Tuesday, July 4, 2017

NAME THAT DOLL! Blonde On Location

NAME THAT DOLL! Blonde On Location

Hello once again dear folks, and welcome to our third NameThatDoll post-poll for this series. By now surely you are well versed in how these posts work, in the form of casting your vote as an anonymous comment at the bottom of this post! Surely by now you are well versed in the mechanics and shenanigans of how this works but in case you are just tuning in or require a refresher crash course, it is actually very simple: you look at the new un-named Bdoll featured in this post, then compare her to all the mentioned and represented pornstars on this very post which were chosen as somewhat emulating the doll, and you choose which of these pornstar names you consider to be most representatives of the doll, and post your choice (cast your vote) in the comments section below the post! It is quite as simple as that! So without any further ado, let us begin!


Fans of 90s porn will recall Cicciolina's protege, italian model and porn performer Moana Pozzi, who rumour has it faked her own death in order to quietly disappear after she wished to return to anonymity after she retired from appearing in front of the cameras. Moana was an all natural beauty, no artificial implants or nose jobs on this exquisite 90s delight, and her smoky sensuality does seem to fit quite nicely our latest Bdoll addition. Don't you agree?


Now here is another gorgeous natural beauty from days long gone in porn (the late 80s/early 90s to be exact): Silver came to the USA and appeared in a few american productions just enough to entice the audience and gain a newfound appreciation for european imports, before dropping off the face of the earth never to be heard from again. Her short stint may have left many from the day wanting more but she never was forgotten by those who were lucky enough to have sampled her back in the VHS days.


She started out simply as Jennifer, sometimes billed as another well established Jennifer (Aniston) semi-lookalike in order to jump start her career. She then was billed as Jennifer S and then Jennifer Stone as her popularity grew in both european and american productions. Quite a stunning beauty always at the ready to do nasties, she mDe her own fair share of fans during her years as a porn star. Her darker blonde hair and fair eyes make her quite the contender to be this bdoll's namesake wouldn't you say?


One of the earliest Dorcel contract stars who literally exploded in the european porn world in the late 90s appearing in consecutive blockbuster hits over the great pond, but alas failed to make a large splash on the american continent when she appeared in a couple of american features. Laure has long since retired but remains to this day one of the more recognizable faces in french porn, and although her eyes are grey, I do believe she does emulate our Bdoll. If you agree, cast your vote in the comments!


This is a bit of a long stretch since european star Daria has went through numerous hair style and color changes throughout her porn history. Yet her features, such as her piercing eyes(although not blue nor clear, yet still quite emulating thus!), do seem to emulate a bit our doll in this case, which is why I nominate Daria in this pageant. Also because I think Daria is an incredible overlooked performer who's body of work is both phenomenal and varied. If you agree with me, say so in the comments section below!


So you haven't heard of this hungarian beauty before I posted some samples of here here? You aren't the only one; even though she has appeared in over 60 films in her 15 year career, she often seemed to be focused in european only releases or specialty market titles in the international circuit. The result is that she has appeared in her fair share of porn but seems to more often than not pass right under the radar. Still, if you think she reminds you of our latest Bdoll, please say so in the comments section below! I wouldn't have nominated her otherwise!


You may have seen her under a different name since many european stars from the Czech republic tend to have numerous alter-egos. With a 5 years and growing background in porn, chances are you have seen her in action if you watched recent porn with a european flair. She's appeared in a great variety of specialized porn from foot fetish to bi-sexual, to trans-gendered, lesbians, gangbangs, orgies, you name it. I found her features somewhat resembled our doll and if you agree, please make your choice heard in the comments below!


This is another personal choice of mine since Ashley Downs has only appeared in two official porn films in her entire career, making her a rarity if not a true "one hit wonder" in the world of porn. However her lacking in official releases is compensated by a strong online and web-based work which is why she may be recognizable to some. Like some of these choices I put in these polls, this one is strictly a very personal one, an indulgence if you will, but if you too feel she could be the namesake of our focused doll, please don't hesitate to voice your opinion in the comments below!


  1. Hey Butter! Thanks for putting these up, I love the process you have with your girls! Here's my picks: Silver Forrest, Jennifer Stone and Daria Glower!

    1. Hey Brian! Thanks again for your much appreciated input and contribution! I'll be revealing the name of this hottie one soon! CHeers!


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