Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy HALLOWEEN! (recycled, but better than nothing!)

Wishing you all a most wonderful All Hallow's Eve! Although I made it a point since the earliest of the official BBB (that's 2004 for those un-initiated!) to make annual Halloween themed sessions, this year I was left without any. However I did shoot (pun intended) quite a few over the years, and most of these are probably still available online on the old Xtoob videos page (the one where I can not even upload any material since they consider both AVI and WMV formats to be incompatible). But I digress...

Instead of leaving you all high and dry without any BBB for All Hallow's Eve, I decided to "re-print", or recycle if you will, previously released material. Now I do not know if this was released on THIS blog post or the previous censored versions, but whatever or wherever the original posts may be, here are a few condensed and preview versions of a couple of these past Halloween sessions.

The first one is a special "Cat Women" Halloween post featuring KLS, Fiona, and... well Catwoman! I also uploaded the FULL SESSION right here on this post which you can view in the middle of the handful of preview pictures!

The second Halloween session comes from that same year (2012) and was a nurse-themed Cum Receptacle session, featuring the ever lovely AZ (Gaia Arizona), Sharon (Sylvia Laurent) and none other than MiniJoanna! As with the first session above, you can view the FULL VIDEO right here on this post in between the handful of pictures. Enjoy!

Never two without three they say (at least in the Franco Regions where I live here), and so I present to you a third previously released Halloween session, another Cat Women theme (seems to be a favorite of mine, doesn't it?) featuring Angela Crystal, Crystal Ray, and Black Canary! This one was part of a "twin" set of clips, where in one Angela took the facial and in the other Crystal, but the Crystal clip was too huge to post due to the fact that it featured two loads! Anyway, as the previously shared clips, you can view this full scene right here, squeezed in between the set of preview pictures!

Hope you all enjoyed and have a safe Halloween!

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