Friday, January 26, 2018

B. B. B. preview: Bella Moretti "After Noon Quickie" (cumshot only)

Hello everyone and welcome to another B.B.B. update! I am attempting to do as many as I possibly can due to the fact that I am beginning to reach crunch time now in terms of packing stuff up for our eviction moving out (recall how our landlord is repossessing our apartment for his sons, leaving us a few months to pack and find a place to live!) and so I am not picking nor choosing my BBB material but rather continuing with that "random" process of culling various sessions from my external hard-drive and editing it for your pleasure! Today's BBB update comes to us with ebony beauty Bella Moretti in the form of an after noon quickie! Remember how I introduced the concept of these mid-day "breaks" from work where I would come back and shoot a BBB session during a lunch break? Well this is one of these session, this post featuring at least half (if not more) pictures from the entire set, as Bella gives me a cool hand job in the living room during mid-day before we proceed to the main studio-room...

After such a generous handjob, I simply could not contain my appreciation for Bella's manual efforts and decided to reward her with a generous helping of healthy sticky buttery goodness! If these pics are enough to wet your appetite for such delights, then I wholeheartidly suggest you follow the link belong to be directly sent to the 3-angled cumshot-only preview over at the official BBB P0rnhub videos page! To add some kink, after the main sequence is done, I decided to re-add all three cumshot angles in slow-motion at the tail end of the clip for your enjoyment! So go there now by clicking the link here:

Hope you all enjoyed and I look forward to attempting to share more with you as much and as often as I can but as you all know, things are gonna keep getting more hectic from this point on! Cheers!

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