Sunday, October 22, 2017

BBB Preview: ReneePornero, Sylvia Laurent & Black Canary "cum receptacle"

Hello everyone! Well as you may or may not know, most of these BBB previews I have been doing for the past month or so are mostly chosen at random. I do not go through specific sessions meant to be showcased more than others, although sometimes when I have a few more moments to spare, I do try to make some kind of regular rotation in terms of themes and general subject matter. Today's session prooves that sometimes the random factor is innevitable as this session, a "Cum Receptacle" session, follows the previous preview which also was a "cum receptacle"! This was not a conscious decision at all and prooves why sometimes the term "random" isn't always as "random" as we believe it is! Case in point when you put a random shuffler on your MP3 playlist. But that's a totally different story...

So today's session preview centers around three of the prettiest BBB dolls ever: RePo, the Renee Pornero Bdoll, Sharon (the Sylvia Laurent Bdoll), and Black Canary. This is one of those late night sessions where I had to be quiet but couldn't  contain my hornyness. The result was a delicious splash of Buttery sperminess all over our beauties as well as the Joanna CumRags! These are pictures culled from the session (there are many more in the full folder-set), and you can check out the three-angled cumshot preview by following the link to the official BBB videos page:

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