Monday, January 15, 2018

Free stuff to give: Olivia Chromium cards (full set)

Hello everyone: first my apologies for these horrible quality photos which were taken super quickly under improper lighting and under a very very tight schedule. 

Here is another lot of FREE STUFF TO GIVE (all I ask is that you pay for shipping costs). OLIVIA (Olivia De Berardinis) is famous for her paintings of beautiful women, reminiscent but not as minimal as the art of Patrick Nagel, often focusing on the art of the "Pin Up". In 1985 she became a contributor to Playboy magazine, he art has been shown in the US and Japan over the last decades, and is collected by fans worldwide (I myself even had art books and T-Shirts of some of her ladies!). 

Here is another (smaller) full set of collectible cards from Olivia. The main between this set and most others which came before and after is that these were printed with the "chromium" effect, giving the cards that reflective, multi-tonal metallic effect (my poor, poor rushed quality pictures don't do them nearly enough justice!). This is my second and last card collection from Olivia as even back in the early-mid 90s I simply could not keep up with the amount of collectibles the companies were coming out with. As with all of my card collections they have been placed in these protective sheathes/ sleeves for numerous years and are in good condition. If you pay for shipping for both this and the original first official set of Olivia cards, I'll throw in a few other non-complete unrelated pretty girls cards from such sets as "Hot Shots" for example (not pictured). 

Shipping for the full cards set is $8 worldwide (basic shipping method, contact me for additional options). Email me at for any additional details concerning how we should proceed using Paypal money transfer (my Paypal account uses a different email address). Thanks for checking this out!  

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