Tuesday, July 4, 2017

NAME THAT DOLL! Platinum Blond Bobcut

NAME THAT DOLL! Platinum Blond Bobcut

Dear readers, and fellow Bdoll enthusiasts,it is time to once again take part of the universe of the BBB (now celebrating well over 12 years of official activities!) by casting your vote in the form of an anonymous comment at the bottom of this post! Surely by now you are well versed in the mechanics and shenanigans of how this works but in case you are just tuning in or require a refresher crash course, it is actually very simple: you look at the new un-named Bdoll featured in this post, then compare her to all the mentioned and represented pornstars on this very post which were chosen as somewhat emulating the doll, and you choose which of these pornstar names you consider to be most representatives of the doll, and post your choice (cast your vote) in the comments section below the post! It is quite as simple as that! So without any further ado, let us begin!


Surely everyone does not need an introduction to this breathtaking beauty of porn's not too distant past! One of europe's most recognizable and saught-after performers of the early Y2K, Anita more often than not sported shorter hair than her peers, wearing that bobcut which she made famous after dying that platinum blonde hair to black! Nonetheless if you think our new doll should bare the Anita Blond name, voice your opinion in the comments below!


This is a very personal choice of mine as Vicca, also known as Victoria and Victoria Queen, rarely if ever actually sported her bobcut hairstyle while dyed as a blonde, more often keeping it a shade of red. Again this may be a bit of a stretch for you to consider her a namesake but I always thought this doll did feature some resemblance to Vicca, which is why I decided to nominate her nonetheless. If you think she has a chance to being the namesake, please vote as a comment in the section below!


Those familiar with a few of our past "name that doll" posts will surely recognize Angelika, who has had her fair share of being nominated for quite a few blonde dolls of the past! A tall, slender, statuesque european performer who alas disappeared always as quickly as she entered the business, her piercing blue eyes and blonde hair make her more than suitable to lend her name to our doll, especially when she sported her hair in a short style. What do you think?


The real Alexandra may not have worn that platinum blonde hair in a bob style cut for many porn appearances, she did have a short hair phase which, coupled with her piercing blue eyes, seem to compliment our blond bobcut doll quite nicely. You may know Alexandra as Jordan Pryce which is the name she settled on when deciding to work principally on exclusive material for her own website. If you think our doll resembles this russian porn star, you can cast your vote as such in the comments section below!


This english lass also sported quite a few different hair styles and colors, but when she wore it short and platinum blonde, she did somewhat emulate our bobcut blonde Bdoll quite effectively. Lissa only appeared in about 16 official porn movies but also made numerous contributions to internet-only content over her 4+ years of porn activity. Think our doll should bare her name? Post it in the comments section below!


Tara English, Leah Falcon, or Ellie, this platinum blonde english beauty stayed 12 years in porn, appearing in about 45 official movies before calling it quits in 2014. Although like many of her contemporaries, she often played and changed her hair style and color, but when she wore it shorter, she did emulate our little plastic blonde doll quite a bit, wouldn't you agree? If you think so too, cast your vote in the comments section below!


OK so we already have a Sofia Valentine Bdoll in the harem. However it was always THIS doll which I would have named Sofia Valentine if I had acquired her a few years ago, and if she had black hair. However those who have followed Sofia's career in porn before she quit may recall she had a short period where she wore her hair dyed platinum blonde in a bobcut! Hence why I am nominating her here because I think this is whom she resembles the most. What do you fine folks think?






  1. Hey Butter! Thanks for doing these, here's my picks:

    Vicca, Summer Nite and Sofia!

  2. Hey Brian: thanks again for your invaluable input! I enjoyed the selection you provided, mulled it over a bit, and will be revealing the names of these cuteys soon! Have a great one!


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