Monday, October 16, 2017

BBB preview: Aletta Ocean's FJ and HJ with facial (cumshot only)

'Ello, 'ello my dearest and most appreciated readers! Yes, as you have probably noticed, the BBB material just keeps on cumming! And so with this I bring you the latest of my previews, this time around the gorgeous black haired Aletta Ocean Bdoll gets busy with my ButterCock, first with a delicious foot and boot job, followed by some handjob jerking, until it is time to move on to the other room and blast her with all I've got! Although these preview pics do not showcase much, they do offer a little preview taste of the whole scene. Check out these pictures culled from the full set:

Aletta is joined by a few of her contemporaries of late, namely the other two Bdolls who were originally purchased at the same time, Vicca and Jennifer Stone! If these images have tantalized and enticed you to check out more, well then look no further than the BBB P0rnHub videos page where you can scope out the preview (featuring only the 3-angled cumshot as well as a slow-motion recap at the end) of this scene, by following the link right here:

I recalled how most of the times I do these so-called repetitive regular sessions of just blasting away at the Bdolls atop the Joanna cumrags that a lot of overshooting does occur, but I rarely do make show of it. Clip-wise it isn't always easy to do so due to cramped quarters, and in photos the lighting is never good enough, so usually out of, say, 10 pictures of overshots, only one can actually be shown to showcase even just a fraction of the damage. Don;t worry, the cum is never wasted as it is always cleaned up using the cumrags of course!

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