Friday, October 20, 2017

BBB preview: Sofia Valentine FJ & Cum Receptacle (cumshot only!)

Hello everyone and I wish you well on this glorious day! Today's special little BBB preview may be of "recent" flavor but takes us back to those olden(older?) days of BBB of the past, where sessions were done mostly incognito and in quiet late at night! Today's BBB preview features none other than the gorgeous Sofia Valentine Bdoll (as well as a few helping hands from other dollies!) taking care of the proverbial business! In this session, Sofia, wearing nice black fishnet stockings, gives the old and oily (due to pre-cum!) ButterCock a nice little footjob before she is the center stage of a cum receptacle attempt! I mean attempt because sometimes shooting in a cum container is not as easy as it seems!

If these pictures have enticed you enough to see the cum in action, you can scope out the 3-angled cumshot (with a slow-motion repeat of one of the angles at the tail end) preview by following the link to the official BBB videos page at P0rnHub; just click on the link below!

Hope you have enjoyed this little quickie preview, and come back for more BBB material to come soon!

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