?


The real Alexandra may not have worn that platinum blonde hair in a bob style cut for many porn appearances, she did have a short hair phase which, coupled with her piercing blue eyes, seem to compliment our blond bobcut doll quite nicely. You may know Alexandra as Jordan Pryce which is the name she settled on when deciding to work principally on exclusive material for her own website. If you think our doll resembles this russian porn star, you can cast your vote as such in the comments section below!


This english lass also sported quite a few different hair styles and colors, but when she wore it short and platinum blonde, she did somewhat emulate our bobcut blonde Bdoll quite effectively. Lissa only appeared in about 16 official porn movies but also made numerous contributions to internet-only content over her 4+ years of porn activity. Think our doll should bare her name? Post it in the comments section below!


Tara English, Leah Falcon, or Ellie, this platinum blonde english beauty stayed 12 years in porn, appearing in about 45 official movies before calling it quits in 2014. Although like many of her contemporaries, she often played and changed her hair style and color, but when she wore it shorter, she did emulate our little plastic blonde doll quite a bit, wouldn't you agree? If you think so too, cast your vote in the comments section below!


OK so we already have a Sofia Valentine Bdoll in the harem. However it was always THIS doll which I would have named Sofia Valentine if I had acquired her a few years ago, and if she had black hair. However those who have followed Sofia's career in porn before she quit may recall she had a short period where she wore her hair dyed platinum blonde in a bobcut! Hence why I am nominating her here because I think this is whom she resembles the most. What do you fine folks think?