Saturday, October 21, 2017

Sometimes CGI/3D animation is good!

If you know me (and some of you surely do!), you know I am not a fan of CGI nor 3-D animation. I come from the old school of film-making where practical and visual effects are a sign of film-makers trying to actually make an effort to visually fool you into believing something which isn't real. Since the advent of CGI, I have always thought that they were now becoming a bit lazy since everything and anything can be achieved and corrected in a computer. Like all the pitch correction and quantization in modern pop music, if you can not do it yourself without a computer fixing it up, then there is no real talent involved and the "artist" is effectively "cheating" in a sense.

However not all 3-D animation is all that bad. Point in case how modern CG technology has re-shaped and helped out animated porn. Although most people who have grown up with the internet have become accustomed to such level of quality, it wasn't all that long ago that animated porn was barely anything but what appeared to be the minimal 2-D "cut-out" and minimal animation we have come to expect from what is classified as "anime". Do not get me wrong, I am a fan of the printed manga artform, but when it comes to anime, it usually leaves me quite un-impressed. But anyhow...

I have found quite my fair share of decent modern 3-D CGI toon porn online (as surely you must have as well!) and although most of it seems to be "futa" oriented (i.e. the girls have dicks as well as female genitelia) it is still quite impressive what they are coming up with. Howevr, if you are a completist and perfectionist as I am, you too will agree that the cumshots still need a lot of work...

The above clip features similar footage as the one posted at the top of this post, but you will notice a slight color imbalance: theis is due to the fact that it is in actual 3-D and will work if you have the proper 3-D glasses!

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