Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Finally I'm back (with cell data)

I'm back! Well sort of. After about a month's time offline the billing cycle has re-set and I can now use my phone to its more regular activities! To those of you who did not know, somewhere around late June I got a message from my phone's data usage carrier that I was about to bust my data limit for the month. This is due to me actually watching porn clips online while at work on my phone (while being hidden in the bathroom stalls) using the cell data instead of WiFi (which is reserved for the highbrows and upper ups). So the fact I busted my limit is entirely my own fault ("Nobody's fault but mine") and it made me discover that it really doesn't take much to bust your monthly quota. A half dozen clips and you're already on your way to bust it through the roof. Ages ago people did not believe me when I said that this cell phone online thing was another way of the culture indilustry and the corporate world to control us (addiction) and how to syphon us from our money for, let's face it, something which just isn't real! No wonder all these sites (porn sites included of course) are all posting and sharing high-resolution/deffinition clips and such: it is to make certain we waste as much cell data as possible!

Anyway for almost 5 weeks I would be on cell data OFF + airplane mode all day long and only use my home WiFi (when not at work nor running errands) for my phone's activities. I also worked on this blog here as well showcased with my latest 3 "Name That Doll" posts which I must remind you that if you did not vote yet for my three new dolls, what are you waiting for? Anyhow, I've been quite possibly as personna non grata as one can get in today's modern day and age of constant online connectivity due to me being offline for so long. 

What really tickles my fancy (sarcastica) is how come it took so long for my monthly billing cycle to re-set? Does this mean that in less that 3 days I busted my monthly alloted data usage? If that is the case (as it was), well then this does mean that online entertainment (porn) is really designed to eat up your data use. High deffinition may look great on camera (anyone else get the not-so-clever way I am not even attempting to disguise the non-subtlety in the language use here?) but it sure ends up being costly. So in order to avoid myself going completely whacko during those 4 & 3/4 weeks without data, i found a phone application which enables you to download on your phone directly almost all clips you can watch online (YouTube not included, no surprise there). So over the weeks I would surf these porn clip websites and download using my application some porn clips for me to watch when in the toilet at work instead of using my data limits. 

This resulted in a good thing as I decided to do a few tests of my own on the BBB front of things (all yet un-downloaded from my digital cameras) after watching a few clips of other amateurs doing really close closeups and slow-motion. There's one guy (or I should specify, a couple) on PornHub who shoots (pun intended) these cum clips where he cums in the mouth of his girldriend/wife. Now everyone knows how I am not a fan of "internal" cumshots but a few rare ones manage to pick my interest. The gimmick in this case is quite simple as he shoots really close to the tip of his cockhead and the mouth of his girlfriend, and in some of his clips, he shoots in extreme slow-motion. The result is highly enjoyable and effective, and (coupled with other amateurs who have done similar styles as well) inspired me to try to shoot some extreme close-up BBB material. One fan of my work did mention a while back that most of my stuff is extremelly repetitive and ends up looking the same, which as I explained a while ago is due to funtionality and a lack of proper time and space to work on set-ups with more variety, so I do hope that these latest closeup slow-motion tests will prove an interesting diversion and alternative to my usual format. So far I've only done three of these slo-mo closeup clips but each has a 3-angled popshot and will hopefully be somewhat pleasing to both fans of the Bdoll fetish and those who enjoy watching my cumshots. And so to close things down, I hope to be aboe to get back in touch with a few of you soon enough now that I have access to some cell phone data!

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