Thursday, July 20, 2017

Go VOTE for the 3 latest Bdolls' names!

Hello again dear readers! I noticed no one votes for the three latest BBBdoll beauties in my harem, and I just wanted to ask why not? Could it be you don't like the Bdolls? Could it be you don't like the pornstars chosen as namesakes? I mean it isn't really all that difficult, and it makes a real difference (even though you may not readily see it! So follow the links below and vote for each of the 3 BBBeauties' names in the comments section of their appropriate post!

Just to help entice you to go on and vote for the Bdoll names, here's a never-before teaser preview which will not appear elsewhere, of the Bdoll Monika Unco (who was named by one of these voting posts!) in a 3-angled couch HJ trial.

Oh what the heck, right? While I'm at it, might as well also do another for you guys (no go vote!) - This one is a mega session involving a lot of tease, a mega cumshot, lots of Giga, and a bonus popshot on the Brooklyn B-doll! You can only imagine how mammoth the whole scene can be! Enjoy the BBBlog Xclusive preview and now GO VOTE!

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