Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Can anyone ID anything about these clips?

Hey folks; usually I am the one who IDs stuff stuff online in reference to porn. Granted I already have an extensive knowledge of a certain era of porn to begin with, and the added bonus of having helped build one of the greatest online porn archives ever (not this blog, mind you: that would take ages even if I worked on it full-time!). However once in a while I stumble upon some porn material online which is obviously culled from DVD or VHS (or just plain old pre-interweb material) which I am unable to identify. In this case (and more to come, quite surely), I am left baffled and ignorant in the face of cum.

So I ask you, the reader, and anyone who would stumble upon this post, to offer any hint whatsoever as to the origins of these clips, be it the performers involved, or from which film/video these are from. The sources from which I found these online are obvioulsy of no real help at all, so again, any help you can give me will be trully appreciated! Don
Above: This one comes from a german release, so little chance of finding a region 1 DVD of this release unless it was redistributed for north america. I mean come on, just look at the cumshot!

Above: The online thing I know about this release it that it comes from an Anarchy film. However neither the asian performer nor the cum slinger I can identify. Can anyone help?

Above: if you look closely, the guy getting doubled-HJed shoots up to his neck. I
Above: This one is literally driving me mad. I am unable to ID the early 90s actress (most probably a european performer) nor the dude who explodes one of the biggest loads ever! Any help, my friends?

Above: This one comes from a UK production (obviously), and alas I am drawing a total blank where it was taken from. Anyone care to try to ID this one?

Above: these two ladies are in for a treat as this lucky dude unloads a generous amount of jizz on them! Wish I knew a way to ID where this scene is from!

Above: Another one of those which I wish I could identify to hunt down, but alas, no dice!

Above: Another one which is escaping the depths of my legt porn knowledge. If any one can ID this, thanks in advance!

Above: This is most probably from the 70s, due to the image quality. If anyone has any idead as to its origins, please do not hesitate to share!

Above: Another vintage retro clip from a golden era: I really wish I could find from where this scene is originally from. Can anyone offer any type of information to help me out?

Above: Well I wish I could ID the female star in this clip but I am drawing a total blank here. If anyone can tell me who she (or the jizzer dude) is, I'd be very happy!

Above: a long time ago someone on a discussion board somewhere did ID from which film this was from but all that information is now lost in the sea of the interweb. Anyone care to ID this 70s scene?

Above: Now here is another retro classic from the 70s: I guess guys took better care of their health back then to come up with such spectacular loads! Can anyone help me ID the source or the performers?

Above: From the 80s. This one is very specific: I really would appreciate if anyone could tell me from which film it is originally from. Thanks!

Above: ages ago I traded VHS tapes with a guy in the USA (just before the Bukkake craze came through in north america) and on one of his CUMpilation tapes was this 35mm shot. I was never able to ID anything about this one but would love to find out where it comes from. Any help, my friends!

Above: Another 70s (probably) sequence worthy of being identified. Can anyone help me out here?

Above: Another one from the 70s, in this case I am more interested in figuring out who the male is...

Above: Like the one previous, I am curious in tracking down who the male talent was.

Above: Another classic from the golden age of porn: if anyone has any idea where this is originally from, please don
Above: and finally another 70s classic retro vintage cum clip which I can not ID. Any help from you fine folks would be greatly appreciated!

Cheers everyone, and don

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