Tuesday, July 4, 2017

NAME THAT DOLL! Raven-Hair-Wear-blue eyes

NAME THAT DOLL! Raven-Hair-Wear-blue eyes

It's time for you fine readers to once again take part of the universe of the BBB (now celebrating well over 12 years of official activities!) by casting your vote in the form of an anonymous comment at the bottom of this post! Surely by now you are well versed in the mechanics and shenanigans of how this works but in case you are just tuning in or require a refresher crash course, it is actually very simple: you look at the new un-named Bdoll featured in this post, then compare her to all the mentioned and represented pornstars on this very post which were chosen as somewhat emulating the doll, and you choose which of these pornstar names you consider to be most representatives of the doll, and post your choice (cast your vote) in the comments section below the post! It is quite as simple as that! So without any further ado, let us begin!


Now here's a very interesting choice for she was not my first choice to begin with but since she met the general criteria of the doll, I thought it was a no-brainer to include highly popular european porn star Aletta Ocean as a possible namesake for the doll. What do you think? Cast your vote in the comments section below!


A USA performer who was principally active in the early 90s, who began under the name of Tina Tedeshi as she was married to porn stud Tony Tedeshi during her first year or two in porn. She slowly phased out of the business only to do a slight return in the Y2K to cash in on the MILF craze, but hasn't lasted long enough to sway her way into the hearts and crotches of the newer porn generation. 


Although not a household name due to her appearances being principally and exclusively in european countries, this french hottie has already unfortunately retired from on-camera porn performances, but continues to please her fans via special attractions based mostly from her website. So do you think she has what it takes to be the namesake of our raven-haired doll?


Here is another performer who didn't quite become well known in the north american market but who shook more than her fair share of waves in england and europe. To this day she continues to perform mostly for online sites and doing some public appearances, and although she may change her look every so often, her dark hair and clear eyes are more than enough to inspire the name of our raven-haired doll, wouldn't you say so?


What a name for a porn star! Lolly came out of the good old UK and started working as a nude model, slowly going into masturbation/solo scenes, then a strong stint in lesbian-only material, and finally popped her porno cherry starting doing hetero boy-girl scenes. She seems to have grown up right in front of the camera all the way to her all-too-early retirement much to the chagrin of her numerous fans. I think she sort of looks a bit like our doll, don't you think?


Now there's a porn star many probably have never heard of or have simply forgotten about, as Crystal's heyday was way back in the 80s! She lasted a few years in the business and also worked behind the scenes for a while but eventually completely disappeared from everyone's radar by the time the 90s came. Although her eyes may not be the piercing blue of our doll, they still are quite fetching and appear to be just right for the namesake of our doll.


This one is quite an alluring one as her gaze makes her seem much wiser than her actual years. Jet black hair, piercing blue eyes, she does seem like a no-brainer and o be the namesake of our latest black-haired doll. It is however up to you, the viewer, the reader, to choose if she is to be the spokesname for our latest BBBdoll!


Here is another rather unknown and often forgotten european star who appeared in quite a few porn releases during the late 90s/early Y2K transition phase of porn, mostly thanks to film makers and philanthropists like Rocco and Christoph Clark who featured her in a good number of their movies. Amanda, like numerous european performers, appeared under various pseudonyms which  didn't help the fans trying to keep track of her, which is why for the purpose of this poll, we'll just name her Amanda Steel!

So here you go my fellow Bdoll enthusiasts: cast your votes in the comments section below!


  1. Hey Butter! Sorry about the delay, had weird computer issues. Here's my picks: Jade Laroche and Aletta Ocean. Thanks man!

    1. Hey Brian: no worries about delays - as you may have noticed I didn't post these dolls before "now" even though they were in my harem for months! I so completely understand the time issue and delays... Fact of modern life!


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