Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Impossible to find euro film (link & stops provided)

Once in every blue monday you stumble across some lost hidden porn gems, be it an official film release or just a fun online amateur romp. In this case, without so much as a proper introduction as I seem to be lacking inspiration for my usual long winded introductions (but isn't that one right there?), I stumbled across an early-mid 90s european film (but also has some american performers in there) which is, for lack if a better term, long lost, or discontinued. Oh I have tried in vein to hunt down a DVD copy, even if it were a region 2 or other european format, but alas, this film seems to have literally dissapeared from the face of the earth after its original VHS release. I did manage to hunt down a few morcels (and some of you regular followers will recognize the infamous cumshot, re-posted again because it is just mesmerizing!) which I wished to share with you here.

Someone actually posted the WHOLE film over at the Xhamster site, which you can view in a moderatly decent quality. Still, being a full-length release, even compressed down to a 480 x 360 size, the file in itself is too large to post here on this blog, so I am afraid I must simply forward you to the link where the film can be seen.:

The reason why this film has attracted my attention is because of one particular sperm shooter whom I was totally unaware of before this, and which alas will remain without much of a chance to find anything else he may have performed in. It took me quite a while but I was able to finally find out where this infamous cumshot came from (pun intended) and who was the spunk-meister who mustered up such a shot. Luckily for us cumshot freaks, the gent not only provides us with the film's most spectacular popshot but also appears in two other scenes as well! OK so his other ejaculations aren't as impressive as "the classic", but you can tell this guy was gifted, and should have pursued a lengthier career in international porn. Officially speaking, he is only credited as having appeared in four films, but who knows how many euro-only releases he has glazed and gunked outside of the american audience? Peter Enzo is his name, and if USA producers of the era would have had a semblance of user-oriented knowledge, would have given him a temporary work visa in the USA so he could have glazed his way into the screens of perverts from across the pond!

Below is information about the film, including the scene breakdowns and I have also added the time index to Mr Enzo's three popshots throughout the film, in case you do not feel like sitting through the entire production.

Teeny Exzesse 23: Turbo Pussies (1993)

dir: Harry S. Morgan
  • Scene 1. Viona Consul, Joey Murphy
  • Scene 2. Katja Reber, Peter Enzo
  • Scene 3. girl, Thomas Fritz
  • Scene 4. Heidi Maas, Jeanette Lange, Jean-Yves Le Castel
  • Scene 5. Daniela Herbst, Willi Montana
  • Scene 6. Marlene Von Braun, Willi Montana
  • Scene 7. Jeanette Lange, Peter Enzo
  • Scene 8. Viona Consul, Peter Enzo
  • Scene 9. Jeanette Lange, Joey Murphy
  • Scene 10. Heidi Maas, Joey Murphy, Willi Montana

sc 2) Katja Reber & Peter Enzo: cumshot at 18:59
sc 7) Jeanette Lange & Peter Enzo: cumshot at 46:05
sc 8) Viona Consul & Peter Enzo: cumshot at 57:00

Below: Just the cumshot from scene number 7 (Jeanette Lange & Peter Enzo)

This post is a reference of my own self concerning a post I made a while ago asking if anyone could ID the clips I shared. I wasn't as lucky with the other videos but since I discovered where this mega monstrous cumshot came from, I thought I would do the right thing and share whatever I could find with you all right here and now. Hope you enjoyed, and thanks for stopping by!

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