Saturday, October 14, 2017

BBB SlowMotionCloseUp 6: Vicca, Brooklyn and friends!

Welcum back again my fellow lovers of pure perversions! Today's very special BBB update comes to us with the sixth episode/volume of those infamous Slow-Motion / Close-Up experiments I began showcasing not that long ago. For those of you just dropping by for the first time, the concept is relatively simple: I was inspired by a couple of online amateur DIY clips in the past months and decided to try my own hand(s) at attempting to shoot (pun intended!) as close-up as I could (given the limited space as is!) and showcasing the cumshot in slow-motion. There is almost a dozen of so of these sessions in the archive/bank, and we are up to number 6 now, featuring Vicca, Jennifer Stone, Monika Unco, Paige Turnah, Riley and Brooklyn! So without any further ado, here are some of the pics culled from that very session!

Wow! If this has managed to whet your sexual appetite for more, go check out the full scene / clip at the official BBB videos page over at P0rnHub by following this link!

I hope the clip turned out alright because I did not double check after editing it (time constraints and all that jazz, you know!), but I did manage to edit it in an easy to upload version where the post cumshot footage was not unfortunately left in slow-motion (as it was the case with some of the earlier material). Here are some more pics from the set for your enjoyment!

And as is the case with these SloMoCloseUp posts, here is the BBBlog exclusive cumshot only version in regular speed, in case you wish to witness the original cumshot goodness, also in three angles:

Hope you enjoy this update, and stay tuned for more BBB to come soon!

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