Friday, November 10, 2017

B.B.B. preview: Monica Sweetheart "Black Dress Pop" (cumshot only)

Hello eberyone! Hope you are having a great november so far! Welcome to another B.B.B. preview post, in the hopes you will enjoy this one as well! Today's preview is a focus on the lovely blonde Bdoll Monica Sweetheart, clad in a sexy little black dress (don't you just love those sexy little black dresses?) doing her foot job, legjob, some handjobbing of the Butter cock before she gets deposited in the CumRag(s)-ladden set-up and gets a generous gooing and plastering of yummy spermy goodness! Don't just take my word for it, check out these picture previews culled from the session's photo stock!

If you think this session would tickle your fancy, then I suggest you follow the link below to be redirected straight to the official BBB videos page on P0rnhub and check out the three-angled cumshot-only preview, ending of course with one angle repeated in slow-motion for good measure! Go on ahead:

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