Monday, October 16, 2017

A little personal update

I thought I would do a "real" update of sorts since it has been an eternity since I actually mentioned anything resembling a personal life. Truth being of course that I see no real reason to post or write about anything which wouldn't be a repetition of things I had already written in the past, as redundancy is quite a plight as is in the modern age. With the dumbing down of the everyday commoner, where it seems as though people feel the need to talk about non-important maters made to sound important, or the constant repeating of already mentioned subject matters, we seem to live in a world that basically just likes to hear the sound of their own voice(s). And so without wanting to nourish nor support such modern redundancy, I opted to not write strictly for the sake of doing so, except in matters of porn and such as seen on this very blog. But now it is time to mention a few things in case you are wondering where I am at when not posting Bdolls getting creamed or other porn finds online.

The first thing is that I finally bought that theremin off my friend. A while back a friend of mine had a Moog Theremini, and he kept on saying how he wanted me to buy it. Of course being a theremin fan I agreed but it took forever for us to get things going since we both had conflicting schedules (I seem to have a conflicting schedule with basically everyone on this planet!) and the usual communication problems. Anyway the transaction finally happened, and I scored his Theremini for about 40% of the usual selling price. It is not a bad deal at all if I do say so myself. I only had time to do an initial calibration and some noodling around so far but before I can adequately experiment on it, I need to find a proper place for it since it needs to be away from metallic objects or structures. 

The second major point is my lost tooth. Years and years ago I hadn't been to a dentist in over 15 years and when I did was for a root canal. Due to a problem in communication between different dentists and other oral surgeons, what was left of my tooth was sawed down to almost nothing, so my current dentist (who bought the old clinic after the original dentist retired) managed to do a "crown" on it, which essentially looks like a fake tooth, drilled inside the roots of what was my original tooth. A few days/weeks ago without warning this "crown"/fake tooth just fell off. I managed not to swallow it and save it, and since this happened on a saturday afternoon as the long "thanksgiving" (the Canadian version) weekend began, I had to wait until the following tuesday to call the dental clinic and get an RV (appointment) with the dentist. The following thursday the dentist was completely flabbergasted by the damage inside my mouth. He said that it was comparable to that of an industrial accident like being hit by a car. This story is getting long now, isn't it? So to conclude this, there was nothing he could do then and there except give me these really powerful pills which give me nausea and toilet troubles, and I had to go buy and emergency mouth piece (like a teeth/jaw guard) until the real one is ready in a few weeks (apparently I really grind my teeth at night!). As for the hole where my fake tooth used to be, well he's going to need to figure out what we can do because due to the damage in there, doing another "crown" in impossible, and the alternatives (a "bridgework", or an "implant") are very, very expensive. And so since last thursday, I have been sleeping "airtight": my nasal CPAP, earphones for my ears and now a mouthpiece. By far not the most natural state for sleeping, but that's just one of the fun, fun things which is growing older!!!

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