Thursday, January 18, 2018

Free stuff to give: A-Bomb comic books (anthologies)

Hello everyone: first my apologies for these horrible quality photos which were taken super quickly under improper lighting and under a very very tight schedule. 

You guessed it, some more "free" stuff to donate due to the forced moving/being kicked out! This time we have a few issues of the porn anthology comic book "A-Bomb". This one features different artists contributing different smaller-scale stories and sexual sexcapades, sometimes in a serial manner, but usually as stand-alone self-contained stories. Never forget folks that this stuff came long before the internet age and it was hard to find this stuff in the first place, let alone tracking down past issues and such. Aside from a few original japanese imported anthologies (censored, unreadable, but full-on perverted!) "A-Bomb" was amongst one of my most saught-after porn comic book anthologies due to how some stories and artists did not shy away from really graphic XXX depictions (read: cumshots!). I'm willing to part with all my issues if you are willing to take them off my hands! 

Shipping for comic books fluctuates, due to size and weight, and should be around $5 to $10 worldwide (basic shipping method, contact me for additional options). Email me at for any additional details concerning how we should proceed using Paypal money transfer (my Paypal account uses a different email address). Thanks for checking this out!

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