Saturday, November 4, 2017

BBB SlowMotion & Close-up sc 8: Vicca & MichelleB & friends

Hello my dear, dearest readers, perverts, followers, and just plain amazing humans out there! Welcome to another BB  update on this blog, and I am so glad you came here today to catch in on the creamy goodness! Today's BBB update is a "full scene" (which actually clocks only at a bit less than 4 minutes!) and is episode 8 of the now somewhat infamous "Slow Motion / Close Up" series: this episode focuses primarly on the Vicca Bdoll and the Michelle B. Bdoll (or dare I say the Michelle Bdoll?) but as you can see a few other naked plastic cuteys have joined in on the fun! As I was editing this one, I noticed how I mention it was a "nooner" session, meaning of course that it was shot on those "lunch breaks I take so rarely but come back home to shoot cum on Bdolls sessions" which I mentioned a while ago (come to think of it, I think I may have possibly first mentionned "nooner" sessions last year, but my memory fails me yet again!). Anyway, by now you know the drill, so by all means, please enjoy these pictures from the CloseUp/SlowMotion episode 8 session!

Since you made it this far and I simply can not leave you hanging, then I suggest you go scope out the session itself over at the official BBB videos page at P0rnhub by following the link below: you will not be dissapointed if you enjoyed this series so far!

(check out the bottom of this post for an exclusive clip unavailable anywhere else!)

And what would be a Slow-Motion / Close-up update without the exclusive BBBlog clip featuring the unedited regular speed cumshot captured on three angles (mind you this is just the cumshot sequence):

If you wish to witness the whole session, then please follow the link provided below:

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