Saturday, October 28, 2017

B.B.B.`s Goodbye Giga sessions: Crystal Rae (part 1)

Hello everyone and welcome to another BBB update! Today`s sessiion is part of the infamous `Goodbye Giga`sessions which I mentionned a while back, which are essentially the final giga goodbyes of some dolls from my harem being donated/given a new home! Today`s Goodbye Giga session is the first of two focusing on the superbly lovely Angela Crystal Bdoll! Angela has been with the BBB roster for many years now and has tickles the fancy of one person`s eyes which is why I decided to finally let her go. The pictures on this post here (as well as the official full-length clip, details below) are a partial example of what is in the full set (there are so many pictures it is literally impossible for me to actually post them all!). Enjoy the pictures!

If you like what you see here or just dig the BBB Giga side of things which I admit are more a rare happening than they once did, then go on ahead and follow the link below to be teleported via the magic of the online webexperience to the official BBB videos page over at H0rnhub:

There was a time a while ago when Giga sessions almost became more regular than your typical BBB session, due to the fact that I had more time and more locations to be able to do these sessions. Alas, locations became more scarce and time became tighter than ever due to an all-consuming job and impossible hours with no proper pay and insane overtime considering the actual job position itself. Anyway, things on the Giga side became more complex to do and were unfortunately reduced to special "event" which require at least a half or a full day's worth of totally alone time to be able to produce. Anyway, I have rambled on enough! Enjoy the session!

Stay tuned for more BBB activities and clips to be revealed as time permits!

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