Monday, November 13, 2017

Those Cr4zy B3lgiums! (online amateur couple and friends)

If any of you spent time on porn tube sites looking for facial cumshots on amateurs, chances are that you stumbled upon this very active couple, both in terms of online activities as well as in their ventures with other people. Called themselves the Crazy Belgiums, what they offer is exactly what you would expect. No-bullcrap direct to the point hardcore, mostly blowjobs, and a lot of cumshots! Her husband does provide some above-adequate (as not to say often quite impressive, but I am attempting to remain humble here!)loads and she seems more than content to be at the receiving end of his protein shakes, as well as other people's spunky business! I managed to cull a few things here and there about these two, and thought I would share it with you all at this time.... Enjoy!

If you wish to see more of these fine people, then I strongly suggest you head on over to their P0rnhub page where all their videos are:

If you can read french there is a little blurb about them at the site linked here:

You can also find more of their stuff also floating elsewhere online such as here:

They also have a XVideos page (which actually banned me over there!) where there does not seem to be a lot of material at all (maybe I'm not looking in the right spots?)

On Twitter, Le Tag Parfait made a few mentions of them such as this tweet here:

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