Wednesday, November 8, 2017

BBB preview: Jennifer Stone "Blasted" (cumshot only)

Hello again my lovely and most appreciated readers! I am a bit pressed for time this time around so I hope you will forgive me if I forgo (forgoe?) the usual pleasantries. Also of not is that I have a had a few onces of alcohol as I write this so apologies for syntax errors and other mishaps which may have infiltrated themselves in this update post! And so.... today's update preview features the ever lovely JENNIFER STONE Bdoll in yet another BBB session, which was simply entitled "Blasted'. The reason for this is that there were a couple of VERY VERY recent session recorded with her entitled "blasted", so there should be a few more to come around soon! And yes, if you have been paying attention to these updates since... since... Well I guess since about august, well this may be the most recent session recorded and shared on this blog. As I mentionned, I tend to try to "ransomize" these preview session so this one would be amongst the more recent of sessions posted... Anyway, please enjoy these pics culled from the session's photos!

Now as you know the formulae by now (since I have been following a somewhat regular and strict way to present these posts on this blog since... since... since August 2017?), then you know that if you click the link below you shall indeed be transported into the BBB offcial videos page over at P0rnhub, and witness for yourself the PREVIEW of this sessions which is essentially just the 3-angled cumshot, with a slow-motion repeat at the tail end for good measure! Don't just take my word for it, get your own filthy self over there and witness it for yourself!

Thanks for keeping up with me and keeping up with my sporadic and unregular updating and absences... Ah yes, the life of living... Hopefully I shall return soon for more fun cummy spunktacular jizzy gooey sticky spermy goodness! Stay real and remember to spread the love all around!

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